Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


People might have different worries from each other. For example, men might have different worries from worries a woman would do. But they both might worry about sex and relationships. This book plays out a role reversal between the characters and possibly between the sexes as well. It is funny and poignant at the same time. The reader is sure to enjoy it….


People might have different worries from each other. For example, men might have different worries from worries a woman would do. But they both might worry about sex and relationships. This book plays out a role reversal between the characters and possibly between the sexes as well. It is funny and poignant at the same time. The reader is sure to enjoy it….


Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



"Why did you say that just then?"

"I thought you mentioned it. Haven't we been talking nicely about lots of TV shows recently? That's just another one lots of us have been watching and I thought you might be interested in it as well."

"I don't know if I'm in two minds to say two things."

"You can say them sequentially and choose one to say before the other or you can say both at once. Those are your two alternatives."

"How do I say them both at once?"

"No, you really do have to say them sequentially and that's your only option. And that is other than which one you say first of course."

"You're so clever and you're so educated, aren't you Harvey? What job do you do again? You said you worked in an office for the employer you told me about doing the job you said. So how do you know all you told me about investments? And I want to know that and hear about your job again more now as well. I'm curious so please speak about it more."

"Really, I read a few business books I got a few years ago just out of interest. As well, I sometimes look at the business pages in the newspapers when there's not much in the rest of it and I feel like reading more still."

Then, he told her about his job but that was mainly all about computers. She listened with a grin coming to her face but did not say what she found funny. As well, he knew from long experience of having known her the length of time they had known each other not to ask what she found amusing about anything or to make odd comments about body language or anything like that. This was as 'he had read in a book' she had once said. Whatever the book had said about body language, they had agreed in a rare attempt at really understanding each other without arguing that books about body language and other things might not really be the real world. Possibly, she was an odd type of girl in at least a few ways. Somebody had been saying this to him recently but he tried not to let it worry him.

They were walking along an avenue. The avenue had really quite large well looked after trees and all the trees were very similar. They were walking in a very airy part of the town next to a wide road. However, few cars ran on the road. There was a kind of black melting top under their feet as they walked. And a gust got up of some really quite pleasant scent of flowers on this spring day coming into summer. On either side were big houses although they themselves lived a bit further on from these in smaller houses. Rather, she did but his house was one of the really much smaller ones just down the side a bit from the road. She did at times ask him how the house came to be built but he seemed to know nothing about it.

"I made a lot of money from that last tip you gave me."

Harvey tried to remember what the last tip he had given her was when they had discussed business together. Now he remembered it. It did not seem anything too consequential. And really, it was just a point someone had made who had something to do with the industry interviewed in the business pages. Harvey thought probably from what little knowledge he had that it was a decent comment to make about it. This was as well when it seemed to be from an insider who might know about it. And it was despite other people saying less good things about it also.

Annie let out a little laugh. Really, it was quite a girlish laugh that he found endearing. But she looked at him oddly when he smiled back at her. Then she gulped down some of the last of her drink and made an apology as to why she hadn't given him the last bit.

"You can't share a drink out the same bottle," Harvey said. "That's unhygienic. Don't you know anything about things like this? You often told me how you went to a decent local school. So how can you think such a thing? You can't possibly really think it yourself."

"That school I had told you about was one you went to up until you were 12 years old and not after that. And I mentioned it because we were walking past it. But you seem so much better educated having gone to the big school you would have gone to after that."

"So what were you doing then? Were you in care? Even if you were in care, you would just go out to a normal school. You would have to have been 12 and in prison not to have gone to a normal school or not to have had any kind of a normal education."

"Perhaps, we should just let the matter rest there. Never talk to me about it again! Do you agree? Or if you don't, then I might just leave you here in this heat."

"Yes," Harvey said hesitatingly.

They carried on some more on their rather pleasant walk before they would get into her home and she would no doubt offer him a hot drink that would today be sweet and refreshing.

"So what were the things you wanted to talk to me about before we became stuck talking about education and things like that."

"I've mentioned one of them. That was the tip you gave me."

She seemed to hesitate and Harvey prompted her as to what the second thing could be. This in one way only was just for the sake of keeping the conversation going. Also, it was because it annoyed Harvey if people felt they couldn't just talk about normal things such as things they had thought about their friend for some old-fashioned reasons of social embarrassment or social unacceptability. This was not the school of thought he had been brought up himself in at all.

Again, she winced a bit and then with her face reddened by the sun and embarrassment, she said, "I had the most terrible dream that you came around my house when I was feeling a bit low. I wanted some money for a takeout and you took out some and we had sex for money."

"Do you remember where I got this money out of?"

Reddening with embarrassment again and even more if that was possible then what she had done already, she said, "You got the money from your pocket and out your wallet and you kind of took it out and gave it to me and then I think we had sex."

"Well, that was a really funny dream, wasn't it? But they say that many dreams happen like that."

They walked some more and discussed other things until eventually when they were coming up to her house, she said, "So what do you think that dream means then?"

She said this is the most girlish smile but Harvey ignored her smile not quite sure what it could mean.

"Many dreams are because of something that happened the day before that prompts our memory. And I do seem to remember that I did come up to your bedroom and give you some money for sex. But it was last week sometime or 2 weeks ago. That means you were reminded of it again yesterday according to the dream theory I told you about."

"Thanks Harvey."

"OK, then."

When they got to her house, she gave him the hot sweet drink he craved. They stayed around chatting and she made them another one. This was when she had one for herself as well. After that, they went up and had sex several times and then lay in bed chatting some more. Again, after that, with the evening getting on, they had sex a fourth, a fifth and the sixth time. This was until he had got rid of almost all of his cum that he had produced so much of just recently. Possibly, it was a fitness craze he had been on or something like that. As well, she had told her about cooking such as in the new kitchen she was getting. And he had done some himself. Only when it really was past anyone's bedtime and getting late did he leave. This was despite wanting to come several more times. But she was tired so he couldn't do it. They did though hug in her bedroom again and she partially took her clothes off again for him to feel her boobs, her cunt and her ass. And she offered to jack him off again which she did twice before he left. Then, he really had to go. And he walked into the night air for the long walk home that he would normally have welcomed as being good exercise but now he really didn't feel like it or that he was not doing himself any good anymore anyway.

The next day he got a phone call from her saying that she really felt quite sore and as well, he mustn't go into work today as somebody from his work had called her and said not to go in. This is as they were having a meeting for the next three days Monday to Wednesday. She did not answer any of his questions such as why they had called her except she said it was someone from at his work that had called her. Then, she strictly insisted that when he went into work again Harvey did not mention her name and say that she had called him or to say what it was about or anything like that.

"But, at least, don't mention my name and say it was me who gave you the message,"' she said.

It seemed peculiar, but Harvey phoned up and made an excuse as to why he couldn't come into work until Thursday.

He phoned up Annie early the next day in the evening. But she seemed really quite annoyed that he had called. And she said that she didn't want to see him anyway because she was sore and why hadn't he thought of this himself. She told a story about how she had been all the way into the centre of the city when sore as well. Now, she wanted to rest. And he wasn't to call her again just now.

"Really, it was most inconsiderate of you to have sex with me so many times."

"Two of those times were just you jacking me off though," he said.

"I don't want to see you again! Or I might just see you later. So until then please don't call. And I give you my love."

This was the first admonition of love he had heard from her and he thanked her quietly.

He said, "You too."

And then, he put the phone down softly.

At work, Harvey was in the office of the person that she said had told him had said not to come into work. Earlier, Harvey had had a run in with the personnel department who wanted to know where he had been. Still, he had resolutely kept to his original excuse. But now, they were talking about firing him for not attending. Yet, he was in the office right now of the person that his girlfriend had told him about and so this person might do something to rectify it. Possibly, the person could explain it for him to the personnel department. So Harvey mentioned to the other person who he was in the office of about the phone call he had made to his girlfriend. This was when it might help. Also, the other office worker had a more senior role to Harvey. And that might explain why he was asking him to keep it confidential beforehand. He was when it was important to the company. But talking between them about it when he obviously knew the problem was all right surely. It seemed that the matter might yet not have gotten through to everybody in all departments. And this was just by chance that other people hadn't heard about it yet. So, it was because of other people not being aware of it that Harvey had been told not to comment. This was as it would worry them or you would have wasted a bit of their and more if they asked you about it. And that meant they had asked Harvey not to talk about it generally. Yet, to the person who knew about it, then there could be no harm.

The man was surprised. And then he told Harvey to leave and he had been dismissed.

"We need to get some of these files back in here and some of our old hardware," the man said now to a blonde-haired secretary ignoring Harvey.

The blonde-haired secretary was about 30 and quite slim. This was except that she seemed to have been in the throes of a new exercise regime that she had some fat on her and muscles in the wrong places. And this was as well when compared to many of the females around here that were a bit better. She still also seemed keen to do a day's work. And she wanted to respond to the manager's request in a work-like and professional manner. But Harvey, after working there for several years, seemed excluded from all this.

Harvey went to an ATM but he had very little money in it. He could also see how much generally he had in his account. And it would not be enough to pay for more than two or three nights in a hotel. This is when his rent was due yesterday and he had not paid it. So he might be out on the streets fairly soon. He thought of whom he could call that could put him up. But he only had an old mother that had moved to a smaller home out of poverty and he couldn't really sleep on her floor when she was in her seventies. His dad had moved to another town a few years ago and he hadn't seen him for a year or two. So he might not want him living with him either. This was also when he had only one room that he lived in. As well, he hadn't really kept in contact with him and it was a big train fare to go to the town anyway. Harvey had recently got a new mobile phone and not transferred the numbers yet. He had made notes of people's numbers. But he was not even sure now what their current numbers were. Really, it was all a bit disorganised. And when he phoned people up on the wrong number, it annoyed them. This is when they let friends and relatives use their old phones and things like that or they might be somebody else's and a complete stranger's one now. When he called up a stranger, they got annoyed and made cryptic threats. This was particularly when he had called some more than once. He did not know what numbers he had already dialled. The world did not really feel so friendly anymore today. But then Harvey remembered the admonitions of love given to him by Annie and that possibly he could go to stay with her.

He called her and went round her house although she said he could only stay for 10 minutes on the phone. But he hoped when he got there he could explain his situation, she would understand it and would let him stay. When he got there, she was cooking a meal in the kitchen for herself that she put in the oven. It would be ready in 2 to 3 hours' time. And she made them a sandwich in the meantime as they were both hungry.

"I got fired from my job today," Harvey said.

Annie winced and sighed.

"I know," she said, "they told me."

"How'd you know then," said Harvey. "Where were you?"

"I was at your office today. And we had the most embarrassing moment where I was just about to sign with them an agreement to sell them new computers when someone barged in. The person who barged in said they had seen you in their office and that we knew each other. So the contract was cancelled."

She added, "I had told you not to tell them my name."

"I couldn't remember properly," Harvey said. "I'm sorry!"

"Really, I don't know I can have somebody here who costs me so much money, causes me so much of an embarrassment at work and might go on to embarrass me in front of my friends who come to visit me here. They said they were going to fire you anyway as one of the people they were going to get rid of but I told them not to. So shouldn't you be grateful? Still, it's too late now and you've lost your job anyway."

"Oh no, I'm really sorry it worked out this way."

"Please don't say you're sorry to me again or I will throw you out. Didn't any women ever tell you that it was a turn off? They must have done because it really is. I might be getting a new boyfriend as well."

"Huh, I don't know," said Harvey. "Do you want me to sleep in the spare bedroom? I could if you wanted me to and you want your bedroom to yourself. Really, I feel impotent when I've lost my job."

She looked at him sympathetically. Then, she got some pillows from her bedroom, gave them to him and a blanket when the spare bed hadn't been made up yet and she pulled the blanket over him once he got inside. And then, she wished him goodnight.

"Don't worry if I'm awake at night next door that you can hear and just try to get some sleep."

Late at night, Annie came in to his bedroom, asked him if he was all right . She was wearing her chemise without the bottoms on. And then, he and Annie went back to her bedroom.

She came back into his bedroom later the next morning as he woke up with her having being out still in her chemise the same but with the panties on and it seemed now as well with her hair brushed and make-up on and she looked at him quizzically but with a deep happy smile on her face.

"Are you feeling all right?"

Her hand came down and brushed the chemise and her breasts visible on the top half wobbled underneath.

"Do you still want to be stupid? Or do you want to come again. This is in my door. You can of course have sex with me again. I am a real woman. It is just like everybody always promised you."

He knew then that he probably had only this one decision to make that could change his life and as well despite his recent work and financial disappointments, he could still get to come inside a woman.

She smiled oh so sweetly when she saw him trying to make up his mind.

Really, he might though just turn over and go back to sleep. He felt so tired he could just sleep anyway. Or he could see her. And he could get laid again. And then in the next morning as well, he could wake up in somebody else's bed other than his own. At least it would be one where he shared it with a warm body. And it was not a bed that he was growing cold in. He had felt cold after he woke up during last night. Then, he was just also in another house temporarily for a day or two and having sex with its occupant. This was as a guest of the house expected to pay quite probably for it in the end with his 'cum'. He did so to a lonely woman even if he felt he really knew her normally and she was not just lonely.

Speaking years later, he said to someone that that this was when the history of his life was made in some ways. It had got him out of a fix. Or it was still unmade or not made at all. The person listened to him speak for a few seconds. Then, they spoke afterwards themselves as well.

"And you're still here to tell the tale at least…."

So he was.

Harvey got up to make himself a snack in the kitchen. This was his kitchen that was in his own home that he at least had for now.

The End


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