Company for Breakfast: Broken Plate

Company for Breakfast: Broken Plate

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He leaned over top of her to whisper in her ear. “That’s ok.” She could feel his hard dick against her ass. “I had enough of your pussy last night.” He licked the side of her ear and then spit on his left hand.


He leaned over top of her to whisper in her ear. “That’s ok.” She could feel his hard dick against her ass. “I had enough of your pussy last night.” He licked the side of her ear and then spit on his left hand.


Submitted: March 19, 2016

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Submitted: March 19, 2016



Part Two. (While part two is good on its own, the experience is far more satisfying to read part 1- Company for Breakfast: Unbroken Plate, first.)


It was that crooked, sinister smirk that got to her. She struggled against the bondage that held her tight against the cold, metal chair. The duck tape held strong as it pulled on her skin every time she moved. 

“Puh…” She stammered, “Please don’t.” She pleaded quietly. She was exhausted.

He nonchalantly walked over to her, the knife still in his hand. He carried the smirk with him and stopped in front of her. He looked down at the mess before him and he wasn’t looking at the spilled food. He shook his head and leaned down.

“My dear, you’re a mess.” He grabbed her jaw and raised the knife to her cheek. “What am I to do with such a dirty whore?” He jousted. Her eyes grew big in fear as she felt the cold steel slide across her flushed cheek.

“In fact, look at this entire mess you made!” He scolded. He straightened back up and put the knife back at his side. He adjusted his unbuckled pants and raised the knife to the side of the chair she sat in. She heard the duck tape cut and the tension on her skin loosen. She looked up at him to in hopes to understand what his next move would be. He reached out and yanked on the duck tape that laid across her skin. She whimpered in pain as he removed it quickly.

“Get up.” He spoke with a stern tone as her shaky legs tried to pull herself up. “I said get up!” He grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her up the rest of the way.

“When I say to do something, you do it right away.” He demanded with gritted teeth. She nodded nervously knowing he still had the knife in his hand.

“Now, clean your mess up.” He pointed down with the knife at all the spilled food that was scattered on the floor and table. She started with the floor and began picking up the little bits of sausage and egg. She put the pieces in her cupped hand and scooted along the floor making sure she didn’t miss any. He leaned back on the counter behind him and watched her, crossing his arms.

“I better not see one spec of food when you’re done.” He threatened.

She looked around once more to make sure the floor was clear before she moved up to the table. She reached up to the table’s edge and pulled herself up. She was so tired. She could barely move. She began to pick up the little pieces on the table, but her cupped hand was too full so she emptied it out on the plate that still sat on the table.

“What are you doing?” He firmly asked. She turned her head to answer him.

“I’m…I’m cleaning the table.” She said in a shaky response. She continued to put pieces of food from the table onto the plate.

“I never said to put it back on the plate.” His tone became angered again as he walked over to her. “Are you expecting me to eat this? Is this how you think of me?” He grabbed her by the back of her hair and shoved her face down towards it. “Like some dog?”

She quickly tried to shake her head no, but he shoved her down hard the rest of the way. Her face met the cold table top and the extreme force knocked the wind out of her as her stomach met the edge of the table.

“I’ll show you who the real dog is. A bitch even.” He held her down by pushing hard onto her right shoulder with his right hand as he positioned himself behind her. She heard the knife drop to the floor and she tried to push herself back up but was met with a hard shove back down. She heard him scoff a laugh at her attempt and felt him thrash up her torn slip exposing her bare ass. He gave it a quick slap as he tried to pull apart her legs with his right foot. She squeezed her legs tightly together.

He leaned over top of her to whisper in her ear. “That’s ok.”  She could feel his hard dick against her ass. “I had enough of your pussy last night.” He licked the side of her ear and then spit on his left hand.

“Don’t!” She cried out and wiggled about as she felt his wet hand slide between her ass cheeks and across her asshole. He rub his hand up and down making the area as wet as he could. He still laid across her back as he explored her ass and her abrupt movements of disapproval only made it much more pleasurable for him.

Dipping down lower, he slide a finger into her vagina and whirled it around feeling the inside of her become slick. He continued to pull his finger in and out of her making her even more wet and him even harder. She could feel his hot breath on her back quicken and his eagerness rising. She clutched onto the sides of the table to brace herself as she felt him move his hand back to her asshole. He outlined it a few times to almost get her ready for it. He shoved it in and didn’t let up as his finger moved in and out of her hard.

She gripped the table harder and winced in pain as he fingered her. The pain was almost unbearable and she began to feel sick. He smiled in amusement at her discomfort. He shoved a finger into her vagina as he still finger-fucked her ass. He wanted to make sure it was as sloppy wet as it could be. He could only imagine how tight her asshole would be around his hard dick.  He continued to finger her until he noticed she wasn’t whimpering as much. He straightened himself up, but still held her down as he pulled his fingers out grabbed his pulsating dick. He rubbed the tip of it around her asshole. He was already pre-cuming and circled it around for extra lubrication. He positioned his dick and began to shove it in slowly, not knowing how tight it would be.

An instant hot sweat came over her as she felt the tip of his dick protrude her ass. The pain was excruciating and she cried out in pain. This only made him push it in further as he felt the entire tip disappear inside. He wasn’t hold back anymore and he grabbed the side of her ass to thrust it in the rest of the way, lunging them both forward.

He grunted out in pleasure at the hot, wet tightness that formed around his dick as she her muffled cries bellowed below him. He gripped harder on the side of her ass and thrusted in and out of her feeling ever bit of her tight hole. He let out another moan as his pace quickened. He leaned back down over top of her, holding himself up by his hand. He looked down to watch himself fuck her, hypnotized at her ass as it moved back in forth as he continuously slammed into it. Its round, firm motions drove him over the edge.

She looked up as her face laid flat against the table, her hair kept falling in her face because of the movements he forced upon her. She could hear the table creaking below them. Squeaking back and forth in the same motion as them. She saw the plate full of crumbled food slowly inches its way to the edge of the table, making a soft clicking noise as it moved. Her moment was interrupted when he thrust hard into her ass and quickened his pace, which made her move her head down to her chest at the mere pain that flowed through her. She wondered if it would ever stop.


“Play with yourself.” He demanded in a broken, out-of-breath tone. She did as she was told and removed her left hand from gripping the table. He slowed his pace and she felt him take his right arm and swoop it under her pelvis to raise her ass up and held it there. The relief to her lower abdomen from the edge of the table made it easier for her to lower her hand down to her vagina. He watched her intently as she began to explore herself. His pace quickened back up.

“Don’t you dare stop until I tell you to.” He hissed.

Her fingers met her clit and to her surprise she was extremely wet. Dripping, even. As she continued to glide her fingers across her vagina she realized it subsided the pain he inflicted on her continuously with every thrust. She began to rub her clit in a circular motion until she felt herself begin to feel an intense pleasure. The combination of him gliding in and out of her ass and her overly soaked pussy made her clit throb and she let herself fall into the extreme ecstasy. With every movement he made she rub her pussy harder, wanting more.

He smiled through his moans as he saw her begin to arch her back and push her ass onto his dick. She’s craving it. She wants him to fuck her harder.

“You like being fucked like a dog, don’t you?” He sneered sinisterly. “You’re going to cum to it.”

He reach down and grabbed her hand that was giving herself pleasure and pushed it aside, replacing it with his own. Feeling her hot, pulsating clit on his fingers heightened his extreme want to cum. He began to rub her clit using her own juices to slide up and down her causing her to moan in pleasure.

She grip the table once more in disbelief in the waves of pleasure that crippled her. Her asshole felt amazing as she felt his dick get harder. He was about to cum.

As her moans got louder he rubbed her clit harder. She threw her head back as she felt her climax explode and jolt through her. It was nothing like she had ever felt before and just when she thought the pleasure couldn’t get more intense she felt him grip her ass hard as he began to cum, pouring out his hot cum inside her ass.  She trembled with the overwhelming feeling as he moaned behind her.

With the last few thrusts he pulled out of her, satisfied. She opened her eyes just in time to see that plate, now tittering, fall off the table and shatter across the kitchen floor.

“I’m not paying for that.” He calmly said as he buckled his pants.

She sat up slowly, a little dazed. “Don’t worry about that.” She brushed her matted hair out of her face. “The rest of the money is by the door in that envelope,” she continued catching her breath.

He looked over and saw a white envelope pinned up by the door. He nodded and headed for the door, grabbing it on his way out.

“Till next time.”

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