Two Times Round

Two Times Round

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A man on the edge of being 40 moves into an apartment block. After moving in, he sees an old flame of his coming out the door of the block's laundry room and she apparently lives there as well. They had a steamy relationship together 10 years ago. And he thinks that they might do it all over again. She is also 40 years old and still in really good shape. Yet, something about it might be more than just two times round.


A man on the edge of being 40 moves into an apartment block. After moving in, he sees an old flame of his coming out the door of the block's laundry room and she apparently lives there as well. They had a steamy relationship together 10 years ago. And he thinks that they might do it all over again. She is also 40 years old and still in really good shape. Yet, something about it might be more than just two times round.


Submitted: July 03, 2019

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Submitted: July 03, 2019



Simon had just moved into a new apartment. It was bigger than his old apartment and he was surprised at how much difference the extra space had made already to how neat and tidy he could keep it. The apartment was also further from the main road than his old one. And it was in a better area. He had gotten the number of a girl to phone from where he lived in his previous apartment block and he had chatted to her a few times talking over his mobile since he had come here to his new apartment. But she had said eventually that she didn't want to visit him here. Really, she was reluctant to come saying it was too far. She also said that he would find some other girls where he was now and she wished him luck. After she had said this, she laughed pleasantly and loudly that Simon could hear on the phone. Still, it was with mixed feelings that it was now over.

One small point that he had about his new apartment was that there was no TV for him to watch. He did not have the right connection to plug in his TV to the aerial socket in the room. And his landlord had taken nearly two weeks and still hadn't got one for him. So, he had been watching a load of his old DVDs, been listening to talk radio that he hadn't done for years or ever and he had also been reading a bit. This was for the first time in years as well. One good thing about not having a TV aerial was that for the first two weeks, and for the first time in years as well, he had slept normally. Also, he had not used his computer. This was when he was a computer addict and so it was a big thing for him to stop.

Beforehand, he had used his computer every day for several hours a day. Really, he couldn't get up out of bed in the morning for years until now without immediately switching his computer on. As well, this was before doing anything else at all and still in his pyjamas not even having had breakfast or his first hot drink.

Simon had taken to going in his new apartment to the shared area to watch some television. Also, he was a bit bored staying in his room anyway. And this was even if he'd had a television. The shared area was a large room that had a radio, television, sofas and chairs, a large picture window and a dining room table and small kitchen. You could cook here with other people. These other people might be such as other residents or your other friends you invited. But nobody ever did cook in it as far as he knew. Some people, though, did come and watch television in this shared area. Yet, they might do that only because they did not have TVs in their own rooms.

But they did not as well, none of them really, want to talk much at all if they were in it. The people watching television were only two old men usually. Occasionally, there was as well a girl in there also watching television. Possibly, some people watching television in this ground floor TV area didn't have their own televisions because their incomes or pensions weren't enough. Or some people didn't get a big enough allowance. Yet, this was all worthless pondering. Simon thought this to himself. Really, it got him nowhere fast. And this was just like it had always never done and, as well, he didn't want it to continue.

It was perhaps when there was a young girl who lived here who also used the shared area that anyone went in it at all. And that might really explain why these old men were coming here. You couldn't ask them about it no matter. Really, you couldn't. This was because the matter was not up for grabs. You just couldn't ask someone who was older if they were sleeping with a young woman. This was a young woman of just less than half their age. She just happened to live here, probably had a life herself not so different from them and they thought it was pleasant to be able to do 'it' with her. They could do it at their age with a still attractive younger woman. And this was one who lived in the same apartment block.

Also, at times, they would just watch TV together with her. They did this without passing too much conversation. What they did say to her ever, Simon didn't know. Yet, he supposed they did say something. And they must have some reasonable social skills to entertain her. As well, this was even at their age to talk to young women. So, Simon supposed it wasn't so bad after all. These older men had all their marbles and were not so old anyway perhaps either. One of the two letches was about 45 and the other one about 55.

Simon had recently reached the big 50. It could really happen! He could really be old! Perhaps, Simon was not so old at only 50 years of age. Yet, he would have to see. He was not looking forward to old age. But he would see what happened. Something might happen to make him feel better. Then, he knew it would be all right. He would just have to see what did happen. Really, he did not know what would make him feel better. Still, Simon was always confident there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And with this thought, Simon continued to live his life with a smile on his face, watch more DVDs in his apartment and to get on with cooking and a few other things. Also, Simon now more assiduously cleaned his apartment. And he went on shopping trips and other things like that he did as well.

Just as Simon was sauntering down to the shared area to see what was on television, he saw a woman of about 50 years of age come out of the laundry room. Simon instantly recognized her as his ex-girlfriend. This was his ex-girlfriend from about 10 years ago. And he went up to her to see her. She also was as pleased to see him as he was of her. And he was sure that she recognized him and she as well would like to continue their relationship. This was now just as they had used to do it quite passionately and with a lot of sex that they had had together for a year or two when they had known each other and spent it in each other's arms. Also, they had scoffed cakes and hot drinks and watched television and chatted. This was now all these years beforehand.

Today, they could both start again. And they could have this relationship again. This was where they were now in their lives. As well, it was where they were in this apartment block. It would be just like old times. Really, he was sure of this. They could get back together again. And they could chat, sleep together again and hang out just like they had done. This was now today just like in those days so long ago now. But it could all happen again. And they could start again today. Simon felt sure as well that their relationship would be passionate again. Really, it might be full of sex and getting to know each other again once more.

As a conversation, Simon said how they had come to meet 10 years ago. And he talked about her previous apartment and what it looked like as well. This was even though he couldn't remember where it was accurately. All he could remember was that it had been in the same town as they both lived but a bit out of the way. And he could still picture what it looked like from the outside. She asked him to describe it to her and she looked a bit bemused by his answer that was a bit vague. Also, he said how inside she'd had a table of ornaments. And he said how she had told him once that she had collected them over very many years. As well, she had lots of art pictures cut out of art magazines and colour supplements on her walls. She had these in her room that she had collected over lots of years as well. As he said all this, she looked a bit bemused again still. Perhaps, it was hearing all of this once more. This is when she might be reminiscing herself. It really had been such a long time.

Annabel was the name of the girl he had seen coming out of the laundry room and who had also been his ex. She asked what he wanted to do now. He said that he would call on her later. Possibly, they could have dinner together in his apartment. This was as he was learning to cook and so would welcome company for a meal. And he would like to share some meals with a new girlfriend as possibly a regular thing. At that, they parted. And Simon went away. This was with a spring now in his step.

As Simon went up to his apartment on the top floor, he thought that Annabel had been a bit nonplussed for a lot of their meeting that they'd had together in the corridor. Possibly, she expected Simon to remember where her apartment had been. It was perhaps rude not to. But Simon had said something not so bad to explain his lack of memory. He had said her apartment was in an outer suburb with lots of modern apartment blocks. And he said other things like that. Also, it was some time ago since he had been there. So, that excused even the worst memory. This was if he was going to be accused of having a bad memory by anyone.

Simon said he could remember that in her apartment she had a table of ornaments and more ornaments on her windowsill. As well, he said that he could remember all the art she had on her walls that had really struck him when he came in the first time to her old apartment. These were from pictures cut out of art magazines and colour supplements. When he had said this, she had replied softly and a bit confused perhaps. All she said was that she did not have tons of pictures on her walls but only a few. And she could not remember any table of ornaments.

It was perhaps a trick of memory that Simon had remembered her apartment differently. And as he turned the key to his own apartment now, he did to remember all the good wet sticky sex as well they'd had over their year or two when they were previously together. They had this sex at each other's apartments and it had been a regular thing twice a week. It was really every time he had gone to her apartment. As well, it was every time she had come to his. And this was often getting down to it within minutes of arriving at hers or his one. They couldn't wait to get each other's clothes off. Now, he could have this passion and plenty more sex again.

They had gone out on a few dates as well when he knew her before. This was to places in the town. And he would enjoy going out on dates again. It was as well as seeing her in his apartment or her in her apartment. In each other's apartments, they had sex, hot drinks, cakes, hot meals, television and chatting. As well, they had the sense of being able to hang around each other together in comfort.

Really, she had stayed quiet as he had talked now in their meeting in the corridor about how she had cut her paintings out of magazines. But she had, though, looked more appreciative when he described her bed. This was the bed they had slept in so often. The bed was low down near the floor. She had to make it each time he came as it was also the sofa. And she had laughed when he told her the jokes that they used to make about it. One joke he had made was that she had to make it each time so they could 'make it' on the bed. Perhaps, their meeting had gone well. And he now could have another relationship with this woman he used to know.

They parted after their meeting. This was their meeting outside the laundry room.

Simon had said that he would call on her. He had the number of her apartment she had given him. And he would see her again soon. This was in her apartment. He had said that he could call on her in her apartment tomorrow. So, he had that to look forward to with her. He savoured this new relationship as he went up to his own apartment now himself. This was feeling a bit happier and quite pleased with himself.

Really, he had gone away from her and back to his own apartment happy and to prepare for him visiting her. He would prepare for him visiting her by buying some condoms. Also, he would spruce himself up. Really, he would do this for when she saw him next time at the door. As well, he would look at his old notes and diaries and other things for social skills. Simon had been doing some things for social skills for some time now. This was, though, without even him having had a proper girlfriend for some time but he had still tried to do them. So, now was a chance to start again. This was with a real woman. Also, it was with somebody different. Or it was with the same person again he had known before.

Somebody different might appreciate him talking normally like any normal boyfriend. As well, it was with whatever problems he'd had in the past with poor social skills. These problems were gone now or he still had them a bit today even. Also, some problems were new. This was since the last time he had seen Annabel and dated her.

Today as well, he had problems with computer addiction. And this was something that he didn't ever have before when he knew her. Computer addiction was his new vice, worry and his preoccupation. As well, going on his computer was a thing that he needed. And he was not sure as well how he could invite his girlfriend into this world. Possibly, he would have to talk about something different. This was to computers.

For now, Simon would go and lie down on his bed and listen to the radio. After that, he would see. It would play out OK over the following few weeks he was sure. And he would see if he got sex once more with a different woman. It was exciting and terrible all at the same time. But he must do it. This was just to have a girlfriend and to have a normal life. As well, this was a normal life without computer addiction. Simon really desired this. It might help him to have another girlfriend now. Also, having a girlfriend might help him to get physically fit. And it could help him as well in all sorts of other ways. He didn't know. But it might. Yet, that was getting ahead of himself.

In his bedroom, Simon just listened for a few hours to the pleasant songs on the radio. And he just rested. This was with his head on his pillow. Today, he had done something good. So, something good could happen. The dull day went on in his room. Outside, he could see the grey clouds scudding across the sky. After a while, he slept and snoozed fitfully until dawn the next day.

Annabel surprised him by knocking on the door of his own apartment early in the morning. After her coming even so early, they stayed the whole day together. When she left in the late evening, they had a brief hug. And they brushed cheeks. Also, she let him pat her on the backside. This was to say, 'good night'. It had been good! And Simon was sure now if he had not been so sure beforehand that they could get back together again. Really, it might be just like old times.

As well, Simon and Annabel could develop a new relationship. It might be one that would be even better. They could. But then, he would just have to see. This was to see what the new day brought in. And what it brought for them both. Their new relationship still had a while to go. It did have a while to go until he knew it had been a success and they had gotten into bed. And this was for the first time again with her after a long time. Also, it had a while to go until they did things like they used to do so easily again. Still, it might be even better this next time.

Over the next few weeks, the brief hugs and pats on the bottom he gave her went on quite a bit. Really, Simon was a bit rusty about relationships. And he thought back about his previous sex life to see why that might be.

Simon had known his previous girlfriend for 10 years. This was before he came here and saw Annabel again. Also, he had slept with a female old friend of his. He had just happened to meet this old female friend by chance outside his old apartment. And he had invited her in for sex. Then, for several years these two girls would just come around to see him. They would just agree to have sex. This was if anyone had just felt like sex after a chat. As well, it was when they were in a man's apartment with a bed right there that they could see all the time whilst talking to him they might as well do it. It was just for bit of pleasure. Or you may as well do it to pass some time or because you had seen his bed. Possibly, they'd just felt a bit like sex and so as he was a man and had a cock they may as well do it with him. But then as well, they had begun asking him for money. And he had started to help these two girls out for cigarettes and alcohol or if they said they really needed some money for something. This was when they were short of money for things generally. And he could help them out as he was their friend or boyfriend. At least, they must like Simon enough to think they could ask him for his help. As well, he could tell they liked him when they had sex. Sex was always good. Really, as far as he knew, it was completely genuine. They needed the money. As well, he was getting sex. Also, they were already friends of his or his girlfriends before they had asked for any money at all even. But then, 'a girl may as well get paid'. This they had told him a few times. At least, it was how they explained it. Simon then had not had to woo a girl for some time.

Then, at night, after his present girlfriend Annabel had left, Simon got out his computer word processor and made some notes. Also, he did some more creative pieces. Doing this, Simon got a revelation. This was like he had not really had ever using a computer before. And the revelation was that he should invite Annabel next time she came up to his apartment to his bedroom. He could do this when she was in his apartment that she had come around to see him in. This was if he wanted to go to bed and have sex again with her. As well, it was as indeed he did.

It was bemusing how rusty Simon was really. And it reminded him of when he had first started dating all those years ago now too long in the past to remember properly. Possibly, that was it! He was a bit rusty really and that was all it was. Yet, it still troubled him a bit. It troubled him as to whether he would be a quick or slow learner again or how it would feel. And it was other things like that and different.

As well as making notes on his computer word processor, he also read a novel on his e-reader most days. Novels were about relationships and men and women. Also, novels were people just talking. And it was people doing things as well. Reading this novel had helped him. He would see what happened next time he saw Annabel. Also, he would see if she came to the bedroom or they had sex together.

Simon had some computer projects he was doing. He was filming a day in his life. This was something that he had meant to do for some time but not done. Still, it was slow going when his girlfriend arrived so many times and, as well, she had been here nearly every day now.

Sometimes, Simon did not really know if he wanted his girlfriend in the film or not.

Anyone in the video like his girlfriend would probably have to agree to it if he was going to post a video of them acting out some scenes online. Yet, this was although his previous girlfriends had been very lax about asking him for payment or legal agreements about anything he made. So, he could have posted work online that was of them before. This was if he had been a bit more unscrupulous. Really, anyone acting in his videos would have to sign a release if he were going to put it online. As well, there were lots of other kinds of employment law, financial and other business considerations. You would really have to know about these if you were going to do it at all professionally.

Yet really, Simon was not any kind of a businessman, entrepreneur or any kind of a professional artist or professional filmmaker. And Simon was not even sure how to do it at all or any of it more than a hobby or if it really had to be a professional job that people would probably expect online today. 'You can get advice'. Still, nobody that Simon was acquainted with knew anything about it. So, he was stuck with the stress and his worries.

This was except that he could give away stuff for free. But this might not be quite true either. Really, Simon's own excuses might be no good or he really could just do it as a hobby and stop worrying. And he needn't pay anyone for their time or their acting or for writing scripts for him. Yet, people didn't seem to understand it was just a hobby when he talked about it. It was all a bit confusing!

In the end, Simon had only posted work with himself in it. He had as well worried and tried to find an answer for years over involving his girlfriends or other people in the production, acting in it or doing anything else in it other than him.

Nor was Simon's girlfriend he had now really any kind of actress he knew or any girl who had done even any kind of a drama class for a bit either. Then, she might want her face in a video or she'd be pleased to co-operate. This was with anyone not complaining to him to start with such as people in his videos saying there had to be more professional and business-like agreement between them.

His previous girlfriend had been a bit like this and done a drama class. So, she might have liked to appear in a video. This is if he was somebody who was making one. Yet, his ex-girlfriend just did not get the idea that he was doing it only as a hobby.

But this present girlfriend had not done a drama class and probably did not think about acting ever anyway. So, that should have solved the problem.

Simon often just regarded videos of him and his girlfriend doing anything at all and not even relationships in it of any kind of boyfriend and girlfriend between them as only private and nothing else. This is even if people thought he might be a conduit to stardom just because he had a camera and a computer.

So, Simon had not posted anything online. At least, this was of his previous girlfriends.

Though, Simon had since some time ago made some videos to put online of just himself. He was in these videos using a camera in POV or with just himself in the picture only and nobody else. This was with the camera on self-record.

With a girl, he worried artistically that there was going to be a genuine interaction between him and a girlfriend or a female friend. As well, this is if you weren't being a bit laissez-faire and he wasn't also unhappy about it for other reasons.

Both could be good at the same time in his world.

Really, Simon did not have many male friends. Still, he could be asked by somebody for the girl's phone number in the video. He could be by any number of male acquaintances he knew. And they would probably quite likely take her away from him. This he would regret. So, he tried to avoid it. Then, at other times, he saw that he could just paste all these videos online. This is not only the ones with him in them and nobody else that was all he posted now.

But then again, he thought very much and often just of what could have been. This is with other people in his videos that they might be more popular. Other people watching the videos online might just be ordinary people who would not think of contacting him or think they could sleep with the girl. Possibly, anyone watching at all would just enjoy the video for 5 minutes and think about it again only to the end of the day and it wouldn't be anything more than that. But Simon didn't really know.

Obviously, old male friends of his he still saw occasionally around might use it as an excuse to see any girl he had in the video. Also, despite being friends with him for years, it would probably be just out of spite that they did it.

So, Simon worried for these and other reasons about posting work online. He worried if he should post any of it at all or what work he should post.

As well, he had regrets that he really should have just posted it all and what might have been. This is more people seeing his videos and nothing bad happening to embarrass him. Other people would just enjoy the videos. And they would think of him as being a filmmaker.

In either case, he was still stressed about it.

He could not always decide what to post or if he should not post any of it at all. And he couldn't decide either if he really should just post nothing. So, he was stressed about it.

Yet, that might be over now. He had barely used his computer the whole time since he had been here. And he had a new girlfriend that did not pester him about being in films.

So, he should have been happy but he wasn't. This was because he had an ominous feeling it could all go back to how it was before in an instant if his relationship fell apart.

Really, for any of his relationships, he just had to read a bit or listen to something on the radio. And he did not only have to watch the same types of TV shows. This is when his new girlfriend might want to talk about lots of other things.

Or it was good social skills anyway to talk about books as well. It was good social skills to talk about books and not just television.

Now, this might come to fruition all this advice and his having some more spare time for just television and books.

Still, Simon hadn't used his computer now for nearly a month. And he felt as well that if he just had sex with his girlfriend so they started a relationship that also included sex as well as everything else they were doing, then this relationship would keep going from strength to strength. Also, it would help him. And he would not go back to using his computer or other poor health habits.

Already, he had been doing a bit more exercise and had felt his muscles tighten and grow.

So, he just had to figure out how they were going, him and his girlfriend, to start having sex. And this was not just to be friends. That was what he was afraid it might become to them both.

Really, for this, he needed some technological help. He would ask Annabel to come to his bedroom as the idea that had occurred to him already. But he wanted to solve other problems as well. So, he got out his portable sound recorder, deleted all the files and started recording a whole folder just for everything to do with his girlfriend.

Then, he started making notes all evening with his portable sound recorder. These notes were about social skills, improving his looks and buying new clothes. Also, he decided he would keep reviews from the newspaper. Then, he would do some other things as well. And it was with late evening now come and the blinds pulled down and him warm inside that he had then found all the answers. This was all the answers for now that he was looking for. He put away the portable sound recorder and went to bed.

The solutions Simon had found from doing his problem solving and making his notes on a portable sound recorder were to say things in the right way. Also, he would have to see what Annabel said to the things he did say. She might agree with them and come to bed with them. Also, he had to see what Annabel saw as well in him and their relationship. Then, they could get it together possibly.

Tomorrow, Simon would invite Annabel to his bedroom. This was to lie down when she came. After that, they could have sex. They would do it! As well, he had done it before. Now, he could do it again.

The trick of memory influencing his life had happened again. This is in any way he had particularly thought that his memory was playing tricks on him. Or he was remembering things from years ago. But this was possibly a bit strangely. And this trick of memory was even about mundane things. Yet, he had remembered them again only recently.

Simon using his computer only sparingly to plan and a portable sound recorder as well as other tips like that he had remembered things he had previously forgotten. These were time management tips, cleaning tips and other things like that. Now, as well, it was how to get a girl.

Next time Annabel came, Simon did not put the television on. Instead, Simon just invited her to the bedroom. This was the bedroom that was next door to his lounge. Soon, they had each other's clothes off. And they made love on his bed.

As they did this, Annabel said that she found it painful.

Simon wondered what physical condition it might be. This was that she would find it painful to have sex. Using his general knowledge, it could be scarring from disease. Or it could be a disease or an infection she had now.

Also, if she had had physical problems in the past, that might explain why it had been so slow. This was with her up until now. Annabel had not really been coy all this time. Instead, she had been playing for affection. After that, she might have chosen to reveal she couldn't have sex with him.

It occurred to Simon that all this time and all his going on his portable sound recorder, computer word processor and everything else had been just a silly mistake and a waste of time.

So, Simon asked Annabel about it being painful and them not having sex up until now and his idea that she might have had this pain some time.

"No, I've not had any problems with my previous boyfriends."

He had gotten off her now and was kneeling on the bed. Where he was kneeling, he was able to see her pussy. Simon was looking to see any obvious scarring, disease or abnormality. It was things like that which were just as anyone could tell. This is for whatever it might tell him. If there was something obviously wrong with 'it', that would end their sexual relationship. Probably, it would end touching as well and everything else.

Simon looked at her pussy. This was her pussy that he could see. Yet, despite not really expecting to be able to tell anything, her pussy did have a bit of an odd appearance. After looking for a while, he thought it was really a bit like a flower bud.

Then, what Simon thought was confirmed. Annabel said that she had never had a boyfriend before him.

Annabel and Simon tried it again immediately she had said this. This was with him saying matter-of-factly he wanted to try it once more. But it was still too painful. Then, it occurred to Simon that he had some lubrication in a drawer. And they could use that.

After putting on some lubrication, they were able to do it.

So, it was done.

He had 'come'.

And he had done it with a girl for her first time.

Only sometime after Annabel had gone did it really occur to him that he had really done 'it'. This was like that. And he allowed himself an air high five. He had really done 'it'. And even in today's day and age, it might still be something. This was to have done it with any girl who had never done it with anyone beforehand.

Simon had done 'it' with Annabel. As well, he had started his and her sexual relationship. Now that it had started, he was confident of getting sex again. This is sex coming into his life again and this time with a proper girlfriend. And it was not somebody asking for money from him. Simon would see Annabel again. He would because he wanted to see her. Really, he did want to see her some more times.

Nor did Simon have another girl in the offering. This was at all. And nor was it one that had 'more sexual experience'. No, there was nothing like that.

Also, the sex had been reasonably good anyway. She was giving, had a good body and they seemed sexually compatible. He would know if they were sexually compatible when they had sex some more. This was if they really were compatible or if they weren't.

Anyone needs a sexual outlet and Annabel could be it for Simon. This sounded very hard-hearted. Yet, Simon like he imagined other people did as well often went between two extremes. This was one extreme that was a cultural idea that what he had was very special and another extreme that was a cultural idea that virgins were sluts and prostitute material. Simon would just have to see with Annabel. It would play out over the next few weeks and months. Then, Simon would know if it would work out or not.

But one thing was for sure, Simon could not call his old ex-girlfriends. And this was to ask them to come around. In any case, they might not still be around or he might not still have their correct phone numbers. She, whichever one he called of his ex-girlfriends or sleeping partners, would no doubt ask him for more money. They would for cigarettes, alcohol and to pay household expenses. Now, Simon really did not want that all over again. This was him having no money. Also, it was with Simon living hand to mouth at times. Simon had to do this when he had given his old ex-girlfriends all his money. It was too much to go back to this lifestyle. And this was even if these girls didn't ask him for more that he really couldn't afford. Yet, he supposed that you should be grateful for even this and to be getting sex.

Simon and Annabel had sex again the next day. Then, they did it another time the day after that. Really, the sex was quite good. As well, it could be 'love'. This was as so many normal people had. And he didn't need these other girls anymore coming around.

These were girls that asked him for his money. Also, these other girls played him like a fiddle. This was when they knew he would probably give money to them if they pleaded or told some story.

Simon would see Annabel that he didn't have to pay. As well, he would see if the sex improved. Both would see as well if they could just have a normal sex life. They could possibly quite easily. This was when they had already done 'it' once. And, really, it had been OK. So, they could do it some more. As well, then they could do it a whole load more times. And every one of them would be enjoyable.

Both would see to it by their passion.

After all this, the two of them saw each other quite regularly now. They had sex most days she came to his apartment that was their usual thing now. And they would both often 'come' as well. Though, some days they didn't feel like sex. Also, her cunt after a few months got a bit big and even a bit slack. Yet really, both he and Annabel were still enjoying it.

This was going to bed, taking their clothes off, having sex, his coming and her coming. After that, there was them dressing to watch TV or for dinner or still them just lying in bed. Simon wished their relationship would go on for longer.

But time would tell. And they would see how things played out. As well, they would see what would happen. Both would just have to wait really. Then, they could see.

Also, Simon would know eventually if it really had been a good idea. This is when he could wait for now as he couldn't possibly know yet. Or it was that you couldn't know without having tried it out.

One day, Simon was in Annabel's apartment for a change. He was in her kitchen having a hot drink. Annabel's kitchen was very untidy. As well, she seemed to have very little in the refrigerator or freezer or cupboards.

Simon thought it might explain her even coming around so much to his that he was really feeding her and cooking for her. Possibly, she had some trouble cooking or had never been taught how to.

And Simon was thinking this when Annabel got out some letters from a large bundle.

"I've gotten all these letters asking me for payment. This is when my mother doesn't want to help me out anymore. I don't know why! This letter is asking for 120 and this letter for 45. And this letter is asking for 200 for some pots and pans I bought."

There were indeed modern looking cooking pots on some of her surfaces that she had used to boil some rice in and cook the rest of the meal.

Other food stains and other evidence of cooking around the room showed she had attempted one of Simon's own recipes. And this was one that he had prepared in the kitchen of his own apartment whilst she had hanged around looking at him do it.

Simon couldn't remember now if he had generally intended to give her cookery lessons for her health or something like that or possibly, he had just said how he was cooking the meal conversationally that was what he had said.

Normally, as he had for some time, Simon would have felt chuffed by something like this. He would have if somebody else had learnt from him or imitated him. But with this girl, it was different. Really, it was when they had done something.

This something they had done was to have sex that she had never done in all her years beforehand. Though, this was when her 'girlhood' was fast becoming a distant memory.

Really, she had picked up lots of tips about sexual techniques from somewhere. This was even if it was surprisingly that she had done so. Really, it would be surprising if it was just him that she had improved her technique from. But then, he thought it really might just be him. Or she had learnt them all just by trying them out she had read about. As well, she now had a big cunt you could get lost in. Or you could drive a coach and four down it. Yet, that could just be him as well.

Right now, Annabel was asking Simon for money. This was as Simon's girlfriend.

Yet, Simon had had this old aching problem before. This was with these other girls. Today, he didn't want to go back to it. This was to have almost nothing in the bank. Also, it was other people he knew saying these women were taking advantage of him. As well, this was when he wanted the money for himself. And he really could just have it himself to get things he probably needed such as new clothes, books and newspapers and magazines. Now, it was all coming around again. Or, at some future date, he could even get into more trouble. This was if he couldn't pay his own household expenses or pay for his own necessities himself.

So now sitting with Annabel in her kitchen, he said that he did not have money. This was to give her. And this was even when he had a little money. But, as well, he told her that he didn't want to spend it like that.

"What can I do for you so that you can have this money to give me?"

Really, Simon didn't want to start paying for sex again. This was something he was already getting for free. And so, he said this. They were already having sex he told her. And so, what more could they do?

Simon had not really been thinking very clearly. This was as he said this. And he did not really expect her answer. But her answer came back to him. And it came back razor sharp.

"We could do it without a condom," she said.

"OK," he said resignedly.

They went through to the bedroom of her apartment. Then, they got undressed in a second. There was to be no preamble. And there was no getting out the condom packet, putting on the condom, rolling it right down or anything else. In another second from them undressing, they had got on the bed and he was already inside her. Simon paused only briefly at the enormity of what they were doing. This was to have sex in today's day and age without a condom. But he did not pause too long though for it to be a turn-off. This was to Annabel as well as to him and for them both.

Then, for the first time in years, Simon felt flesh against flesh, skin against skin and female insides and mucous that might not signal death but enjoyment. It really was quite a different experience! Then, there was the moment of coming as well. Coming inside her had a finality about it. This was with the meaning that they had really done 'it' again.

It was just like they were characters in the 18th or 19th century or something like that. As well, it could even have been an 18th or 19th-century novel they were in. And the great swathes of time, science, bacteria, new viruses or even the invention of radios, televisions and computers hadn't happened yet.

Then, he saw the television, her radio player, the condom packets they hadn't used, the modern clothes with synthetic fibres and colours, the laundry tablets on top of a surface and he knew they were still in the 21st century.

After they had done 'it', Simon left Annabel on the bed and said he wanted to dress. Then, Simon went to Annabel's kitchen and made himself a snack. He had his snack and a hot drink at her kitchen table. Now, he excused himself. And he went out from her apartment. This was with his just telling her that he was going to his one.

Simon walked out her apartment and up those same familiar stairs to his own one. This was again once more. And it was just as he had done dozens of times since he came here that he had ascended those stairs. Yet, this time it was with a feeling of 'cum' in his trousers. As well, it was without the normal feeling of rubber. And he had her pussy juice on his cock that he could also feel.

Once in his apartment, he made himself another sandwich and put on the TV. And he watched television for several hours. This was until it was late evening. Then, Simon went to bed.

He and Annabel continued having sex without a condom for a month or two. But then, Simon felt that he might really get her pregnant if they kept doing it like this. So, he suggested to Annabel they use condoms again. Another thing about this time of March Madness as he had begun to think of it was that his savings had reduced. This was to almost nothing once more.

Simon wondered if he had been taken advantage of again. But then, he might just possibly have been taking advantage of Annabel. Really, he was when you would not really believe they otherwise would not be using a condom. As well, he was paying to come inside her. And it was not anything else. This was without as well any birth control that he did not know if she was taking either. They were having unprotected sex. And this was without a condom or anything else. Nor did Simon think Annabel had a disease. A disease might explain it. Yet, she probably didn't have one. And she didn't when he knew that she was so sexually inexperienced. This was when they met. But she could have been having sex with someone behind his back. Still, he didn't know. That meant that in all probability he was the one taking advantage.

Now, though, feelings of guilt gripped Simon. And he worried about becoming a father. Then, really, how would he explain it to her family? Or his? And if she had no family, she might expect his family to step in. This was for providing childcare. Really, Simon could say that Annabel was just his girlfriend. And that it had been an accident. But then, did he really want to? In any case, he had not really planned it like this ever in his life beforehand. And probably not his whole life had he thought of 'it' like this and this might be how it would happen. At least, this was up until now.

So, Simon had suggested using condoms again. Also, Simon hoped Annabel would reduce the amount of money he was still giving her. This was if some of her debts had been settled. In fact, Annabel said Simon did now have to pay her less. That was a double relief!

Though, as soon as Annabel had agreed to all this, Simon felt a pang of regret. He did so when sex probably was better without a condom. As well, Simon might never find someone else like Annabel again. This was someone who he could do it with and not use a condom again or a girl whom he could get pregnant as well and be able to start a family with her.

Some time went by. Then, a terrible thing happened. Whilst he was with Annabel in her bedroom and after having had sex and using a condom with her, there was a knock on the door. This was her bedroom door and a man had come in her apartment. She must have left the door to the front of her apartment open. A man was at the bedroom door. He was looking in but not malevolently or harshly. The man was a gruff hairy 30-year old in a T-shirt, jacket and jeans. He was enquiring exaggeratingly gentle like after his girlfriend.

Simon recognised him as somebody from another apartment. He had moved in a bit after Simon had done to his own one. Yet, really, Simon hardly ever saw him. This was despite them being near neighbours. But in an instant, Simon knew they had an intimate relationship. This was in that they were both sleeping with the same woman.

The man looked around the door at Simon.

And the man said to Annabel, "Is that him?"

Then, very gently and affectionately to the man at the door with the gruff appearance, Simon's girlfriend, Annabel, as she had been right up until that moment, but might not be now, said that indeed it 'was him' and that she would see the other man later.

After the incident at the door, Simon had sex with his girlfriend Annabel again using a condom once again as well. For now, Simon ignored what he had seen. Then, he did ask Annabel about it. He did so as they sat in bed post-coitally.

Annabel spoke quite reasonably and feminine like.

"We two here still have sex together, don't we? This is when you wanted to use condoms again for some reason. So, what are you worried about...? You didn't want to do it without any condoms, you said, didn't you...?"

She looked at him concerned that he hadn't understood it. Then she continued speaking.

"Don't worry about Jeff. He knows about you already."

And that was about it. That was all she said! A lifetime had gone before Simon's eyes in a few seconds. Then, Simon got out another condom. And he and Annabel had sex yet again another time. Simon came satisfied. And it was more possibly than ever beforehand and more than on any previous occasions. This was in Simon's whole life as well. It was just this thing to have come inside a woman again. But it was with a condom. Yet, for the first time in possibly his whole life as well, Simon did not feel guilty. This was about any woman as well either and not just Annabel. Really, Annabel provided this. And this was this thing he did with her. It was a thing of sex with a real woman but with a rubber.

Girls were receptacles for cum. As well, they were receptacles for all his other troubles. 'Cum caught by a rubber'. Simon laughed to himself. As his girlfriend, possibly, this was all she had ever been. Girls were only a receptacle for his cum. Also, it was a way to get up a sweat and his heart beating. Then, as well, he could feel the cleanness of sex. He could really with his dirty spunk leaving his body not to return. But not to infect her or infect him. Instead, it collected in the top of the rubber. It made it cleaner afterwards. And it was for the next time as well.

This was even when Annabel used to be a literal girlfriend and he wasn't paying her. Yet, he had still felt guilty. This was if there was one or other thing perhaps still in the way. In the way of what? He didn't really know.

Simon visited Annabel again in her own apartment. It had now been some time since the shock of the man at the door. Today, it was a dull overcast day. After they had been introduced in the way they had, Simon had not seen the other man.

Then, as Simon was going to visit Annabelle one day in her apartment, he did see the other man. This was with Annabel in a corridor. They were talking animatedly in hushed concerned voices. Simon was not sure if they had seen him.

The man was talking first that Simon could hear.

"That's great! Come into the shared area where we met and we'll discuss this. How long have you known? And how far gone are you?"

"It's been three months."

That was about a month after Simon and Annabel had stopped having sex without a condom.

Annabel said something else Simon couldn't hear and then she went away to discuss it more with Jeff in the direction of the shared area.

Simon shuffled back to his own apartment.

Really, Simon felt excluded by what he had seen. It was a beautiful thing. And he had just seen it. This was outside in the corridor.

It was the cycle of life continuing. And it was the next generation coming into existence. This was with their parents discussing it. Yet, he was not really a part of it at all.

He had used condoms like they said you should. He had done so to protect against disease and unwanted pregnancy as they had said you should do.

But at some point, if the next generation was going to be born, you had to stop using them. And somebody had to take the brave step of not using a condom and getting pregnant. Or the world would not even continue another 100 to 200 years. Simon had not done that. And somebody else he knew nothing about had done it instead. Yet, it was with somebody he knew.

Feeling like this, Simon returned to his apartment. Inside, there were all the accoutrements of living. There was a settee, a television, a computer, a lamp, a clock on a windowsill and paper printed out from his computer. In another room, Simon had his bed and a clock radio.

But he had these only temporarily. And nobody could have them permanently. Other people in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or a hundred years might live in his apartment. And if there was a historian of the building, he might talk about Simon for a bit. Yet, this was before the Internet and other things you might say. It was with people leaving their existences online. Still, Simon needn't worry! This was either way.

There would be no boy like Simon again ever in the history of the world.

That was unless he found someone like Annabel to do it with all over again.

But he might now really do that!

Or he was too old for it today anyway. And definitely in a few years' time. His time had passed.

Somebody else would have to do it.

Or you never knew but the world could just end now even! And everything would pass in its own way. This is before your eyes and ears.

Yet, this old world had not much time to go. That Simon and everyone else knew of for certain.

For now, there was just the playing out of the band. Then, there was a playing out literally of time. And the last oozing hour by hour.

It was before people fried in the sun and starved. And people's son's would fight other people's sons.

Then, they could just die by the millions.

Yet, Simon felt strangely, his own son would not be one of them. And no genes of his would ever dress up in whatever garb they gave the remnants of people in their last civilised, or uncivilised desperate, act.

The sun would not light up or warm a strong body and a boy's face. No, not in a camp before the big battle.

Nor would any son of his there might have been feel anything at the end of time.

The End

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