Steam - Part 1 (Erotica) (2016 Revamp)

Steam - Part 1 (Erotica) (2016 Revamp)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An erotica short-story. Copyright © 2015 © 2016 by Alex Sharpe. Steam - Part 1 (Erotica) (2016 Remaster) (Fetishes Involved: Feet, Socks, White Briefs, Underwear/Panties) Notice: This story has undergone a complete remaster and is completely different from the original as of December 2016. (About): Two high-schoolers fall deeply in love and have the best time of their young lives exploring their bodies in this very erotic, overly sexualized romance story.


An erotica short-story. Copyright © 2015 © 2016 by Alex Sharpe. Steam - Part 1 (Erotica) (2016 Remaster) (Fetishes Involved: Feet, Socks, White Briefs, Underwear/Panties)

Notice: This story has undergone a complete remaster and is completely different from the original as of December 2016.

Two high-schoolers fall deeply in love and have the best time of their young lives exploring their bodies in this very erotic, overly sexualized romance story.


Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



Steam is a romantic-erotic story. This story contains highly sexual and mature depictions of adult material, and is not suitable to be read by anyone under the age of 18 years old.



(Sexual Material starts in Part Three, and is heavily consistent until the end of the story)





Her name was Maddie. To some people, Maddie was just another awkward girl in my school. But to me, she was my dream girl - a perfect, adorable and unbelievably amazingly cute angel; whom, I had developed a super deep crush on and psychological dependence.

Maddie had the cutest, most exotic and awesome personality more than anyone. She was always smiling, giggling, joking around, and in a playfully hyper mood. She was completely different from any girl that I had ever known in my life. I fell in love with every-single thing about her.

When Maddie was not around, I felt incomplete and unhappy. Every class that I didn't have with her - or the days that she was not at school because she had gotten sick or other reasons - was always a painful, sad and a long wait to see her again.

Every night seemed incredibly long, the weekends, like an eternity, as I awaited so eagerly to go back to school just to see her again.

At home in bed asleep at night, I would often dream about her - her and I in a relationship, talking and hanging out together. I would wake up and be in so much peace and happiness.

We had never really talked much before, and I was really far too shy to ever bring up my feelings for her to her, or anyone for that matter.

It was almost summer break soon, however, and knowing that it would be a very long time before I would get to see her again, I had to do something. I had to try.

Maddie and I had first, third and fourth period together in school, both seniors in high school, and the same age as well.

I walked into first period in the morning, sat down at my desk (in the middle of the second row up front) the other desks mostly empty as the rest of the class had yet to come in, with the exception of a couple of other students and our teacher, Miss McKinley.

I waited anxiously for Maddie to walk into class, as other students began to pour in - and I could not help but stupidly stare and smile as she walked into class.

She was so beautiful - Her long, dark-brown hair lightly lapping gainst her forehead, her perfectly done black eyeliner bringing out her cute hazel eyes. Her clothes, just as cute, a light-blue t-shirt with a little yellow lab puppy on the front - below it, a knife-pleated white short-skirt - and purple low-top Converse shoes on her feet.

She sat down in her usual spot, right next to me to my left. The smell of her grape scented perfume she always wore filled my nose and instantly put me in heaven. Just being next to her, I would melt with warmness and comfort. I never felt more comfortable in my life, than when I was right next to Maddie.

A few moments later class started. I could barely keep my eyes off of her. Everything the teacher said were just murmurs, because my thought was so focused on Maddie.

She lightly coughed and sat back in her seat, sliding her shoes off. She had on cute little pink ankle socks. I have a major fetish for girls in socks, or just girl's feet in general, so that made me really happy.

Near the end of the first class period, when we had time to do work, I blew at her hair a little from where I was sitting playfully, hoping she would notice. She noticed, and she smiled and did it back to me.

We played around with each-other kind of, blowing each-other's pens and pencils off of our desks, even playing a little footsie. I wanted to ask her out so bad, but I couldn't bring myself up to do it.

I decided to write a little note to her. I wrote one, and I passed it to her and smiled at her, making eye contact, my face probably redder than fire, hoping with all of my might that I didn't screw up.

I wrote "Look, I know this might be totally not brave and maybe un-cool, but you are so beautiful and gorgeous that I find myself too starstruck to say it straight-forward. Would you go out with me? :)"

As she read it, I was sure that I messed up. I was about to get rejected so bad, I got so nervous that I almost felt like crying.

She started writing something on the other side of the note, and passed it back to me.

I opened the note. "(: Maybe" It read.

"Is that a yes, or a no?" I asked her.

She sort of laughed and said yes. I couldn't believe it. She actually said yes!

After first period ended, we met up in the hall, and I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up after school. She said sure, and then we went our separate ways to second period.

Second period felt like the longest hour in my life.

Third and fourth periods were magical. We sat desk by desk across from each-other, and we played around and teased each-other the whole time. We had some fun, and I think she was actually starting to like me. Her eyes gazed at me so lightly, innocently and playfully.

After school, I picked her up in my car - my old grey 1999 Toyota Camry. I felt so awkward when she got into my car. I had never really been with a girl like this. I was absolutely stunned, speechless and very shy.

I said "hey" quickly and dorkishlly, face burning red as I smiled at her. She said "hey back" and giggled a little. "So uh, where do you want to go or do?" I asked her. She said she didn't know, so I had just suggested that we go to get an ice cream or something. She liked that idea.

So, we went to get ice cream at a frozen yogurt place in town. We connected like crazy. She liked almost everything I liked. We talked and talked for an hour about each-other's lives and interests. Turns out she was pretty shy too.

She told me all about how she loved animals and photography, how she wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up, about what it was like growing up in the country, and I told her all myself.

After that day, we started going out a lot. We went to a movie, to parks a couple of times, we shared our first kiss with each-other about the fifth day.

I couldn't believe that I actually had the real girl of my dreams as my actual girlfriend. It was about the third and a half week... (Read Next Part)


Part Two

It was about the third and a half week that it got serious between me and her. We had really come to be more comfortable and relaxed around each-other.

I couldn't be anymore in love. I would do anything for her, I would die for her a thousand times. She was everything to me.

One warm, sunny day during summer break, we went to this old park that I used to go to with my grandparents as a child. I parked the car in the back of the park, and we got out.

She had on the same outfit she had the day I asked her out.

We walked up to the old playground, holding each-other's hands. The equipment was all rusted out and broken. We sat on the old merry-go-round and talked for a bit, I told her about how when I was a kid I fell off the monkey bars and chipped my tooth.

We walked away from the playground and headed towards the lake nearby. Pretty pink and yellow flowers surrounded the sides of the lake. I followed behind her, watching jealously as the wind blew her skirt gently against her smooth, skinny legs.

She turned around, looked at me and smiled. It was the perfect temperature outside, and the sky was clear and blue. She danced around playfully for a bit in front of me.

We skipped some rocks and told jokes to each-other for a little, and we eventually fell to the grass together and watched the clouds. I told her how beautiful and awesome she was, and I told her that I loved her for the first time, and that I actually had been in love with her for a long time.

She rolled up against me, kissed me, and said she loved me back too. My heart dropped, that was the best feeling in the world.

We made out for a while before soon heading back to the car, and as we were talking to my car, the wind had blew up the back of her skirt a little, exposing her cute purple cotton panties that she had on underneath.

She giggled and smiled in embarrassment. I just smiled back at her and walked with her to the car. We both got into the car, and we had just sat there for a couple of seconds. We kissed again, and I softly played with her hair and stroked her cheek.

I held her soft, smooth hands in mine, and laid my head up against her shoulder. "I love you so much, you're the best girl on Earth" I said to her. I reached my hand down and rubbed on her knee. She giggled.

I moved my hand further up her right leg slowly. She giggled more and tilted her seat back and laid her head back.


Part Three

If that wasn't a go-ahead, I don't know what is. I slowly inched my hand up even further up her smooth, bare leg until my hand disappeared underneath her skirt.

She let out a cute breath of excitement as my fingers hit the edge of her underwear. I carefully and passionately rubbed on her underwear, feeling the wonderful feeling of soft cotton.

We then kissed passionately again for a couple of minutes. I pulled her legs up onto my lap and slid off her shoes. "What are you doing" she said, giggling. She was wearing cute pink and white swirly colored ankle socks. I rubbed her cute feet and held them in my hands.

Her soft socked feet felt so good in my hands, her socks fit so perfectly around her perfect little feet. I felt her soles and rubbed in between her toes. I put her right foot up to my face, and she giggled continuously as I slid the tip of her foot into my mouth.

I sucked on her foot gently for a moment, feeling her soft, dry sock against my mouth, tickling her toes with my tongue. I put her foot against my cheek and rubbed in on my face playfully as she just laid back and laughed.

I pulled her foot down a little and tickled the bottom of her foot, and she flinched it back and giggled. "Stop" she said laughing. I just smiled at her, and let her foot down, and rubbed her legs again, just enjoying every moment of what was happening.

All of the sudden, she had reached out and grabbed my hard penis through my cargo shorts. It felt so good. We both blushed and giggled.

I couldn't let my shyness stop me from giving the most beautiful girl in the world the best time of her life. I let her continue to just feel my penis through my shorts. I moved her hand away, and I pushed and laid her seat all of the way back.

I climbed over to her side and got in front of her, in front of her seat, and kneeled down on the floor facing her. I slowly moved her skirt up and completely exposed her panties.

Her panties were so cute. Purple cotton bikini brief with little white bunnies patterned all over them. I was about to pass out from excitement, either that, or all of my blood was now in my penis. (Haha)

There was a little dark, wet spot where her private part was. My penis throbbed hard in my pants. She just laid back in her seat and relaxed.

I rubbed my hand carefully up the inside of her thigh. I rubbed on the front of her underwear, and I slowly touched my pointer finger on that little wet spot.

I continued to rub on her panties, and I started to rub her vagina softly with my hands, pressing against it and rubbing up and down in circles, as the wet spot got bigger and even wetter.

She let out little cute gasps of excitement. I kept rubbing her vagina through her panties until her underwear was soaked with her wetness.

I grabbed the waist-line of her panties and gently pulled them down, sliding them down to her knees, as they fell down to her feet.

She had the cutest little bare slit of a vagina. I was so amazed. I softly blew on it like I was blowing a candle out - as she giggled more and squirmed in her seat.

I put my hand on her pubic area and rubbed her smooth skin. I rubbed all around the outsides of her vagina.

I used my pointed finger to gently glide up and down the center of her vagina. I rubbed on her slit with my fingers and pressed on it as she giggled more.

After I just rubbed her down there for a while, I gently pushed my middle finger into her soft, wet vagina.

I felt inside of her with my finger. I moved it all around and tickled the insides of it, sliding my finger in and out of her slowly.

I spread open her legs a little bit, and just went for it - I put my face right up against her vagina and put my mouth on it, licking it up and down with my tongue, as she gasped and squirmed.

I licked and licked it all over, and stuck my tongue inside of it and licked all around as she moaned a little cutely. I could feel her body tremble a bit. 

It tasted so good. Like sweet and salty, buttery sugar. I continued to eat her out for about four or five minutes.

I got back into my seat, as she tilted her seat back up and pulled off her t-shirt and purple cotton bra. She had cute, little round boobs. I rubbed on her chest and felt her breasts, as I unbelted my pants and slid my shorts down.

She giggled a bit when she saw Fruit of the Loom tighty whities that I had on, my large boner bulging in them. She reached down and rubbed my hard penis through my underwear. It felt so amazing.

I kept rubbing her breasts as she rubbed my penis through my underwear. Her soft, luscious breasts felt so amazing. Her hard little nipples made her twitch and yelp in excitement as I rubbed and licked them.

She sat up, and leaned down towards my lap, still rubbing my hard boner. She pulled down my underwear, as my huge boner popped out, standing straight up. Pre-cum was leaking off of the top of it, painfully throbbing.

I was so embarrassed my eyes got watery, she just giggled. She softly grabbed it into her hand, holding it for a moment, and then gently rubbed it up and down, as more pre-cum leaked out. I felt like I wanted to cum so bad, but I had to control myself.

She felt all over my penis with her hands, rubbing and holding my balls. I was about to kiss her again, but before I could, she leaned down even further and just put my penis right up against her face. I was in heaven.

She rubbed it against her face, she softy licked it, and kissed the sides of it. She put the tip of it into her mouth and licked all around the tip. It felt so good. She pushed it all of the way into her mouth and sucked up and down on it for a couple of minutes.

She sucked and licked on my balls. I leaned her back in her seat again and kissed her passionately and hard, as I laid her seat all of the way back again, and I climbed on top of her.

As I started to pull a condom out, she stopped me and said that I didn't need one. She was on birth control (telling me that she probably expected to have sex with me)

I started to gently play and tease her vagina with the tip of my penis, circling and rubbing it on her vagina. She breathed hard and giggled.

I held her as I slowly and carefully pushed my penis up against her little hole. She squirmed, and gasped hard as I pushed it inside of her. She moaned really loud as I pushed my penis further and further into her slowly. She was so tight down there. It felt so good.

I wiped the blood off of the tip of my penis, and we held each-other tight as I continued and pushed it all of the way inside of her.

We were both virgins, and we were both enjoying it heavily. I pushed my penis in and out of her as we both moaned loudly together. I rubbed her soft tummy, and she orgasmed hard, and I pulled out of her and just came everywhere as she screamed out in enjoyment.

I didn't mean to cum on her, but I couldn't help it. I came all over her tummy and her chest.

We rested and laughed for a bit after that. She had the biggest smile on her face. I cleaned her off with paper towels that I had in my car, and we both got dressed. After that, I drove her home so she could take a shower.


Part Four

The next day was Friday. Maddie invited me over to her house that day. She said that her parents were out of town for the day, and that we could hang out there all day and watch movies or whatever.

So I drove to her house. I knocked on her front door, and she opened it and said come in. She was wearing a black t-shirt, blue-jean cut-off short shorts, and blue and white tie-dye ankle socks.

I walked into her house with her, and she led me to her bedroom. She grabbed something from her nightstand next to her bed, as I examined her room. She had a purple bedroom, and a green bed-spread that was totally awesome.

She looked at me with a cute smile and asked me if I wanted to do it again with her. I said yes. She smiled and slowly slid down her little short shorts, and kicked them onto the floor. She pulled off her black t-shirt and also threw it onto the floor. Her underwear was tight-fitting pink, cotton bikini brief, her bra, light-blue.

She looked amazing standing standing there in just her underwear. I slid my shoes and my shorts off and kicked them to the side with her clothes, and then hugged her and kissed her. 

She sat down on the side of her bed, I threw my shirt off and I climbed up onto her bed and softly laid her back onto her bed, lying there together in our underwear.

We hugged and cuddled up against each-other, feeling and rubbing all over each-other for about eight or so minutes. She had her cute little butt up against my waist. My boner growing in my white briefs throbbed up against her butt.

She grabbed it gently and rubbed on it through my underwear from from behind her. I rubbed my hand all over her cute butt in her undies and felt around it.

She rolled back over on her back, and I noticed a little wet spot growing on her panties. My penis throbbed again. I pushed her legs up towards her, and crawled in between her knees, spreading her legs apart.

I softly licked the wet spot through her underwear up and down. I sucked and rubbed on her vagina through her panties for a minute, making them really wet, and then I slipped them off of her. I took her bra off and tossed it onto the floor.

I crawled up and kissed her lips, and then her neck, moved down more and kissed and sucked a little on her breasts and nipples, I moved down more and kissed her soft tummy as she giggled - moving down more, I kissed around her vagina, before eating her out hard for about five minutes.

I fingered her and licked her vagina for a while. I kissed on her thighs and her legs, and moved down, and grabbed her ankles and kissed on her socked feet. I played around with her feet and made her laugh.

She pulled my underwear off and threw them down on the floor too. Both of us now completely naked, except for our ankle socks. She rubbed on my chest and rubbed back and forth on my penis, pre-cum once again leaking out.

I sat her up on the bed and put her on her tummy, and lifted her butt slightly in the air. I slid my penis up against her little butthole, and then pushed it into her vagina from behind.

She let out the sweetest moan and shook. I hugged her from behind as I slowly pushed it in and out of her for a little while.

Then, I rolled her back on her back, grabbed her by her ankles, and put her soft, skinny legs around my neck. Her cute, socked feet rubbing up against the back of my neck felt so pleasuring.

I slid my extremely hard penis back inside of her and continued going in and out, in and out. I couldn't stop, it felt so good. She quivered and trembled as it felt beyond amazing.

She whined cutely as I went faster and faster and harder until I couldn't hold it any longer. I squirted and cummed hard inside of her three or four times, filling her tummy with it.

I pulled my penis out of her and she squirted a little as I did, and she shook hard and moaned, as I cummed even more a little onto her tummy. She rubbed my smooth, warm cum all over her tummy with her hand, laughing. I had never felt better in my life. I helped her clean off a little with tissues, my cum oozing out of her tight vagina.

We got up, and she said she was going to get into the shower to clean up, and that I could join her if I wanted to. I said yes (of course).

I followed her into the bathroom and we climbed into her shower.


Part Five


She slid the shower curtains open, and turned on the faucet, as we waited for the water to get warm. We climbed in once it did.

The water rained down on us. She looked so cute with her hair wet. We played around a bit and joked with each-other playfully. I rubbed on her soft, wet boobies and kissed her, she rubbed on my chest.

I had gotten hard again already. She, once again, held my boner and rubbed it. She got down on her knees in the tub and sucked on it again. She said that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I said okay, and let her suck on it until I cummed.

She sucked and sucked until I shot cum into her mouth. She let my penis out of her mouth and I cummed on her face on accident, but she said she liked it, after spitting my cum out of her mouth and mentioning about how salty it was. I kissed her again.

I grabbed a bar of soap and a wash-rag, and I washed her body for her slowly, every inch of it. I washed her smooth tummy, her breasts, her soft butt, her legs, I washed her feet extra good, and then her little vagina deep and long.

She washed me next the same way, and we rinsed off and got out of the shower and dried off. We went back into her room, I put my clothes back on, as I watched her get dressed.

She slid open her drawers and pulled out a clean pair of panties and slid them on. These were loosely-fitting white cotton bikini-brief ones with blue around the sides. So cute. She put on yellow ankle socks, and the same black t-shirt that she bad on when I got there. She stopped there.

She asked me if I wanted to just chill and watch tv in the family room, and I said it sounded good to me. For the next few hours we just cuddled next to each-other on the couch, her just in her t-shirt, undies and socks, and we watched movies. I held her in my arms, and she laid her head in my lap, as I stroked her hair.


I love Maddie with everything I am and more. She is the love of my life, and I hope that we're together forever, and I am so thankful that I got to be with the perfect girl, the girl of my dreams.

I love you Maddie.


-Steam - Part 2 Available Soon

This writing is Copyright © 2015 © 2016 by Alex Sharpe. The owner and writer of this piece of work is not responsible for any un-responsible actions involved with readers of this writing.



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