Lockdown, a Tale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young man of about 30 years of age is sleeping on his parents' couch in lockdown. But he feels too restricted.
Will he make the journey to the other side of town to see his girlfriend? And stay with her at her house?
How will it end?
Read the story to find out.

Dirk and his parents, Dave and Joanne, had their breakfast in the living area. This was when the sun had already been up several hours, the television news they were watching was a daytime programme and the breakfast itself was just of toast and marmalade. Dirk felt well fed generally. Also, for the first time in years now when living out the pandemic at his parents’ house, he was fortunate to have no housework. All he had to do was television, radio, read and think.

The family living in this house in the pandemic, parents and son, sat in the living area all having their toast together with a cup of tea. This was until Dirk’s mother got up and went to the kitchen to do some cleaning.

Dirk looked out the window to see what birds had landed in the garden looking for worms or grass seed.

The general impression of the room was it was comfortable with large sofas and plenty of tables to rest things on and the sofas had large arms.

“Thank goodness for that! Silence at last! And not more news about the pandemic!”

Dirk’s father said this as he had now switched the TV off.

All this was what Dirk’s family was like.

6 months later.

Dirk was talking to his mother.

“Dad has been criticising me all the time for leaving a magazine by the chair when the coffee table has all your newspapers on it.

“You are an adult! Now, you are! And you can do anything you want for yourself. That is what being an ‘adult’ means. An example is that any adult can talk to any other adult. It includes their fathers. Or their mothers as you are doing now….”

His mother paused to put down her newspaper.

“And we all know what you did when you got a girlfriend. You just went and asked some girl who had turned up somewhere. Now, you’ve slept with her. We know! And that is to our eternal shame….”

Dirk had never heard his girlfriend being discussed before like this.

His parents knew he had met a girl. She was all right really. And Dirk couldn’t see how his mother or father were not OK with it.

Dirk steadied himself.

“You must know people have girlfriends! Really, you do…!”

“OK, now I see! You are deluded! But go and see this floozy again! If you want to. I assume that’s what she is. Or it is unless she has decent parents. And we might hear from them.”

“Her parents know about it! And are OK with it.”

“I don’t believe you!” screamed his mother. “Go on! Go! Out that door!”

“Are you saying it is OK for me to go and see her now? On the news it said that some restrictions of the lockdown had been lifted. I thought of seeing her just today for the first time in months…. But I won’t go! That is if you’re saying not to for any possible reason that I can’t see quite now….”

“No! Go on, I said. Not the opposite.”

“I might just ask if I can stay at hers! We seem to be arguing anyway here! She has a spare mattress…. And couples live together as far as I know anyway. At least, it is since the 1960s.”

“Then, enough said! You want to go. Now, go to her! Go to your floozy! I don’t care! Do you call her a floozy? I mean do you to anyone else?”

“Floozy will do! That’s about it. But I feel we do talk and share things as well.”

“I’ll give you a call after you’ve gone. Me and dad might be able to borrow someone’s car to come round. After you leave here.”

“OK. See you then!”

Dirk threw a few things into a suitcase from the wardrobe in his old room, put his leather jacket on and put on his hat. Then, Dirk tightened the belt around his trousers and he set off for the bus stop. He did so with his suitcase, bag with a spare coat and bag for water and a sandwich from the fridge.

It was a sight for sore eyes if ever there was one!

Dirk had now gone out the door to his parents’ house. It was if not for good. But to visit his mistress. This was out the front door of the house he had known all these years. It was the house his parents had always lived in. And been ready with a mug of coffee, a sandwich and sympathy to welcome him. They had done this always whenever he had come back to see them.

Dirk had ‘lockdown to go through with a girl’. ‘Boy girl sex’. ‘On tap’.

Her pussy, breasts, legs, arms and hair. Her naked body in his bed.

If they lived together, then he’d probably have to do the cooking. She seemed useless at it. Dirk looked out the window of the bus at the grey concrete walls, scrub land with green creepers and weeds and low red-brick houses. And wondered if he should really just turn back.

Was the word ‘shame’ really right for it? He could spend the time on the bus to think of this or of other things. But he made his mind a blank. That was except for the time and the stops. Instead of worries he had, she might just greet him and make him feel instantly comfortable. It was with her rolling a cigarette on her battered sofa and no suggestion he need have hassle or worry. Nor that she had.

Dirk could stop to get something more from the shops for tonight. Another sandwich and a drink. He’d have to remember to do it when he got to near hers.

On previous visits, Samantha had had nothing to eat in the house. When he had looked in her kitchen, it had only piles of washing up and almost bare cupboards. She had 1 plate, 1 or 2 of each knife, fork or spoon. And 1 or 2 tins. The supermarket was 5 minutes away to get any groceries but she must rarely go or get hardly anything even if she did sometimes shop there.

At some time, everyone has to leave home! Yes, at some time! Or to move in with another person! That was the right thing to do! And Samantha had shared things with Dirk before now. If not her flat, then lots of things. Though, it was in particular her pussy, breasts and body. Or he would probably not see her.

From the first time Dirk had ever done it, he had been surprised and thrilled to have a nude girl in bed with him. It had never changed! And was amazing!

Where was the harm? Nobody today cared! Not what you did ever! Or who you did it with or what you did. You were just having plenty of sex with a girl.

Dirk as he travelled across town in lockdown might just have to see what came of his little trip. ‘His little trip across town’ as he called it. He might though just be OK. He need not to have any worry.

Not worry that the relationship would end badly. And nor anything more stupid! And he died. He touched wood to reassure himself it was all right.

Getting out the bus at the other end, his feet thudded audibly on the ground. It had been after a long ride, hardly any other traffic and his legs were stiff.

Dirk walked up the road 20 minutes’ to where she lived in a big block of flats.

Arriving, he rang the bell.

He was pleased she answered quickly. And buzzed him in quickly. He took the lift up to her floor on his own. Her block was just short of having graffiti on the walls and in the lift cars. Or visibly damaged lift panels and locked stair wells. Maybe he was mistaken. He could be. It was really OK!

Dirk imagined if he had dreamed it all whilst still lying in bed for a snooze. And he had not made the call asking her if he could come around.

When he arrived, Samantha would say she had not gotten his phone call. Or she might say ‘what are you doing here?’. Then, it would all end.

After a wasted journey, he’d go home. Once back, he’d say that he had acted on a dream. It was if anyone asked him. They might if they saw him come in looking peevish or he had in any case not taken a key and had to knock.

Dirk as he went inside Samantha’s flat felt the old stirrings in his groin. She was wearing as normal a knee-length dress that showed off her boobs and calves. No matter if she did always wear a bra, it looked like she didn’t. Her calves were fleshy and round. Now, she sat down softly on her battered sofa. And Dirk put his bags and suitcase down also lightly to one side of the room.

There was a big window along one side of her flat, a sofa at one end and bits of furniture and junk along all the other sides. Fliers for concerts she had gone to in the summer were on the wall above her dining room table on a pin board. There were 2 or 3 big posters of boy and girl pop stars and movie actors or actresses.

Samantha looked around at her walls seeing Dirk look himself, Dirk felt relieved she did so and did not just shout. She had a temper. It was even if he had done nothing wrong. He was also relieved she did not start smoking immediately like usual. It was after the traffic and the long walk up the hill. He didn’t want to instantly fill his lungs with more smoke from cigarettes.

“I’ve come here for now. The news said we might be in lockdown in a bit for another six months. But I can pay you to help you out if you let me stay. It will be good money for you.”

“You have to pay! And you can only stay 1 month. Then, you’re out! I’m not having you here after that…! How much are you paying me to stay here?”

“Just my love. And a bit to help out!”

“You have to pay, I said.”

Dirk paused as long as he could to think. Then, he gave some amounts for rent and food. He did it in his head as quickly as possible. And worked out what he could afford and how much she might accept. It was leaving some out of the calculation he needed for contingencies. He also ignored for now that she had said that he could only stay for one month. At least, he would do for the moment. But it was upsetting her saying it.

Samantha sat listening now it appeared sympathetically and a change from how she had done it before. Dirk talked as evenly and as quietly as he could do because he feared arguments. It was despite sleeping with her for years and, as well, having talked normally every visit holding nothing back.

Except that is if she had said not to talk about something. Or not say things anyway that led to arguments.

He heard what she expected for rent and she said it was final that meant Dirk agreed in a second he had to think to the full amount. Yet, it would mean his having to dig into his savings to stay for more than a short time.

“You told me once we had done it over a thousand times,” Dirk said nervously. “And you said that you like the money I give you…. Can we have sex now…!”

Samantha looked down at the coffee table. There were no ash trays on it like usually. He thought of asking her is she had given up smoking. But didn’t.

“I’m getting an erection already.”

“Good. I want you to come. And to be extra hard. Unless… do you want to do it here or in the bedroom? Either of the two.”

She added this last hesitatingly.

“No, let’s go through to the bedroom.”

Samantha stood up and looked at Dirk seeing him as handsome as if for the first time she had ever clapped eyes on him. Dirk thought how many times they had done it in the years they’d known each other.

Just recently in lockdown Dirk had had plenty of time to think. He felt he should really appreciate having a girlfriend more. Thinking that, his desires had risen.

It was after first forgetting and then remembering.

Affection at start and later physical desire.

“Come here,” Dirk said. “Hug!”

They were here now in the moment.

They stood and hugged.

A couple in the pandemic.

It was a long hug and their hands groped each other.

Then, they went next door to the bedroom.

And to her bed to have sex once more.

The End

Submitted: November 26, 2020

© Copyright 2022 ALAN FASHION. All rights reserved.

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