Tied up and Powerless

Tied up and Powerless

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Victoria worries that her helpless condition makes her susceptible to a man with evil intent or to one who chooses money over love. Auguste knows how to turn her levers and push her buttons and it isn't long before she is wet and yearning. Despite her restraints, in the end, she is far from powerless.


Victoria worries that her helpless condition makes her susceptible to a man with evil intent or to one who chooses money over love. Auguste knows how to turn her levers and push her buttons and it isn't long before she is wet and yearning. Despite her restraints, in the end, she is far from powerless.


Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



I have you tied up on the bed. I've opened up your blouse and unclipped your bra. I've already explored and teased your breasts and nipples. Your nipples were hard and stood out from the cool feeling that my evaporating moisture gave them.

I've unwrapped that skirt and gently laid it aside. You are ticklish and self-conscious as I slide your light blue panties off your ass slowly. You are especially self-conscious about my seeing your bare pussy for the first time. I savor the sight so I pull them down slowly, uncovering you millimeter by millimeter. My eyes try to record these memories for my later use.

When your panties are still just barely covering the top of your slit, I put my lips to your mound and breathe in your aroma. You smell delightful; a mixture of your soap, your natural aroma, and your arousal. You're already wet with anticipation and your wetness carries your aroma to my nostrils, beckoning me to explore further.

I pull back just a bit, my eyes inches away from you as I continue to peel your panties down. The slowly revealed sight of your lips, so sweet, so bare, so pouty, makes my cock push hard against my clothes. But I torture it by leaving my clothes on.

I slide your panties all the way down but they stretch too much when they get to your spread knees. Regretfully, I have to cut them off but I resolve to replace them when we leave. For now you'll have to live without panties.

Later, when I fuck you, I want you to watch closely and in every detail, but right now, I only want you to feel. So I tie your torn panties around your eyes as a blindfold. You can hear me and smell me, but mostly you can feel me. You have to feel me, because it's what dominates your senses now that your sight has been taken away.

I decide to stop punishing my bulging cock. You hear me take my clothes off. You know the sounds; they are unmistakable - the rustling, the sound of a shoe dropping to the floor, the unzipping. You want to see my body but I won't let you yet. You wonder if I have a round belly or love handles or if maybe I'm more toned and muscular. But most of all, you want to see my cock. Is it like I described to you? Did I lie? You'll have to wait because I'm not ready to let you see me.

I position myself between your legs. Your sense of vulnerability increases as you realize how helpless you are. The cords binding your wrists and ankles are soft and gentle but still too strong to stretch or break. And your nakedness to the air and to my roving eyes makes you feel more exposed and scrutinized than at any other time of your life. Where are my eyes resting? You can't know. Am I looking at your lovely, heaving breasts? Perhaps I'm taking a tour of your entire body, slowly taking you in, inch by inch. Or maybe my eyes are riveted on your pussy. You wonder how your inner lips look. Are they tucked tightly inside or are they spilled out a bit shamelessly? Are they wet looking and opened and do I think that makes you look slutty? You simply don't know and you can't touch yourself or cover yourself to find out and you surely cannot ask me. You are exposed and completely at my mercy.

I have to leave you tied, naked and aroused on the bed while I run a few errands. I hope the maid doesn't come in while I'm gone. Before I go, I kiss your pussy deeply, like I'd kiss your mouth and lips. I get wet with your juices and then rise up to kiss your other lips. You taste yourself in my kiss but it's my tongue probing yours and tasting your own sweet breath and flavors that makes my cock even harder and makes your pussy wetter. You even feel your nipples expand again as I accidentally brush against them with my arm. You listen to me getting dressed, regretfully forcing my swollen cock back into restraining clothes. I kiss you again before I leave. "I'll be back soon," I promise you. Your vulnerability takes on a new sense as I close the door behind me and you are left to contemplate what I'm going to do to you when I return.

When I return, you are still tied and blindfolded and I sense that you know it's me but that there's also a tiny bit of worry that maybe someone completely new and unknown to you has unlocked the door and walked in. I don't say a word and neither do you. You wait expectantly. If I were just a maid I would have said something. You know that. Since I didn't say anything, you are almost completely certain that I have come back. But what if I am not who I say I am? What if I have brought a second person quietly into the room with me? What if I'm waiting outside and I've allowed a completely strange man into this room, having told him what he'd find here? What if I took money from someone to allow him to come in and rape you? You can do nothing to stop it. You might even allow it and enjoy it, thinking it is me. If this man remains silent and if he doesn't smell different or seem too different, you may become willingly, joyfully, sensually caught up in his ravishing of your body. I decide to say nothing, even when you tentatively ask, "Auguste?"

I get undressed again, more silently this time to make it seem different. "Auguste?" you call out again. "Please say something." I remain silent.

I sit down next to you and gently run the backs of my fingers down the side of your neck to your collar bones and your sternum. I let my fingers drag ticklingly down one breast until I reach your nipple. The fingernail on my middle finger slowly drags across the top of your nipple and I watch it harden and then bounce delightfully as it springs out from under my nail as I pass it by. I move my fingernails to the side of your breast and then down your ribs, just barely touching your skin. I see goose bumps form on your skin as I drag my nails past your ribs and reach your waist and then your hip.

I stand and move to the head of the bed, still not saying a word. Your left wrist is bound but with some slack. Deciding to give your mind some details of my body, I let your hand come into contact with my thigh. You quickly spread your palm over my thigh and feel the fine hairs on the front of my thigh and you feel how the hairs disappear as you move your palm to the inside. You don't know it yet but my cock is very erect. As I lower myself slightly and as you run your palm higher up my thigh, the underside of my cock touches the back of your hand. You quickly rotate your wrist around so that you can take my hard cock into your hand.

You explore the length of my cock with your slender fingers, trying to determine if it's the same cock I described to you in such detail. You can feel the heat emanating from my flesh as it responds to your touch. You reach as far as you can given the cord holding your wrist to the bed, and wrap your fingers around my balls. I flinch slightly as you probe with your fingertips, imagining and picturing and comparing the size and closeness to my body that I described to you with what you feel in your fingers.

I pull away from your reaching fingers and you feel my cock slide out of your grasp. "Oh, Auguste," you sigh, almost completely convinced it is I and not some stranger here with you. I move between your legs again and drape my body over you so that I can once again examine your womanhood up close and in a very detailed manner where you cannot hide or turn away or cover up. Your lips are wet, both the lips around your slightly opened mouth and your lips so close to my eyes and tongue.

I move in very close and breathe on your pussy. I make my breath hot by breathing very deeply and exhaling very slowly over your wet lips. You involuntarily open your legs wider and I see your lips spread ever so slightly as if calling to me, inviting me.

I tentatively reach out my tongue and let it rest on your lips. I don't move at first. I want you to feel my warmth and my breath but I don't yet want you to feel physical stimulation. But your breathing and the rise and fall of your body causes your lips to rub gently against my tongue. You begin to imperceptibly move yourself back and forth across what you know to be my tongue, hoping and wishing that I would take you more forcefully. You yearningly say, "please?"

I comply with your request because you've been such a good girl. I part your lips with my tongue and push it in, enveloping myself in your tender folds, bathing my tongue in your wet, sweet, flavors. I avoid diving in too deeply yet, preferring to tease and excite your clit first. I purse my lips into a puckered kiss and suck your clit forcibly. Your intake of air tells me I have hit a favorite spot of yours.

Not wanting to ignore other parts of your body when my hands could be doing so much more, I reach up to your breasts and take a hand full of your flesh in each of my hands. Your nipples are still hard and it excites me to have them, to possess them, to own them.

I temporarily abandon your breasts and slide my hands under your lower back and then further under your cheeks. I like the luxurious sensation of your flesh in my hands so I pull my hands out from under you and slide them under your legs just above your knees. It tickles you a bit as my hands slide upwards along the backs of your thighs. This time, my arms are inside your legs so when my hands reach the tops of your legs and I feel your ass, it allows me to lift your pelvis and press your body and your pussy tightly against my face and mouth.

This degree of closeness overpowers me. My cock rages to get inside you, but I make it wait. Your juices flow freely now and I lap them up. Your first orgasm shocks me with its heat. My cheeks almost burn from your fevered, hungry, aching orgasm.

After I let you subside, I decide to give you one more tease while under your blindfold. I move over you and let my manhood dangle within reach of your mouth. You kiss the head of my cock tenderly. Your tongue gingerly reaches out and you cradle me in it. Curiosity overtakes your trepidation and you surround my cock with your lips. It is only at this moment that you finally know whether my cock is larger or smaller than your husband's. Even if you could see my cock, sights are deceiving, but your mouth has a memory and you silently compare the size of my cock to your memory of his.

But I don't want to let you make love to my cock this way. Just a taste is all I give you.

Taking my cock in my hand, I hold it next to your face so you can feel the heat radiating from it. "Please. Let me see," you say. I'm not cruel so I unwrap your eyes while still hovering over you. Your eyes quickly fill with the sight of my cock inches from your face. "Let me lick it. I want to lick it all over," you say eagerly and hopefully.

"Yes, Victoria. You can lick my cock if you'd like."

I move myself and my cock in different positions to allow your tongue to explore every inch of my hot, pulsing, cock. You lick from the base, just above my scrotum all the way to the tip. A tiny drop of clear slick fluid appears on the tip on my cock and you lick it clean.

"Can I take your balls into my mouth? Please? I'll be gentle, I promise."

I hesitate but since you ask so nicely, I allow you to do it. You gently pull my testicles into your mouth, first one, then the other, then, opening wide, both at the same time. The sense of danger that this fills me with, makes my cock as hard as it has ever been.

"Victoria, I'm going to fuck you now. Are you ready?"

You allow me to withdraw my balls from your mouth, even though you had a fleeting and devilish temptation to keep me bound and paralyzed in that position by simply not releasing me.

"Yes, Auguste. Please fuck me now. I want to feel your cock buried deeply inside me. I want you to fill me up. I want you to stretch me till it hurts."

I take my time sliding down your runner's body. My hands want to touch you everywhere at once and it grieves me that I can only touch you in small hand-sized increments while leaving so much more of you untouched and ignored. I untie your right ankle and you bend at the knee. I untie your left ankle and you also bend that leg at the knee. When I position myself between your legs I can't resist doubling both your legs up towards your chest. Handling your petite body is a pleasure all to itself and when you are doubled in this way. Your wet pussy is as open and vulnerable as it has been this whole time.

If you were to change your mind now, there would be nothing you could do to prevent me from forcibly penetrating you. No amount of struggling, no amount of resistance would keep my cock from finding its way inside you. I look deeply into your eyes, searching for something, I don't know what. Your gaze penetrates back into me. I feel a strange sense that I'm not really in control here but I shrug it off and bring my focus back to my cock, impatiently waiting. I position the head in between your lips and slide it up and down once or twice to begin the stretching of your flesh over my throbbing manhood.

When my cock is just at your opening you say, "Give it to me. I want all of you in me right now. Please."

I plunge inside you, stretching and expanding you. You fit around me tightly like clothes a few sizes too small. Because of the way your body is curled and because I am holding myself up with my outstretched arms, you can very plainly see our union. My cock begins a slow, steady rhythm, pumping into and out of you, thrust by ever deeper thrust. Your eyes are mesmerized by the sight of my cock disappearing into your body and reappearing again over and over.

Your juices again flow throughout your womanhood and coat my every surface. It causes my cock to glisten and I even feel your wetness spreading onto my balls and my inner thighs. I pick up my pace as I see you arching your head involuntarily. Your curly hair drags along the bed under your upturned head and I see your neck, long and stretched and slender, making me envision you as an impressionist painter's model as you unselfishly open yourself up to the world's eyes and give yourself so freely to my body and my desires and my lusts.

Your eyes close as your pleasure overwhelms you. Seeing your ecstasy so plainly written on your face, so innocently laid out for me to watch and share, pulls my orgasm from me almost against my will. You take my seed from me, drawing it out of my body through my cock and into your body. It was as if I had no part in the decision; like I was ultimately powerless to stop you from taking what you wanted from me. How did you do that? You let me think I was in control of my actions. I tied you up and took away your freedom of movement. I thought I made all the decisions about what to do and when and yet, in the end, I was just a puppet slavishly obeying your every wish and desire. That knowing, content look on your face, in your eyes, on your lips, speaks of womanly secrets that I can never understand, never possess. I can only bask in its warmth and be happy.


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