Caught Between A Curse and A Blessing

Caught Between A Curse and A Blessing Caught Between A Curse and A Blessing

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Morgan is forced into becoming a vampire, where she is soon afterwards abandoned. Starving, she kills anyone and everyone, given the opportunity. She soon finds that her murders do not go unnoticed... Story depicts murder, violence, and eventually other adult content. Chapter 4 under construction.


Morgan is forced into becoming a vampire, where she is soon afterwards abandoned. Starving, she kills anyone and everyone, given the opportunity. She soon finds that her murders do not go unnoticed...

Story depicts murder, violence, and eventually other adult content. Chapter 4 under construction.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Caught Between A Curse and A Blessing

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Submitted: October 01, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 01, 2012




I crouched in the tall brush. A young adult was exiting out of a beat up, red car. She slung a purse over her shoulder, shut the door hard, and leaned through the window to kiss what I assumed was her boyfriend. With a hop in her step, she walked backwards waving goodbye as she walked up the drive. The car’s transmission ground into gear and took the boyfriend down the road. He signaled for a second, and then took off down the highway, having barely done a California-stop before jutting into the main road. If only I were a cop.

Meanwhile, the brunette walked up her drive. She smiled, humming some tune probably new on the radio. I wasn’t up to date on those kinds of things. Her house was probably two or three hundred feet away. She walked on that dirt road where tires had made it impossible for plants to grow. It was approximately eight o’clock, day light savings giving me the advantage. I moved quietly, closing the distance between her and I.

She never heard me coming. Faster than humanly possible, I squeezed a pressure point in her neck as hard as I could, covering her mouth at the same time. Her eyes emitted her fear as her body crumpled. I threw her head into the ground, effectively knocking her out. As quickly as I cut her down, I threw her over my shoulder and dashed into the forest.

Finally away from any kind of civilization, I assessed my dinner. The lady was a bit overweight, but not like one of those girls who seemed to “muffin” out over the top of their pants. She slept deeply, snoring very lightly. She had a little acne, and her brown hair probably never saw a salon, but overall I found her good-looking. We were under the low boughs of an old pine tree.

“I’m sorry, I really am,” I told her quietly. This was always the hardest part.

As gently as I could, I bid my fangs to dip into pulse in her neck. She groaned a bit, feebly pushing against me. I hugged her to me. My teeth effectively cut her tender flesh and her blood streamed into my mouth. I gulped it down quickly, only a small amount escaping and trickling down her neck. Over the course of about fifteen minutes, I drank her life away. No one bothered to tell me how to do this without killing. I never learned how to read minds or anything of that sort. The only thing that seemed to come naturally was agility. Everything else either was a fantasy, or I simply wasn’t important enough to get the memo.

Trying to prevent my mind from wandering any further, I concentrated on the meal at hand. It took nearly a week to get an opportune time to catch her. I held her tightly and sunk my teeth deeply, opening my mouth wide. Swallow after swallow, the warm, appetite-appeasing liquid, richly found its way to my stomach. I breathed the fantasia of her hair, her skin. Taking a second to take another look at her before she passed on to something more peaceful, I licked at the wound I gave her. The small amount of salt on her skin made my mouth water, and I bit down on her again. Dried twigs and pine needles crunched, causing my eyes to dart around for the source.

It was another vampire. Rather, I thought it was. Up until then, I hadn’t ever seen another of my type. He was an average looking male, brown eyes, dark hair.

“Why do you always kill your prey?” He inquired, speaking gently.

I removed my mouth from the young woman, who was taking only shallow breaths at this point. I looked at him, unsure as to whether or not this qualified as an, ‘oh, shit!’ moment. I swallowed. “I…,” my brows knitted for a second while I formulated the rest of my response. “I don’t know how to make it to where she could live and I not be found out.” My mind started panicking, hoping he understood what I meant.

His didn’t speak for a minute. He then moved forward until he kneeled next to the lady. “Start with this.” He put his mouth to the wound. When he sat back, there was no longer an injury. My mind couldn’t process what had taken place.  “Can you do that?”

Dumbfounded, I could only shake my head. “How..?” I started to rumble, gawking at what he had done. What I wish I could have done.

He stared at me. “Who keeps you?”

I looked back, confused. “Huh?”

His eyes squinted a little, showing only a fraction of his agitation. “Who made you or takes care of you?”

“I take care of myself?” My brows were furrowed, mouth slightly parted while my brain fished around for something more useful as a response.

His lips pursed for a minute. “Who made you?”

“Uhm...” I thought about it, hard. Bits and pieces of my human life lazed by in my memory. Then, more recent chunks swam around, but nothing about the time I changed came to surface. “I don’t know,” I said, honesty in my voice.

He looked at me as though I were stupid. “You don’t know?”

I shook my head.

He looked at me and then looked at the girl. He looked me over again. I started to feel self-conscious. “Stay here.” He finally said. He scooped up the lady and quickly walked from me. He stopped, turning towards me slightly. “If you flee, I will simply hunt you down, again. Stay.” He informed and then commanded.

About an hour later, he returned. I was sitting under the tree, knees pulled to my chest. He looked at me, somewhat approvingly. After a moment, he took a knee in front of me. Leaning forward, he bored into my eyes with his own. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated. Sweat began to form on my neck and brow. “Hm,” he uttered.

The only intelligent thing I could think to do was to blink.

“Well?” he said expectantly.

“What?” I asked quietly.

He shook his head, disappointment written all over his face. He sighed. “I suppose I’ll have to find someone to adopt you. You’re innocent enough, though I’m rather unhappy with your behavior. More accurately, I’m unhappy with whoever made you and carelessly left you to leave me corpses to take care of.”

I shrunk back into myself. “I thought I…,” my voice was weak and trailed off.

“You thought what?” He replied, a slight amount agitation peeking through.

I shook my head. I thought I had made the bodies impossible to find. Obviously, I was as stupid as he thought I was.

“I do not find you stupid. You are merely… ignorant,” he said, making me gasp. My eyes widened to the discovery that my privacy had been invaded. “What do you expect? You are like an open book, at least to other vampires. It’s to be expected, though. From what I could pick out in your mind, you’ve only been improvising up to this point. I can, as well as the rest of the community, can forgive you for your predicament, but keep in mind that you, under no circumstances, are permitted to continue your inhumane treatment of people.”

My arms involuntarily squeezed my knees closer. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t see any other life than what I had led up to this point. There were no other possibilities, aside from starving to death.

He stood up and then reached his hand towards me as an offering. I looked at his hand, then at him. I didn’t understand what he wanted.

He looked confused for a moment and then said, “Let’s go. I will bring you my coven. There, I as well as others will decide what who cares for you and mentors you from this point forward.”

My body was paralyzed by shock and a portion of fear. I was potentially being kidnapped by some guy that just appeared out of thin air in the middle of a forest reserve. His glare at my unresponsiveness was intimidating. Before I could process what happened, he had grabbed my arm, forcing me into a standing position. His face was inches from my own. “You will obey, or I will dispose of you like your unfortunate victims. This isn’t the first time I’ve run across strays like you,” his eyes bored down into my own as he spoke through a small lisp. My body shook with my cowardice.

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