My Mailman Now Loves Delivering Packages

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My mailman now loves delivering packages to my house.

From: Jeff Anderson
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 1:32 PM
To: A.J. Quick
Subject: RE: Where are you?


I don’t see you in the office today. You OK?




AWE! That is so sweet! Yes, I’m fine. It is a BEAUTIFUL day today so I decided to call in.

After I called in “sick”, I then called my friend Katie to come over to lay out by the pool. I thought we could soak up some sun, have a few drinks, and then maybe go out out to dinner later on.

She thought it was an awesome idea but she had to work until noon, so we agreed to meet at my house about 12:30.

About eleven o’clock I got tired of waiting for her so I made a DELICIOUS margarita and went outside to lay by the pool. Just because Katie couldn’t get here for another hour and half didn’t mean I couldn’t get the party started early, right?

So I was outside, soaking up the sun in this little black bikini I bought last week. Remember the one I showed online? You probably don’t remember. You men don’t notice those things. Anyway, I was wearing that one and I was listening to some music.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the way the sun feels on my naked skin. I love letting the sun’s rays wash over me and heat me up. I love feeling hot so I was looking forward to laying out.

I have to admit that my breasts look AWESOME in this bikini, and my long, naked legs look so good all oiled up. I know you like staring at both. I’ve caught you looking at my cleavage and legs in meetings. I don’t mind. You can look all you want. (Did I mention I had another margarita? Ole’!)

I also love the way you have been dressing lately. I probably shouldn’t say this because we work together, but you have been looking really hot lately. The other day you were wearing those new black slacks and I wanted to spank and bite your delicious ass. I nearly ripped off that white button down shirt you were wearing the other day, but I didn’t want the buttons to hit our CEO on the head. Ha ha ha!

Sitting in my lounge chair, my skin started to heat up and my mind started to wander. I started thinking about how great you always smell and how strong your arms feel when I touch them. I started to imagine us in one of our boring weekly sales meetings. As the CEO drones on and on, I imagined walking over, and in front of the whole staff, ripping off your shirt and then throwing you on the conference room table, unbuttoning your pants, and pulling them down off of your muscular legs. I then pictured myself pulling you up and kissing you as we turn and I sit on the edge of the table. I fantasized about you ripping off my blouse and taking off my bra, letting my beautiful…wait…gorgeous breasts fall out of my bra. You would see that my nipples were already hard. I would spread my legs wide, showing you I had left my panties off that day, and then you would get on your knees and-


I look over and I see a roofer who had been working on a roof two doors down was staring at me with his mouth wide open. I looked down and realized I MAY have spread my legs a little wider than normal and my bikini top had slid down my oiled and tanned breasts, nearly showing off my nipples. The roofer quickly picked up the hammer, closed his mouth, and quickly went back to work.

Of course, the black bikini attracts the sun and so certain areas were getting a little warmer than others. I really wanted to pull my bikini to the side and slide my finger into my hot, wet pussy, but I didn’t want the roofer to fall off the roof!

The thoughts of attacking you in the conference room made me a little too hot. I realized how wet I was getting and how hard my nipples were so I decided it was a good time to go back inside and make another margarita! (Ole’!) I needed SOMETHING to cool me down!

After making the third…fourth…whatever margarita, I went back outside and this time I laid on my stomach since it was time to rotate. Naturally, I undid my bikini top so there would be no tan lines, because you dirty boys love a girl that has no tan lines, right? I had just laid down when I heard a knock at the door. It was annoying because I had just gotten everything into position, so I just yelled for Katie to come in. I yelled two or three times but she didn’t come out out to the pool so I thought maybe I had locked the door or something. I got up and just covered my breasts with my arm-


I looked over my shoulder and waved at the roofer.

I wasn’t worried about Katie seeing me topless. She has seen me naked plenty of times. We were cheerleaders together in college and we have always been comfortable around each other. We even…well, maybe I will tell you that story later. I went into the house and opened the front door for her.

It wasn’t Katie!

A very surprised mailman was standing at the door, and his eyes got really, really big.

“I uh…uh…um. I uh…have a package for you,” he finally managed to get out.

“I would love your package,” I replied.

He laughed nervously as he handed it to me. I took it with my left hand because my right arm was still covering my boobs. (Did I mention they are gorgeous?)

He then says, “I…uh…I’m going to need a signature,” and holds out his pen.

I smiled and said, “Absolutely,” and I reached out with my right hand and grabbed the pen, exposing my delicious breasts to him. It was cute how he tried to look away but he kept taking peeks. I finished signing and then I held out the pen to him. He reached for it and I pulled it all the way back to my right breast and started to tease my nipple with his pen, moving it back and forth slowly across my nipple to get it even harder than it already was.

His hand reached out to grab the pen and because I was pulling it away from him, he took one step inside the door, but his hand stopped right before he touched me. I would guess he was in his early 30’s. He wasn’t as good looking as you are, but he was cute enough.

My front door doesn’t face the street, so I took a step back so my neighbors couldn’t see me as I continued to smile and rub his pen on my nipple. I then had a crazy idea!

I said, “My friend is going to get here in five minutes. You can either take one more step inside, close the door, get your pen, and then fuck me hard and fast before she gets here, or you can take one step back, close the door, and forever wonder how good this hot, wet pussy would’ve felt on your hard, hot cock.”

He stood there for a moment, frozen. I started to get disappointed when he leaned back, but then he took a step forward, and flung the door closed behind him.

I dropped my package when his face dove for my left breast. He sucked on my nipple and started to flick it with his tongue. I whimpered because it felt so good. I imagined it was your mouth that was on me. He then grabbed his pen with his left hand, tossed it onto the floor and grabbed my breast hard with his left hand.

I pushed him back, his back slamming against the door. I think he was worried I was going to stop him. Instead I started to get on my knees as I said, “I need your cock in my mouth, Jeff.”

“My name is Richard,” he replied.

“Not today. It’s Jeff today,” I said as I unbuttoned his pants.

“Got it. Today I’m-“ He moaned as I put his his salty, soft cock into my mouth. “I’m Jeff.”

I was surprised how fast his cock grew in my mouth, but I was sucking hard and stroking him with my hand at the same time. I knew we only had a few minutes.

“I’ve seen you before,” he managed to say. “I park my mail truck on this street every day, hoping I can see your gorgeous face,” he said as he put his hand on the back of my head and started to thrust into my mouth.

As soon as he was rock hard, I stood up and then pulled my bikini down and let it fall to the floor. I got one foot out, turned, and leaned forward, holding myself up on the console table I have in the foyer.

“She is coming soon, Jeff. Hurry and fuck me before she gets here,” I said breathlessly as I placed one hand on the wall and the other hand on the table to brace myself.

The mailman shuffled toward me with his pants down around his ankles. He grabbed my left hip with his left hand and shoved the tip of his cock into my pussy lips. He grabbed my right hip with his right hand and he thrust into me as hard as he could, but he wasn’t in the right place and he just ended up shoving me forward. I reached back and guided him to the right place and he thrust in hard again. I gasped loudly as he plunged halfway in. One more thrust and he had rammed himself completely into me.

“I’ve always wanted to be inside you from the first time I saw you,” he said.

“Fuck me Jeff. Fuck me,” I replied. I’ve always wanted you to be inside me from the first day you started working with the company.”

I’m sure he was slightly confused.

His thrusts were hard and aggressive. Maybe he was jealous that I kept calling him Jeff, but he was slamming into me hard. I had to push back hard away from the wall so my face wouldn’t collide with it. He placed both hands on my shoulders and pulled me back as he thrust into me. (My left shoulder is still sore.) Over and over that nice, hot cock was slamming into me. His balls were slapping my clit in an amazing rhythm and I could hear and feel how wet I was.

I was so wet that as his hot cock plunged and pulled from my hot, wet pussy, my juices would drip off of his hot shaft and drip down onto my thighs and calves.

He then moved his hands from my shoulders, down to my breasts. He grabbed them tight, but my oiled breasts would slide out of his hands as he rammed that hot cock into me deep and fast. He kept having to get another hold of them and he squeezed tighter and tighter.

“Harder, Jeff,” I said.

He grabbed a handful of my hair with his right hand and pulled me back. I wasn’t ready for it and I was slightly off balance. As he kicked off his pants, he shoved me down toward the ground. I went to my knees and then on all fours. I loved how aggressive he was being. He knew what he wanted. I’m sure you know what you want to do with me too, don’t you Jeff?

“You’re just a slutty little tease, aren’t you?” he said. His tone was more serious.

The mailman slapped the inside of my left thigh and I spread my legs wider, and then he shoved that big, thick dick back into me. Unfortunately, he didn’t fill me, but I’ve seen the bulge in your pants and I’m sure you would fill me perfectly.

“She’ll be here any minute, Jeff. Fuck me hard and cum in me.” I said, whimpering, as I looked over my shoulder at him.

He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard, really hard, but not fast. He would just slam that cock into me, making my body lurch forward every time. I reached in between my legs and started to rub my hot, throbbing clit as he rammed into me. I wanted to cum all over your cock. I mean, I wanted to cum on his cock the moment he came inside of me.

“I’ve watched you get in your car on your way to work. I know you always tease me, raising your skirt high on your thigh before pulling your leg in. You love being a dirty tease, don’t you?” he asked.

He was so aggressive and he rammed me so hard, I couldn’t hold myself up with one arm. I put my face on the cold tile floor, and kept my ass up so he could use me as he wished. He slapped my ass with his right hand while his left hand struggled to grasp onto my hot, oiled hip.

Once again he grabbed my hair and pulled me up until I was again back on all fours. He wrapped his fingers around my neck and started to fuck me hard and fast. I could tell my face was turning red but I loved it. I loved how he controlled me and how he was rough with me. Too many men in the past treated me like a princess. Sometimes I just love being a whore, or a dirty little slut, and want to be fucked like one.

“I need your cum,” I struggled to say with his fingers wrapped firmly against my neck. He started plunging his hot, hard shaft into me faster and harder than he had before. If his fingers were not cutting off my air, his hard, fast fucking would have taken my breath away anyway.

“You better fucking cum on my cock, you little tease,” he said through his grunts.

“Yes, Jeff,” I replied.

I could feel his cock swelling inside of me and I knew I would soon get what I was craving. I knew the feeling of his hot cum shooting deep inside of me would send me over the edge and make me cum SO HARD. I knew his fierce attitude would make my orgasm fierce as well.

His thrusts were slowing down. I knew he was trying to hold back that hot cum.

“Jeff, cum in me,” is all I could say.

He rammed him to me three more times, and then let go of my throat and PULLED IT OUT! He let out a loud groan as he grabbed his cock, jerked it, and shot his hot cum all over my back. As his moans subsided, the cum just dripped out, onto my round ass.

“I wanted your cum in me!” I said, whining.

Instead of feeling that hot cum shoot deep inside me to make me cum, I had to reach between my legs and rub my clit as hard and as fast as I could.

My orgasm was rather disappointing. I was looking forward to an intense, insane, ferocious orgasm, but instead I had a regular old boring orgasm that I usually give myself when I play with my own pussy. While it felt good, it didn’t feel GREAT, like I wanted.

By the time my legs stopped shaking, the mail guy was already standing, panting while he pulled up his pants.

He looked down on me and said, “Whenever you need another good fucking, just let me know, I’ll ‘deliver’.”

Ugh. How lame. He picked up his pen and the paper I had signed, stood up, took one more deep breath, and then let himself out.

I got myself cleaned up and put my bikini back on and I made another margarita…with double the tequila this time…and I’m STILL waiting for Katie.

I then decided to check my email and I saw your sweet message!

You look horrible. I think you are getting sick. I think you should leave the office early and come and take in some Vitamin D. I know I really want to take in your D. Come over and finish what the mailman started. Come over and give me a ferocious orgasm.

Are you cumming, Jeff? Are you cumming in…I mean over, to see me? I hope you like margarita’s.

Submitted: October 01, 2014

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Jeff is on the way to cumming for you my sweet...

Thu, October 2nd, 2014 10:24am

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