Laid Up

Laid Up

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



What if you were laid up in bed but then got your act together, put your porn mags away and started going to local bars to talk to girls? This is a story about somebody who did this and the girl he met that wasn't all she seemed. Really, this is a wonderful story of romance, sex and a girl that he might like to see again or he might never want to see ever again his whole life. Only he can decide if he will see her again.



What if you were laid up in bed but then got your act together, put your porn mags away and started going to local bars to talk to girls? This is a story about somebody who did this and the girl he met that wasn't all she seemed. Really, this is a wonderful story of romance, sex and a girl that he might like to see again or he might never want to see ever again his whole life. Only he can decide if he will see her again.


Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



The young man spoke to the girl in the bar. He made some kind of conversation for a few minutes pleased that she had spoken to him when he had been hoping to meet somebody.

Suddenly, she looked up at him dolefully with brown eyes, black hair, red flushed skin, and thick black eye lashes with lumps of mascara visible on them and laughed at how he looked when she did it.

"You really are quite a handsome man," she said.

When he felt chuffed but said nothing back, she said, "Do you really believe me?"

"I suppose I am quite handsome," he said. "My family tells me that I am."

"Is that your chat up line? You've got to still do better than that."

"What do you mean 'still'? I don't see what you mean when we've only just started talking."

"Never mind about it then if you are going to play dumb. Why do you think I'm talking to you then?"

"You saw me across the other side of a bar and thought me good-looking. So you came up to me and here we are talking."

Just then, the girl retched. Her long fine brown-black hair fell in tresses around her face and head as she bent forward and seemed quite sick.

"Why did you do that?"

The boy said this quite concerned.

"Do you need an ambulance?"

He added this like any good boy who'd had a first aid lesson would.

"No," exclaimed the girl. "It is not because of you anyway. I've had it before. It will go in a while. I know what to do…."

"What do you have to do?"

"It is really no concern of yours…. I'm going to go and sit down over there where you see those cushions. And I don't want you to follow me. Are you going to be OK with that? Do you understand me? Can you do that for me and I'd like you to say that at least you understand."

"Yes, I think so."

He said this not entirely sure of it himself. But he felt that he had to say it. At least, he understood not to argue any more about it.

Now, he moved away and had his drink to himself sipping it for a time before he felt the beer settle in his stomach and the sediment in his bladder also settle down at the same time so that he was ready for his walk home.

He did not look around as he left to see if the girl was still there. Once he had left, he was in fact grateful that he had not sneaked a peek. This was when she might have objected or been sick that he'd feel he had to help when he couldn't. But then, he did not have anything more than basic first aid that she had already done for herself and probably more than he knew. Or somebody else had already done it for her anyway. And nor did he know about stomach complaints or serious stomach trouble. She'd have to see a doctor. But he wasn't one, did not plan on training as one and she could call one herself if she wanted one. He had offered to call an ambulance and he could do no more. It was odd to feel a girl look at him dolefully but then get sick. She had stirred the maggots he must have in his groin when by now it had been so long. Perhaps, he should see a doctor himself about that. Also, he dreaded that she had turned sick or an invalid so quickly. Yet, he felt oddly the stirring of something still in his loins he could only hope were not really maggots. This was because of what she had done for him. He resolved to go back next week when she might be better and resume their earlier conversation.

On the next day about midday, he spoke to somebody that he knew. He was a man who lived in the same guesthouse as him and he saw occasionally in the TV lounge.

"Somebody else goes to the same bar as you and saw you down there."

"Do you mean…?"

"No," said the man angrily now. "I mean a younger person…. It seems those young girls in that bar like young men like you. That is what I was going to say. And they like young men like you and the other young man I know. What was the name of the girl you saw?"

He told her. And then he said how she had wretched and what she had said.

The man got up shiftily and moved away.

"I didn't expect a blow by blow account of a young woman's illness. That is really a turn-off for anyone to hear you speak like that. How can I want it? Nobody wants to hear that even about a slut."

"Did you say a slut? How is she a slut…? Do you mean how she was dressed with all her make-up?"

Then seeing the man look at him concernedly, he said, "I suppose that she did look like a slut a bit and, I don't know but she was up for it a bit like one as well. But still, I genuinely liked her despite that…."

"How did you like her?"

"She made me feel good."

The man walked away a bit unsure of him. And then he had left out the door.

He came back again about 10 minutes later and he had it seemed been on the phone.

"She wants to see you again. Take your coat and go there straight away."

"It's barely midday and really a bit early for a drink."

"How can you be bothered about that? Go and see her. She's in the same bar. And she says that she wants you to bring that boner I can see with you."

So the young man left and went to the bar. Inside the bar, he began talking to her again.

"They have some good beer in this bar."

"Do they really?"

"Yes, it is celebrated locally for it, didn't you know?"

The woman sighed with a big guttural breath out.

"It's not all about drinking and whatever stupid label that they put on it. How can you be interested in beer? I mean, how can you when you have a real woman like me, one with boobs and tight cunt like I know you like."

She laughed aloud and turned towards him at the bar.

"How do you mean 'boobs'," he said not able to remember the word used specifically as she seemed to be saying.

"Never mind about it, now then."

"But I do like a tight cunt, you are right about that."

She smirked and then said, "Come on then and let's go outside. What are you waiting for? And put that stupid glass down."

He did this dutifully, the young woman when he was a young man having a strong pull on him. And this was even if he didn't quite understand what she was saying. Possibly, she was a bit older than he was or a few years more mature. They left the bar and went to the side entrance where horse drawn dray wagons used to come in. And his following her obediently though not really knowing why they were going there, he began saying something about how girls could be more mature than boys were.

"What you are saying about girls being more mature than boys is not true," she said in a quiet considerate voice he had not heard before. "This is as having a penis, the teachers add 2 grades to any exam you will do…."

He laughed at the ridiculousness of this but not sure of the joke. This is if it was a joke. And it was not just any more than saying something a bit senseless.

"Don’t say any more," she said turning to him. "Here, give me your hand…"

She took his hand he put in front of him and then he felt the most exquisite warmth, wetness and odd hairy sensation. Only a little later did he realize that she had taken his hand and put it on her groin.

"You see, I've let you stroke my bush and even feel my wet cunt."

"Thanks," he said.

And then a strange thing happened to the erstwhile boy with his thin arms and slim body and thin neck. It was also when people commented that he wore T-shirts all the time. This was despite having no muscles.

Brusquely not knowing where it came from except that he was old enough and man enough to do such things from maturing in the last year, he said, "Don't stop it now. I want to feel your cunt again."

"Feel my breasts and not only my cunt though if you want to do it again. Or please do it well to me if you want to do 'it' with me properly again this time. I mean you can shag my bush and fuck my pussy or whatever it is."

They kissed for a bit and then groped with her clothes coming off forming holes with a tit here, a faint trace of black hair on her stomach there, a rib somewhere else and a black pussy appearing over panties pulled down and below a thick jacket. She had somehow taken down his trousers without his noticing it and her hand palm outwards stroked his length that he could only feel as a kind of pressure and pleasure of rubbing different from his own that he didn't recognize it as being her hand. Nor did he see her having to guide in his length every inch of the way but instead only knew that his cock had started banging up deep inside her warm soft strong woman's passage. This was until he felt a creaming sensation. He didn't know for a moment what it was and continued with his thrusts.

"You've come!"

She said this shortly and a bit indignant. Still, it did not sound unkind or bad.

"Put your trousers back on before anyone sees us," she said now a bit alarmed.

They were aware somebody had looked in on them, a middle-aged man who appeared to wave to somebody that might be a beat copper. So he quickly dressed and adjusted his clothing that it didn't look like he had been lying sick in his clothes in a day bed. Or it was as if up all night and not happy about needing sleep mid-morning when the rest of the world had been awake 6 hours already. This had been his want at times to behave like this before now. Perhaps, now it would change. She sighed when she saw how his clothes looked and how he must have done it before. This was in some other world. It was when he had been told to meet guests at a party. And he was the boy he was only a month or two ago. So someone barely having put his porn mags away had shafted her and taken her cherry. But then, that would have to be how it was for her and what her first sexual experience was like forever. It couldn't change now either as well. She tried talking about it to him, but he wasn't terribly interested.

As they parted, she said, "If you want to see me again, you have to come, as it were I mean when you know how it is, and you can visit me here."

She gave him a piece of paper with an address on it and a phone number.

"You'll probably meet a man on the door called…. It's just that I need the money nowadays. So you have to pay me or give the money to him if he asks you…."

She was about to say something more but he interrupted and said, "How much is it?"

Angrily, she took a lunging punch at him and then backed off and said, "I have to pay for things I need. It is just temporary that I'm doing this. And it is just temporary as well that you know yourself. So come and see me! I'll give you a good time. Come about… on …. That time I'll have seen fewer tricks and be less exhausted and not so sore because of so many men. And I see fewer the day before as well. So I'll be able to give you a good time then all right. Are you up for having some good shagging off me and doing 'it' some more as well? We would want to do it on other days and not just now, wouldn't we…? All I said was just what one of the other girls told me you'd be pleased to hear. This is if I told you it…."

"What does this other girl look like? Is she attractive, a blonde perhaps? I don't know if she is, do I, so I need to ask. Will she be there as well…?"

"The cheek of it, you would say. You don't need her as you've got me."

Then she reached forward and kissed him very affectionately on his forehead. And barely audibly, she said that she would see him again but that he should definitely come. Then, she promised him a good time when he did come once again to reassure him of it.

So that was it then! It was all over and done. And someone today had just poked her tight cunt. He had done it! And it was how it was as well with women generally as well. Nor would it get much better either as well or never any more again and not in a lifetime and nor once more ever be any different.

This he knew as soon as he would go and cross that door to the brothel. But he did not know if he should really care or who else would care about it. Nor did he know in the future if it would be much better or much worse than now. Still, he could have a lot less if he did not play his cards right. But he put this thought from his mind.

And he put his hands in his pockets just then and went up the hill home. As well, he pushed his hands deeper again this time in his pockets and he pulled his collar up. This was to the wind and rain that had started up that he did so. And then he shuddered with a deep spasm. It was a shudder of hope, fear and love. And it was every negative emotion as well. This was if not quite that it was everything. Or it was nothing and not so important and he needn't mind it.

He went home that was to his guesthouse with its impressive entrance and hallway but that had a plain room with a bed, old furniture and not much in his room besides that. This was except the book he was reading in a drawer with the drawer having nothing else in it. As well, it was up the impressive stairs when he got there that was still his for now.

The End


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