Alone but Not Alone

Alone but Not Alone

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime


Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime


How do you define modern relationships? It can be hard to do today. What do you do if you are paying your girlfriend to sleep with you? It might just be something that happened by chance. Also, should you call her a Ho or a hooker or is she still your girlfriend? And what if you've never caught a sexually transmitted disease in your entire life but you kind of by accident started paying a couple of sex workers to come round and keep you company? And what if you made a porn film of your 'girlfriend'? You might want to post it online. But then, other people might also have something to say about it. This book is about all this and more. Read it to hear about some hilarious and, as well, some not so funny misadventures.


How do you define modern relationships? It can be hard to do today. What do you do if you are paying your girlfriend to sleep with you? It might just be something that happened by chance. Also, should you call her a Ho or a hooker or is she still your girlfriend? And what if you've never caught a sexually transmitted disease in your entire life but you kind of by accident started paying a couple of sex workers to come round and keep you company? And what if you made a porn film of your 'girlfriend'? You might want to post it online. But then, other people might also have something to say about it. This book is about all this and more. Read it to hear about some hilarious and, as well, some not so funny misadventures.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Girls

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Jack was 50 and he worked in IT. However, his job in IT was not on his mind now. About 10 minutes ago, Janet his friend had come round to see him. She was quite a beauty. And he had been seeing her for perhaps a year or two ago now. Jack only called her a 'friend'. This is when really she was his regular sex partner. And she was one he paid for every time or she would not come back to see him.

He did not know really whether he should call her a prostitute, a hooker or some other term for a sex worker and instead they settled on the word 'friend'. She didn't like the word 'girlfriend'. And she had told him this on more than one occasion when he had wanted to call her that. They had met socially and so perhaps he thought that 'friend' was the correct term for her. But she prevaricated against his calling her almost anything or so it seemed.

Janet had come in to his apartment and he had told her to make herself her own hot drink in the kitchen. His kitchen had a counter that was part of his living room and so he could see her as she made her drink. This meant that he could talk to her still when she was in the kitchen. She sat down with her hot drink and rolled a cigarette. Jack didn't smoke for health reasons. So, he would not normally have wanted secondary smoking. But he didn't really see how he could ask her to smoke outside. This was when it was down several flights of steps to the entrance and it would mean him having to do nothing on his own for 10 minutes or so until she came back.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Yvonne was another girl he knew. Or really, she was just a hooker that he also paid for sex. Perhaps, she was. But it did not feel like it. Again, he had known her socially before and so it did not seem like she was a real hooker. At least, she was not like one that worked in a brothel or anything else like that. For her to do so would have been a bit more socially unacceptable that Jack might not have considered it. Yvonne came in and he introduced her to the other girl. He pointed out that he had mentioned her already. No matter, though, as it seemed that they both knew each other anyway. They somehow knew each other outside the relationship he had with them.

After a brief chat and really no more than to introduce everyone, Jack suggested that they all get on the bed together. However, Yvonne said she was not really into it. Still, Jack invited Janet to come onto the bed with him that she did and they sat up arm in arm in the bed. Yvonne looked at them quizzically and a bit bemused. And then, she said that she had to take a phone call. She took a call that seemed to be from a male friend of hers asking her to help around the house putting up some shelves and then said that she had to leave. So Jack was alone with Janet.

A few seconds after Yvonne had left, Janet got up, took off her top and bra and Jack got up to get some condoms. When he got back to the bed from the cupboard where he kept the condoms, he realized that he did not really feel turned on. So, he asked Janet if she could make it hard for him. At times before when this had been necessary, they had lain in bed together and she had done it lying next to him. Instead, this time, she suddenly sat up and began jerking him off sitting on the edge of the bed whilst he was still standing up. After a short while in this position, he felt the urge to have his cock sucked and she obliged.

Yet after a time, he did not feel turned on by her and he asked her to stop.

After she had gone, Jack got up from where he had sat down on the bed again feeling really a bit tired. He needed more exercise. Nor, it seemed, was having all this sex helping him. It wasn't when it raised his heartbeat and made him sweat but did not exercise the muscles. So it was not good exercise. And he did not feel like going for a walk or a jog afterward. When he had tried, he'd had to come back with chafing between his legs. Or he had a wet clammy feeling between his legs that was off-putting and worrying to do any more exercise. As well, his thighs had turned in, so that he found it hard to walk or run properly.

Also, after sex, Jack had just recently again been having a shower. And this was when it really had been a long time since he'd done this. Perhaps, it was explained by a few weeks ago his managing to do a bit more exercise. Alternatively, his body could have gotten worse. So he might have found sex now even more of an effort. He did not really know which one it was. But, perhaps, it could have been both. He was thinking all this as Janet walked out the door of his apartment. And he heard her footsteps go along the corridor outside on the landing to the stairs.

After she had left, he lied in bed and thought about what had happened.

Really, he should have used a condom as it protected against disease. He had only had one sexually transmitted disease in his life and not one that was not curable. When he had slept a bit, he woke up at 2:00 AM and texted both Janet and Yvonne. He said that he didn't want to see either of them again. This was with him sending them each different texts with different reasons.

For Yvonne, he said that he could not afford to keep paying her anymore and as well, he didn't really want to see somebody who was going around with lots of other people and being promiscuous. And for Janet, he said that he expected her to be the goalkeeper when it came to condom use. So for that reason alone, he didn't want to see her again. But he added a few other things at the end such as saying that if she wanted to come round and for him to make a porn film of them, she could.

Then, he went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water that might have been really the most beautiful glass of water he could ever have not knowing. He had heard somewhere that oral sex was low risk and, as well, Janet and Yvonne were he thought at least girls he had first met socially. They were both from within his social milieu. And he had dated them first before paying them. So it was without worry if he later did pay them to come round. Or this was at least as so he had thought of it. So, in the one way that they were both girls that he knew and liked, he had then no need to worry about them. They were not to his mind professional hookers. And they had not slept with thousands of clients that he knew of at all. After pondering all this, he slumbered fitfully until morning.

It was a week earlier. Jack was online looking at hard-core porn. As usual, he had been looking at pretty girls all in the same category.

Really, it was something he should have learned years ago not to watch porn. And he wondered if it showed up the education that he'd had as really being very poor. This was even when he had good qualifications and good grades. Right now, however, no matter, he was only interested in looking at pictures of these same girls. It made him feel turned on. And the girls were all attractive girls. Yet, even today, when he had been doing it for years and so shouldn't really feel bad about it, it still caused him a bit of confusion.

With this confusion in his mind, he began looking at some adverts on the porn website and not at the porn films. There were ones for what must be contact agencies. This was what they would have previously been called. Others looked like they must be real prostitutes. And this was with no possible mistake about it. He looked at the advert for the contact agency that he saw advertised to see if it was genuine contacts and nothing other than that going on. It might for example really be advertising something else. He knew from years ago when previously he had bought a contact magazine in a newsagent that some advertisers might actually advertise as contacts but ask you to pay them if you met them. Then, they'd just say that they were hookers plying their trade from a new outlet. Today as well, some adverts might be for webcam girls or other porn websites. However, it seemed to be genuine women looking for quick sex without payment or commitment. So he answered the questionnaire and gave his e-mail to get some contacts.

He did get a few women contacting him through the chat rooms that were the way of meeting women. But then, he found it was not completely free. And he needed to purchase more time in the chat room. As well, he'd almost arranged to meet with one or two of them just as his credit ran out. Still, they had seemed to want normal dates and they had not really been into quick easy sex. So it was disappointing when he hoped for fast strings-free sex and it seemed that he couldn't get it with what he had tried.

For several months, Jack had been seeing a counselor. He was worried about his social skills and as well about his weight. The counselor had offered to help him with both but first concentrating on social skills. Jack worried about his social skills. If he couldn't keep up a conversation around the water cooler, then they might fire him. This was from his job in IT. Also, he felt he should be able to talk better to family, to friends and to the two girls he knew. As well, his weight had really been a problem. His stomach was unsightly. And it made him feel quite bad about his appearance. Also, for many years, he'd thought of himself as being a reasonably fit person. And he'd taken a blow on this just recently as well.

The counselor concentrated on social skills techniques but ignored any other questions that Jack had. For example, Jack wanted to know about the content of his conversation. He felt he could improve that and wanted to know how. As well, he really felt that there must be some reason why he couldn't just sit down and read a book. This was because he knew from when he'd had a problem before that reading gave quite good social skills. After reading for several months, his social skills had improved. And they had not been a problem for him for a long time after that as well. But now, they appalled him again.

Eventually, Jack ventured onto a subject with the counselor that he never normally talked to her about. 'Isn't it all porn use?' he had said. The counselor really laughed quite hard at him when he said this. In reply to him, she said that it was preposterous that he should come to a highly trained counselor with such a pathetic needless worry. And then she reassured him that porn use was completely normal and had nothing to do with poor social skills. She said that everybody watched porn and anyone who said otherwise was lying about it.

Reassured about this, he left for the day. But on his way home, he felt worried about what she had said and if it was really true.

Still, the counselor could be quite strict and overbearing at times and so he knew that he could not ask her again when she had already said what the answer was. So he was stuck.

He supposed he would just have to see her again next time.

Then, he'd have to concentrate on discussing social skills and make an effort to listen to whatever she had to say to him about them.

And he'd have to forget about his other worries.

As he came near his destination on the long journey home from the counselor, he steeled himself and told himself that he could think for himself as well. And he didn't always need to rely on her.

What he thought was that he had first started to have trouble with porn as a teenager and then for a time he had really stopped. This was something that he had not had a chance to say to her. And he remembered a conversation he'd had about it with someone who had taken an interest in him and he had discussed it with a few years before the same. He said that he had stopped watching porn because when he went to the shop one time all the magazines in the shop for some reason had all the same type of girl in them. Also, it was soft-core before hard-core was generally available. So, after a few months of going to this shop, he was bored with all the porn on sale. This was when it was the only shop locally that sold any porn. It was simply boredom and nothing else that had meant he had stopped. But in some odd way, it had worked. And he had not watched any more porn for quite a few years.

As well, he said that the reason he had started the first time was that he had by chance gone into a shop that sold porn magazines as a teenager and got the magazine down to look at it intrigued by the picture on the cover. What was intriguing about the cover picture of a woman was that you could see really quite a bit of the woman's breasts including their sides. For some reason, he had never seen anything like this before. And he could not remember anyone ever who had discussed it with him.

When he looked inside, then he was even more shocked. The first picture he looked at was a topless woman. It was really quite a turn on but still quite soft. The next picture on the next page was a lot harder. It was a photograph with a woman lying down and her pubic mound in the foreground of the picture. You could see the opening of her vulva, crude and sexual, in close up with a normal pretty woman's face visible behind it in the rest of the picture. The expression on her face showed no indication that she was aware everybody could see her cunt. It was almost innocent. She had fair hair, dainty light-colored pink nipples but a dark quite large mass of pubic hair. Really, it looked a bit incongruous. Even more incongruous was the rich opulent surroundings, the overflowing jewelry box on the dressing table, her expensive silk shirt and the silk sheets. It made Jack feel a bit bad to think that she shouldn't have such possessions. This was when she did really look a bit odd. As well, he had never seen such an attractive pretty woman that turned him on so much. It was just because she was nude. And because he felt turned on, then these feelings were perhaps void. And really, she just turned him on because she was naked. But, as well, she had really such a feminine disposition. Also, she looked uncritically at him. And that heartened him. This was even though Jack knew it was a photograph that he still felt heartened. But whatever else, it really was still quite crude. Yet, it was incredibly beautiful as well. And despite what he had first thought, he could see from her naked body that there was really nothing at all wrong with her. In that shop so many years ago now, Jack had felt quite peculiar. And then hurriedly he had left the shop to go home and lie down.

When, as a young man, Jack had looked inside his first porn mag, he had really felt so shocked. And that shock had lasted for years. He was shocked by it being nudity and, as well, that you could see so many different women in one magazine. As well, many nudes were not all you expected. He had not thought so many women were like that beforehand. Yet, they were still young, quite pretty and physically fit. Nor did they actually have anything wrong with them. But in another way, it was not like the perfection he had expected. And he had been deeply shocked by it and, as well, his reaction to it. Even more incongruous were the rich opulent surroundings in some shoots. Also, it was all in expensively furnished rooms in enormous houses and in luxury locations. Jack was as well young enough not to have ever experienced any of these things for real himself. Now, he might never do. But he did not think that way back then. It was like the bus he took to work every day. You paid the fare on it, rode it and you did not think ever on any journey again about your final destination once you were on it. This was until the bus stopped after it got there and then you got off.

Also, it later made him feel bad. This was about women if it was nothing else. And it was about all the women that there were in the world, that they all of them had fathers and brothers and possessions given to them. Also, they had their bodies and minds nurtured. But you could still have sex with them all and you could still look at them all in the nude. This was when he could see everything and what anyone else as well no matter whom they were was getting when it came to women. And really, it did look a bit odd. As well, he had never seen such attractive pretty women. They turned him on. And because he felt turned on, then these feelings were perhaps void. This was about any naked woman having any possessions even if he hadn't given them to her himself. And really, she just turned him on because she was naked and because she was feminine. Also, it was because she looked uncritically at him even when he knew that it was really just a photograph.

Whatever his own feelings were even when he knew this, it was still really quite crude all of it that you could see their cunts. This was despite thinking what he should or should not feel about it that people had told him. 'She is a just nude model'. 'Men photograph her nude. It is just her and their jobs as well. But obviously as a woman, she is the one who goes naked'. 'There is nothing wrong with someone just because her shoulders are a bit thin, her breasts small and her hips wide'. After hearing all this, he felt even more peculiar. And like on many occasions later, he went and lied down in bed.

Then, halfway home after seeing his first porn mag, he turned, went all the way back to the shop he had been in and bought the magazine. This was with the last amount of money in his pocket. She turned him on just by the fact that she was naked, genuinely pretty despite anything else and because she had a nice smile. But when he had seen the magazines with only the one type of girl who were all blue-eyed blondes in them and all of them perfect in their figures in the magazine, then he had finally stopped. This was after an initial shock that had kept him going for years. And only after doing it for years did he find this accidental cure and then stop. This is as has already been said.

But, just now, as he walked up a hill on the final part of his journey on his way home, he imagined that he was talking to someone like the counselor and he was saying how he had come to watch porn again now.

Jack had looked up porn on the Internet to see what it was like when he got the Internet for the first time. And he had seen a video that shocked him. It was hard-core that he had not seen before. As well, it shocked him for another reason. It was of a college girl of the types you are used to seeing on the television. She was giving head in a library after stopping reading her books to a man in working overalls. This sort of thing had always been taboo to Jack. After that, he had watched more and more videos like the first one he had seen. They all had attractive young women of about the same age in them as the girl he had first seen. And in almost all of them, they were sucking cock. It worried him that he only had this one type of video that he wanted to see. Also, he worried what other people might say about it if they knew. But he was powerless to do anything. This was because as soon as he got home, he wanted to switch on his computer and look at the videos of these girls.

Then, on the journey he was taking now, he turned into his drive, put the key in his lock, he was once again inside his house and, as well, he was his normal self. This was except for the presence of a computer to remind him that everything was not as it should be. And this was when his computer had dozens of videos of girls on it in the nude. As well, his browser was mainly used to see these girls. They were either in the nude, having sex or stripping. He constantly looked at porn and, as well, he was normally always on his computer doing so.

Jack also badly wanted to be able to write something other than his hundreds of pages of diaries and notebooks that he felt were getting him nowhere. He had written dozens of some of the same essays about his worries. If it was really just looking at porn that worried him, he did not yet quite see the trick played on him. Really, he was trying to define one idea that he could write about that would answer all his questions on the subject. But, he knew it was probably a mistake to think such a thing about essays. Hadn't he heard somewhere that the whole point of writing essays was that they really were on different topics about the same thing? And the whole point of any study was that there was rarely any definitive answer to anything. You could not say lots of things shortly or in just one essay. So perhaps he was making mistakes in all his writing. And going to writing class might be a solution. This was when Jack didn't really want to write so much and still be getting nowhere with it. It took a lot of time and hurt his fingers and he wanted to learn how to do it properly.

Janet was an attractive girl who attended the writing class. He noticed her when she was really quite pretty, attentive in class and quite intelligent. But he would normally have ignored her when he felt he had poor social skills. So he had no real intention to talk to her more than he had done already. But doing a class, his social skills improved. When Jack first went to the writing class, he did not want to destroy his chances right away with dating any girls that he met in his own class or at the college. And so, he had waited a few weeks. This was before he started talking to any of them.

However, he was disappointed. Most of the girls already had boyfriends. Some of their boyfriends were from the college and some of them they had met outside. As well, they said things such as their boyfriends had good jobs. And they had better jobs than his one.

Now, he worried about annoying their boyfriends even just talking to them that it could affect his own job if they complained to his company and they had some kind of influence with them.

So, today, a month or two into the class, he spoke to Janet again when she seemed to have nobody around her. As well, in a moment that he felt safe to do it, he asked her if she had a boyfriend in the college. When she said, 'no', he found for the first time since he was a teenager that he was flushing red, sweating and his heart was pounding. This was much to his surprise. Still, she seemed understanding about it. Now, he asked her if she had any boyfriend at all including outside the college.

Then Janet looked around a bit peeved at the rest of the class that might have just seen it all.

Turning back to him, she said, "No, I don't. And you can date me if you want to. There's no problem with it. I mean, there's no problem dating a girl you meet at college if that's what you've been thinking. You are at college as well. This is today's day and age and not years ago like your father's generation when you were supposed to take your cap off to somebody in some odd situation meeting them coming out one of your female relative's houses. And still, you had to behave yourself or something...."

Jack laughed.

"I don't mind if we go on a date," she said. "And nor do I mind if you come back to mine. Why don't you come back to mine and we can have our date there? But, it won't be today! I'm not that fast. Possibly, I can see you at the weekend. It is just that I have to see somebody else tonight. Are you all right with that? Is all of that all right with you? I hope it is as I like you and don't want to miss it. So, do you want to come around to mine to see me? Our date is at the weekend as I already said just back then. This is when I'm free?"

"And then what will we do?" said Jack enthusiastically smiling.

"For grievously treading on somebody's shoe," she said.

And then she said that she would see him when she did. As well, she said that he could just come in for a hot drink. This was when it was cold and raining outside.

"If you are saying that you want anything more now, then you can forget about it," she added with her tone becoming stony.

"All right, then. I'll come only for a hot drink. Really, I'd like just that. Can you tell me the time that I should come?"

"For grievously treading on somebody's shoe," she said again taking out a paper notepad. "All right, here's my phone number. And this is where I live. This is my house number. I'm in apartment number.... See you then!"

And she parted from him with a wan smile. Also, he gave her a wan smile back. So it had been a bad start. Or maybe it was just a fumbling one. But it could still turn out well. This was perhaps in the end. Or it was anyway it was that Jack was hoping.

Jack was at work in his job in IT. Despite his poor social skills that worried him, he felt that he had recently made some good contributions to the company. This was after brushing up his IT skills. He had done so by reading again some of his old textbooks from his course. His office was a large open plan one halfway up a small office block. It was near the edge of the central business district where it merged with a shopping center just across the road. And not far from his office, there were some grassy verges and small parks with modern pieces of sculpture in them or graffiti-style murals. It had been pointed out to him when he first went to work there that these were good places to walk. But he had not done this.

Recently, as he had become important to the company, somebody had said that security had suggested it might be dangerous for him to go there. This was as he could be recognized. Really, he did not know what to think of it. He did not think he was so important. But then, this person had said that he was. As well, they gave short shrift to any questions he might want to ask about what they had said. This included about his actual importance to anyone. Afterward, he felt a bit bruised and battered by it all. And he wondered if it had been a joke. Still, there was nobody to ask. And there was nobody to ask as well if it was even more of a joke that nobody would speak to him about it. This was including managers who would not normally be in on any practical jokes. He was never quite sure about it after. Then, something he had been told as a young office worker not to wonder about anything made itself more prominent in his mind and he stopped wondering about it anymore.

Reading his old textbooks had been what he had started with as a priority. Still, this might be laughable when there were millions of pounds involved in running the company for just a few months and as well, people depended on him personally for his IT skills. But without shame, he was using business-planning skills to bluff his way in a company in which he was actually quite important to them. Yet, he told himself that whatever his personal problems were, they could not have affected his job that anyone noticed. Or, at least, they hadn't up until now. So that gave him some breathing space to get back on track!

Seeing Janet might have some advantages. It did when he worried about where he could go out, could be seen or he would be able to talk to people. She already knew him and so there seemed no problem with it. After all, she would have done something by now if she were planning to. This was when she'd already had plenty of opportunity. As well, she seemed to be in control of men that she knew. And so this made him feel safer. She could put in a good word for him and then these men would give up any quick and easy money they might make. Something about it though made him feel it was all a bit pathetic. And it made him feel as well that he had really no control over his life and his safety.

Also, giving him these concerns might have all been a joke by people at work. But they had reacted furiously when he had eventually said that. In fact, when he had said it, they said that he could forget it completely if he was going to talk like that. So really, he was confused, fearful and hateful all at once. And this might have been a powerful aphrodisiac for wanting to be with the one person who seemed unruffled through it all even if it was just because she knew none of it.

He had not told Janet about his job. This was as he thought it was poor social skills. Instead, he talked about the television. Also, he talked about the most mundane current affairs repeated almost word for word from the radio. As well, this was when he only listened to it for 20 minutes a day. But, she still seemed to accept it as good conversation. They had developed in the time that they had known each other a working social relationship. This was, as well, about the only relationship right now of any good kind that he had with any other human being. And so, although he hated himself for doing it when there were so many negative things you heard about meeting attractive young girls for sex in their apartments that security people talked about, he had a warm anticipation of attending their 'meeting in her bedroom' as she had promised him.

He arrived at her home and they chatted for a while, but it was not as good as when he had been in the class and taken his breaks with her. Really, it all seemed a bit bad tempered. Her apartment was hot and dry. This was when there seemed to be something wrong with the heating. He asked her about it and she said that she had no control over it but was seeing the property owner about it. Eventually, after they had sat in silence for some time, he begged her for a hot or cold drink to sip because he really didn't feel well.

"I'll put the television on," she said.

"Look! I was really looking forward to coming here today to see you but it's all turning out awful. I don't feel well at all. Please, I beg of you to give me some kind of drink or a snack. It is just as refreshment. As well, it is only to be polite."

After an agonizing minute when she did nothing but stare blankly at her walls, her attitude fortuitously did seem to change. She asked him if he wanted his hot drink strong or weak. And she said that she was going to go to the kitchen. She brought back two hot drinks. Drinking the sweet hotness, he felt that she had gone from being uncaring and inconsiderate to attending to his needs and giving him as well now an odd but ever stronger feeling of love and happiness. Before she had done what she did, it had felt quite dire really. But he had not fully registered how serious it was. This was until just afterward now that he had recovered.

She had brought the hot drinks back. And they sat on her bed and drank them. This was as she only had one chair in her whole apartment. And, at that, it was not particularly comfortable. It was quite the most delicious hot drink that he had ever tasted. After that, when he wanted another one, she without any more hesitation now, got up and went to the kitchen again. And this time she brought back a steaming fresh full pot. She placed it on a small bedside table that was barely big enough for the tray to balance properly in its place. And they drank together more delicious hot drinks.

He thanked her for the hot drinks. Then, he said that he would be on his way. As well, he said that he was grateful for her consideration. Also, he said to excuse his earlier complaints. This was if he had made any. And he said that he could see now that they were probably unfounded in some way. However, he said that he would not right now try to explain the mystery. This was as a kind of joke he told her. And he said it taking his coat to leave and go out.

"Don't go," she said plaintively and very quietly.

"I don't know really," he said. "What more have we got to say to each other? I've said all my news for today. And I've explained a bit about my hobbies and interests. There is no point dwelling on it now. It would spoil it for talking about it another time. You need to talk about hobbies only a bit and at different times. If you say it all at once, then people will find it boring…. Really, the things I just said were just things that I heard the other day with people discussing social skills. And to say them is poor social skills. Saying that you are learning social skills is poor social skills in itself. And it is just by anything you might care to apply. This is if you think about it."

He told her all this and more.

For a moment, he prevaricated whether he should apologize for his earlier gaffe of begging when she was going to help him anyway with some drinks in the kitchen that must have sounded bad. However, he was brought up short by something she said.

"Can you just give me a little money as I have run out? And then we can have sex?"

"Have you really run out?"

"Yes," she said.

She had said it quite emotionally. It was as if she felt something for him. But still, he did not know if she was just a hooker that he had stumbled across. So, he asked her about it.

"How dare you say that? I'm not a hooker! Can't you see that I'm a well-brought up girl? I don't expect talk like that from men I know. It's just that you may as well pay me if we are going to have sex. I do need the money anyway. And I would really like sex with you. But I can't do it free. A girl has to earn her own money somehow. So, just give me a bit that I can see you've got in your wallet! And then we'll be all right for sex. You do want sex with me, don't you? I'm wearing frilly panties...."

"All right then, I would like to see your frilly panties I suppose. But why don't you ask other men for money as well? I mean, you said that you had known some of the men you see for years. They might give you more money than me. I don't really know you very well anyway. You might really just be a hooker. Thanks for the drinks. Making a big pot and not just mugs was very considerate of you as well. My heart really rose when I saw it. But, as well, I've recently been worrying about my own finances."

"For the price of a mug of steaming hot soup! Just give me the money. Then, we can have sex on the bed. We can do it right here and right now! And we can do it on the bed where my hand is patting and smoothing the faded sheets. That is the ones you can see yourself with the pattern on them and smelling of perfume."

Jack didn't really know what to think but listened for the time being.

She continued saying more, talking dirtier and dirtier and her moving a little closer to him. He could see the pores on the top of her breasts over her T-shirt and the pores on the back of her hand. And he could smell a warm scent of her bath oil. It seemed she must have taken a bath before he got there. Then, she smiled a sweet smile at him. And in that instant, he was hooked. It was a smile that he would always want to see. And he never wanted again not to have it. Nor did he ever not want again not to have a woman like her either.

Then she smiled some more the same smile for him again now. And it was if it wasn't now slightly differently and a bit more mocking at him that he hadn't noticed before. She laughed aloud at him. Still, he didn't really notice it. This was if she had done this and that she had indeed laughed at him. He didn't notice it. Or he didn't care when he could get sex. And he loved it almost still the same even as just a moment ago. She laughed aloud again. And she spoke as well still when she did it in the soft vowels of an educated genuinely classy girl. So, he knew then that really there could be no harm. She was talking to him and trying to convince him to go to bed with her. This was when for some reason he was not already convinced.

She said more dirty things that were oddly also feminine and lovely sweet things.

"Wouldn't you like to just take a woman into bed?"

She began like this. And after a bit he'd had taken her to her bed and come deep, satisfied, and carefree with her and even if she was a hooker. Right now, he didn't care.

"For the price of a hot drink and grievously treading on somebody's shoe," she said afterward and lied over back down on her side of the bed.

It now did seem a bit odd. She asked him if she was the first woman that he had ever paid for sex. But he didn't want to answer. This is because it spoilt it and so he told her to shut up about it. And he said as well that he didn't want to look on her as a prostitute. So, she wasn't to call herself one anymore. Also, he said that they had met in the same class together and so as far as he was concerned, she was the girl that he had met before still who was just his classmate.

She ignored some of the things he said to her now.

And he ignored some of things she said back.

In the end, they just lied on the bed together. And they were still in each other's arms and in the silence of the room.

Then, instead of what he might have said when he had just paid her, Jack began making jokes about her being his girlfriend.

"Don't ever call me your 'girlfriend' again," she said angrily.

"Why don't you want me to call you my 'girlfriend'? Are you feeling low? Perhaps, you feel low now and that is why you're saying it. Am I right?"

"Perhaps," she said studiedly.

"What do you want me to call you then? When I first saw you, I thought you were just a friend I could talk to. This was because you really did seem quite approachable. Did you do that deliberately in some way? Was that part of your plan to ensnare me?"

"I don't know, but I suppose it might have been."

"So, as we started as friends, then perhaps just call each other 'friends'."

"All right, I'm fine with that. Now please leave as I need to go to the shops."

"Can we do it again? I feel turned on again now. And what are those funny things you are always saying, 'for the price of a hot drink' or 'for grievously treading on somebody's shoe'? Was that another womanly trick?"

She was about to say, 'for the price of a hot drink' again, but instead she said nothing for a bit.

"There's other stuff I could get if you give me a bit more money," she said. "It is just that if we are going to do it again, I may as well get paid some more. That is for doing it again. And it is as well when I don't have to as I've done it once already. That was what you paid me for just now, am I right? It was just so you could come, wasn't it? But you have to pay me more if you want to come again."

"Yes, I'll pay again more to have sex another time then."

He said this now a little sheepishly. But no matter he gladly gave her the money. This was so they could do it another time.

When they had finished doing 'it' again, she quickly got up. And she said now that she needed to go to the shops. This was before they closed.

She seemed to be really in a bit of a hurry. And it made him feel tired. She was cutting it a bit fine as well. So he did his best to help her. This was despite his tiredness and another warm glowing feeling that also made him want to rest. Still, he dressed as quickly as he could to please her and then left out his newfound female friend's home.

When he had finally left out the front of the apartment block that she lived in, an austere 1930s block with four floors, into the grass lined avenue outside, he felt a warm feeling between his legs and a warm feeling as well in his heart. Also, he felt the sensation of clean good-to-be-expelled cum that had ended up in the top of a condom and no guilt at all. He didn't when she had really been so considerate and pleasant. It was just like having a newfound best friend. But she was a friend who could also make you come. As well, she could take her knickers off for you. And the thing that she offered, part haven, part magic trick had made him feel a lot better. He would like to see her again. But then, he would see if he really did want to. Still, then he might.

Then, a few days later as he had come into his office in the morning even as he was still thinking of Janet, he felt his heart descend into the pit of his stomach. He saw a new female employee blonde with big boobs in her cream office blouse and dark knee length skirt talking to an older female red curly-haired more senior employee. He could hear what they were saying. The younger woman was leaning over the desk of the older woman. And they both were looking at a database that one of them had up. This was on a computer screen in front of them. And they both were looking at it. 

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