The Next Morning

The Next Morning

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


“The Next Morning” is the sensual erotic/romance adventures The story surrounds a beautiful young couple in love and their erotic adventure during their trip to an exotic vacation destination This story is for love and something else… This story is part of a free book that you can download at:


“The Next Morning” is the sensual erotic/romance adventures The story surrounds a beautiful young couple in love and their erotic adventure during their trip to an exotic vacation destination
This story is for love and something else…
This story is part of a free book that you can download at:


Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



…..  It was a pleasant summer morning. The ocean breeze gently opened the curtain of the large balcony bedroom door and several solar beams slipped through and slowly started stroking Alex’s nude body. She slept soundly leaning her head on her lover strong chest. Actually, her sexy nude body was almost entirely on Mike, she embraced him gently and felt safe and secure in his arms. The couple was happy and they slept deeply after the wild adventure that they had last night in this huge and comfortable bed. Whenever sunlight sneaking through the half-open curtain gently stroked her silky skin, initially only on her ankles and with each passing minute moved up, on her naked body, following all its beautiful curves. At the moment when a solar beam touches her face, Alex opened her eyes, her gaze slide on Mike’s chest down and stop on his beautiful soft and still sleeping cock:

” Oh … I want to kiss him…:” was the first thought in her head:

” …but he still asleep … so I will go to sleep for few more minutes too:” …. and Alex close her eyes again. But her desire to kiss Mike made her to not close her eyes almost immediately after she closed them. She always liked to start on him when he was soft and limp. She raised her head and looked at Mike’s face. He was deep asleep and seemed happy in his sleep. Alex smiled, she lay on his hot and completely naked body and kissed him gently on his lips. He made a face as if somebody stroking him with a feather, but did not open his eyes. She kissed him a few more times, but he just continuing making funny faces and didn’t wake up. Alex laughed and whispered: ".... if you do not open your eyes will go to make coffee first and then if I am still “on the mood” I will kiss you”: Mike slept so deeply that not even flinch at this nice threat from Alex and she continue to whisper:

” …okay then … no pleasure for you this morning …” and she got out of bed and went to the bathroom but before entering through the bathroom door she stopped, turn around hoping that he was awake already and the “big boy” is ready to give her again unearthly pleasure as the last night, but … he still asleep. She stood at the door for few seconds gazing down upon her lover’s naked body and after that, she turned around and went to take a shower.

Alex turned on the water in the shower, closed her eyes and stood so that water flows into her face and her nipples. But at the moment that she closes her eyes in her mind immediately surfaced picture of the hot sexy body of her lover who still asleep in their bed. In few seconds this erotic picture that emerges in her mind, slowly change with a picture of how hard and ready for her was his cock last night and she almost felt again the wonderful feeling of the first penetration in her body when she sat on it. Subconsciously without thinking Alex slid her left hand down on her aroused body. Her fingers started tracing delicate lines from the inside of her ribs, over her stomach and down to the folds of her labia and she started caressing them seductively. Her excitement began to escalate with each passing second, not only from the feeling of her on fingers that continue rubbing faster and faster her clitoris but also from her imagination that start to draw erotic pictures one after another in her mind. After Alex’s mind draw those hot pictures her middle finger slides gently between the flowery petals of her labia and from her mouth came out a moan of pleasure. She remained in that position leaning forward against the wall supporting herself with her elbow, incredibly horny and pleasuring herself, while she started talking quietly to herself:

"... I want him ... I want to feel how hard his cock is… I want to feel him all the way in in my horny body...or maybe… first I will make him crazy, by putting my lips around the glans of his penis... and started caressing it gently whit the top of my tongue…  I really want to feel his cock growing in my hands and how hard will become when he slides on my tongue deep inside in my trough …"

  In a next few seconds without stopping to pleasure herself Alex realize that her lover is here and will be a lot better if he join her and his fingers continued pleasuring her body. Without thinking anymore and do not even bother to look for a towel, she opened the bathroom door and walked naked and wet to the bedroom. At the moment when she walked into the room and starts gazing down upon her lover’s naked body that still slipping naked at the bed, she felt this incredible feeling of pleasantly tickling over her center of pleasure. She moved across the bedroom, climbed onto the bed on hands and knees, between Mike’s legs.  Her eyes played across him.  First the firmness of his chest, slowly rising and falling, his breathing deep, indicating that he was still in sleep. Then moving down to his ribs and admiring how they framed the rippled muscles of his abdomen.  Yet, further down to his strong thighs.  Smirking a little, she finally brought her gaze to his splendid member.

She didn’t think of it as splendid because it was overly big.  For it was not.  Not at all like those freakishly large men had she occasionally seen in a few porn movies. Those men who didn’t seem to know how to use themselves other than as an abusive ram rod.

No, he was a perfect fit for her and the way how her pussy lips embrace tight around his hard cock when he entered her sexy body, every time brings to both of them unearthly pleasure and she thought of him as splendid in the way he knew how to use it with her.  How he could tease her with it, moving on her and against her, in those special places that would drive her crazy in lust. And when he entered her, he knew exactly how and when to be gentle and when to be strong and firm.  In those ways, he was splendid indeed.

Alex starts to bite her lower lip and when her face was over his soft cock. She considered it for a moment and then brushed her hanging wet hair against it.  No reaction from him, still sleeping deeply. She felt how her pulse starts to increase and how the pleasantly tickling over her center of pleasure made the fluid of arousal covered completely her hot pussy lips. She loved this moment when she feeling like a virgin that for the first time seeing the nude body of her lover and her mind is confused were to touch it first …. Slowly, she lowered her face to him and lightly brushed her lips against his cock and curled her tongue underneath the base where it connected to his balls. Again slowly, with her lips and tongue, she gently worked her way up his cock to the head, taking it into her mouth as she wrapped her fingers around the rest of him. 

This was the part that she loved.  She could feel his cock growing in her hands and mouth as it filled with the fluid of arousal.

Above her, he let out a soft moan and turned his head to one side.  She stifled a laugh and began to lick his head and stroke him with her closed hand and fingers.

 Suddenly he opens his eyes, raised himself to his elbows smiled and said:

 “I love your dirty mind and the touch of your hot lips!”

She put her free hand against his chest and firmly pressed him back down to the bed.  He is strong, so strong that he can toss her tender body in the air as feather, so strong that he will beat several men only if they try offended her, but he learned long time ago that a gentle touch of her soft and wet lips are much more powerful than the whole force of his athletic body. 

Realizing what was happening he relaxed, reached down and began to run his fingers through her still wet hair and gave her control over his body. 

With gentle deliberation, Alex took him completely into her mouth and pressed her lips firmly around his now complete erection.  Moving slowly up to the head again, and as it passed from her lips, she made playful circles around it with her tongue.  She did this over and over until she felt him begin to move his hips up and down.  Feeling his urgency increasing the pleasure that she was giving to him it is one of the best feelings for her. Those emotions and the excitement in her body also grew with the speed with which his cock was growing in her mouth. Her desire to feel how he slides on her tongue deep in her throat grew faster and faster and the pleasant tickling around her center of pleasure not only led her arousal fluids to overwhelm but she began to feel a sense that this part of her body began to melt from her desire to embrace this hard-frills beautiful cock and not let go from that tight hug until she took the last drop of his strength. Alex moved her hand between her legs and starts to pleasure her wet pussy at the same time when she continued giving Mike pleasure with the top of her tongue. She knew that this making him crazy and she didn’t rush … she just enjoined the movements of his aroused body.

The moment when he gave her control over his body and allowed her sexy, soft and hot lips to bear his body to “seventh heaven” was the “out of this world “feeling. He really loves when she doing this to him. He loves her that much that every time when she touches him makes him happy and brings positive energy to his body and soul. 

 Finally, she decided to stop torcher him and raped her hot lips around his cock. With one hand she began to rub his hips and thighs and with more intensity stroked him in and out of her mouth. He had both of his hands in her hair and held on as she made her motions up and down. She could feel and taste his pre-ejaculate flowing out of him, mixing with her saliva, making the play of her lips and tongue even more slippery.

  She loved the taste of it.  It reminded her a little of taste of vitamin “C” - great taste and healthy. Alex used one hand to cradle his balls while wrapping the other around the base of his cock. He began to move his hips up and down faster as she wrapped both of her hands around him and squeezed him hard.  And with each up stroke she licked and sucked his head, sometimes running her tongue up one side of his shaft and down the other as it poked out of her cupped hands.

Mike began to moan continuously as she pulled on him even harder.  Sucking him even harder, licking him even harder and finally, he could take no more.  He slammed his arms down and added the bedding in his fists.  His hips gave one last massive thrust as she pointed him upward and a great spurt of cum shot forth spraying across her soft tongue. For an endless moment, his body became completely stiff.  Then he lost all control.  Crying out in ecstasy, his hips began to buck wildly as he spurts and spurt and spurt.  And spurt yet again.  When the last one came forth he collapsed to the bed, moaning and breathing like a man that had just finished a marathon race. 

That was Alex favorite part feeling the ecstasy, to test at the test, to feel the hot love juice inside of her body, to feel his desire to give her part of his body, to feel the pleasure of his pleasure, to feel that she “own” him for a moment to experience the pleasure of the love game.

Her whole body stiffened and she felt how at each of spurt of cum into her mouth, like electricity passed through her excited body and preparing it also to feel an incredible pleasure of the rising orgasm in her excited body. 

Grinning broadly, hardly able to contain her thrill, she sat up on her knees, clapped her hands and slapped her thighs.

Looking down on Mike’s quivering body she considered the patterns that few drops of his cum that slipped from her lips made on the front of his torso.  Now smiling and shaking her head, she reached down and began massaging his cum into the skin of his abdomen.  As she did this he moved his hands over hers to help guide her.

As they moved their way up towards his chest, she would bend down and lick his abdomen.  Finally, they reached his chest and massaged his pectorals until there was only one drop left. Deftly she scooped it up with her fingers and put it into her mouth.  Then fell fully upon him, kissing his mouth hard and sharing the taste of his cream with him.

This was her longing, her desire, her lust and her love.

They looked each other for a few second sharing the love poem between them without the words and after few seconds he tried to sit on the bed and hug her, but she put her small hands on his chest push him back to lay down on his back and she bent over his body and before put her wet lips around his soft cock again she asked:

 ” …are you ready for more? ……:” Mike looked at her and before Mike could respond, Alex laughed, jumped out of bed, put quickly bright red silk dress over her sexy body and walked out on the balcony

".... I know you're ready for more, but now it's time for breakfast ...." said Alex while she leaned against the balcony railing enjoying the warmth of the setting sun at the open balcony. Mike sat on the bed takes a moment to admire the shape of her beautiful body raped in this red dress.  As she leans on the balcony railing a sudden gust of warm wind catches the hem of her dress and lifts it high, revealing the absence of her undergarments.  After few seconds he quietly started moving onto the balcony and when Mike fully approaches his lover, gently placed his hands on her bare hips. Alex immediately stiffens, then relaxes at the recognition of his touch.  Mike leans forward and warmly kisses the back of Alex’s neck and shoulders while his hands gently caress her hips and buttocks.

Smiling, she wheels around, hugs him and nuzzles at his neck.  He motions her against the railing and she supports herself with her elbows and the small of her back.

Like a man who has traveled far to finally worship before his Goddess, Mike slowly falls to his knees, lifts the front of her dress and places his hands upon her thighs. He slowly spreads Alex’s legs and takes several long seconds to admire the flowery petals that are her labia.  She leans back a little farther, unconcerned with the passersby below, and spreads her legs wider.  He softly kisses each of her inner thighs, reaching higher each time.  She arches her back even further.  Rubbing his hands up and down her thighs he makes a sliding motion with his lips, getting closer and closer to her labia, but then, he moves higher and kisses her stomach slowly moved back down to each of her thighs, all while he caressing them with his mouth and tongue. With his hands he lifts her legs over his shoulders, keeping them spread, and he kisses the soft thin skin at the highest point of her inner thighs.  She lets out a moan as his mouth brushed against her outer labia, placing soft kisses on each side.  Slowly he spreads the folds of her outer labia apart with his lips and tongue kissing deep inside her, while still holding her legs over his shoulders. He can feel and taste how hot, wet and sweet she is. Mike slides his tongue up and down her inner labia.  He heard how she let out a soft moan as his tongue moves deeper inside of her.

Suddenly he pulls back and moves his mouth over her clitoris.  He takes it inside his mouth and with his tongue, makes soft circles around it.  Then he presses his mouth around her completely and moves his tongue from her lower labia to her clitoris and back again… over and over.

Alex’s hands reach for Mike’s head and hold it tight.  His tongue slides down again, all the way inside and down. He feels her wet all over his tongue, his lips, his cheeks, and chin.  He slides his tongue to the skin between her labia and tiny asshole.  He presses it there for a few seconds, then moves it against her tight opening.  He teases it with the tip of his tongue.  Her hands started to rub his head and he slides his tongue back up again.  Mike moves his mouth onto her clitoris, flattens his tongue, and begins to lick faster and stronger … she started breathing faster and louder ... she entwines her fingers in his hair and presses his face firmer against her.  Alex started moving her hips up and down, faster and faster.  She drives him wild, his arms wrapped firmly around her thighs as she began crying out. Mike’s tongue reaches her clitoris once more and her arms fly up. Alex broth her hands to her face and she bites her wrist to stifle the scream that’s mounting inside of her.  Her back arches precariously over the railing of the balcony. Mike used his fingers to open wide her labia and to enjoy the sight of a nice pink color, then start sliding his tongue deep in her horny body as licking an incredibly delicious "juice of her pleasure". He moved his hand on her back and started caressing it as moving slowly down. His fingers sneak between Alex’s sweet butt chicks until it reaches the nice little tiny opening on her ass and without waiting a second he slides two inside her aroused body. That made her screaming out loud every time when he pulled them out and again in and so until Alex’s sexy body reach the supreme point of resurgent in her body incredible orgasm.  She was beyond caring as she loses herself in wave after wave of the pleasure coursing through her body like a flooding current. Explosive torrents rack her body and rock his head back and forth as she climaxes into his mouth.  Mike loved this part when he can feel and sense the beauty of her orgasm, the feeling that maddening him every time, the feeling of her warm and damp walls of her horny sexy body, contracted around his fingers like lovingly hugging and kissing them and the incredibly delicious taste of "her pleasure juices".

She was weak and spent, so he rises and gently pulls her to him.  They slide on the balcony floor.  Mike leans in close and passionately whispers in her ear, “I love you.”

She turns to him and they look longingly into each other’s eyes.  Alex pulled Mike to her and they kissed deeply, lingering in the intoxicating scent of her wet.

After what seems like both only moments and an eternity, they arise, and arm in arm, free hands caressing one another, they cross the balcony to the threshold of the hotel room, fully intending to prepare for their breakfast out... 


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