Hard Fields

Hard Fields

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


A man doing a course at college has a desire to leave and farm the land. But then, a mysterious woman he sees in a bar and gets to know might change his plans.


A man doing a course at college has a desire to leave and farm the land. But then, a mysterious woman he sees in a bar and gets to know might change his plans.


Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



The drinkers sat around in the bar of the local tavern really feeling a bit morose.

"Don't worry about them in their glitter ball bar," said an old curly black-haired woman. "They are not worth anything to you fine gentleman come to enjoy some real beer in Jackie's fine establishment. It's not worth 60 for a ticket, I know. And the beer here is better. I never did like his place or his clientele and I despise the disloyal customers who went to see him just because of this dance troupe. I know what some of you are thinking that they said the female customers would join in, but don't dare let it get to your hearts you fine young men and better than that."

"Are there going to be any girls coming here today?"

"Look who's talking! It's Joker boy. I'm here, aren't I? Wouldn't you like to give me just a little kiss?"

She reached over the table to hold his hand but he pulled it away. The bar burst out in hysterics and he was almost in tears though nobody knew why. This was when the woman who had tried to kiss him had really been quite a looker in her day. Things settled down again and by and by a strange figure in a long black coat and doffing a hat that seemed to bunch up on top of the head for no good reason as if there was something underneath it came in with a sharp clacking of footwear.

The new arrival took off their coat and hat very slowly. Joker boy and some of the others looked on to see what was happening, but others looked away disappointed or not interested. Only once the new arrival had taken off their hat did it become clear that she was in fact a woman. And she was wearing a cloth hat but with a big bunch of sexy hair underneath.

"What did you think it was, Joker boy?"

"I thought you were a working man with hobnail boots and a repair in metal to the soles."

"How does that work then? How would it make it sound like metal if I'd had my boots repaired? I don't know, please tell me."

Joker boy explained it to her for a bit but then she grew bored and said insulted, "No, they were my stilettos."

Still, Joker boy began trying to explain it some more.

"And it was nothing else," she said angrily. "So don't say anything more unless it's not going to sound like it might not just be stupid."

Joker boy looked a bit taken aback and he looked around as well the bar room at the older men mostly two or three years older than he was. He had on his birthday a coming of the age party and his first drink in this bar with some other young people who had come along with him. And some of the young ladies in his company had introduced him and the other young boys to some of the older men.

Really, it was embarrassing even at the time. And it was a wonder that nobody had done anything to him when he had come back to drink in there. Still, it could happen. And this is what the young lady with her long streaks of black hair and smell of a heavily perfumed body said to him now.

"Why don't you just stop going here and come with me?"

"Where would I go with you?"

The black-haired fashionably dressed girl sighed.

"Do you mean to the other bar that is having go-go dancers now and the customers taking part?"

"Why would I go there?"

"We could go there and then you could go onstage and take off your bra."

"Why, would you like to see my breasts?"

"Yes, I would also like to feel them. Do you want to go now? I need another 20 for my ticket as well and you will have to pay for yours."

"Why are you bothered about going to a go-go bar?"

"I met your friend, Derek, who comes here and he said I should go. But I was 20 short today."

"Who's Derek? I'm not sure I know him. Really, I only think I know you."

"You do know him. I thought he was a great friend of yours. Why are you saying you don't know him?"

"I'm saying now I don't care about Derek or the other men in here. I have already slept with them all or told them they smell and I didn't want to."

She laughed really quite heartily and squinted over at him. He was aware for the first time that she might be a bit short sighted and she laughed even more heartily apparently being able to see the expression on his face that she was.

"But now, I'm saying that I only have eyes for you."

Joker boy nearly fell off his chair.

"If you were a man, then you wouldn't have fallen off your chair. But I can see you didn't quite."

"I think I did though, I put my hand on the floor."

The girl sighed and said nothing to him for the time being. And she moved closer that he could hear her breathing and see her white paint on her face.

"I'm moving closer so that you can speak to me, talk to me and tell me about yourself and your whole life and what you would like to do to me."

Joker boy thought a while about this. He did not really know what to say. Then, he thought of the deepest felt idea. He had just had it in this last month or two. The idea was about buying some land and farming it.

He told his deepest felt idea despite seeing that she was a bit short sighted or anything else that some men might not have liked. Instead, he just saw her as being the most wonderful human being that she had laughed even at her own misfortune.

As well, he told her about how he had gotten the name of 'Joker boy'. Really, he had gotten it coming back here a few months after his birthday. This was when his friends he had originally come to this bar with had gone to university. And he had wanted to revisit the bar they were in now. He had come again on the suggestion of a relative. She had said there might be people to speak to there when he was lonely. He had told his relative after he had been the first time that he had been in there and he had spoken to quite a few people in the bar. Now, she remembered his saying this. And she said he could go and speak to them again. Coming back to the bar again for the second time, he had told a few jokes to people that had come up to him. And that was how he had gotten his name.

He decided to make another joke now.

"That was not so bad but a little pathetic," she said after she heard it. "Perhaps, you should stop telling jokes and get another name. I don't think that's a really good one for you."

"I suppose I could stop telling jokes and get another name as well but I can't think now."

"That's a really bad sign that you couldn't instantly think of another nickname for yourself," she said. "Do you read much or what do you do?"

"Really, I could read more, you're right. It might just be the beer getting to me when I have already been coming here a few months."

"I'm not sure I want to know you," the girl said. "Now, I think that you do really smell a bit. And there is something wrong with you and your mind that you can't remember all the books on your shelf. Really, I feel quite insulted. What are you saying about these hard fields or something earlier on? Tell me about that for a bit."

"That's the plan I have been thinking of for the last month or two that I could get a bit of land and farm it to make my living."

"Do you want to go to a hotel with me? I know a really good hotel near here that has a good bar you could have a drink in with me in as well beforehand. I could introduce you to the barman."

"I don't think that's a good idea. It's just that I don't want to drink anymore and nothing to do with you."

"You don't have to have a drink. Really, you can just talk to the barman if you want."

Suddenly very interested, he said, "What did you mean have a drink in it with me 'beforehand'."

"I meant before we had the best sex ever on the hotel bed," she said laughing in hysterics her face a mass of lines and tears although still young enough her skin did not look so bad. "But you could imagine it was your cottage and I was your wife with your hard fields outside."

When she saw him looking at her skin after she had said this, she stopped laughing. And he found himself profusely apologising though he didn't really know why he had looked.

"Come on," she said putting her glass down. "If you pay me that 40, you can sleep with me. I mean is that a deal. You have to pay me 40. And then you can have sex with me. Do you understand that?"

"I think I do," he said a little confusedly.

She took out some keys and then some other of her keys and things from her handbag and then put them back again and said, "Just come on then if you want to get laid. We can walk. I'm not taking you driving."

They went to the hotel together and walked in. Nobody looked at them although he felt everybody's eyes were on them. And she said that she just had to pop into the bar to talk to the barman about something.

"Give me the 40 that you said you would give me now. And wait for me at reception. That is so we can get our key."

"Do we have to pretend we are a married couple or something," Joker boy said wondering why she had not addressed him by his name.

She looked away from him. Even then, he sensed it might be the last time he thought of himself by this name.

"We have just got to wait here for a bit, somebody told me," she said.

A hotel worker had just passed by and it seems had said something quietly to her.

"Why do you come if you're not getting any girls? I mean to the bar you saw me at earlier and we spoke to each other"

"It's just I have got poor social skills. And I appreciate somewhere to come to relax."

"Well, you're in the wrong place. People only go there for the girls and usually they're loaded. Who do you know down there?"

He told her about some of the old men he had talked to and told jokes to and that had told him their names. And he told her who was in their group of friends who had gone with him there when he first went on his birthday to have a drink.

"Why would they want to bring you here?"

"They said that they were worried about going anywhere else because they said other young men didn't respect them because they had been promiscuous. And I just went to the bar they suggested to have a good time with friends anyway. It didn't matter what bar we were in. And they suggested this one we were in and I went again after they had gone to university."

A hotel worker came and gave them the key to their room.

"I think he said that there was a crowd in reception," Joker boy said.

The black-haired girl with white mascara sighed and led him up to the hotel room.

Then, when they got to their room, she turned and looked hard at him. In the room, he asked her why she had done that.

"I did it just for a second," she said. "But then, when I did, I could see that you had a hard cock already in your pants and were just like any other John."

They got in the room. It was a moderately small hotel room with modern furnishings and fresh new sheets of all modern style. The girl undressed taking off her small jacket, then undoing her belt and then pulling her dress down to reveal her bra and panties. She kicked off her high heels with a laugh.

"So let's do it now then, we can do it for real with you and me together in this hotel room and me already half naked."

She laughed at this. And she gave him really quite a friendly intimate personal laugh and smile. It was almost unmistakably nice. And it was not what you heard of quite about the cracked smile of harlots. Yet, he had been thinking she really was a harlot. And he was just about to knead and feel the flesh of and smell the flesh of and the smell of his and her cum that they had gone so far towards him doing without his realizing.

This was only that he had wondered if she really was a prostitute as they had climbed up the stairs and he saw the reactions of men coming down the stairs when they saw the couple ascending. Really, their reactions were unmistakable. And it told him as nobody could have told him in any other way that she was a hooker. Before that, he had not thought that he was actually going to sleep with a prostitute. This was to come inside a prostitute if still using a condom. And come inside her just for the money he had in his wallet.

Other worries he would have to put aside for the moment until he came inside her. This was having come so far so to speak and his not wanting to go all the way back home now. It was, though, probably quite safe for disease with a condom as you heard. It is as well particularly if you didn't make a habit of it and she was nice enough that she didn't scratch him. He felt this woman was nice enough indeed and she would take care of him.

Now, he took off his shirt whilst she watched. And then he got on top of her on the bed with her having taken off her panties to reveal a load of black shapely pubic hairs. Her pubes really looked quite pleasant and reminded him oddly of something very warm and comforting that he could not quite remember.

They put the condom on and he got on top of her and began driving into her, caressing, kneading, making love and sometimes as well tossing her body up in his arms and treating her with no respect. And this was all at the same time.

"Fuck me before you have to go back and work on your hard fields," she screamed laughing.

He looked down at his hands as best he could when she was holding him and wrapping him from underneath and wondered why they felt like they had calluses on them when he was just thinking about what work to go and do in a few months' time having left college. But she would not let him do it. And he thumped into her again and again until he came with her holding on to his hands and preventing him from seeing them. She was his wife and they were in their cottage his having come in from is hard fields and they were not in a hotel room with him just having left college. And the harsh fields were just outside the door.

He came.

And she got up from under him very gently.

"Look at your hands now," she said.

She did this moving him nearer to the centre of the room where there was a ceiling lamp giving a fair amount of light just underneath it.

"See your hands, they are smooth as anything. I do have some real Johns who work with their hands and even some that work on the land. But I don't think you're one of them. Or you aren't yet. So perhaps, save up your pennies and come again. And some men do come to see me who work hard and work on their land 12 hours a day on average. Then, they give me quite gratefully the money for half a month's takings or over that that were literally from the hard lands that they manage. Or you might just get an easier job. This is with your college education and a few things like that. Possibly, you could even afford to see me more often. And come as it were or not as a case may be, literally I mean I think at least, twice a week."

She gave him a smile encouraging him to laugh. But when he didn't smile back, she just took the condom sombrely, wrapped it in a tissue and put it in the bin in the corner of the room. They finished dressing both of them what little they had still to do. She tidied herself in the mirror where he felt a tremendous sadness looking at her as she did this. Still, she ignored it that he should go back and do these things again.

When both had dressed and tidied themselves up, they walked down the stairs and out the hotel still feeling some affection for each other that was at least genuine on his part. Yet, he did not think he would see her again. And he was still in two minds as well as to whether to farm his harsh fields. If he did, he wondered what sort of wife he would get. Or did he really want to work in an office and get more money and come back and spend it on sparkling wine, take outs, meals in restaurants, office girls, shop girls and prostitutes in local brothels. It was too much to think right now. And he would think of it again later. This was once he'd had a good night's sleep. Then, he would see if he still wanted to do it. And he might not yet give up his dream of farming some hard few fields. Nor would he not do it just because of some slut and harlot that he had met one day and slept with in a hotel room and which seemed already so long ago.

The End

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