Take a Shower

Take a Shower

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


What if you saw a dream holiday advertised? You could meet people with a shared interest on an activity holiday. Yet it would be like no other one. The shared interest holidaymakers have is in watching pornography and one of the main attractions of the holiday is that you can make your own porn film. Still, somebody has seen the advert and he doesn't even have a computer but would like to go. Read this story to find out if he will make a good porn actor or not. Or see what else what will happen to him. You should read this story if you'd ever wanted to make your own porn film or you just like talking about porn.


What if you saw a dream holiday advertised? You could meet people with a shared interest on an activity holiday. Yet it would be like no other one. The shared interest holidaymakers have is in watching pornography and one of the main attractions of the holiday is that you can make your own porn film. Still, somebody has seen the advert and he doesn't even have a computer but would like to go. Read this story to find out if he will make a good porn actor or not. Or see what else what will happen to him. You should read this story if you'd ever wanted to make your own porn film or you just like talking about porn.


Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Chapter 1, Starting with a Shower

A young fair-haired man in his late twenties, wearing an old coat and holding a plastic bag in which was his lunch for today came shuffling into an office that was off an entrance hall in the tourist center.

In the office, a blonde short and big-breasted secretary seemed to be in charge of some other office workers. They were all in their 30s with big mops of hair, well dressed in clean office suits.

"Did you have a shower before you came here this morning?"

"Yes, I did."

"What about last night?"

"Last night as well. But I don't really know as I can't remember properly."

"You understand that we just have to fill these forms in when we work in this office. But we'll let you off this time if you can't remember. From now on if you come here, to this porn addict's self-help and social vacation center, you will do what we say. We will enforce that. You have to have a shower every day for the convenience and comfort of the other customers. If you don't, then you can be on the coach going home with only a 50 per cent refund we give all customers. I warn you that if you go against this you will not get to come here if you are not going to make some efforts to enjoy your vacation properly by taking part in at least some of the activities. These are activities in the tourist center itself and any other activities or excursions we provide. We're going to say this to start with to new customers so we do not have to tell them later that they can't stay here unless they are going to take part in a full range of the activities. Do you understand that we intend to give customers what they pay for?"

"I think so. But I was going to take part in the activities anyway. That was my whole intention in coming here to do so. So I don't really know why you would be saying that or why anyone wouldn't who came here."

"That's good then. It's good to see somebody who's already a happy customer. I'm sorry if I said that then. Really, I must have said it to the wrong person. Welcome to our tourist center."

"I would just like to say as well that I really appreciate the chance you've given me to change my life by going on this vacation. You sell dreams here, not a cafe with sandwiches and hot drinks."

"Thank you, then! I really appreciate it."

"All right, sorry… everyone's first day coming to a tourist center like this when they've not been to one before can seem a little strange."

She added this contritely. 

"We are not really ogres. Nevertheless, we do have our own work to do in running the group and we're very rushed. That is why our comments may seem a bit harsh and not what you expected…. However, there is one rule you must always follow. And this is very important. You are not to have anything to do with the female addicts, the girls you see in the groups who are also porn addicts. They also want to benefit from the vacation experience. And what I said includes any sex, or any contact at all, kissing or touching. That rule is strictly enforced. Do you understand what I mean when I say it is 'a strict rule'?"

"I think so."

"Good. Now with the formalities out of the way, welcome…,"

When he did not respond, she said, "Oh, never mind. Forget what I said. What are your skills to work? Have you good soft skills? Or have you had much experience of dealing with women? What experience do you have working in the media? Or do you work out at all? We try to get customers work."

"I do have a normal job. This is one I had before I came here. But I didn't know that you were holding a careers convention. It must be a big one for it to be in a vacation center. Instead, when I rang your office after I saw the advertisement, they said it was for anyone who wanted to meet other people. You could meet other people who also liked pornography. As well, the leaflet said that you held activities for anyone who worried about all their porn. And there would be many other groups and activities you could attend that were different to that. It was all so you could meet other people like yourself who liked porn the same as you did."

"Yes, that's right! But some of our customers might besides all this still want to find work. And we help them as well. Possibly, if you don't want to work, then you can just attend the other groups. You can if you want though work either in front of the camera or with computers."

"I do know about computers, so I might want a better job in computers."

"That's not enough. You do not just need to know about computers. Using computers is only incidental to anyone's work…."

They were in a small office with three desks in it. The desks in the office were more or less in a circle. On the walls of the office were many posters of stripped down women and more of sexy celebrities. This was when celebrities had actually brought out a poster of themselves showing their nipples through their clothes or between their fingers. Or in some poses, they showed their buns or nearly their pussies. But none of the office workers ever looked at any of the posters. It was something they were supposed not to do when they worked there. And it was strictly enforced by their bosses. This was no matter how over strict it appeared to be that people could be dismissed for it. Nor did they encourage the clients of the tourist center either to look at them. But the posters were up nevertheless and had been put up for several years. The desks in the office were a bit rickety even with stout metal legs and heavy dark grainy wooden tops. On the floor, some of the dark-colored carpet tiles had come loose.

"Have we got a pack for him?"

"No, I forgot that is why I came in. Have you got a pack for me?"

"I have to ask my friend who works in another apartment."

"What department are you?"

"I can't tell you that. It's confidential."

"Why is it?"

"Because we girls have to have some secrets…."

When he didn't laugh, she said, "Oh, never mind!"

"I was told this was a real, professionally organized social group and tourist vacation…."

"You believed that? Look, why don't you just go away? This is just so I can write up this report. The report is about how many of our guests were so satisfied they wanted to come back again more than once so they could come again as it were. Or is that as it actually is perhaps? I don't know. I'll write this report whilst you just go away."

"Go away where to?"

"To where the naked women are," said one of the vacation reps and laughed so much she shuffled the same piece of paper several times. "Didn't you know that you were missing the group?"

"Really, what naked women are these?"

"You need to go out of here and turn left and then it's in that bit you see…. We have a studio for shooting porn films we've set up to look like a proper porn studio. You can make your own porn films. But it is only if you agree to hand in the camera's flash drives at the end of the session. This is just so the activity organizer can see them. He needs to see them for an assessment he's doing of you.... And we're in the process of deciding if group members can keep the films to take home in a presentation box when they leave. Women come in who will act as porn models. Then you take the other part yourself. For now, they are mainly doing POV movies. And we're thinking about how we will do collaborations, what skills anyone has or if we need to get in an instructor. But we're shooting today. Really, it's experimental. They're finishing now for today. Still, go over there. You might be in time."

"You can just go along?"

"Of course, you can if you are going to come here. You just go in."

"And there's a real bedroom with a real girl," she added, laughing again.

"Plenty to go around," said the other office girl.

"Do you know how expensive it is to shoot these films? We might have to look into it again in our next budgeting round. It's literally thousands. But if you go now today, you might still not miss out. Quickly go. They are naked and you can have sex with them."

Chapter 2, It's Porn!

He followed her directions and walked past a doorway through which he could see a woman in a dressing gown. The dressing gown was shiny with a pattern on it. She was also wearing some dark-colored bathroom slippers. The doorway was in a bit that outside and in had exposed breezeblocks. Also, there were cement floors and unvarnished wooden doors. Inside the door, there was a concrete dusty floor and a wooden construction that made the space up of more offices and other rooms. There was a carpet on the floor for some rooms but not others. The carpet varied between brown, blue or gray it depending on which office or floor space it covered. Some of the floors were still bare concrete. Another woman different from the first seemed to be hanging around. She was wearing black lacy lingerie that held her big rounded breasts firmly in place. As well, she had black lacy underwear on. And she had good legs. The first woman adjusted her dressing gown and he got a full view of her body. She had a tall thin body, small breasts that had the appearance of upturned plates in front of her chest and a pleasant black mound of pubic hair clearly visible. He gasped and she looked up at him. Then she spoke to someone that he could not see and, as well, as she was talking, she unwrapped her dressing gown again and he saw it all a second time. It was as if she did not really feel bothered by any of it. As well, he thought that someone who flashed like that at him must want sex or she wouldn't have done it. This was even though it was hard to believe that you could just go along somewhere and have sex with a girl. She disappeared briefly from sight and he went further in to see more.

"I'm making a film," he said to someone.

The person seemed to be asking him for an explanation as to his appearance.

"I've come to see some naked women and perhaps sleep with a few as part of the activities I'm doing on my vacation at this resort."

The man he had asked was a 50-year old, very tall and big with short, wispy gray hair and he wore a beige suit with a white shirt. The white shirt was open three buttons down and exposed a hairy chest with long white hairs. It looked a bit odd compared to the gray hairs on his head. But the ones on his chest were definitely white whilst the ones on his head were definitely gray. He was standing on a bare concrete floor in a more open bit that was in front of the offices and other rooms. The women looked at the new visitor who was on vacation with some antipathy. And then they looked towards the man for an explanation. Hearing the young man speak as he did, the older man smiled at him. The women looked at the older man enquiringly but didn't ask anything. And the young man felt peculiar to have seen this. It was something he had not experienced before and he may or may not want to again. The women looked physically uncomfortable, perhaps because of the cold. Or it was the nature of their work that meant people felt like this sometimes. And this was if only because at times their job involved wearing no clothes. The two women now pointedly asked the man what was going on and if the vacation center was run professionally or not. One said it couldn't be for them to have seen someone in the center like that.

"You can't come in here. The women don't like the way you look at them, naked women that is. It can't be helped. Just because they're naked, it doesn't mean you can look at them any way you like. They can still see what you're thinking. There's no point in thinking you're going to get sex when you want sex only because you're not getting enough. You still have to look at them in the right way…. If they thought you didn't care if they were naked or not and you just happened to be here, then they would do it gladly. Otherwise, they won't. So go, will you?"

"Now, you are in trouble," said a girl in office dress coming out a small room that adjoined them.

In this room, he could see a desk and a filing cabinet she had just resoundingly clanked shut before she had turned to go to the door. She had ginger hair, was very short and her office suit looked too big for her. This was except that if you looked more closely it then seemed to fit perfectly. But she laughed at him seeing he was looking at her suit. Then, she continued normally as she had been doing before filing some papers. But now, she said again that he would be in trouble.

He did not recognize her. Though, she seemed to know him.

"How do you know who I am?" he asked.

"I was in the other room when you did the 'interview' activity. And they told me that you might come here for a bit on the phone. Aren't you impressed so far?"

"Really, I don't see what I could have said to them just now."

"You're young and presentable," said someone else who had appeared next to the first woman and who said that he was a counsellor.

The counsellor was male with a beard about 40 years old. He had an office in another building but he had come over. Now they all stepped into the office that the big-bloused women had come out of a moment earlier. The office had a plant pot on top of the filing cabinet. Also on top of the filing cabinet, there was what looked like some old snack wrappers. The man who had come over was older than many of the people here and in addition to his black neatly trimmed brown to ginger beard, he had a brown-black head of hair and blue eyes. He was quite tall and thin with especially thin arms. Also, he wore a gray V-necked cardigan and a cream shirt open at the neck.

"You have the skills to do a job. I know you do as I've seen some notes about you. How many applicants do you think have those skills? Some people even have difficulty holding a conversation. They can't even hold a conversation when they've done so much in front of a VDU for so long."

"What did you say that people were doing in front of a VDU so long?"

"Ah! What do you think it is they do? Sorry, I forgot that you don't have your own computer. Or it is not one connected to the Internet that you said about it. They have their own computer at home and they use it a lot for different things."

"Do you mean radiation?"

"Yes, of course. You've heard about it. Don't worry. It won't happen to you."

"I don't know that it won't. That is if for example I were to get a computer myself. But then I might not anyway."

"Really, I don't know looking now at some notes people have made about you since you came here that we want you to do this activity. This is when you've done something like this the first time."

"Am I in trouble or something? I don't think I've been treated like this since I was birched by the prefects at school."

"You might not get into trouble about it at all. You're here now in this tourist center. It is like a little community. This is whilst you are here. So you'll have to get along with the others. But if you make an effort to be pleasant and take part in any other activities including with any women who are in them, then you'll do just fine. And this is even if they are half-dressed in some of them. You still have to behave normally around girls."

"Perhaps, I'll see. I've been thinking about whether I really want to be here. This is when I really should be at work now I come to think of it. They said that they had something for me. But I left before they could tell me to stay. I really am needed at work."

"I don't know…. You mean that you don't want a job such as making porn either in front or behind the cameras…. possibly, you will need to see the careers' counsellor who comes in to talk it over…."

"What about radiation from computers?"

"There are no good reasons why worries about radiation would stop you or anyone else doing computer-type work. This is when it has so many other advantages…. But why would you complain when you get so many different types of women doing office work? You could take your breaks with them. Or after work, you could go out to a bar. I don't know how else you'd get women. Nor do I know what other employment you are in or what other employment you were planning on doing."

"Possibly, I might get women some other way than just working in an office…"

Then another man who was two or three years younger than the first and with curly brown hair came out of his office and said, "But what are you talking about…? And why when we've talked to you and you have the skills you'd need to start work in any office haven't you started doing any office work? As well, we can see you have good general job skills despite what my colleague said just then that was in another report he read…. What do you use your jobs skills for at all?"

Then he paused and said, "Haven't you already had plenty of women by now? I mean someone like you with your talents and a modicum of good sense that you seem to have must have had plenty…? And you're good-looking as well. Are you sure you watch porn if you don't have a computer or you aren't online? Now, you are confusing me and not the other way around. I don't know about you really. You must have something wrong with you not to get a better job than you have. Also, you must have something wrong with you to say that you watch porn and have a porn problem without being online. Everyone else here just watches porn on his or her laptop. They use their computer and go online for other things as well, but then they as well just like jacking off a bit too much. This is over all the girls you can see online. Why would you for instance spend so much time, effort and so much money on seeing just a few naked girls? And why would you when you don't have a computer as if you did, then you'd get it free and thousands of girls at that? It beats me so to speak if anyone is asking. But then you're the one who still goes out in his dirty raincoat on gloomy rainy days and brings back taped-up paper bags with nudie films in them…. By the way, I spoke to the girls. They say you won't get a job working in porn, but you can do some other job. Come and see us again if you want and tell us how you're getting on…. Why don't you? Now I've some work to do that I need to be getting on with. So I think you should leave. I don't think you're really going to fit in here with the activities at this vacation center. And so go will you! I don't care what you do. This is when I'm sure you can do something. And you don't actually need a vacation. Nor do you need the one that we are providing here right now."


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