You Are Right for This Project

You Are Right for This Project

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A boy meets girl story. But when they first meet up by chance in a bar, they just talk complete rubbish. She has a job at a college. And she tells him that he can start his own business. But then she knows something he doesn't as to why she would say that to him.


A boy meets girl story. But when they first meet up by chance in a bar, they just talk complete rubbish. She has a job at a college. And she tells him that he can start his own business. But then she knows something he doesn't as to why she would say that to him.


Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



"Do you know what this project is?"

"No, I don't not really."

"Why have you applied?"

"I do know something about it, but not much."

"You've heard the talk, haven't you?"


"As things stand now, you can run any business with any computer and a bit of computer knowledge. All you need is the software and as well, you need to know how to use it. And you do, don't you?"


"In your class, do you think they really give you good examples of what you can do on a computer?"


"What did they tell you?"

"Edit documents, enter formulas…"

"But you want to do something with that. And what you said about the files you've done isn't going to get you a job."

"Why wouldn't they? Files in business can't be that much different."

"They are different. But you just need to know the sort of files you want that are a bit similar and then you can start any business and do anything. You just have to do some extra work and you'll be fine."

"Do you think I can run my own business? Is that what you are saying?"

"Yes, you can!"

"You know," she added when he said nothing more, "your computer you have at home is not so different today to any business machine. Files on your home computer are no more complicated than the ones you would use for a business. And this is if you were serious about using a computer, any computer and even the computer you have in your bedroom. How much more complicated do you think anyone's spreadsheets are than something you've probably already done?"

"So if I saw clients for something, like I don't know, it could be anything, all I would need is a computer."


"What about running a business? I would need to do accounts and I know nothing about it."

"How about designing an ad? Do you think you could write some copy?"

"Yes, I could probably do that easily. I have a good standard of English. Quite often, I do bits and pieces of poetry and find it not that hard to do something decent. And I've been looking up how copy is written."

"You couldn't do any. I'm certain of that."

"No. I could. Or, at least, I could as far as I know. But then, how about having to do accounts? And what do you think about so much paperwork, administration and legal compliance that you'd need?"

"You can pay for an accountant or lawyer."

"That sounds expensive!"

She was silent for a while.

Then she said to him, "You need professional advice and you don't have to do it all yourself. Also, you can still read up on things so you don't need to ask every minute. If you don't know what copy is legal every time you want to do an ad, I'm sure you can find a publication to help you."

"I worry that I will have too much paperwork to do and have no time for anything else."

"Tell me what do you think you employ people to do? You employ them and they don't employ you. So you can ask them to do anything you want them to do. And you'd ask them to do anything you don't want to do yourself. Your job is to run the company. Their job is to work. Of course, you're not going to do the drudgery and uninteresting bits. Ask them to do it! Besides which, don't you know that you can get computer programs that do most of the boring bits. You just need to get someone to type something in if you are not going to do it. And you yourself are not going to do that kind of thing. Why would you? You wouldn't if you could pay somebody else. Also, use your imagination if it's your own company! Then, you don't have to spend so long reading or writing any reports."

"But what do you need to know about other things?"

"Just fill in the correct column with the right figures or select the right value from a drop-down list."

"But what value? If it's a date, then what date?"

At length, she said, "Yes, you need to know what date. But it is easy. It is on a bit of paper. Really, it tells you."

"It's on a bit of paper, did you say? Perhaps, it could be a receipt with a date on it."

"Yes, it's exactly like that!"

"How do I start?"

"You already know about computers and so you've started already."

"But I don't know about things to do with business."

"Read up about it, buy a program and have a go, only a couple of hundred bucks at most…"

"I can't afford that," he exclaimed.

"Perhaps, I could lend you some of mine, but you have to pay me back for them when you start or the project will cost too much."

"What project?"

"Your project to start your own business," she said quizzically. "I'll be here again tomorrow. Come in and get the programs."

After all that, he did read up about it. And he was amazed he knew so little about software for business even though some of it was the same as at home.

When he wanted to know about a file for something, he learned a lot designing it and data entering a few rows of data to test it. Or he tried out a published version of it.

Also, he did learn more about the features of his existing software. There were many more you could use or get used to using than he had been using up until now. And he used his computer to produce well-formatted, word-processed reports with photos, graphics, tables and a logo. For spreadsheets, he quickly analyzed figures with formulas he had not used until now. For DBMS, he designed some relational databases that could solve business problems he thought up. Also, he designed presentations, websites, newsletters and some fliers.

When he had finished, he knew a lot more about what the software did and what it could do for his business.

"I'm disappointed. You said you already knew about computers."

"But I've learned lots more. And I'm writing a book about my hobby as well."

"Forget about writing a book about your hobby for now. Many hobbyists must also know about computers already. But they have not written one. So nobody must want one. Or there are enough books like it already."

"How about starting a website?"

"Why haven't you done that already if you were going to?"

"I don't know. It's starting to do it. I feel there are still things to learn about to improve my website before I start. Then it looks good even when the first customers see it."

She looked astonished at him.

"Don't you think millions of people have already solved all these kinds of problems? There are millions of websites. You just have to do one yourself…. What did you say that you wanted to do a website for? Wasn't it for your hobby? You want to show your work, didn't you say…? I thought so. That does not sound like anything much to me. I don't really know if you know what you are talking about. You could do that kind of thing tomorrow. Why don't you just start a website? You can get people feeding back to you about their hobby, talking about it, buying, exchanging and selling. Really, you must see how you can do it."

"Yes, I do see. Really, I do."

He met her again later. Something about a form he had filled in seemed to have annoyed her.

"What are these stupid ideas you gave me for the business you wanted to start up? Here is the list. Do you know how much money is involved in running businesses like these? And how do you think you are going to get it? Are you really going to do something like employing someone who needs the money for a normal life he has when yours is just clicking on a mouse and picking your zits? You need skills for a business. Businesses could fill entire libraries with what they know. It's not just using a computer on its own, of course! Nor is it just doing work someone else can't be bothered to do. Or whatever did you think it was…."

"How do you mean? I thought you said you could run any business if you knew about computers and…"

Astonished, she said, "How are you going to do that? You would need money and experience. And you would need to have contacts. Or you couldn't do it."

"But I've looked up what I need to know. Why couldn't I do it?"

She laughed.

He told her what his business plan might be for one of the enterprises.

"You don't know anything about it," she remonstrated.

"But that's what you said to me: If you know about computers, you could run anything."

She put her coat on and left.

When he saw her again, she said, "Why don't you get a job working in an office and do data entry into their systems."

"I don't want to do data entry."

"What else are you going to do?"

"I could analyze the figures."

"You don't need to analyze them. The computer does it for you. Or you need an accountant. If you write a report, then you are only doing data entry. You have a checklist of things to include or you get them from a spreadsheet. The report has them for you already and you fill in the spaces. And you do this from other reports and records you've looked up."

"What I mean is that I could interpret them. If you have a cash flow, you'll see when you need cash and when you can spend…"

"It takes a minute."

"No. This is…"

"It takes 10 minutes…. Or it takes about an hour then."

He sank down in his chair.

"Is that it? I work in an office for someone and I do not really ever do anything for myself. And for all I know about computers and business, I'm only doing data entry…"

"You know about computers. And for now, it will get you work. As well, you understand business forms. So you've done well. If you're using them like that, you have a job going for a time until they think of something else needing doing like that. Or someone really does need you to do something. But that might not happen! People do anything that really needs doing themselves. Did you think you were going to write the book on management? Or what did you think…?"

"So I sit in my office and let my lunch go down and think of what I only thought I understood. But now I know that really I don't know anything much, except that I just do some work for my employer and he, and everyone else, only expects me to get on with it. As well, my work uses a computer…."

"You understand your job, which is all it is you need to know for now. But to run a business, you need experience. Perhaps, you’d need 20 years or more experience before you started on your own. And you must have realized that when you see men in suits who are in their 40s and 50s. But you can just do your job and not complain. Then, you don't waste anyone's time. Nor do you need to worry about any job you'll be able to get. That advice is free, by the way."

"And I get paid for doing nothing much but typing into a computer…"

"Yes! And you are paid! It is something at least. Now you can get a better job. Before, remember you told me, you were only sweeping up and hating every moment of it. So you have come a long way. You know you will get good money knowing the things you do. And you can still start a website if you want to put your snaps on it or put your doodling on it. Do that! But those things you told me about how you design a website, and you can earn top money, don't bother. It's not sensible…."

"Like I said I would say to a customer that they could have this and that on their website. And I'd explain the features to them. But then, I'd advise them as well afterwards on their whole business strategy…"

"Yes, that."

"I'll do what you said then."

"What do you think you go to work to do? All you have to do is know something about computers. You are bound to get a computer job. By the way, could you come up and see me at the college? I would like you to fill in a questionnaire about what you've learned about computers. It is for the project I'm doing."

"All right, I'll come and see you. So what is your project called again?"

"It's called something about getting work skills.... I've not decided on the final title yet.... It is for a course I'm doing only right now.... And what did you think the project was going to do for you...? Was it going to make you the next chief executive or the chairperson...? No, of course it wasn't...! I will look forward to seeing you at the college.... Don't be late.... And wear that new suit you told me about.... Rather, do not.... Come in those scruffy clothes I remember you wearing.... I want you to look like you did when I met you so I can see you one last time as you were and I liked you.... Did you know that I felt instantly attracted to you...? But I didn't want to say.... And so I spoke to you about something else.... Couldn't you just have had sex with me and not let me talk for so long...? I just wanted sex really.... But I wanted it from someone who didn't know the kind of stuff I have to put up with at work.... I don't want it now, though.... The kind of things you say are a turn-off.... You are like some monster junior employee in my office.... And this is even if I really expected you to take any of it seriously or that you'd take me literally.... Anyway, I'll see you then, to fill in the forms I mean. I need them for my records for claiming expenses and…. Anyway, you probably know what I'm going to say as to why it is necessary to have you fill them in.... And I want you to come.... But you won't get to bonk me. No, nothing like that...! And anyway, why would you want one?"

"You're an attractive girl. I know you and I kind of like you. So I'd like to sleep with you sometime soon even if I didn't say it beforehand."

"Forget it...! Come in and fill the form in.... But someone else will be there to see to it, filling in the form I mean.... I'll be busy doing something else...."

She looked whimsical for a second and then said nothing. When he didn't say anything more either, she moved away and stayed tight-lipped. Nor could he think of anything more to say to her. But when he looked around, she was there no more to say it to. And nor was she there to hear anything he might say again about business or anything else. Still, he was not there also to hear it even if she had been still hanging around....


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