Get Out of My Life

Get Out of My Life

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime


Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime


A geeky IT person meets an attractive female office worker who works for the same company. And she makes a startling suggestion....


A geeky IT person meets an attractive female office worker who works for the same company. And she makes a startling suggestion....


Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Chapter 1, 'Yes, I Make Money'

"Do you work in IT?" said the serious man still not out his 30s, fair-haired and slightly portly despite his young years and somewhat youthful appearance.

He was dressed in a sports jacket that looked like it had just gone out of fashion about a few months ago and he should really have got another one by now. Some bluish trousers he had worn for some time, despite the regulation being gray, others had just recently commented on. Really, he had just come in one day about a year ago now with them on and didn't say anything about it himself. And nobody else had said anything until just today when the story properly starts. Or it was just a day before that anyone started saying anything. But some people had not heard until today. One of these was a blonde-with-class that smiled at him with a perfect smile and laughed when he went cross-eyed back before regaining his composure from someone attractive paying him attention for the first time in years.

"….Let's not talk about how you could have been screwing anyone at all. But let's not also talk about computers. Instead, let's talk about how we might make some money together and things like that."

After the briefest of pauses, he looked at her oddly as though her business qualifications and not those of looking a bit like a bimbo were in the folders she had in her hand. She now put the folders on a desk beside her in the small office of about four light-stained wooden desks and some shelves that they were in. And she ignored his smiling at her. Her eyes glistened as he gave a dry monologue about business ideas he had been working on at home.

The mischievous blonde laughed again softly. And she made a comment saying what she thought of his ideas. Then, she said that she'd also had ideas about making money. She said it as though she'd always been taking him seriously. And this was despite their earlier joking and laughing.

He told her some more of his business ideas, but she interrupted him and said, "I didn't mean you to talk about how you were going to do it on your own. You need me as I have more experience than you do. And have you, did you say, really had enough of not having money?"

"Yes. I mean! Wouldn't everyone like more money?"

"I suppose they would. But I hadn't really thought about it as you have. Why don't they have money already? I mean, if they wanted money to start with, then they must have had the opportunities to make some by now."

"It's not so easy. There is a lot to it."

"I got a business qualification and after I'd worked a few years I had made a really decent amount. Why can't anyone?"

He tried to explain it, but she seemed to find it hard to understand. She asked him about his work in IT as if to prove to herself that he was not saying something wrong. Indeed, he felt she was criticizing him, but he could not think why he should feel that. After all, he did his job in IT all right. She seemed to say that anyone could make money who wanted money, but often someone didn't really want more.

And it was odd his saying he wanted more.

"See you tomorrow," she said eventually. "I'll think about what you said. It's just that I've never heard that before from anyone. We'll see if we don't go on a date as well. Bring me some flowers! I would like to smell them. I've other things to do for the next few days, but I might have a moneymaking scheme you'd be interested in. And we'll go out somewhere nice. See you around."

She said this as she left.

Chapter 2, He Sees Her Again

He got a phone call from her a day or two later.

"Come round to my house. I've got some news."

Anne's house is one of those houses where, because she has made a little effort, you feel at home as soon as you walk in. The table in the kitchen looks scrubbed, there is a good choice of crockery and cutlery, her bedroom is clean, her cushions are soft and inviting and her books all have enough space on the bookshelf.

In another room, she has a desk and a computer. And the room has just these two things. In the room, the computer is on a standard office desk with a new mouse mat. The whole thing looks like a still-life painting.

Seeing how he looked at her computer, she asked him if he had ever seen one before.

"I have as I work with them. But I don't keep my desk as clean and as tidy at work and nor do I at home."

"Since we last met, I've thought about some things you were saying."

"You've looked at my business ideas?"

"No, I've thought about what you said about working in IT. You said that you still have some paper records that aren't anywhere on a computer, didn't you? And you said that Human Resources look at these to make decisions. Also, you explained to me it was not worth typing them in as it does not always have good advantages to doing so. So some files may as well stay on paper."

"Yes, I did say that."

"And you said that you designed database applications and advised this kind of thing we talked about. Or what did you say about it: 'There are advantages and disadvantages to having it on paper or having it on computer'."

"I remember saying that. But what would I be doing in this business…?"

"What we need is someone who has computer skills."

"I don't know. Really, I'm not the most qualified person in IT."

"Silly," she said. "You're better than that."

"I suppose. But how can I help? What might I be doing? I don't know."

"What we're doing is making a start… and we will very soon get going on something… but first, just follow my instructions…. I need you to type up some things for us."

"You want me to do some typing and editing in a word processor, did you say?"

Really, he felt bemused by it now.

"I could design an application for you," he added.

"You don't have to as I've already done it. And I don't want you to suggest anything ever again. Nor do I want you asking me anything ahead of time. Do you hear me?"

He didn't know if it was what he really had in mind.

"Yes," he said undemonstrative.

It was as if he had started work in another office moonlighting.

"Here are a few things I've printed from the Internet," she said, taking a hand-decorated folder from a shelf. "You could type them in as I need them in a more manageable form. That's why you have to do it. Later, I'll have something else for you to do."

"Is this doing some planning for the business ideas we talked about?"

"Why? What planning is this you think you're doing? You don't need any!"

Then more sympathetically with her anger evaporating, she said, "I just need to get this application ready. As I'm busy now, I don't have much time to see you. After that, I'll see what you can do next and if anything else needs doing. I just wanted to catch you now."

It felt a little odd doing data entry when he was in someone's house. Her computer keys seemed a bit stiff and took some getting used to but eventually he managed them. And the computer screen had slightly different colors to his computer at work or at home. Also, the VDU was a different size and it was different to work with one this size. And although it was almost the same machine as the one at work and in his home, it felt different to use one like this.

He could see her files on her computer that had nothing to do with him, at least until now, or their office. And whilst she would not have allowed him to look in them, he could see all the labels. The labels did not though make it plain what the contents were and so he tried opening some of them. All he saw were what looked like student notes or there were some harder-to-understand documents. These harder to understand documents, when he could see what they were about at all, talked about business people and companies she knew but he didn't. And they referenced meetings and ideas that had happened already or been discussed already. None of the documents he looked at set out her stall. And for all the short time that he could be bothered to read that his inquisitiveness lasted he didn't learn much. This was even though she was talking about things he knew were about them going into business together that he felt bored after reading for a short while. Then he felt an odd sensation despite feeling bored of his having genuine work to do in the project. And it was work that he was doing himself. He wanted to speed it up and do it well or whatever it was he felt. Perhaps it was just to please her. Or it was only just to please him. And it was no more than that. He hadn't felt like this in years.

Occasionally he took a break. When he got up and looked from his room to see if the noise he had heard was her going out the front door, he saw she was still in her bedroom. But he had not heard anything for a while as she was very quietly lying down and reading a novel. If she knew he'd looked in at her, she ignored him. Sometimes she filed her nails and, at other times, she read a book or magazine. Or she had gone somewhere he could not see or think where. Later she told him she was on another computer.

"How have you done?" she said coming in from another door to see him as he walked out for a break into her living area.

"I've nearly finished."

"Go back and do it."

"In an hour or two more after my break, I should have finished it."

"Go now! I mean from this house. You don't have to do it! Someone else can."

Controlling her temper more, she said, "I'll have something different for you next time you come. So see you then!"

When he came the next day, she answered the door abruptly and only after some time.

"Use the back entrance," she shouted and slammed the door.

He did as she asked him and knocked on the back door to come in. After a short pause, she opened the door. Then, she stood in a carpeted hallway as though agitated as to his coming to see her. Or it might have been something else as well. She beckoned him to come through but he didn't do so immediately. It was because it was such a narrow hall at the back of her house. Also, it was as though she was somehow standing in his way. Perhaps, his not coming in was partly her fault as well as his. Or it was nobody's fault. But after a short time, she made more room and he came in. It seemed that nobody was blamed. And the odd incident was soon forgotten.

"No computers this time! Just come into my bedroom."

He went in and looked around. And he waited for what she would tell him.

"I'll allow you this once to put on this coat," she said going to the wardrobe.

The coat was old-fashioned and looked a bit feminine. However, he tried it on.

"Let me put some of this on you," she said as she went over to her dressing table and took something from the top of it.

She moved so near to him that she was a blur. When she moved back a bit, he saw she had a tube of lipstick.

After applying the lipstick and wiping the corner of his mouth with a tissue, she took a wig from off a mannequin that was on the dressing table and deftly fitted it on his head.

"Good! You can go now!"

And then she laughed with really a very pleasant loud laugh.

"Go where? I don't understand."

"Remember! You told me about how Human Resources have some files in a filing cabinet that are not on any computer…?"

"Yes, I remember that now."

"I want you to go to the office and put this in my paper files. Also, look for anything bad you can remove, but nothing that would cause me problems if they couldn't find it…. Now go outside. And don't let anyone see you leave. Or rather don't let them recognize you… even if you are dressed as a woman."

After he had walked around for a bit outside getting used to his disguise, but not thinking he had really fooled anyone, he came back to ask for more advice. He knocked on the door as he'd forgotten to go to the back.

"Come in!"

She had another friend there that had come whilst he was out.

"No! I don't want him here," said the other girl. "What is he going to do? Is he going to join us for our girly chat? How is he ever going to make a good woman?"

"He can practice the disguise I gave him some more," said Anne.

Turning to him, Anne said, "Go outside now and walk around again… all right, you don't have to… go and make us something to eat in the kitchen."

He cooked a sumptuous meal. And he remembered now that he did really know how to cook well. So he was good at some things. Also, he thought what he should say to them when they came for their meal. He was about to add the last touches to the dish he had prepared when Debbie, the girl who had come in later, walked into the kitchen.

Angrily, she said that she didn't want the meal, threw the contents of her plate away and made herself a snack instead.

"Why did you do that?"

"You're married, aren't you?"

"No," he said evenly. Then, seeing she was looking at his makeup and remembering he was still wearing a disguise, he said, "I'm a spinster."

As though startled, she said sympathetically, "You've taken off your coat Miss Spinster!"

Anne, the girl who had promised they could make money together, came and looked in from the door as he scrubbed the pans and piled up the plates on the draining board of her kitchen sink.

Her kitchen had not quite gone out of fashion, but some things had been ripped out recently and then not replaced. This attempt made to modernize it ran out of money. So perhaps she was a tiny bit short of money after all. And this was even though she had a small house she owned herself. As well, it was at a quite young age for having your own property. Or it was at least young for owning a house outright.

Then Debbie, who had just thrown away the food he had given her, shoved the plate into the kitchen sink and turned to Anne to speak.

She lowered her voice although still audible and said, "I'm going to see someone now and I suggest you get rid of him."

After she said this, she put on a fashionable light coat and turning back to the room, said, "I suppose, though, he should stay if you have things in common. Still, I can't imagine what they would be."

When she had left, Anne laughed and then smiled at him.

"I've been meaning to tell you something. It is just that I really like you and I would like us to sleep together…."

When he said this, she laughed harshly.

Then, more sympathetically, she said, "I don't think it would be a good idea. It is just that I already have men I know who will take me anywhere. And they would go out with me any time that I asked as well. Also, really, I know that you're only a harmless old spinster and, as well, you are one who cleans her fingernails with a steel toothpick and all that, but I don't want to sleep with anyone right now. That's you or anyone else."

"Oh! You mean my disguise. I thought I had explained that. What's wrong with you?"

"You are a spinster, aren't you?"

"It was a joke to dress like one. Really, I have had sex. And it was only a disguise."

"You might not know, but I met this boy. And he is not like the other men I meet that I was talking to you about earlier I think. He is someone at work, though not someone you know. Really, he has good prospects and better than yours. I'll probably date him in a bit. But for now, perhaps we really could do 'it'. We may as well as you're here. Yes, I probably do want to get laid after all. It's just that having met the man of my dreams, that I know is the man of my dreams, it would be embarrassing if he were to find out I was still a virgin. Really, it's not what I thought when I was considering telling him and spoke to some of my friends about it. They said that he would probably just think I was a freak if I had ever told him something like I was a virgin. He is very successful. So, they said that he wouldn't have met anyone like me that they said, as well, anyone would just say couldn't even get themselves laid. This is at least as he would say it as well if I did tell him and he was successful. I think it's funny to discover that what I thought that I was a 24-year old beautiful longhaired blonde virgin with good nails and a clear skin is not, after all this time, really, what other people think as well. This is that people generally think that I'm either a mannequin or a prostitute. But I don't think you will be like that. And I'd just like to do it with somebody. This is somebody else before I see my boyfriend again. And it is when he would probably expect sex from me soon. I've got to do it soon. We'll do it tonight. But, let's just relax first. Then, I can get 'it' over and done with. And this is having 'it' with you this evening. As well, this is despite my old age that I have found somebody like you that doesn't think I am just a floozy like the ones you hear about all the time…. But I think we know each other and have something going between us. So, we can do 'it'."

She paused and looked whimsical as if reminiscing already over something that hadn't yet happened.

Then, continuing, she said, "Thanks for those chats we had in our breaks. And thanks for all the computer advice. But as they say, 'Thanks! But, no thanks!' We can talk about something different now. I need to get ready for this evening. It will take time for me to find my clothes and put on some makeup for you. So we'll see if we do it soon. Then after we've done it that will be in a few hours' time, you can leave. Or if you want, then you can stay until morning." Then more upbeat, she said, "So, in a few months, they'll be no more 'poor girl'. And I won't be living in this tiny house!"

"Why is that?" he said.

"It is because I will be getting married," she said looking hurt.

"Oh, I see," he said apologetically.

She looked doubtful for some time. He was as well beginning to have some doubts about it. And the thought that it might not be such a good idea. This was at least for her it wasn't. She looked at him oddly but did not saying anything.

Then, she said looking at him closely, "What does it matter if I'm a virgin? Perhaps, he will accept me. Would it matter if I were not one? That's nonsense! How could it possibly have anything to do with it? I have to have a medical operation in a year or two's time. And I might be off work for six months. I'll need to stay at home and have people that will wait on me. My fiancé will be able to pay for people to clean up after me, a chef for my meals and for a nurse to come in. Could you perhaps help me out like that? I mean, could you?"

"I've got a tiny apartment and so you couldn't come there. And I could only pay for someone to come in and clean here for an hour or two once a week."

"You're an idiot! By the way, I don't know if you know but we've had the neighbors here already complaining. I had to tell them any excuse I could think of. What were you doing dallying around and pulling your knickers up? Were you on your period?"

"No, they were a bit tight. And they felt uncomfortable."

She looked closely at him infuriated, and said, "Why didn't you take them off then if they were uncomfortable?"

"You can't take your knickers off in Public, can you?"

"Yes, you can!"

"No, you can't really! I don't think you can as far as I know."

"You can if they are uncomfortable as what else would you do…. And by the way, what I said about making money earlier…. Of course, you have to make an effort, get all the qualifications you can and apply for jobs that will give you experience…. What's wrong with you…? If you don't see that you need to make an effort, you cannot be thinking normally about how you would do anything…. What did your mother feed you on or give you to take to school?"

She listened to his answer and all he said about his mother.

Then, she said, "Oh, never mind…! I'd still like to see you."

"Anyway, you would...?"

Then he added something more and a bit differently to how they had been going so far.

"Perhaps, it is not such a good idea after all. I'm not going be able to look after you for six months if you are ill. Nor can I give you any money that I really need for myself. It is not just that I'm being ungenerous. But sometimes, I'm really quite desperate for money myself. And I need to save as well. Your boyfriend seems a good bet. I think there is some kind of joke in saying what you're saying that you need sexual experience and people don't want virgins. Really, I know I'd appreciate it if you were a virgin and we had sex. And as far as I know, anyone else would as well. It is just the media that says anything different to sell advertising space. And that's only because they have to say something different from time to time as otherwise everybody would have already heard everything they had to say. But it's not real for any normal person. So really, you should go and see your boyfriend and explain it to him. Then he'll probably want to marry you more and not the reverse. And it won't help you sleeping with me when I'm a junior employee in his office."

"All right then, I'm phoning him now."

She said this picking up a mobile phone. He didn't hear the answer she got and then she put down the phone and told him to leave.

As he walked out, he saw her relaxing on the settee pleased it seemed now that he had come around and told her this. And she briefly offered him the comfortable chair next to her. This was when he was getting ready to go. But he declined it. Really, she looked so pure, sexy, beautiful and virginous and not like just a competent experienced older female office worker that was all he had thought of her when he first saw her at work. Still, he could have known more about her and her body if he had stayed. But then, he had said that he wouldn't. 

The evening had gone well after all though that she had told him this. But, he couldn't do it.

He saw her at work again a few weeks later. But she was too busy to see him. It was a few months before she had any time to speak to him and he asked her whether she was getting married yet.

"Yes," she said. "I met my boyfriend a few days later after you had come around and told him what you had said. He was really most bemused. And I'm surprised you are still working here as he said he was going to fire you. As well, he said that I was really a floozy and that he might just give me the change from his pocket if he wanted sex with me. Eventually, he called me a cab and I left. Still, one of his friends offered me some money from his wallet and so we had sex in a spare room. This was when I had to wait anyway for a cab to take me home. After that, I met my boyfriend the next day and told him I had sold it to one of his friends. He seemed annoyed, I don't know why. And he said he was putting the marriage on hold. But to cut a long story short a bit, he's given me a new job. This is to do here but only because I have the skills to do it. It is quite a hard job in some ways but in other ways I find it easier than my old job."

"Oh, really, how is it easier and how is it harder?"

"It's really no concern of yours! And you could be fired for asking me that when it's confidential. So if you don't mind, you can leave now. This is when I need to reconsider your position. I have to reconsider it when you have spoken to me and I really do have work to get on with. And you should not be talking to me either anyway at all when you're just a junior employee and not even one in my own department."

"But what about what we did? I mean, what we said!"

"We didn't do anything! And you didn't anyway even have sex with me. That is if it is only sex that you are talking about. And you're not just saying it would have been some knee-wobbler you had with me. This is when knee-wobblers aren't even good sex. And it isn't for anyone. Now, do you mind leaving! Or I will definitely have to reconsider your position here again. You've been talking aimlessly to me for too long now for no good reason. Do you mind leaving again? Go back to your work and your own department."

It seemed then he had missed an opportunity to get laid. As well, he now worried about keeping his job. It is odd how some things can come together. But this thought would just have to wait until later. It would have to wait for later as he had work they had given him already that day to get on with that he should have finished by now. And later they would give him more as well. This is assuming that he still had a job by the afternoon.

Ah, well! Sometimes you learn by experience.... But then, something seemed just so hollow and forlorn about it. He picked up some files and filed them. 

Perhaps, I just missed out. But, as well, there is also no need to worry.

'You should always take any opportunities that come your way!'

He chuckled as he thought this allowing himself this one joke and chuckle to himself. This was when he still had some of his own work to be getting on with. That is if it was not really the company's work to do and they might not need him doing it anymore. 


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