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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Lots of really funny longer jokes. A science fiction themed one. a couple divorcing over the television. Shotgun wedding. Leather jacketed model. Bar lifestyle, black girlfriend joke, making money from second hand books joke.

Table of Contents

Oh Dear!

A group of young people aged 21 to 55 are travelling through a major city at 2 in the morning. They talk about a movie that was a thr... Read Chapter

Divorce Joke

A husband and a wife are watching TV in lockdown. The wife in a stupid argument says that they could divorce. “No, I’m sorry,... Read Chapter

3 Worlds Collide

Imagine 3 people who don’t already all yet know each other, a publisher, a teenage black girl and a white boy. The teenage white ... Read Chapter

Bar Lifestyle

Two men are talking in a bar and one says, “Why don’t you want to come hunting and fishing when around here the country is so great... Read Chapter

Therapy Black Girlfriend Joke

A white dude is seeing a therapist worried about dating his black girlfriend. “How is it now with Candice?” says the therapist. ... Read Chapter

Shotgun Wedding

A man gets a girl pregnant and is forced with a shotgun by his father in-law into marrying her. It is a year later and the first an... Read Chapter

Leather Jacket Model

A man is on a porn website. He sees an attractive model who appears to be wearing a leather jacket. And he clicks on the thumbnai... Read Chapter