An Evening Away

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A evening of playfulness, fun and sexy flirtation.

I met his gaze from across the stage. We each smiled and looked away. He was soon lost behind a naked body. The stripper crouched on her heels in front of him and I got a glimpse of her lips hanging full and glistening between her legs before I looked away. Of course I looked up again quickly and she was brushing his shoulder length blond hair from his face and leaning over to press her breasts to his brow. Another scantily clad girl came to sit in the chair beside him. As the busty stage girl moved on the new woman caught his attention. They seemed to exchange words. He smiled, she giggled, but I caught his sideways glances in my direction and felt the rush of excitement move through me.

Suddenly my view was blocked. This time by a woman standing in front of me. She was quite pretty. Her long auburn hair almost covered her bare breasts. Her full hips swayed with the music and her pink tipped fingers played at the thin band of her panties before she finally pulled them down and flicked them over her ankles. She turned and came down on all fours giving me full view of her sex. Circling her hips she pushed them forward and back exposing her folds even further. 

A man sat beside me and placed a dollar on the stage in front of me. As she turned she smiled at him before facing me. 

 “So how are you guys?” She asked obviously assuming we were there together. 

“Good”, we both replied with quick glances to each other. He was attractive. Strikingly light blue eyes and chiseled jawline were framed by very dark brown hair cut just above the shoulder. His shoulders were broad. He wore a t-shirt which allowed a nice view of his muscular arms and cotton shorts which left his athletic legs available for my eyes. After quickly scanning each other we both turned to the woman in front of us. 

She grabbed the dollar off of the stage and placed it between my breasts. I was wearing a v-neck t-shirt that displayed my ample cleavage nicely. She placed her palm on my slender arm and leaned forward. Her other hand tugged at my t-shirt to expose a perky nipple to “my boyfriend”. Her tongue flicked over my nipple and she sucked it softly before taking the dollar between her teeth and leaning back onto her legs. 

“Thank you Sweetie”, she cooed as she stood and moved on. 

“Yeah thanks, that was hot,” “boyfriend” smiled. 

“You’re welcome,” I said, “Though I am sure that’s not new to you.”

“Well no,” he said still smiling, “But I think I can say the same for you?”

“Ok so we’re both not newbies,” I smirked, “What brings here you then?”

“I bet the same things that brought you. Though it’s not often you see a woman in a club alone.”

“Well I wouldn’t say I am alone at the moment. Would you?” I said pulling my long dark hair from my shoulder and tossing it to my back. I re-crossed my legs and shifted my hips so I was leaning more in his direction. My hand smoothed over my skirt making sure my modesty was still honored in this position.

He watched the display. It took a moment for his eyes to return to mine. “Well she didn’t think you were alone did she,” He smiled at me.

Our discussion was halted as another woman kneeled in front of us. She cooed a hello and my new acquaintance offered another dollar to her. I glanced across the stage. A woman in a netted top was sitting next to Him brushing the hair out of His eyes. She smiled and ran her hand over his broad chest and grasped his arm. He smiled, and his lips moved. Whatever he said caused her to tip her head back and laugh. She leaned into him and her hand must have moved over his thigh but I couldn’t be sure as the stage blocked my view. 

The blonde in front of me was caressing my cheek and holding a dollar to my lips. I took it between my teeth and she kissed me softly on the corner of my mouth. I grinned. She pulled the dollar from my teeth and stood. “Thank you,” She blew a kiss and was gone. 

“See, you’ll never get any attention if you have a girl sitting next to you. Though I doubt I have to tell you that eh?” I spoke to this smiling stranger beside me. 

“No you don’t. I am enjoying myself. You don’t have to worry about that. I’m just hoping we can get you a little more attention.” He glanced towards my hips and I had an idea what thoughts were running through his mind. I winked and shifted in my seat again. This time I sat square on my hips with my knees pressed together. My short cotton skirt covered to mid thigh. I smoothed my palms over it to be sure and glanced around the room. The club was quite full and there were three girls performing along the length of the stage. Others walked among the mixed crowd. I saw couples and groups of friends and single men all enjoying the sexually charged environment. 

Across the stage my blonde gentlemen was seated alone now. He caught my gaze and smiled. Quickly he was blocked from view by a performer. Another knelt in front of me and talked to my dark haired stranger. 

She turned to me and asked me to lean back. She placed a hand on each knee and gently edged them apart. Glancing down she smirked. “ Someone’s a naughty girl,” she chuckled before kneeling down between my legs. She placed kisses up my thigh and held my skirt as she hummed against the cloth covering my pussy. She pushed herself up and off of me and cupped her breasts so my dark haired stranger could place a dollar between them. “Thank you baby,” she said wandering off further down the stage. 

“You’re not wearing anything under there are you?”

I looked at the man next to me. I winked and shrugged my shoulders. “Why do you say that?”

“She called you naughty, either they’re crotchless or non existent I’m willing to bet.”

“Would you like to see?” I asked arching one eyebrow. I knew full well he was right. I could feel myself moistening under my skirt. Across the stage my blonde man was lost between large breasts. I glanced to brown haired “boyfriend” quickly.

“Well,” he said as he glanced down to my lap.

I slipped the hand furthest from him to my hemline. He watched intently as my fingers slipped under my skirt and moved up between my legs. I was very wet. My fingers slid easily between my lips. I brought my fingers, now glistening in the dim light, to my lips and sucked them. 

“How’s that taste?” He asked gruffly. He was shifting in his chair tugging at his shorts and seemed suddenly uncomfortable. 

“Would you like to taste for yourself?” He only nodded and was turned to fully face me at this point. He kept shifting his gaze from my eyes to my lap. “I think I could use a cigarette,” I said “ Where’s your car parked?”

“Toward the back of the lot,” he said with a widening grin on his face.

“Sound good,” I said rising from my chair. I pulled a cigarette from my the pack in my purse and held it between my fingers facing the stage as I waited for him to get up as well. He took a moment to do the some and I glanced across the stage to see my blonde gentlemen getting up from his seat and pulling a cigarette pack from his pocket. 

We walked to the door and my blue eyed stranger opened the door for me. “This way’” he said as he began walking past a small group entering the club. He led me past the rows of cars to a small blue sports car along a sparse tree line at the end of the lot yet closest to the building. The lot lights allowed us some privacy though did not leave us completely in the dark. The hood of his car faced away from the club and I sat on top of it, hitching my sandaled feet onto his bumper. He moved to stand in front of me and I knew my skirt was short enough he could surely get a glimpse of my pussy from his vantage point.

“Do you have a light?” I asked putting the cigarette to my lips. 

“Of course,” he said producing one from his short pockets and lit my cigarette for me. He stepped back again to take me in as I sat and smoked. He didn’t light up himself. 

“You’re so sexy, I can’t believe you’re here all by yourself,” He said softly as he came closer and placed his hands on either side of my hips. 

“I’m all yours for the tasting,” I said grinning as I slipped my hand between my legs. I brought my now wet fingers to his lips and he took them into his mouth. He moved his tongue over them then sucked them gently. He slid a hand under my skirt this time and I felt his thick fingers tease over my wetted lips. They slid between them and pushed against my clit. He rubbed slowly but firmly. Then he slid them lower and entered me with a quick thrust. He moved in and out swiftly then suddenly withdrew and brought his fingers to my mouth to suck. I took them and gently grasped his hair and led his head down. He kneeled and drew my hips closer to the edge of the car for better access. 

He slid my skirt back just enough to expose my wet pussy to the cool night air. And then his warm lips were on me. HIs tongue pushed through my lips and licked my clit. He moved over it slowly, then more swiftly. Then tugging at my hips he tilted my pelvis so my entrance was exposed more completely. He pushed his tongue into me and I heard him groan with pleasure. 

With his face between my legs I turned to look back toward the club entrance. My blonde gentlemen was standing outside smoking a cigarette looking in our direction. I caught is gaze and stared. My stranger became more vigorous with his tongue and I grasped his hair pulling him to me. My hips began to grind into his mouth following the rhythm of his licking and soft sucking. My mouth parted slightly and I smiled back at the smoking man at the entrance doors. He smiled back. Even from my distance I could see his obvious arousal at what he was witnessing. 

I felt fingers enter me again. He sucked my clit and moved his fingers vigorously in and out of my cunt. I had to look away and turn my attention to the brown mop of hair covering the head between my legs. I grasped it harder and my pelvic thrusts became more forceful. As I felt the rise of orgasm my head fell back and I stifled a moan. He sensed my climax and slowed. Pulling him away from my pussy I asked him to kiss me and he eagerly pushed his lips to mine. HIs tongue entered my mouth and I could taste my sweet juices on him. He pulled my hips to him and ground himself against me. His excitement was no question. His erection was thick and hot against my wet pussy suddenly chilled by the night breeze. He began to reach for his zipper.

“Wait, not now,” I said. “I think it’s time we get back in, before someone notices?” He paused and raised his eyebrows. “Really? Are you serious?” 

I stood and kissed him again. “Thank you, that was amazing. Let’s go back in for a little while.” I took his hand and began walking leaving him no time for protest. I could sense him adjusting his clothing behind me as he reluctantly allowed himself to be led back to the club doors. 

We passed the blonde man as I said “Find our seats, I am going to run to the ladies' room.”

“Ok,” My stranger said as he held the door for me and waited for me to enter. We walked in and he headed towards the chairs along the stage as I headed in the opposite  direction toward the bathrooms. 

I turned to watch him walk away from me and slipped out the entrance doors instead. Once outside my blonde gentlemen grabbed me and pulled my close, kissing me hard as his fingers grabbed my ass and pulled my skirt high enough for his fingers to plunge between my cheeks. 

“God that was hot,” he said through our locked lips. 

“I think I’m ready to go back to the hotel now,” I said. “I already have lot’s to tell you.”And I really need this,” I moaned as I grabbed the large firm bulge in his pants. “I’ll give you the details if you’ll let me ride this while I talk.”

“Oh I think you’ll tell me the details while I eat your pussy,” He said. “Then you can tell me how bad you need my cock.”

“You’re terrible,” I said as we we walked to the car. He unlocked the car as we approached and we got in. From the passenger seat I opened the center console and retrieved our wedding bands. 

“You’re sure you don’t want to go back in? I heard you say you were going to the bathroom. He’ll be looking for you.”

“Yes I’m sure. That was fun but I can’t wait til we can get back to the hotel. He’ll get over it. He doesn’t even know my name,” I laughed. 

We began to drive away. I felt my husband’s hand in my lap, his fingers searching under my skirt as he asked “So tell me, what part turned you on the most?”

I thought of my view of his visible erection as I gazed at him from the hood of a strangers car while it’s owner had his tongue plunged deep into my pussy. I felt myself becoming wet with excitement again as I began to speak.


Submitted: December 21, 2014

© Copyright 2023 AllThatIFancy. All rights reserved.

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wow! that was wonderfully written and very sexy. Bravo!!

Mon, December 22nd, 2014 2:43am


Thank you!

Wed, December 24th, 2014 9:46am

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