The 055 Story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Two ten-year-old boys are punished for a schoolyard infraction by their female classmates. Of course it involves nudity and paddling.

Posted somewhere in 1997, presumably now defunct.
Posted to y!gallery in 2007, but removed for rule violation: no females.
[Posted to the Forced Nudity Archive in 2017]

Notes added 20 years later:
“Polaroid” ... In the days before digital photography, Polaroid manufactured a self-contained hand-held battery-powered optical-mechanical-chemical machine that would take a photograph and print it within a minute or two.  Strange but true!  The resulting photos would also be called “Polaroids”.

 + + + + + + + + + +

by Polly M.
with help on spelling and vocabulary from Ms. Suarez
[She needed it.–Maria Suarez]

Last week we had some fun.  Purple!  Ten of us from Ms. Suarez’s class.

Here is how it began.  During our morning recess, Amber and Ruth chased the ball around the side of the school building.  They saw two of the boys in our class doing something naughty.  Blue!  The boys had stacked some trash bins on top of each other, and climbed up on top to peek in the ventilation space at the top of the window of the girls’ bathroom.  Boy, was I surprised when Amber told me later!  Yellow!  What if they peeked in when I was doing it?  [I asked Polly about “Purple Blue Yellow” and she acted as though I was still in the 19th century.  Apparently the kids nowadays are using these to express certain emotions.  But I have not quite figured it all out yet.–M.S.]

Well, Amber and Ruth scolded them good.  Red.  The boys scrambled down to the ground fast.  They agreed that they deserved some punishment.  Quick-thinking Ruth ordered them to come to the Exercise Room at lunch time to be punished.  She thought that her smile and wink when she said it, together with the unspoken threat to tell on them if they didn’t show up, was likely to make them keep the date.  White.

After recess, some quick work with the girls’ classroom grapevine insured that most of us knew what to do.  Ten of us girls showed up at noon in the Exercise Room.  That’s Room 055 in the basement of the school.  Only a few girls (the likely stool-pigeons) [Polly came up with that term.–M.S.] were left out.  Ruth made sure we all knew what to do.  White.

When the two boys came in, some of us moved behind them to block their retreat.  We closed the doors.  We were fairly sure that no one else would be coming there.  Everyone would be going outside to play since the weather was so nice.  White.  The boys were Mark T. and Tommy A., alone with us ten girls.  We were all from Ms. Suarez’ fourth-grade class.  Some of us are nine and some of us are ten years old.

Here is the punishment part.  Ruth thought it up for us. Purple!  First, we told the two culprits to take off their shirts.  They smiled and took them off.  After all, at that time they still thought it was all in fun.  Then we got their hands into the wrist restraints.  It took three or four girls to wrestle each of the boys into place.  White.  Then we cranked the restraints up to the “high” position.  The boys were stuck there with their arms straight above their heads.  Blue.  Then they were under control, so we could easily remove their sneakers, their socks, and their baggy shorts.  White.

They were a little uneasy standing there in their undies.  Mark had plain cotton briefs, and Tommy had “Bat-Man” boxers.  We got two ping pong paddles out of the cupboard.  The boys stopped smiling when they saw that.  Blue!  Ruth had us all circle around so we could see.  She and Amber took the paddles and went around behind the boys, waving the paddles as they went.  White.

Mark closed his eyes tight, and Tommy held his breath.  They were waiting for the first blow!  Double white.  But instead of smacking them, Ruth and Amber suddenly pulled the boys’ undies down.  Below their knees.  Were they ever surprised at that!  Blue blue blue!  Some of us squealed at the sight.  Purple!  Like me, some of the other girls had never seen a ten-year-old’s weenie in person.  [When I asked what she meant by “in person,” Polly said she had seen pictures.  I asked where, and she matter-of-factly replied that our school has Internet.  Maybe I should warn Mr. Ross about what the girls are doing when they spend their free time in his computer lab.–M.S.]  Our two classmates were totally exposed, and on display for ten girls!  Them blue, us purple.  Mark stood there proudly letting us see everything.  Tommy did a lot of squirming.  But his hands were caught above his head, and his undies were around his ankles, so nothing he did could hide very much.  All of us girls walked around them to see all sides.  Then we stood aside so that Amber could take some Polaroids.

Here is the purplest part.  We took turns with the ping pong paddles smacking the boys’ bare bottoms.  Most of the girls watched from the back, to see the slaps landing, and the red marks left there, eagerly waiting their turn to do the spanking.  Green.  But I (and a couple others) watched from the front, kneeling on the floor close enough to see everything.  Soon even Tommy forgot about trying to hide his nakedness from our wide eyes.  With each spank, their weenies would waggle around.  And with each waggle, I felt little shivers going up and down my spine.  I was letting out involuntary squeals like some of the other girls.  Double purple!  [It seems the mats on the walls of the exercise room make good soundproofing.–M.S.]

All too soon, Ruth told us to stop spanking.  We protested, but she knew how much would be too much and made us stop.  Red.  Tommy was sobbing, and Mark had tears on his face.  Ruth let us gaze on the naked boys for another precious minute.  White.  That day, I knew for the first time that boy-weenies are really cute! Not like my Dad’s ugly wrinkled thing.  Mark’s sticks out more than Tommy’s, but Tommy’s is longer.

Then we released the wrist restraints and left them alone with their clothes.

I told you at the beginning of this story that we had purple fun!

Here is the next part of the story.  In class during the afternoon, those two boys tried to act natural.  But whenever I looked at them, I thought of what I had seen.  I knew their secrets, for sure!!  [I did wonder why some of the class seemed distracted that afternoon.–M.S.]  When I looked at Mark, I would smile and he would smile back.  When I looked at Tommy, he would turn pink and look the other way.  Yellow.

I dreamed about everything again that night.  Purple!

I don’t think those boys ever said anything about what happened to them.  But somehow the word got out.  Maybe one of the girls couldn’t resist bragging.  Anyway, the next day Ms. Suarez took some of us girls into the cloak room and scolded us about it.  She confiscated our Polaroids.  Red.  But she was sort of smiling, and there was a twinkle in her eye, so we didn’t feel too bad.  [I need to work on keeping a straight face.–M.S.]  But she kept the Polaroids.  [I need something to dream about, too.–M.S.]

Now here is the last part.  The next Monday morning during recess we heard a sound from the side of the school building.  When we went around there, we saw Aaron, Dex, and Juan dragging the trash bins over to the window  of the girls’ bathroom.  Blue.  But do you know what the strange thing is?  I got the feeling that they weren’t really hoping to peep in the window.  Instead it seemed they were hoping to get caught...

[Teachers have to go through a lot.  This is the first time Polly has shown an interest in writing anything.  So please do not hold the unusual subject matter against her.–M.S.]



Submitted: November 27, 2020

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I love the end...

Mon, November 30th, 2020 10:59am


10 years old. Come on man. Wth

Mon, November 30th, 2020 5:11pm

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