An Awakening (Part Two)

An Awakening (Part Two) An Awakening (Part Two)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Alyssa's education continues by the lakeshore.


Alyssa's education continues by the lakeshore.


Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



As our heartbeats slowed, we lay twined together, my head tucked into his shoulder. His fingers danced up and down my naked back, sending delicious chills through my body. He pressed gentle kisses along my hairline as my body slowly relaxed into his arms. After what could have just as easily been minutes or hours, he pulled back slightly, tipping my chin up to look into my eyes. I could see the question there that he didn't want to voice. I could tell he was wondering if I regretted what we'd just done. I smiled, letting my happiness shine out from my eyes. I kissed him softly, pressing myself into his arms, twining my arms around his neck, sliding my leg over his thigh. He chuckled and, after squeezing me so tightly I felt my breath leave my body in a *whoosh*, pulled away and stood up. I lay there on the blanket, staring up at him, thinking that I'd never seen anything so beautiful as his body in the dappled light shining through the willow tree. 

Holding his hand out to me, he pulled me to my feet. I winced slightly as I felt the soreness between my legs. He noticed, and said "Feel like going for a swim? The cool water will help." I nodded, looking around nervously, the thought suddenly occuring to me that just because we were screened from sight, someone may have heard my cries earlier. Seeing my hesitation, he said "it's ok. There's no one here. The park is closed today, but my cousin is the park manager. He gave me directions to the access road that bypasses the gate. We're totally alone here." With that, he led me down to the lakeshore and waded into the small lagoon formed by the hanging branches trailing into the water. I followed him, catching my breath slightly as the cool water hit my still-heated skin. I joined him where he stood, the water at his waist, but just below my breasts. 

We played in the water for a time, laughing and splashing each other, playing tag under the surface, sneaking a touch here and there, his hand on my ass, my fingers brushing his thighs. Finally, we stood facing one another, my heart racing again at his nearness. He gathered me into his arms, drawing me close, sinking down into the water, so that we were both neck deep in the cool liquid, my red hair floating on the surface like a fan. Framing my face with his hands, he tilted my head up and kissed me tenderly, yet I could sense the hunger lurking just under the surface. Somehow, despite the cool water, that simple kiss ignited the fire within us once again. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pressing myself into him. To my surprise, I felt his cock stirring against my stomach, his erection growing as we stood there, locked together as if we were drowning and each was the others' lifeline. Curious now, no longer afraid, I slipped one hand down to touch him, tracing the lines and contours, feeling him twitch and grow beneath my searching fingers. Cupping him in my hand, I slowly, boldly, drew my hand up his length to the tip, then back down again, hearing him inhale sharply through his teeth. He stood stock-still, letting me explore him, somehow knowing that I needed this, needed to learn what made him feel good, not just what he could do to me. 

After a few minutes, he grabbed my hand and pushed it away. Moving his hands under my thighs, he picked me up, weightless in the water, and guided my legs around his hips. He buried his face in my shoulder, kissing along my neck and collarbone, then asked hoarsely "Oh fuck honey...please tell me you want me as bad as I want you right now." Pressed against him as I was, I could feel just how badly he wanted me at that moment, his cock standing stiff and proud in the water. Boldly, I tightened my legs and lifted myself up, angling my hips to rub my pussy against his hardness, seeking to soothe the fire that burned in both of us. His hips jerked involuntarily, then he grabbed my ass and lifted me slightly, away from him. "If you don't stop that, this will be over before it starts, Alyssa," he ground out between clenched teeth. Spreading his legs slightly, he sat me on his thighs, spreading my legs as far as he could. With one hand supporting my back, he slid two fingers deep within me, capturing my moans and gasps in his mouth as he fucked me with his hand. I began to move my hips, riding his fingers, responding to some instinct that I never knew I had, feeling as if I was about to come apart at the seams. 

Suddenly jerking his hand free, he grabbed my hips in both hands, lifted me up, and pushed me down hard on his cock, slamming into me with a force that made me scream with both pleasure and pain. Pulling his head down, I kissed him desperately, pulling his tongue into my mouth as I clenched my legs around his waist. His hands cupped my ass, moving me up and down, back and forth as I clung to him for dear life. 

As the fog of pleasure again threatened to overwhelm my mind, I dimly felt him begin to make his way toward the shore, the movement within me caused by his strides making me shudder and moan. As we reached the grassy shore, he held me to him closely, carefully easing to his knees, then laying me back gently on the grass. Supporting his weight with one arm, he gently lifted my right leg until my knee was hooked over his shoulder. Beginning to understand what he wanted me to do, I followed suit with my left leg, hooking my ankles behind his shoulders, my knees nearly touching my chest. All the while, he had somehow remained buried within me, the minute twitches and pulses of his cock against my sensitive flesh slowly driving me insane. Leaning forward, his shoulders shaking with the effort of holding himself still, he slowly slid himself out of me, then plunged back in. I cried out in exquisite pleasure/pain, feeling him penetrate me deeper than I had thought possible. 

Finding his rhythm, he stroked in and out of me, keeping a steady, driving pace, now using his knees on either side of my hips to help support his weight above me. Acting on pure animal instinct now, I lifted my upper body up, propping myself up on my elbows, looking down my body to where he was joined to me, the sight of him sliding smoothly into and out of my hot, wet pussy the most incredibly erotic sight I had ever imagined. Reaching up with one hand, I pulled his face down for a scorching kiss, wrapping my tongue around his, drawing it deep within my mouth. 

Suddenly, he changed the tempo of his thrusts, gradually slowing until he was barely moving at all. His gritted teeth speaking to how hard he was fighting for control, he grated "If we don't slow down, this will be over way too fast." Shrugging his shoulders, he slid my legs off of them, then slowly pulled himself out of me, leaving me aching and empty. Gripping my slim hips in his hands, he rolled me over, chuckling at the confused look I threw over my shoulder. "Don't worry baby, I promise you'll love this. Whatever happens, don't be afraid to tell me what you want, what you like and don't like. I want today to be a day you'll treasure for the rest of your life."

Following the urging of his hands on my hips, I rose up until I was on my hands and knees, my head whirling, my body aching for him to join me again. I felt him kneel behind me, his knees between mine this time, nudging my legs apart slightly so he could fit between them. He gripped my ass gently with his hands, holding me steady. Reaching between my legs, I found my opening, then guided the head of his cock to it. I tried to push myself back onto him, desperate to fill this emptiness he'd left in me, but he held me still, rubbing the head up and down between my lips, teasing and tormenting. Sobbing with need, I bucked my hips, wordlessly begging him to take me again. Digging his hands hard into my hips, he slammed into me, driving a hoarse scream from me as he began to drive himself in and out of me with pistonlike strokes, pulling me back onto him with every thrust. 

Shifting his weight, he reached forward and cupped my hanging tits with both hands, using them to anchor himself as he continued to drive himself into me, his breath hissing from between clenched teeth. I was crying out in unbearable pleasure with every deep, deep thrust, feeling him slam against the deepest part of my body. "Do you like that, baby?" he ground out. "Do you like me fucking you?" Beyond words, I cried out incoherently. "Tell me you like it!" he said, stopping his motion abruptly. "Tell me what you want me to do to you." With that, he slid himself almost totally out of me, keeping just the plum-shaped head resting inside me. "Oh please, baby!" I cried, the words torn from my throat. "Please don't stop fucking me! Make me cum, baby, please! I'm so close!" Suddenly slamming himself back into me, he gripped my ass with one hand, driving himself in even deeper and harder than before. I instinctively arched my back, angling my hips to give him the easiest, deepest access, my head down near the blanket, my ass up in the air. I was bucking and screaming with every stroke now, wild with pleasure and need. Reaching around with his other hand, he slid his fingers down through my curls, searching for my clit, a task made harder by the wild gyrations of my body. Finally finding what he was looking for, he held his finger just over the top of it, letting the motion of my body brush that ultrasensitve pearl over his finger. Feeling a liquid heat flooding through my body, I threw my head back, slamming my hips back onto his cock, driven by pure, mindless need. As the tension within me coiled tighter and tighter, I began to shudder and convulse, the muscles within me clamping down on his cock, holding him tightly within me. 

Feeling the beginnings of my release, he firmly pressed his finger down onto my clit, the motion of my hips griding it into his hand. A roaring inferno of pleasure erupted within me, every muscle in my body clenching nearly to the point of pain, my fingers digging into the soft grass. "OH!...OH MY GOD!!" I cried. "BABY, PLEASE DON'T STOP!! I'M CUMMING BABY!!! OH MY GOD, YES! YES!!" I screamed, feeling my juices gush out of me to coat his cock, dripping down my thighs onto the ground. He slowed his thrusts and and held my hips steady, flicking my clit over and over, prolonging the rapture, keeping me flying among the clouds, sending me soaring over and over. 

As my shaking finally began to subside, he suddenly dug his hand hard into my hip again, the tempo of his thrusts increasing. Grunting with every deep, deep stroke, he growled deep in his throat, seemingly driven beyond reason into a realm of pure, instinctive lust. Amazingly, impossibly, I felt myself swept up again in his passion, beginning the climb back up to what I knew would be another earth-shattering, toe-curling climax. Our grunts and cries mingled together, filling the air around us in a chorus of need. "Unh! Ung! UNH!! GOD BABY!! I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!" he growled out, pistoning his hips, driving into me so hard it was painful, but I was beyond reason at this point, slamming back onto him, crying out with every thrust "OH! OH! OOOOH!! ooOOOOHHH MY GOD!!! DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T EVER!!  STOP!!  FUCKING!!  MEEEEEE!!!" As I felt his body begin to clench and spasm, he drove himself into me, burying himself within me, pressing his finger back down on my clit, and I exploded against him as I felt him begin to cum, pumping me full of his seed, splashing against my womb. Reality as I knew it ceased to exist, and I was flying, my body shaking, screaming and sobbing in incomparable rapture for what seemed an eternity. My muscles gave out, and I collapsed onto the grass, feeling his weight above me, his body still joined to mine, his hands holding my hips pressed into his, binding us together. 

Rolling to the side, we lay there shaking and gasping, our bodies sticky with sweat, pressed together from shoulder to hip, still joined in the most intimate way possible. Reaching up, he swept my damp hair back from my face and pressed a tender kiss to my neck, wrapping his arms around me, holding me close as I felt him gradually softening within me. After lying there in his arms for who knows how long, I opened my eyes, seeing that the sun was going down and twilight was beginning to set in. Turning my head back to look at him, I smiled and kissed him. "How do you feel, baby?" he asked me. "Mmmmmmm..." I replied. "I feel wonderful." Suddenly noticing the chill in the evening air, I shivered, sitting up and looking around for the blanket. Getting to his feet, he took my hand and led me back down to the water, where despite the chill, we splashed and played like children, laughing and teasing, stopping to kiss frequently, cleaning the sweat from our bodies in the cool water. 

Returning to the blanket, we dried one another off with towels he had brought with him, the abrasion of the fabric leaving electric trails along my sensitive skin. Getting dressed, I looked around for my panties, but couldn't see them anywhere.  Shrugging, I pulled my jeans on, followed by my shows, wincing again at the soreness between my thighs. 

After packing up the picnic basket, he led me back to the car then drove to a nearby restaurant. During dinner, we laughed and teased one another constantly. I slid my hand up and down his jean-clad thigh under the table, coming closer and closer to his cock, but never quite touching. Using the fairly transparent pretext of rubbing my lower back, he slid his hand down my jeans and cupped my ass, his middle finger tickling my pussy hole while I tried not to react. After dinner, though to this day I can't tell you what we ate, we got back in the car and started heading home, his hand on my knee in the passenger seat. As we drove up the dark rural road near my house, he suddenly pulled into a dirt road, one of the old logging trails left over from years before. As the trees closed overhead, he stopped the car, leaned over, and kissed me with fierce passion, his hands buried in my hair, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. With a groan of helpless desire, I surrendered to him, my mouth opening, wrapping my tongue around his. "God help me, honey," he murmured against my lips. "Somehow I just can't let you go home without having you one more time. You're like a drug to that I've felt you, I can't get enough." Cursing the console between us, he fumbled with my shirt, tugging at the buttons, the angle making him awkward. Finally, he pulled back with a curse, then said "I need you, Climb in the backseat, we'll have more room back there." Trembling with desire, I obeyed, unbuckling my seatbelt and scrambling over the center cosole, settling myself on the wide backseat, kicking my shoes off as I went. 

He got out of the car, coming around to and opening the back passenger door. Climbing in, his knees braced between my thighs, he hurriedly unbuttoned my jeans, his earlier finesse seeming to have deserted him as he tugged down my zipper and pulled them down over my hips, not even removing them all the way, so urgent was his need. Looking hungrly at me, he lifted my legs up, ducking under them so that my legs were around his waist, imprisoned by my jeans. Seemingly clamping an iron control down over his own desires, he stroked his hand up and down my mound, his fingers sifting through the curls, seeking and finding my opening and pressing two fingers deep inside. Sliding his fingers in and out of me, drawing forth the moisture that waited within. Just as I began to shake under his hand, he pulled his fingers out of me, his eyes locked to mine as he raised his hand to smell my essence clinging to his fingers. "You're so beautiful, baby," he murmured softly. "I you taste as good as you look?" With that, he shoved me back along the seat, settling my thighs on his shoulders, he lowered his head and drew his tongue in one long, slow stroke up my slit from the opening of my pussy to my clit, fastening his lips over that sensitive bud, flicking it with his tongue then drawing it into his mouth. I nearly jumped off the seat in shock and pleasure. Releasing my clit, he then travelled downwards, his tongue searching for and finding my gaping, wet hole, diving in, pushing in and out, swirling around in a circle as his hands dug into my hips, holding them steady as they bucked against his mouth, my incoherent cries filling the car. Pulling one hand from my hip, I felt him fumbling beneath me, but I was too lost in pleasure to wonder what he was doing. 

Suddenly pulling his mouth away, he surged forward, spearing me on his cock, my thighs still braced on his shoulders. Working my feet back and forth, I managed to push my jeans off, all the while rolling my hips upwards to meet his driving, pounding thrusts. I felt the now-familiar coiling tension within me, but somehow this time, i need more, needed to feel something different. Pushing at his shoulders, I pushed him off of me. Stopping, he asked me "baby, what's wrong?" Breathlessly, I said "Roll over, I want to try something."

Grinning, he pulled me in toward him, then carefully rolled on the wide backseat, never breaking the contact of our bodies, so I ended up straddling him, his cock still buried deep within my pussy. With the change, the angle of his cock within me made me gasp. Leaning forward, my hands braced above his shoulders, I began to move my hips back and forth, rocking on him, feeling him slide ina nd out, the feeling of being in control a heady one. He ran his hands up and down my back, gripping my hips, trying to steer me, to set the pace, but I smacked them away. Smiling wickedly down at him, I said "It's my turn now, baby...I'll have YOU begging before I'm done," I promised. Sliding off of him, I got my feet under me. Reaching down to grip his cock, I lined it up with my entrance, sliding down just enough to swallow the head, then lifting a bit. I repeated this motion over and over, taking a bit more of him each time, my fingers entwined with his to improve my balance. He tried to thrust his hips up, to bury himself in me, but I teasingly head back, not letting him take control. His breath began to come in gasps, his body trembling. Holding myself above him, my thighs beginning to burn with exertion, bobbing up and down with just his head held within me, I leaned down to capture his lips, tasting his desperation in his kiss. Holding his lips with mine, I slammed my hips down onto him, burying him to the hilt in my hot, wet, waiting pussy. Releasing his hands, I dug my fingers into his shoulders, my strong legs driving me up and down on him at a quick but steady pace.

Sitting up, I leaned back, resting my hands on his knees, moving forward and back rather than up and down, experimenting with different angles and feelings. The change of angle drove a growl of animal need from my throat as I felt his cock stroke me deep within. Feeling his hips buck beneath me, I heard him say "God baby...this feels amazing, but if you don't let me cum in you right now, I'm going to fucking explode." Laughing throatily, while inwardly wondering where this temptress had come from, I said "Just sit back and enjoy the ride, honey, I'll take care of you." Slowing my strokes still further, I leaned back farther, my back bent in a tight arch, my head almost on his knees, rocking myself back and forth on his cock. My breath beginning to come in gasps both from exertion and rapture, I lifted one arm and reached between my legs, knowing he was watching my every move. I slid my long slender fingers between my thighs, first brushing his cock with my fingertips as I slid back and forth on him, then beginning to play with my clit. Twisting and pinching, tweaking and flicking, I drove myself to the edge of cumming, then puilled my hand away, sitting up in one lithe motion. Smiling down at him as I rode him up and down, I reached down again between our bodies, then slid one finger teasingly into my mouth, sucking my juices off my finger, moaning a little at the musky, sweet taste. 

Suddenly a dam seemed to burst within him. Grabbing my hands, he slammed them behind my back, trapping them there with one of his. Sliding one finger of his free hand between my legs, he began to drive his hips upwards, surging into me over and over, his finger flicking back and forth over my clit as he thrust into me again and again. The tables had been turned, and now I was the one begging, crying out brokenly, "oh...oh...oh god...oh god please...please don't stop...that feels so good...OH GOD!!! OH GOD!! BABY I'M COMING! I'M COMING BABY!! GOD BABY, PLEASE DON'T STOP!!! ooooOOOOOOHHH MY GODDD!!!!" as I threw my head back and screamed, pumping my hips frantically, meeting him thrust for thrust, his balls slapping against my ass, his finger pressed hard onto my clit as I rode him.

Moving his finger from my clit, he released me hands and dug his fingers into my hips once again, pulling me down onto him harder and harder, slamming our bodies together, our breath hissing out, gasping and groaning with every thrust, my fingers clawing at his shoulders, his chest, anywhere I could reach. Finally, with a hoarse yell, he surged upward one last time, impaling me on his hard, throbbing shaft. Deep within, I felt him pumping, convulsing, shooting jet after jet of his hot cum deep within me, hodling me pressed tightly against him as he buried himself to the hilt within me.

Collapsing onto his chest, we lay there for awhile, our hearts pounding, our breath coming in ragged gasps. Finally, he raised his head, pressing a tender kiss to my lips. Rolling his head to the side, looking at the dashboard clock, he sighed. Sitting up and pulling out of me, he ran his fingers through my hair. "I already know your dad's going to be waiting at the door with a shotgun, sweetheart. We need to get you home." Helping me out of the car, he helped me straighten my shirt. Finding my jeans, I shook the dirt from them and pulled them over my slim hips. 

Once I had my clothes and hair in order, we got back in the car, and he drove me the rest of the way home, arriving with 15 minutes to spare. Sitting in the dark, he pulled me into his arms, claiming my lips in one last blazing kiss. Walking me to the door, he wrapped his arms around me, whispering in my ear "Thank you for an incredible day. I said it would be one you would never forget...I didn't count on it being one I would cherish the rest of my life as well. I'll call you tomorrow sweetheart. Goodnight." I watched him vanish into the darkness beyond the porch light, then let myself into the house. As I stumbled up the stairs, my head was spinning with both fatigue and exhilaration. As I collapsed into bed, I couldn't help wondering what our next date would bring, feeling my body flush with pleasure at the thought.

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