Lust - Ch. 3

Lust - Ch. 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The story surrounds a couple that already has a wild sex life, but they are still looking for something to spice it more. I hope that when you reading this story, your wild imagination will be freed.


The story surrounds a couple that already has a wild sex life, but they are still looking for something to spice it more.
I hope that when you reading this story, your wild imagination will be freed.


Submitted: November 14, 2015

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Submitted: November 14, 2015



…..  Few minutes later Alex knocked on the front door of May’s house. May was one of her closest friends since she and Mike had been moved to this neighborhood.

May opened the door with a big smile on her face and said:” Good morning. You are so early. The coffee is not ready yet:”

Alex did not even hear what May have said, she just pushed the door wide open, slipped past May and went directly to the kitchen. May looks at her with wide eyes, then closed the door and said loud to herself.: “Good morning to you too” and went after Alex to the kitchen. With the surprised look on her face, May stopped on the kitchen door and start watching Alex. She just sat on a bar chair, she propped her chin with her hand and without saying a word, she stare on the middle of nowhere.

May prepared the coffee, put a cup of coffee of front of Alex, sat on the chair on opposite side of the table and started asking questions:

“: Are you ok?  Is it everything ok at home? :”

Alex shakes her head and replied:” ooo … yes, everything is great. Why are you asking?”

From the first moment when Alex walked from the door, May knew that she hiding something and she was curious what is it. That is why May continues asking:” You just looked worried, and I thought that something bad may happen. Are you sure that everything is ok at home? :”

:” no, no, nothing bad happened. I am just…… I didn’t sleep well and Mike come back from his business trip early in the morning and woke me up.:” lied Alex and looked down to her cup of coffee, but May looked at her and continued asking:

” Did Mike cheating on you? :” 

Alex was startled by this question and looked at May in surprise. She shook her head and answered

:”no, no … of course he does not cheat. How did you come to ask me that?:”

Instead of answering her, May continues with more questions: "Did you slept with someone?"

:”Not, of course, I didn’t…:” Alex replied irritably.  She stare at May for few seconds, then smiled and continued:

:”No I haven’t slept with somebody, but I intend to do it ... "

May smiled triumphantly. She was pleased that Alex finally admits what she was worried about and then immediately opened wide her eyes and asked astonished:

“:You intend to do what? To have a sex with somebody?:”

:”Yes.:” Alex replied, then looked thoughtfully at her coffee cup and said, "but it's tangled ...:”

:”of course it is :" replied May and without leaving Alex to explain she continued indignantly:" What's wrong with you? I thought you love Mike?  You guys seemed so in love. What happened? How come suddenly, you decided to cheat on him?:”

Alex raised her head while May was asking all these questions, then laughed and replied sincerely raising her voice with intending to make May to stop talking and to listen to her.

:”Stop. You didn’t understand. I have no intention to cheat on Mike "

Alex’s increased voice made May to stop talking and to start stared at her with wide opened eyes and sagging jaw. Her face without words said:” Are you crazy? You are going to sleep with somebody, but you not counting that as cheating? Is that possible?”

Alex continued laughing and sincerely explained what happened earlier and for the indecent proposal that Mike had done this morning. She finished her explanation with the words: ... and now after I agreed to have sex with both of them I do not know what to do. My brain constantly draws different scenarios, but none of them seems “normal” and I am very worried.”

May looked at her intently and quietly asked:” Do you really want to do it?”

Of course, I want .... Just the thought of it makes me wet, but I do not know how to do it…… I am starting to think that would be better if I go back and tell him that I was joking this morning.

May barely wait for Alex to finish her story and immediately asked:” Are you fucking kidding me ?. Alex looked it her with surprising look and open her mouth to say something, but May didn’t allowed her and heatedly began: " You are crazy …. You are married for one of the sexiest man in the neighborhood, his best friend look like Don Juan and his smile can soften the knees of every woman in the world. .... and these two dreams man offered to bear this sexy body ...: "May stopped for a second pointing to Alex and immediately continued:" ... to unearthly pleasure ... and you're ready to run away from that? You're really nuts "

May stopped talking for a second looked at Alex’s eyes and again without giving her chance to say something, continued:” … And you said that your brain drawing different scenarios and you do not know which one to choose?”  May barely wait for Alex to shook her head in agreement and continued again with dominating voice:” … Ok look at me and listen carefully. Tonight should be your night. The night that those two attractive guys will bring your horny body to the pleasure that you never imagine that can exist.:” May took a deep breath and when she became sure that Alex listens to her, she continued:” You are nuts. That is clear, but now you need to relax and I will help you to choose the scenario for tonight.  I am thinking that your evening would go like this: After dinner, you all will relax in the living room. You will excuse yourself to go take a shower while Mike and Pete will making small talk and watching Tv. Once you finish your shower you put on your hot, red, sexy robe with nothing under it. You will come into the living room and will sit on the couch a little away from Pete. Mike will excuse himself to take care of a little work stuff. While you and Pete chat and watch TV you "accidently" will expose your pussy just a little bit. Pete will see it, but he will pretend that he does not notice. He will not want to let you know that he sees because you might hide it. You will notice a bulge starting in his pants, so you adjust your position on the couch to make more of you visible. You can tell he is interested in by the way that he keeps glancing at your wet pussy. The bulge in his pants will become huge. You will smile seductively and will tell him that you can help him with that. When he blushes and asks what you can help him with, you will lean over, leaving your robe to fall open and expose more from your horny, naked body and you will place your hand on his penis. You will whisper in his ear exactly what you can do to help him with and you will begin to rub his penis through his pant as you kiss him softly on his sweet chick. You will free your sexy body of your robe while your hands opening his pants to free his cock. You will rub his penis with your hand and then will ask him if he would like some more help with it. After he smiles you will lean over with your knees on the couch and slowly will lick from his ball to the tip of his penis and after that will slowly take it completely into your mouth. He will feel the hot wetness of your mouth surround him and he will let out a little moan, and at this moment he will notice that Mike walks into the room. Pete will panic for a second, but your handsome husband will tell him that it is ok.

He will relax as you go back to giving him a great blowjob and you will feel the two men's hands slides over your naked body.  Pete hand will fling around your neck as he will try to control your movements as your husband’s hands will start to caresses your hips. Your body will shudder and you will feel the rising wave of pleasure in it.  Mike’s hands will grasp your bare ass, he will squeeze your ass chicks and will spread them. You will try to scream of pleasure as his tongue starts flicking across your clit, but from your mouth will came only a muffled tone because at the moment when you open it to scream, Pete’s hard cock will penetrate that deep in your throat and you will be surprised that you can take it so deep. To take Pete’s cock that deep in your throat while Mike licks your dripping wet pussy will make you feel a pleasure that you will remember to the end of your life. That is why immediately after you pulled your head back to take a quick breath you will take him again, all the way in your mouth and will try to adjust your body to be easy for Mike’s tongue to bring your body to your first orgasm. It will be almost too much to bear and few second later your body will give up and will explode with your first increasable orgasm of the night. 

You will pull your mouth from Pete’s penis, just to be able to scream loud from pleasure and Pete will ask you if you would like to feel him inside of your unearthly beautiful body. You will say “yes please” and you without taking a second to catch your breath you will stand up, will face away from him and will slowly lower your pussy onto his huge penis.

To have a new penis inside of your horny body as your husband watches it will turn you on that much that when Mike move closer to you so you can suck him while you fuck Pete your body will be stormed with an incredible orgasm.

 To feel how your dripping wet pussy squeezing his penis while he is deep inside you will be an unreal pleasure for Pete too. His hands will grab your boobs and his fingers will start playing with your very sensitive hard nipples, making your hot pussy give him an incredible love hugs one after another for few long minutes. You will be barely able to catch your breath while Mike’s penis slides on your tongue deep inside your throat.

 The feeling of a penis in your pussy and one in your mouth will drive you crazy, but you will want more. You will look up at your husband’s face as he looks down at you and you will see him give you a big smile and he will nod, telling you “yes you can”.

You will raise up off of Pete a little, will place your feet on his knees as you begin to lower yourself on his hard cock as your planning to ask him if he would like to fuck your ass, but you will feel that his penis instantly get harder and you will know the answer. You will slowly lower yourself onto him and your knees will shake with anticipation of what you know is about to happen. Once he is all the way in your tiny, tight asshole you will scream loud and will begin to slowly ride him up and down. Mike will start to play with your breasts and you will stroke his cock. You will look up at him and will say "please" He will get on his knees and will push his penis all the way into your pussy filling your pussy and ass with two hard cocks at the same time it will feel better than you ever imagined. Your brain will be completely “out of this world “and you obediently will give full control of your horny body to your sexy lovers.

They will begin to thursting in unison and your orgasm will be building faster than ever before. You will scream out of pleasure as Pete will start to fill your ass with his hot cum and your body will experience your third orgasm, but this time over both cocks at the same time. All tree of you will felt the pleasure that all of you never imagine that can exist.  A couple of seconds later your Mike will pull out of your pussy and you take his cock into your mouth just as he releases his load into it. You love the taste of his cum and you will suck out every drop and after that you will start to wonder what Pete cum tastes like. You will slide yourself off of him, will get on your knees of the front of him and will take his cock into your mouth to suck the last bit from him. The combined taste of two men cum will be the best that you have ever tasted…

 You all will go to take a shower together and will get in the same bed for the night.

 What else may happen? :”


This time, Alex watched May with wide opened eyes and sagging jaw until May explaining what will happen. She felt that her hard bit is raised and that her yoga pants become wet.

 It took few minutes for Alex to come back to the reality after May finished her story and after that she started laughing and asked

:” so… it looks like that you have experience with a situation like that one … Am I right? :”

May blushed and did not answer, but Alex was very interested and continued to asking questions:

” so you did it, right? Tell me which were both lucky men? .:”

:” Ok Ok….:” replayed May:” Yes, I did it once, long ago and it was great, but that's not important now. Now I am trying to convince you to have a sex with those two. Just do it, you will not regret it.

Alex was very excited by the fact that May already had sex with two men at the same time and she continued to ask questions, but May told her that she will answer and will tell her all details if she goes with her to the mall.

 Alex immediately agreed and both lost the majority of their day to walk around the mall and to talk about sex.

On the way back Alex received a text message from Mike saying that he is on his way to the airport to pick up Pete and they will get back around 4 PM

Alex felt that her pulse raised and her knees softened as the time when she read the message. 

She hardly waits for May to stop the car at  the front of the house and immediately get out of the car and ran down on the driveway to the front door without saying a word.

May was genuinely amused to observe how worried was Alex. She laughs, opened wide the front window of her car and screamed after her.

:”Ok, go get them “tiger”... do not lose time to say even one “bye “": - then continued laughing, she drove down on the street to her house.

Alex did not even hear what May have said. She entered the house and ran straight to the bedroom. She took a shower and then started to fumble, nervously through her closet wondering what to wear. She lost track of time while she tried to decide what to wear, but the first dress that catch her attention was a very sexy, small red dress. Alex loved that dress and after she decided that will be the dress that she will wear for the evening when the three of them together will go for dinner.  she put that sexy dress on the bed and then immediately began rummaging through her underwear drawer. After a few seconds of hesitation, she took a very sexy set lingerie (beautiful sexy stockings with garters) that she liked it and fast decorated her outrageously beautiful body with it.

Alex looked at the mirror and after she decided the she look sexy and seductively in her mind pass through that that sexy lingerie is too much for to a casual afternoon.  Alex panicked again and continue to rummaging through her underwear drawer.

Few minutes later she heard Mike’s voice coming from the first floor:”

:” Hey Alex comes here to say hi to Pete and to see what kind of surprise he has for us for tonight:”

Alex felt that her hard will pop out from her chest and the first thought in her mind was:” Pete always has surprising us with something good when he visiting, but he has no idea what kind of surprise I have for him tonight …:” and she said loud while she starts to removing her stocking:” I am coming, just give me a second I just come back from the shower:”

A few seconds later she stood off the front at the mirror, looked at her naked body and said to herself:” just think … what possible a horny woman will wear at 4 o’clock in the afternoon while she planning to have a threesome one …”:

After that she smiled took one of Mike’s t-shirts with the logo of his favorites football team, put it over her naked body and after she become sure that the t-shirt barely covers her sexy ass (showing a little, but tells a lot) she went on her bare feet and with big smile on her beautiful face down on the stairs to see the boys.


To be continued … 

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