Two Wrongs Don't Make It Part 2 of 2

Two Wrongs Don't Make It Part 2 of 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Part 2 of 2. A strong willed man and woman, with different, perverted ideas of sex, become locked in a struggle for death and survival. Author’s suggestion: To get the most enjoyment from this short story, read slowly and let the images form in your mind. When each chapter ends, spend 30 seconds savoring the scene and the dilemma gripping the main characters before you resume reading. Author thanks those readers who complained when only the opening scene was published previously.


Part 2 of 2.

A strong willed man and woman, with different, perverted ideas of sex, become locked in a struggle for death and survival.

Author’s suggestion: To get the most enjoyment from this short story, read slowly and let the images form in your mind. When each chapter ends, spend 30 seconds savoring the scene and the dilemma gripping the main characters before you resume reading.

Author thanks those readers who complained when only the opening scene was published previously.


Submitted: October 28, 2010

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Submitted: October 28, 2010



Two Wrongs Don’t Make It

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by Allan H. Arbinger


Friday about 5 PM

Around dinner time Phyl entered the parking lot and was dismayed to see Phil’s van parked in the same position.Call the police or deal with it herself?The police were always a hassle.She steeled herself for more confrontation and she opened the apartment door.Phyllis was immediately struck by how neat and orderly her apartment was and a bouquet of red roses on her dining table.Phil sat watching cable news and immediately stood to greet her with his lady killer smile.He was clean shaven and dressed well.“Welcome back Phyl.I missed you.I am so sorry about before.I apologize.”He kissed her lightly as she surveyed the room.

“What’s this about?”She put her dead cell phone on the charger.

“I decided to take you to an expensive restaurant.You look magnificent.The best I’ve ever seen you.”

“Yeah?I have a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in two hours.”

“Yeah?Maybe you should see what your sister is up to behind your back.”Phil began the video from the cue position.Phyl moved in closer to see the images.Phil narrated, “Here, Lou comes in to see me.She wants a handful of Roxi’s and doesn’t have any money.This is how she proposes to pay me off.Sorry, but I’m only a man.”Phyl burst into tears.Phil quickly switched off the cam corder.

“God damn!God damn.How could she?”Phyllis cried long and hard.Finally she pulled herself together.“I’m finished with her.She can have her wedding and rehearsal without me.”

“I’m so sorry that you had to see that,” consoled Phil.“I was just being honest.Get dressed and I’ll take you to a wonderful steakhouse downtown.You do like steak?Here, as a special favor to me, please wear these clothes that I have set out for you.Please?”He bent to kiss her forehead and wipe away the tears.

“These clothes?These clothes are for a job interview.”

“Please do it for me, hon.If you don’t mind.Hurry, get in the shower, now.”

“Okay.”Phyl turned and went into the bathroom and shut the door.Phil was very pleased.

Phyl came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and one on her head.She fussed with her hair some more.Phil pretended to watch the tube but studied her every move.“May I ask a favor as you get dressed?”

“Okay, what is it?”

“It’s a little kinky.Toss the towel away and stand up straight,” he began.Phyl stood nude at attention.Phil surveyed her as if taking mental pictures.“Now put on your panties.”Phyllis picked the black panties and put them on.After a pause, “Now your bra, please.”Silently and obediently, Phyl put on her bra.“Now turn completely around, please.”Phyl rotated on her feet.“You look so beautiful I could just eat you,” he said with a grin.“I can see why you have so many men friends.Now put on your stockings.”

“Phil, this feels so creepy but my panties are already wet.Why don’t we just forget going out?”She smiled her best charming smile.“Why don’t you just go for it right here and now, cowboy?”

“No, this is like a little fantasy thing for me.No harm,” he replied.He ordered her to put on skirt, blouse, pumps, and jacket.

“Did you pick out jewelry or can I do that?” she asked.

“Go ahead and wear whatever you like, Phyl,” he replied.She rummaged about for some jewelry.

“You look so beautiful and classy.I promise this will be a night we both will remember for always.Lock up.I’m going to start up the van and get the air conditioning working,” he said.

Friday about 7 PM – Phil and Phyl Repel

Louise called and texted Phyllis for the umpteenth time without a response.The rehearsal would begin soon.“I’ve got just enough time to drive over there and back,” Louise announced to her parents.“Please stay here with the guests.”As she rode the elevator down, Louise perused the news sites on her iphone.The story of the local girl missing girl in Colorado had a new startling update.Police had identified “a person of interest”.Displayed was Phil’s picture.

Louise called the police who agreed to meet her at the front of the apartment complex.Driving as fast and reckless as she could, Lou arrived before Phyl’s apartment in time to see Phil and Phyl walk toward his van.

“Stop!Stop!Don’t get in his car, Phyl.He’s a killer.Run!”

“You bitch!I saw what you did with Phil.It’s all on camera.You’re not my sister.Fuck you and your wedding.”Phil and Phyl got into the van and drove off.Lou burst into tears and blew the horn in a continuous stream of annoying sound.She pounded the steering wheel until her hand hurt.What had she done?What had happened?Where were the cops?She sat there immobilized.

Eventually, the tapping on the car window broke her lethargy.A big, athletic man was dressed in a natty suit asked, “Are you the woman who called with information about a person of interest?”

Lou burst into another round of tears.“I’m sorry.He just drove off with my sister.I tried to warn her but she hates me.”

The cop stuck Phil’s picture in her face.“Is this the man with your sister?”

“Yes.Where were you?Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Park your car and come with me.Get a grip, lady.This man is a cold blooded killer.”

After Lou parked her car, she got into the back of the unmarked unit with a new resolve.“They went straight ahead out the entrance.Oh, that’s why you didn’t see them.We use the back entrance all the time and not the front entrance.He’s driving a white service van.”

The cop accelerated through the parking lot and radioed the waiting police cruisers supporting him.One responded.“Sir, given his profile, I’d bet he’s going to fire road 12A.There’s a plateau and a sharp drop about a quarter mile in.”

“I’ll go there first, L89, you come to 12A with me as backup as soon as you can catch up.Assign inspection of other fire trails to the other units.This is the killing time for the suspect,” said the cop.

Spying Louise through the rear view mirror, he said, “Sorry ma’am.I’m officer John Perkins.We’ll find your sister but I need your help.You’re under the influence, aren’t you?Well, I’m not here about drugs.I want to catch this guy before he kills again.I need you at your sharpest and not in a drug fog, you hear?We work as a team; I know where the fire trails are but I’m no expert, like unit L89 is.You tell me when you see his van.”

Kinky in the Mountains

As Phil rounded a curve on the mountain road, he said, “Phyl, do you feel like doing something kinky?Let me show you what I’ve been thinking.”Phil slowed at the fire trail marked 12A and turned onto the unpaved trail.

“I thought we were getting steaks.Knowing you, something kinky means taking my clothes off, right?Why not after we eat so I don’t have to prim up again?”

“I just have a horny feeling just now, you know?Let’s do this; it won’t take long.”

“You’re such an animal.Why aren’t more men like you?I just love you, Phil.”

Phil stopped in the road overlooking the plateau below.Putting it in park, they got out and he slid open the service door on the van’s side.They embraced and kissed.They undressed one another.“What did you have in mind, Phil?”

“Have you ever been taped having sex?”

“No Phil.Never thought of it.So we had to come all the way out here to the woods for a camera?”

Phil watched Phyl getting naked.“You are so sexy in that outfit.Sexier out of it.”With their clothes in the car, Phil spread the blanket on the road in front of the van and positioned the camera to run.“I want to record your feelings.First, lie down on your tummy and put your hands by your side.”As Phyl reclined face down on the hard ground, Phil sat his weight on her butt and affixed a plastic tie wrapper around one wrist.Phyl began to squirm.“What are you doing?Get off me.”Phil forcefully apprehended her other wrist and bound it the same way.Then he affixed another plastic wrapper connecting the two.

“You know that girl in Colorado?Police say this is how he did it.I know you’re upset but tomorrow we can watch the video and you can tell me how you are feeling.”

“Get off me, you son of a bitch.I should’ve called the cops.Help!” she yelled repeatedly.Phyl thrashed her feet and tried to sway from side to side to throw him off but his weight and position were too controlling.

“You can yell all you like.Ain’t nobody here,” he said.Phil pivoted around and affixed the plastic straps to her ankles in the same manner.Then he got up, patched a square of duct tape over her mouth, and stood her up.The plastic between her ankles allowed Phyl to take only baby steps.He picked a flash light from his tool bucket, put the cam corder in the bucket, the blanket over his shoulder, and guided her by her arm through the leafy ground, down the hill to the plateau.Phil was fully aroused.

Rescue in the Mountains

As soon as the headlights illuminated the van’s reflectors, the cop turned off his headlights.“Yes officer, that’s his van.”

He pulled up behind the van, shut the engine off, and radioed something terse to the other officers.“You wait here,” said Officer Perkins as he drew his service automatic.He proceeded cautiously toward the camera light, trying not to make a sound despite the leaves underfoot.He approached and saw only the naked girl shaking violently on her back on top of a green blanket, with the scene perversely illuminated by a cam corder on a tripod.There was no one else in sight.The muffled screams of the tormented victim masked the rustling sounds down the hill.

Further down the slope, Phil grasped a tree root with his left hand as he lay naked on the itchy carpet of leaves.A headshot was Phil’s best opportunity.At the instant Phil squeezed the trigger, the root slackened some more, causing Phil to slide down the hillside another foot out of view of the camp.

BANG!The roar echoed through the forest.Officer John Perkins spun around and fell lifeless to the ground in the dark.Louise crept closer to the camp but decided not to reveal herself.She pulled out her pistol from the small of her back.

Phil climbed back up to the sight and inspected downed officer, picking up his pistol.“Phyl, I’m afraid we’ve got to move this party along because there will be lots of heat here shortly.”He reached into his bucket and produced a dog leash made of chain.As he wrapped it around Phyl’s neck, she emitted loud, muffled screams.The horrified look was what Phil desired.His penis stiffened as he applied the chain to ritually choke her.He mugged for the camera.He ejaculated.

Stepping into the light without a care for the noise, Louise said, “Let go and stand up, Phil.”Shocked, Phil turned and slowly stood.

“Little sister?I am very surprised.I guess you came with the big bad cop.What is that, a .22?You can’t stop anyone with a .22.You’ll just piss them off.Then you’ll be sorry.”He briefly glanced at the bucket containing two handguns while his calculated his chances.

“Don’t!Don’t move Phil.”

Phil relaxed and flashed his woman killer smile.“Put it down, kid.Let me go and you won’t see me ever again.I promise.You can have your sister back.”Louise briefly glanced toward the downed cop.“Oh him, sure, they’ll come looking for me but I never did anything serious.There’s a hundred thousand of them.You might say I just culled the herd a little.Let me go, please?I’ll give you half of my pills.”His tone became more anxious. “Hell, all of them!”

“Did you kill that girl in Colorado?”

“No, those lying cops made…” with that Phil quickly bent down to retrieve his .38.BANG!“Oh, son of a bitch!What the fuck?” cried Phil as he bent to nurse the fresh hole in his lower thigh.Recovering his thoughts and gambling again, he again reached for his old revolver.BANG!Phil collapsed to the leaf strewn ground as the mass of the bullet disjointed his other knee.“Stop it.Stop it.Please.”He cried in pain.

Red and blue lights in the trees above heralded the arrival of the first police cruiser.Louise ordered, “On your face, you bastard.”

“Please Lou, I’m not going back to prison.Take my pistol and shoot me in the head.Please.Hurry.They’re coming.They’ll hurt me again.Shoot me, god dammit.”Lou walked over and kicked Phil’s bucket of tools away from Phil.“Kill me, you cock-sucker!”

Her face flushed with anger.Her aim shifted to his neck and she compressed the trigger.One shot could rupture the artery to his brain and he would bleed out in minutes.There would be no stopping and no un-doing it.Only a millimeter of trigger travel kept Phil from going to Hell this day.She took a deep breath.“I want an apology, a sincere apology.First apologize to Phyl and then to the girl you killed in Colorado.”

“What are you crazy?The cops…” he said rearing his head above the leafy ground and enduring excruciating pain in both legs.“Okay, okay. I’m sorry Phyl that I was such an asshole.I am sorry Melinda Cruz in Colorado.There god dammit, now kill me.”

“Sorry for what?You like long sincere apologies, remember?”

“Sorry for fucking killing her.Kill me you bitch!Don’t you have any balls?”

The uniformed officer boldly approached with his weapon drawn.He took Lou’s pistol and handcuffed Phil.She cut the plastic bonds on Phyl and wrapped her in the blanket.They hugged and cried all night.

Saturday Morning – Louise’s Wedding Day

Louise woke with a start, as if she had just dozed off momentarily.Confused, she looked around and saw her bedroom.Not the bedroom she shared at Ben’s but her bedroom in her parent’s house.There was commotion at the front door: knocks at the door, loud talking, and yelling.Shortly, her dad peeked through the open bedroom door and saw she was awake.“You should see the circus outside, Lou,” said her dad.“A gaggle of the press is here.They all want to interview The Hero Bride.You’re famous.”He smiled.“The police called earlier; Detective Perkins will live.The bullet shattered his skull and he has a concussion, but he’ll recover.I am so glad that my daughters are both home safe.”

“Thanks, dad.”Lou walked numbly into the bathroom and closed the door behind her and lowered her head.She felt like crap.She looked up into the mirror and focused her eyes; the expensive hair-do had drooped, her face was drawn with dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, and still wearing yesterday’s clothes.She looked like crap.Louise reached into her pocket.Plop. Plop. Plop-plop-plop.Whoosh, went the toilet.No matter how stressful the wedding today or anything else, she would never use Roxi’s again.

Part 2 of 2

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