Quick Flash - I Can Cross THAT Off My Bucket List!

Quick Flash - I Can Cross THAT Off My Bucket List! Quick Flash - I Can Cross THAT Off My Bucket List!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Fantasies are fulfilled at a house party...while everyone watches.


Fantasies are fulfilled at a house party...while everyone watches.


Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



Well, I can cross something off of my bucket list…

I just woke up. It is noon but Matt and I had a rather late night. Last night something happened. Don’t be scared, everything is fine, but you are my best friend I want you to hear it from me before you go to class and hear it from some stranger. Hopefully you haven’t already. I would call you but I know you have class right now so I’m hoping you see this email before you hear the rumors.

Last night Matt and I went to a house party off of campus. Remember Freddy from high school? Well he ran into Matt on campus yesterday and invited the two of us to this party. I didn’t really want to go because I had a lot of homework to do, but Matt was in the mood to go out so we went.

It was warm last night so I wore that skinny, tight dress. You’ve seen me wear it before, the navy blue dress with the short sleeves? I like the way it makes my ass look so I decided to wear it. If I wasn’t in the mood to be there, I might as well look good, right?

Matt was in shorts and a button down shirt. I have to admit, he looked really cute. I’m happy he cut off his beard. It was cute for a little while but I got tired of it rubbing against my inner thighs…oops. Did I say that out loud?

Anyway, we get to the house party and we realize that we know no one! Oh well, we are always up for meeting new people, they had free drinks, and the music they were playing was great, so we stayed.

We make small talk with a few people, have a few shots and beers, and then decided to dance. The living room had been cleared out so they could make a little dance floor.

I guess I should mention that the house was packed. It literally took us twenty minutes to get from the front door to the kitchen where they had the drinks. I almost didn’t even go inside, but I’m REALLY glad that I finally decided to go in.

So Matt and I start dancing. Matt and I were going to stop and get food on the way but for whatever reason we forgot so we just went straight to the house. Of course, my head was spinning as we started to dance.

It was so hot on the dance floor. Both from the body heat and from all the good looking people. I don’t know what part of the city all those people were from, but they were delicious looking. All of that heat made the dance floor even hotter as all the beautiful men and women were rubbing up against us as the beats thumped through the house.

We were pressed up against one another and Matt looked and smelled great. Guys and girls were grabbing my ass, rubbing up against me, and the whole thing was starting to turn me on.

Plus, tequila. You know me and tequila. Well it started to kick in and I started to get a little frisky with Matt. I was pressed up against him with my arms around him and I started kissing his neck and his amazing lips. I felt his arms around me and then I realized I felt two hands on my ass as well. I looked over my shoulder and this really pretty blonde girl was holding my ass as she watched Matt and I kiss. I didn’t mind, I thought it was kind of sexy that she wanted to touch me while I kissed my boyfriend.

Here is the part where it gets interesting. If you hear any rumors, it’s because of what happened next.

I turned and kept grinding my ass against Matt while I pulled this girl close to me and I started to kiss her. While you know I love doing that in front of Matt, you probably don’t know why.

First, I really love kissing women. I love feeling their soft lips against mind. I love feeling their breasts against mine. Matt is an awesome kisser, but kissing another girl is just…different. The blond girl I was kissing was so pretty that it was just really turning me on to kiss her.

Second, I LOVE how hard Matt fucks me after he watches me kiss another girl. It gets him so horny that he gets wild and fucks me kind of rough. So if I have tequila and get in the mood to get fucked hard, I grab a girl and kiss her, knowing full well I will be attacked as soon as I get into the bedroom.

I know this is probably TMI, but you’re my best friend and I trust you.

Now, up to this point, I had been struggling with my dress. It kept riding up my ass and I was pulling it down all night. I love the dress because it looks cute on me, but I hate that I have to play tug-of-war with it all night.

Well, as I was kissing the girl, the dress was sliding up as I was grinding on Matt, and I just gave up and let it slide up over my ass. I was having too much fun kissing the blond and feeling Matt’s hands all of me so I just let it happen. I figured we were packed in too tight for anyone to really see anyway and if they did, all they would see is my panties so who cared?

Matt had been holding me and rubbing his hands all over my body as we danced. It was very sensual, being able to kiss a girl while Matt touched me. I started to get lost in the moment and just enjoyed what was happening.

Then, Matt slid his hands from my arms, to my shoulder, and then straight down my chest, over my breasts, down my tummy, and he stopped on my naked thighs.

The girl I was kissing backed up for a moment, and then came forward again. I think she was surprised to feel Matt's hands slide between us. She looked down and saw Matt touching my hips and thighs and she smiled and kissed me once more and then turned and started to grind up against this guy.

I was a little disappointed. I wanted to kiss her more. I don't even know if she knew the guy but she turned her back to him like I was to Matt. I think she wanted to be touched the same way. I wish she would have stayed close to us. Matt and I definitely would have touched her more.

Then I felt Matt's hand slowly move from my hip, to my pussy. He just put his hot hand over my pussy and held it there. I kept grinding against him and moved so his fingertips would get closer and closer to my clit.

His cock was so hard. I reached back and tried to grab it but it was awkward. He moved it so it rested in between my ass cheeks. I started to buck my hips so his cock would slide up and down between my ass cheeks, and his fingers would rub me in the front at the same time.

He then put his hands under my panties and his finger reached for my pussy. I was soaking wet and I felt his finger sliding all over me, spreading my juices all over my pussy lips.

At this point I was a little out of my mind. Even though there was a room full of people, as far as I was concerned, it was just Matt and I. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the beat of the music. I moved my hips with the same beat and enjoyed being touched and knowing how much I was exciting my lover.

I have no idea how, I assume someone had been watching us closely, but all of a sudden Matt sat down on a chair, and pulled me down on his lap. I looked around and realized people were moving away from us in a circle. All of a sudden, we were the center of attention. For just a half second I was embarrassed, but Tequila. That embarrassment faded into the fog of the tequila haze and I decided to do something I have always fantasized about.

I stood, turned, and with my dress still up around my waist, pulled down my panties, kicked them off, and I straddled Matt. I started to kiss him passionately and I started to unbutton his shirt. The chair he was on was like a dining room chair so there were no arms to get in my way.

Once his shirt was off, I put his hands on my shoulders. He understood what I wanted and he pulled my dress down to my waist. As we continued to kiss, he undid my bra, and I let it fall to the floor. His skin was hot against my breasts and it make me want him even more. I knew everyone was watching which made me soaking wet, but I was too shy to look. I just kept kissing Matt and enjoyed having his lips on mine, his chest against mine, his hands all over my back and ass.

I couldn't take it anymore. I needed his cock and I needed it RIGHT THEN. I reached down and undid the button to his shorts, unzipped them, reached in and grabbed his hot, hard cock and pulled it out of his shorts. It was so hot in my hand and I wanted that fire inside of me.

Stroking him twice, I could tell he was hard enough to penetrate me, so I put the hot, soft tip in between my pussy lips and as I lowered myself down onto him I looked up and looked into all the eyes that were watching me.

Fuck. It is getting hot in here. I may have to wake Matt up soon.

I put my hands on his shoulders, sat up as straight as I could, and started to ride him. Matt immediately began to suck on my breasts. My nipples were rock hard and I loved looking down to see his saliva all over my hard nipples as his hot cock slowly slid in and out of me. I tried my best to move with the beat. I wanted to properly dance on Matt's cock. I wanted to give the best fuck in the world to my lover, and the best show to everyone that was watching.

It was so fucking hot to be watched while I had Matt inside of me. It was the most turned on I have ever been in my life.

As I was riding Matt, I noticed no one was disrespectful. I know that sounds odd but everyone was just watching the show. Some couples started to kiss, while others were just enjoying it. No one tried to touch us or yell anything stupid. They all just kept moving slowly to the beat while watching me fuck my boyfriend.

I'm so wet just thinking about it.

I have no idea how long I was riding Matt. I was completely lost in a world of euphoria and lust. I had no idea what my name was, where I was, or what time it was. I was just completely and fully in the moment.

Suddenly I felt Matt pushing me up. I didn't want it to stop. I almost refused to move, but I didn't know if he was going to cum or what so I stood up and Matt sprang up out of the chair and he spun it around. His shorts dropped to the floor as he walked behind me. His large, hot hand pressed against the middle of my back. I bent over and held onto the back of the chair.

Matt grabbed my hips and pushed his rock hard shaft into my pussy from behind.

He started to thrust slowly into me from behind as I let out moans. I was just concentrating on how good his cock felt as it filled me over and over, until he pulled my hair and pulled my head up.

He said, "I want you to watch everyone as they watch you."

God. How fucking erotic and sexy was that? He somehow knew it was one of my fantasies and he was going to let me live it out, right in front of everyone.

Matt started to thrust a little harder and faster, moving with the beat. I felt his hands on my breasts, shoulders, and hair. We were both sweaty because it was so hot in there, so his hands just kept grasping and holding me tighter and tighter, but his hard thrusts would make my skin slip through his strong fingers. He couldn't get enough of me, and I loved it.

He was lasting longer than normal. I think the distraction of having everyone watch was making him last longer than normal.

Finally, he just grabbed my waist as hard as he could, and just started to ram me hard and fast. Oh my God...Matt has never fucked me so hard...ever.

Everyone watched at Matt's cock slammed into me with every thrusts. They watched my breasts bounce hard and they all heard my screams that were now louder than the music. They watched Matt's balls slap against my clit over and over again.

A few of the guys cocks were bulging in their pants, and I could see so many nipples. The whole room was turned on as they watched me get fucked rough and hard.

Something caught my eye and I looked to my right. The blond I was kissing earlier had her hand under her skirt and she was rubbing her pussy fast. I lost it. Knowing I made a hot woman so horny was too much for me and I felt my orgasm quickly swelling inside of me. I closed my eyes and within a few more thrusts I was coating Matt's cock with my cum. My orgasm was so intense, I could barely hear the music anymore. Matt thrust in a few more times and then slammed his cock deep inside of me, his cum shooting in deep and fast. We both just tried to hold ourselves up as our muscles both went weak and tense at the same time. Matt stumbled forward a little as he continued to cum. I did my best to hold onto the chair and hold us up until he was done.

When he finished, I stood up right away and started to kiss him again. We kissed in the middle of the room as everyone applauded, and then someone turned up the music and everyone filled up the dance floor again. Everyone was dancing around us like nothing had happened, even while Matt's cum was still oozing out of me.

Matt slowly pulled my dress over my shoulders, and I pulled it down over my ass. He found his shorts and shirt and slowly dressed. The chair disappeared and everyone started to press against us, exactly the way it was earlier.

We stayed a few more hours, had a few more drinks, and then left. No one else said a word about it the entire night, which made the experience even more erotic. I even got one more kiss from the blonde before we left.

...I fucked Matt again as soon as we got home.

Well, I'm sore down there and now that the tequila fog has lifted, I'm remembering every detail. You know what? I'm not even embarrassed. It was amazing and I would totally do it again if the opportunity presented itself.

If I never get the chance, oh well, at least now I can cross it off my bucket list!

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