Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


A FROZEN FAN-FICTION starring Kristoff and Prince Hans. WARNING! It's a MANXMAN story so if it's not your cup of tea, do not read!


A FROZEN FAN-FICTION starring Kristoff and Prince Hans.
WARNING! It's a MANXMAN story so if it's not your cup of tea, do not read!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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A FROZEN FAN-FICTION starring Kristoff and Prince Hans.<br /> WARNING! It's a MANXMAN story so if it's not your cup of tea, do not read!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2015



Frozen Fan-fiction (KristoffXHans)




This is a fan-fiction. Many of the characters and places here belong to Disney’s film, Frozen, and are used fictitiously.




Since I’m a cruel SOB, I made the characters more serious, more realistic, and darker or pessimistic than they were in the film. They may seem OOC from time to time and maybe contain foul language, explicit scenes and a sensitive theme than maybe offensive to young and sensitive readers. Soooooo….Brace thyselves!


Chapter One




Ice is beautiful.






Ice is my life.


I felt the corner of my lips curved up as I smoothened the knife along the edge of the ice sculpture I’ve been working on for almost an hour now.


``Go, Kristoff! `` A familiar bubbly voice rose up among the cheers and chatters of the crowd and followed by a load nasal groan, my smile widening even more. I sighed before glimpsing overthe upper platform—just a step below the queen’s seat—to see Princess Anna (soon-to-be Duchess of Bretton)and my best bud/pet/advisor, Sven with wide grins splitting their faces. ``You win this thing, Krissy! Or you’ll owe me a sack of gold for this! ``


``Oh, Anna, `` the queen who was sitting on her thronesmiled and shook her head obviously amused by her sister’s antics. Olaf was by Her Grace’s side, a flurry of clouds raining down gentle snow upon him. The snowman waved his little stick hands at me, grinning.


I chuckled softly, shaking my head, as I turned back to my sculpture.


A couple of years after Queen Elsa has learned to control her powers and returned the summer, a lot has changed.Elsa and Anna became the best of friends/sisters again and they were even closer than before. The queen’s secret wasn’t much of a secret any longer.  Some neighboring kingdoms were even amazed by her powers and trading business thrived. Arendelle became even more prosperous.


Of course, there were still fools who dared to assassinate or abduct her, but Queen Elsa was quiteterrifying when she’s pissed or lacked sleep.


With everything fine and dandy, the kingdom was grateful to the queen and to show her their gratitude, each year on the anniversary of her coronation, the people holds an ice sculpting competition. And being Arendelle’s official “Ice Master and Deliverer”, I swore to win this thing every year.Well, actually Anna just threatened me to do so. She’s a charmer, ain’t she?


As for Anna and I, we broke up about a year ago. To be honest, I still loved Anna when she told me she didn’t think things were working between us so I got hurt a bit. But at least, we remained friends.


Good thing was as time went by, my feelings for her grew faint until I realized we weren’t meant to be lovers, but friends—really good friends.Then, she met the Duke of Bretton, Ellis, who was a couple of years ahead of us. Proud, but courteous nonetheless.


``ONE MINUTE LEFT, PARTICIPANTS, `` the old baker, Victor, hosting the completion announced, snapping me out of my thoughts, ``59, 58…``


Other contenders began to move eagerly, some panicking as the countdown went on. As for me, I was already finished so I leaned back to admire my piece. I created a bust of woman with thick wavy hair and a beautiful face. I traced my finger along the curves of the ice woman’s curls. I imagined her hair kissed by fire, just like Anna’s. I’ve always like redheads. Warm eyes. And freckled cheeks and nose. Lips like Cupid’s crossbow.


``3, 2, 1! HANDS UP, PARTICIPANTS! ``Hands went up in the air and so did mine. And the queen rose to inspect the sculptures for a closer look and announce the champion.


¤ ¤ ¤


Anna slipped her slender arm around mine, pressing herself against my side as we walked along the palace’s hall. With aragged sack of gold coins was in her free hand, she looked up at me with a big smile. ``Win this thing every year for me, Krissy, and I’ll give you 10% of my winnings. `` She winked at me before throwing the bag of gold in the air and caught it.


``If I win every year, there will be no betting anymore. I don’t want your dirty money anyway, Anna. And please, don’t call me Krissy. ``


The princess pouted adorably at that. She looked very beautiful today. Her auburn hair pulled back into a thick braid finished with a big red ribbon.She wore a dress made of deep purple linen and blood red embossing on the hem of the angel sleeves and along the lower parts of the skirt. The neckline of the dress was shaped like a curved ‘V’ that dipped low, baring a part of her pale freckled breasts especially with how she leaned up against me. The sight made my lower breeches gradually tighten.


I’m sexually frustrated. I realized in agony. It’s been quite some time since I last tended to my needs.Perhaps a visit on a brothel outside town would clear my head from these obscene and foul thoughts.


At the corner of my eye, I saw Ellis Lewyn approaching us so I discreetly slipped away from Anna’s arm to face her fiancé. The soon-to-be Duke of Bretton is a handsome grown man, only a couple of years older than Anna and I.Chestnut brown hair with soft luscious curls framing his chiseled face. Hazel brown eyes that looked even warmer when they dropped upon his bride’s face. He smiled at her lovingly before turning to me.


``Lord Kristoff, I congratulate you on winning the contest once again. `` Lord Ellis gave me a short courteous bow. ``Your work is marvelous as always, I wish I had such talent. But alas, the gods bid that talent at swordfight was enough for me. ``


``Oh, uhm, thank you, I guess. And, please, don’t call me ‘Lord’. I’m no lord…m’lord. ``


Heat claimed my face as the nobleman smiled at me even more, amusement filled his brown eyes. I wasn’t born to mingle with these highborn people. I wanted to just melt into a puddle in the ground and hope the heat’s enough to vanish me to vapor in the air.


Thank the gods Olaf came when he did. The snowman dashed towards us, calling out my name. ``Kristoff! Kristoff! `` Lord Ellis stared at Olaf, wide eyes filled with childish awe. Of course, everyone’s amazed by a talking-walking-breathing (I think, he snores though) snowman.


Olaf ignored the nobleman, to my relief and my ego’s relief. Despite the summer heat, the air was always cool and breezy around the snowman which I was grateful for as well. It was a nice change to the usual thick and unmoving humid air. ``Els-Queen Elsa wants to see you, Kristoff. ``


I frowned at that. ``The queen, really? Did she say why? ``


Olaf put his stick-hands on his wide round hips of snow, shaking his head thoughtfully. ``Nope. Why don’t you ask her yourself, Kristoff? Come on now. I don’t have all day. I’m having a tea party with my friends this afternoon. ``


``Friends? You mean those lumps of rocks with crayon drawings as faces and a scarecrow? ``


``Shut up. I need friends. You and Sven have been neglecting me. Anna’s busy with her fiancé. And don’t even get me started on Elsa. `` Olaf turned his back on him and started walking away and his daily babble of complaints.


I bid Anna and Lord Ellis goodbye and followed the snowman.


``The queen’s court is on the opposite side. Where are we going, Olaf? Queen Elsa’s chamber? `` I asked when I noticed we had turned left instead of right.


``Yep!Elsa said it’s a private matter. ``


Private matter? What could it be? I kept searching my mind for anything that the Ice Queen would want to talk about with me but I found none. I was just a common person, a lowborn who just happened to be the princess’ former lover and now her friend.Perhaps it was that. Does Elsa think I bear Anna any ill will for her betrothal to Lord Ellis?I should clear things up for her then.


``Kristoff. ``


Queen Elsa was seated upon a chair made of fine mahogany wood, her pale slender hands stroking the cravings on the hand-rests. Like her sister, Elsa is a sight to behold. Clear blue eyes, big and cat-like. She didn’t wear her hair like she usually does, a single back braid with a few thick loose locks hanging on her face. Instead, she let it fall in soft waves upon her shoulders.She changed her garb to something more comfortable: a loose silky white gown with bateau neckline and long enough to hide her slippers.


Olaf immediately approached her bed and dropped on the thick sapphire blue sheets. The window was closed, I noted, but the icy cool breeze oozing from the queen was enough to make us all comfortable in this summer heat.


I sunk on one knee. ``Your highness. ``


``Oh, please, Kristoff. We are no stranger to each other. Rise, and call me Elsa, if you want. `` The queen smiled, and turned away to pick up her cup of tea and took a delicate sip.


That was a lie though. We are strangers to each other. The only reason she talks to me was Anna. ``Uhm, if it please you, Your Gr—Elsa. Olaf told me you have something to discuss with me? ``


She placed her tea down on the table beside her bed to look at me fully. A regal smile graced her lips. ``Ah, yes. You’re a valiant person, Kristoff. You gave aid to my sister when she went on a quest to save me and Arendelle. I wanted to knight you but you refused me. ``


I frowned, confused. I don’t know where she’s getting at. ``I’m not made to be a knight. I’d probably get myself killed before I can even swing the sword right. ``


Elsa chuckled softly. ``Perhaps, but you do have a knight’s courage. I could’ve at least made you a lord, you know. I would look like an ungrateful cunt if I don’t grant you that. ``


I stiffened. I have not seen this side of the queen. She was always courteous and warm despite her nickname, Ice Queen.``That isn’t necessary, Your Grace. You have made me Arendelle’s Official Ice Master and Deliverer, a kindness that is more than enough for me. ``


``It’s a bad jape of a position. An Ice Master for the Ice Queen? I can make and shape ice and snow at the flick of my hand. I have no need for an Ice Master andI have given you nothing, Kristoff. ``


I answered her with a polite silence despite the anger stirring inside me. I know it was just a stupid position Anna made up as a token of gratitude. I hear people laugh and mock me behind my back. It was embarrassing and infuriating, but I did my best to ignore for Anna.


Queen Elsa sighed, lowering her gaze. She surprised me with a soft pink blush on her cheeks. ``Forgive me, Kristoff. That was uncalled for. ``


``There is nothing to forgive, Your Highness. I understand. ``


The queen offered me a faint smile. ``I am really exhausted, and fatigue makes me irritable. Since the news of my powers and my reign spread among the other kingdoms, I’ve been receiving many marriage requests and death threats and business proposals, all at the same time. It’s quite a consuming job, being a queen. Perhaps it’s time I marry. A king would do me well, a smart and kind one to help me rule Arendelle. ``


I licked my lip, unsure of what to say. What am I gonna say to that?Did she summon me to vent on her problems? I had nothing against that but it was awkward. We weren’t friends. She was too regal and too proper for me to get along with her. I probably just looked like a dumb oaf standing there without a word.


She paused on her babble, and noticed my uneasiness. ``Oh my, I did not mean to trouble youthis long. Do forgive me, Kristoff. Anyway, `` the queen cleared her throat and straightened her posture. ``The matter I wish to discuss with you. ``


I straightened at that.


``You still recall Prince Hans of the Southern Isles? ``


``Yes. `` How could I forget that lying scheming bastard?


``He was proven guilty of his crimes. His brothers were merciful enough not to have him hanged or beheaded as befits his crimes and only had himimprisoned for life. But the boy is ungrateful. `` The Queen’s expression was serious and solemn. ``No more than a month ago, he escaped his prison. On his escape, he murdered two guards and the prison’s Warden. His own brother, Prince Devan. Prince Hans is still on the loose, possibly armed and very dangerous. ``


``And you tell me this because you want me to capture him? ``I asked her sharply, suddenly forgetting my place. She was the one who said we weren’t strangers, fine then.


Elsa did not take offense of my tone though and nodded coolly. ``Yes. In return for your service, I shall give you a lordship and an extensive piece of land to rule. The prince is also wanted in other kingdoms though, so you must find him before others do. If another bounty hunter finds him first, he will be returned to his brothers for the ransom. ``


``And you want him for yourself. `` I finished for her.


A wry smile painted Her Grace’s lips, her blue eyes hooded. The air in the room suddenly became colder. A strong gust slapped my face, I swallowed hard. ``Yes. I want Prince Hans, and you will deliver him to me, Kristoff. ``


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