A Saturday Morning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Complete. A fantasy on a Saturday morning.

A typical Saturday found me preparing for a full day ahead. 5 clients would have me busy from 9 to 3 with little spare time in between. I greeted the desk help by nodding my head. This gesture was acknowledged with a smile. Weekends were the rough portion of the week. Clients and help alike were usually nursing hangovers from the Friday and Saturday night festivities. In a resort town there were few calm nights, but the weekend events always put the rest of the week to shame. 

This Saturday morning was no exception. I started the previous evening with the best of intentions of having a modest outing with friends yet the night ended much too late and too many drinks were shared yet again. I had the headache to prove it. I ignored the sharp stab at my temple and went to prepare my room for the day. Keeping busy was the best way to keep myself from feeling too ill. As usual I had nothing more to show for a night out than an aching head.

Most evenings, though they lasted much too long, always ended in frustration and disappointment. Last night was no exception. Too shy and reserved, I had yet again watched my friends pair off and disappear for the evening. I had wandered home as the bar closed and gone to bed. Disrobing, rather ungracefully, I had pleasured myself to completion and fallen into a drunken sleep until my alarm awakened me a few short hours later.

Working in a spa in a destination location meant I rarely recognized the names on my daily client list. A few locals filtered in with some regularity but the usual fare paying for my services were business men, or their wives or girlfriends. Usually on holiday, they came to be pampered while staying at the adjacent hotel. I was used to meeting new people each day and enjoyed my work as a massage therapist. Pay was decent and tips were more than satisfactory. I was skilled at my trade and compensated well for it. 

How ironic I felt it was that I was so experienced soothing naked bodies yet had little to no experience with shared naked pleasure.

Little did I know I was going to get one of my first lessons this Saturday morning.

My “lesson” came in the form of a petite brunette in a bikini. She sauntered in and up to the reception desk pulling the sunglasses from her eyes and resting them on her crown. Her perky breasts peaked out over the top of her salmon colored top. Why did I notice? A sharp pain in my head reminded me I was still drunk or hungover. That must be it.

“You’re with Maria today,” I heard the receptionist say. That was my cue to come to the desk and introduce myself. I went through the motions and led her to my room. 

Once we had entered the massage room I covered the basic information and asked if she had any areas she wanted focused on.

“Well I am a dancer, and work out every day,” she said through bright pink lips. “I had a real late night last night and just need a good once over really.” I think she winked then. I can’t be sure. “I am sure you’ll know what to do, just work on what seems to need attention, ok?”

“Okay,” I said lamely. “I will step out so you can undress. Climb under the covers and start laying on your stomach, we’ll work on your back to start.”

“Oh hon you don’t need to step out,” she smirked. The bikini came off in an instant. She laid it on the chair meant for that purpose and climbed onto the massage table. The sheet just covered the crease in her ass, her back fully exposed. I moved to grab my massage oil as she maneuvered her hair up over her head to fully expose her neck.

I grasped her neck first. She let out a sigh. “Oh yes be as hard as you need to. I like it hard.” I stifled a giggle. My aching brain headed south for a moment. I began to sweep long arching strokes over her back, down her spine and up over the rise of her bottom. My fingers slipped under the sheet and slowly more of her ass became exposed. She had a beautiful body. Most that came here did. But she had real firm muscles though her frame was small. I enjoyed the response of a strong body under my finger tips as I worked.

“Feels great hon. Can you get my legs now?”

I wasn’t used to being told what to do but I slowly covered her back with the sheet and moved to the left side of the bed. I pulled the sheet back and folded it to expose her left leg, thigh and ass cheek. She suddenly got fidgety and squirmed on the table. I paused to allow her to find a comfortable position.

I couldn’t help but gaze at the exposed hip before me. Her wriggling had moved the sheet just enough and the curve of ass was so supple her sex was exposed ever so slightly. Peeking from between the mound of her bottom I saw her full lips. I knew the glisten was not due to my massage oils. I felt my own body respond to her excitement as my own cunt moistened with the juice of arousal. 

Beginning my work along her leg I used long strokes up the arch of her calf and over her thigh. I completed these moves with a curve over her gluts, pressing deeply into the meat of her ass. She responded with soft sighs and occasionally lifted her hips slightly off the table, rising them toward my touch. Turning her head to the side she spoke briefly: “There is an ache just a bit further in, hon. It all feels great but you just haven’t hit the spot yet. Can you move in just a bit?”

My breath caught in my throat. Was she insinuating what I thought she was? My movements became short and more swift as I became unsure of how to proceed. I contemplated giving in to the urge to be more invasive with my exploration of her body but couldn’t quite take action on the thought. My swift, ever more forceful, movements over her thigh and exposed ass cheek had her arching her hips and letting out swift short breaths. Curiosity finally got the better of me and my fingers reached toward the lips shimmering in the dim light. Her hips rose quickly toward them at the same moment and I found my first two fingers sliding between slick, full folds into her entrance before I was able to catch myself. 

She sighed and I froze. How was I to proceed? I thought of my own self pleasure activities and bringing on the dizzying spasm of orgasm. The sensation of entering another was completely foreign. She bucked further and my fingers slid deeper, her juices allowing their effortless glide further toward her center. I’ll forever blame the buzz that must still have been present for my next actions. I let my fingers enter her as she seemed to desire. My thumb probed til it found her clit and I began to move it in the semi circular motion that always brought me to my peak. 

My efforts were rewarded when she moaned loudly and I saw her bite the head rest. I heard her groans muffled by the wool fabric. I quickened the pace of my thumb movements and kept my fingers deep within her until she arched one last time and then softened onto the table.

I withdrew at this point. Looking at the clock I was amazed to see our time together was coming to a close. Trying to maintain my professionalism I covered her again and used firm slow movements to smooth the comforter over her body. 

“I will step out so you can get dressed,” I managed to say. I took a final look at her auburn hair before turning toward the door. She was still laying face down and I had no signal as to what her reaction was to this encounter. I felt my own trembling and suddenly needed to leave the room. I reached for the door but heard her moving on the table and mumbling something unintelligible. 

“Wait, I haven’t tipped you,” she cooed as she slipped from underneath the sheet and came to stand in front of me. I was frozen in place. She knelt before me and swiftly pulled down my leggings. I blushed and she chuckled as she revealed my distaste for underwear. My bare lips were fully exposed to her upturned face. She curled one arm around my leg to grasp my bottom and pulled me to her as she slid two fingers between my folds. They entered me forcefully yet easily thanks to my curious arousal. Hooking her fingers from within she pressed me to her lips and clasped her lips to my clit. I was sucked hard and fast. 

Her fingers moved within me, her hand kneaded my ass and her lips stayed glued to my clit. My mind told me to pull away, up and off her hands and lips. My body wanted to sink further onto the probing fingers and aggressive mouth. The fight between the two became a rocking, up and down, soon following her swift rhythm until I almost cried out as a shudder ran through me. My legs became weak and I succumbed to the ecstasy of the sensation coursing through my body. Her movements slowed, bringing me down softly, until the shivers ceased. She withdrew her fingers and kissed me between my lips and the crease of my thigh. 

She stood then. I watched as she took the few steps to the chair holding her things. She  bent over to retrieve her clothing. I got a final glimpse of her glistening sex peaking from between her thighs before she rose and began to dress. When she was finished she approached again. “You taste as good as you look sweetie. Thank you. Til next time?”

“Okay,” was all I could think to reply. She stepped through the door. I was finally able to move from my position. I began to remove the sheets and prepare for the next session.

Submitted: November 02, 2014

© Copyright 2023 AllThatIFancy. All rights reserved.

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Well done --- was that your first story?

Wed, November 5th, 2014 4:49pm


Yes. Written quick on a whim. Thank you for the comment.

Wed, November 5th, 2014 3:31pm


Oh my gosh, this was amazing! I didn't think I could get so turned on over something so simple as a massage!!

Thu, November 6th, 2014 3:53am


Thank you for commenting. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Wed, November 12th, 2014 6:52am


WOW...great job for your time around! I thoroughly enjoyed it. ..

Tue, December 2nd, 2014 5:50pm


Thank you. I recently posted another short story.

Wed, December 24th, 2014 9:46am

Alex Palange

Nice story

Tue, October 6th, 2015 10:21pm


thank you!
if you use tumblr you can see more writing and pictures at

Tue, October 6th, 2015 3:52pm

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