Thirty Minutes to The Wedding

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rudolph was born and raised in a strong Christian Home. After graduation from School he worked as a news Editor where he met an icon of beauty. They fell in love and decided to get married. ..then something secretly happened thirty minutes to their wedding that took away the joy they wished to have on their Honeymoon and their viewpoint on life. Check out what happened in the story......THIRTY MINUTES TO THE WEDDING.



DISCLAIMER : THIRTY MINUTES TO THE WEDDING is a complete work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and events used in the story are products of the author’s imagination and are therefore fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is a coincidence. *****



When I was very young,the only place of worship I knew was the Church. We followed strict moral principles. It was either I was preparing to preach or preparing for a church assignment.Our church rules were very strict and any violation of them could lead to sanctions.

For instance,two consenting adults couldn't have sex with each other. It's seen as inappropriate. My church believed that sexual freedom should ONLY be expressed within the boundaries of marriage and all physical intimacy should be in line with those principles. These laws were vigorously enforced.

While some youths saw these moral inhibitions as a violation of their fundamental human right of freedom ,I was not perturbed by all these moral inhibitions. To me,it was a way of life. I rationalized it by the argument that every church has its rules and regulations and once you agree to become a member of that church or society,you are inadvertently bounded by the church's norm.

After Graduating from the Meridian University College,I had the opportunity to work in a Galaxy media house as a news Editor. There,I met a young beautiful lady called Dompoh Dorah. She was also a Christian. I later learnt the name Dorah means "Gift"

Dorah was a very lovely lady. Her smile was so infectious that she'd light up everyone around her with it. I don't know the extent to which I could describe her unique beauty because no word artist could use words to perfectly paint a picture of her.

She had such an alluring beauty making me to believe that some things could be perfectly made-like her. A lot of things made her beautiful but her strongest point of attraction is her eyes. They were unimaginably attractive. I felt magnetized by her charming eyes, as if they were gleaming the statue of liberty.

Her eyes sparkled in the Golden sun. Every outfit would no doubt loved to embrace her body, because she would make it look more gorgeous. She was a beautiful icon of a lady. Everyday, I found a new amazing dimensions of her. She lived every moment fully. Her ultimate philosophy was to live, love and laugh unconditionally. Afterall,life itself is free. Her life seemed like a fairy tale, but in reality,she was a goddess of beauty.

She had a slender waist, whistling down from her bust, as smoothly as the water cascading from a waterfall.The bends of her hips was so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carefully carved out by the creator. Her bosom was remarkably full. Her glistening Brown skin ,infused with a hint of cream ,correlated with her perfect figure and ethnic origin.

There is no denying the fact that her physique was more than enough to give heart ache to any of the pasers by,as it surely cause my heart to skip uncontrollably. Her charmy features made it difficult for me to look away.Tough for a mortal to not feel something , something greater than an instant infatuation.Dorah was flawlessly made.

I knew at once I was attracted to her. Looking through her eyes,I knew she was also attracted to me. This was a feeling I has never experience before. I spent hours thinking about her. I would call her in the evenings just to hear her voice. It wasn't long before our feelings ran very deep.

{Story from Dora's Perspective }

I'm Dora. My Fiancée ( Rudolph ) and I have been dating for about a year now. We both worked at Galaxy Media House. One day ,he paid me a visit. He came into my room.We were watching TV. I was in a long sleeve white top and white PJ shorts. Rudolph was in jeans and T-shirt with the inscription " I am Ready " emblazoned on the T-shirt.

As if in line with that inscription, Rudolph said, “I think I’m ready to move our relationship to the next level.” He wispered in my ear as he grabbed my inner thigh and slowly started moving his hand in the direction of my V*. He began to kiss me passionately. His lips were soft and gentle.

I let out a soft moan and wrapped my arms around his neck. He gently pushed me onto the couch and climbed on top of me, kissing me the whole time. He ripped my shirt off of me, revealing my laced bra. I had my eyes closed and felt his lips move from my mouth to my neck and slowly made his way down to my chest. He spotted the cleavage between my breast and used his mouth to explore it. A moan escaped from my mouth.

“Rudolph ” I moaned. Then I came back to reality. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away. “ Rudolph. We can’t do it now. We are not supposed to be doing this.You know it. We are Christians. I looked at his face. He agreed in principle but in reality I knew he was burning with lust.

I said, "I’m not ready to loose my virginity until the Marriage night. ” I looked down, and hoped I didn’t hurt his feelings that much. It is a pain he had to bear but for how long.

“I understand, he said,I can wait. till the right time.” He sat down beside me. I put my head on his chest and He stroked my hair as we both watched the T.V. *****

~The wedding ~

~ Divine love Ministry ,37 Military Hospital Road,Accra @ 10.45 a.m---

[ Narration from Dorah's Point of view]

The church was full to capacity and everyone was impatiently waiting for our arrival. In our church,it is customary for both couples to arrive at the Kingdom Hall at the same time. Rudolph Nart,my husband -to -be held my hands as we walked meekly into the church Hall. I felt exhausted and for a good reason. The activity we engaged in caused us to be thirty minutes late and the wedding guest were a bit worried.

Pastor Matthew was in one of his best moods and happily singing the Hymns along with the other congregants. Among the congregants were our families, relatives , friends and well wishers. I looked really magnificent and beautiful and exuded such radiance and confidence that my mother couldn't help smiling ceaselessly.

It was a solemn moment. The congregation cheered as we moved down the aisle. We sat down. Upon our arrival, the sermon began. People waited patiently for the crucial moment. After a long sermon on the importance of remaining faithful to our married partners,the need to enter marriage purely and the role of the husband and wife,the moment everyone was looking forward to finally came.

~Time for vows~

We stood stood before the pastor , sandwiched by our Bridesmaid, Cynthia and Best Man,Renee , respectively. Pastor Matthew said, "Fellow Belovers, we are gathered here today, to celebrate the joining together of Mr.Rudolph Kurt and Dompoh Dorah in Holy Matrimony. Let's remember that Marriage is a time where two people share their love before God and before men. Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony?

We both stared at each other. Sensual memories of the last thirty minutes came flooding through our minds.


10.15 a.m at Rudolph's house ~

[From Rudolph perspective ]

Dorah told me she was on her way coming so that we would go to the church together. I was waiting for her. A few minutes later ,she knocked on my door. I opened the door and welcome her inside. She was dressed in her wedding gown. She looked radiant. I saw the way her gaze run through my body. I could see lust in her eyes. She was my fantasy and my temptation.

Everything seemed alright. We started light conversations. I didn't realize when I pulled her towards myself and lifted her wedding gown. It was involuntary. Her white pant came into view. She didn't utter a word. I was emboldened by her taciturnity and decided to take a step further.

I removed my suit. She helped me out of my trousers. we headed upstairs to the bedroom. Once there I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her towards me.

Our lips met. I grabbed the back of her blouse. Our lips parted as we did deep kissing.I put my fingers in her hair and her hands was moving under my singlet. She dragged her nails down my back and I heard a moan come from her throat. I trailed kisses down her chin to her neck. She pushed me back to get my Simglet over my head and threw it in the corner. She kissed each of my male nipples. I told her I like it being sucked. She giggled and pull down my boxer short. I was hard already and she put my long shaft into her mouth. My head dropped back and I started moaning. She swirled her tongue around the head of my phallus.

She licked the underside of my penis, then took the glans back into her mouth. She sucked and licked it, moving her head up and down. With the glans still in her mouth, she began to stroke my balls.Her felatio was good. I moaned involuntarily as I felt it deeper inside my pleasure spots.

Eventually, I lifted her up to her feet and also stood up. I bent and took her lips , slipping my tongue into her mouth. Quickly, I unzipped her wedding gown and lifted her out of it. I then took one of her breasts in my right hand and put the nipples in my mouth. I started to suck on her nipples, caressing it slightly while I used my left hand to hold the other one, performing simultaneous sucking on them by gathering the two breasts with my two hands, enabling the cleavage to disappear. The distance between the two breast narrow so did her nipple distance. She moaned slightly as she began getting wet, her cooch throbbing with pleasure.

I removed her pant. The dark patch of hair on her lower abdomen and vagina materialized. I then slip my finger inside her v- hole.. I rubbed her clit and she moaned as I felt how soaked she was. I sucked her tit and rubbed her clit faster and faster, her breathing began to match my rhythm perfectly.

she was panting hard. I removed my finger from her creamy hole and stopped sucking her tit. I parted her legs so I that I could get between them. I knelt down and started licking her clit, my mouth coming into contact with her juices. I pushed my tongue into the hood of her clit and licked the pink underlining all the way into the inner labia. She jerked with Ecstatic spasms. I trailed my tongue up and down and begin to suck the entire vagina.  Initially I sucked softly, then it begin to get harder and harder until I gave her a superb Cunnilingus.

She begin to pant and moan. she gripped the bed trying to steady herself while my tongue was still in the depth of her creamy folds Her throbbing clit couldn't match the ceaseless ecstasy coursing through her body as it became evident by the rising volume of her moans. At her Apogee,she squirted bathing my face with hot warm fluid.

I was compelled to vacate her clitorial region for a while. I kissed her gently, shoving my tongue in her mouth so that she could taste her own squirty liquid on my lips. I rubbed her clit with my phallus.  she jerked with the sensation as I teased her wet pussy with the tip of my penis before sliding it into her creamy yummy V-hole.It entered her like a Roman soldier plunging his sword in the abdomen of his enemy on battle at point blank.

She caught her breath momentarily when I thrusted my throbbing rod into the inner core of her folded flesh. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist narrowing the angle of entry and enhancing maximum penetration. I started to thrust my phallus hard and deep into her inner fleshy core as her tight vagina held my rock hard penis.  With each thrust her boobs bounced in pattern. I took one of them in my mouth as I thrusted and sucked in perfect rhythm. 

Then she rolled me on my back and mounted me. She rocked her hips back and forth in slow motion. She placed her hands on my chest as I fondled her and massaged her tits. She rode on my penis in a cowgirl style. I leaned my head back and moaned, I felt as if I was on a love planet where satyromaniacs were highly awarded.

She lifted herself up and lowered herself down on my penis in rhythms,over and over, tightening her pussy muscles to grip my penis. She was bouncing so hard that the entire shaft of my penis was continually swallowed through her vagina lips into the warm depth of her insatiable creamy hole. I shook with lustful ecstasy. *** Pastor Matthew's voice cut through my sensual Flashback. "......Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony? My heart began to beat furiously. Should I confess now?That would be disgraceful. My Parents,friends and Congregation members would be disappointed in us. I chose the easier way out....

"Rudolph and Dora?" The Elder reminded us of the Question, thinking we have not heard the Question well.

Finally we both answered, "No."

{Narration from Dorah's Perspective }

When I heard Rudolph also said "No" I was quite surprised. I thought he would confess our secret love affair but he didn't I nearly said "yes"

A "yes answer" could have distorted the wedding programme and grind it to a halt with our family members and friends totally disappointed.

Well, I couldn't help but continued to remember our love-making about thirty minutes ago regardless of my geographical location- the church. It started when I went to Rudolph to finish dressing so that we go to the Church. Then he touched me,kissed me and I was fired up. He took me upstairs. We started kissing,sucking and rocking. I noticed him getting closer and closer to arousal.  He lifted himself up, rocked my back slightly. I have him a felatio and he gave me cunnilingus.

We were spiced up. I wrapped my legs around him again, and my arms around his neck. With this new position he plunged deeper inside me, and I rocked my hips back and forth so he would hit my G-spot. He held my hips and lifted me up and down his penis, the down movement temporarily swallowing up my entire shaft through the lips of her vagina. I moaned loudly as I rocked faster and faster, in a cowgirl position ,building my orgasm concurrently.

I screamed out as I cum on his cock, each wave sending more juices down his penis When my screams died down he laid me on my back again and held my legs open as he thrusted his rod faster and faster into my watery folds. ***

Pastor Matthew broke into my chain of thought though he was referring to my husband- to- be, "Rudolph, say this after me, then, ' I do somenly declare that I know not, of any lawful or moral impediment, why I , Rudolph Kurt may not be joined in marriage to you, Dorah Dompoh.

The Pastor made me repeat the same thing.

We were made to face each other and as we were looking into each others eyes, the Pastor told Rudolph to say these words to me, "I call upon these persons here present, to witness that I , Rudolph Kurt , take you Dompoh Dora, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold.I pledge to love you and respect you,with all that I have and ever hope to be.I will protect you and provide for you , honour and be faithful to you, as long as we both shall live on Earth , I give you this promise today.

**** My mind went back to the erotic s scene ...

His jiggled his phallus in my V-Hole. My arms reached above my head and grabbed at the foot of the bed, my tits bouncing fast as he plowed into me with such heroic force. My breathing quickened again then he moaned when he reached his climax and shot hot fluid into the pink tissue-like folds inside my v* chamber.

As he did this I screamed again as another orgasm hit me. His hot white fluid warmed up my anatomy. His phallus jumped with each load of white fluid he shot deep inside me. My vagina tightened milking his dick draining away his powerful current leaving in its wake a weak shrinking rod.

He fell over me, our breathing slowly returned to normal. I glanced at his dick. It was like the once active Volcano had finally calm down completely. We laid on the bed that had just witness an act that would be classified by our religious sect as "Sin."

Pastor Matthew said " Dorah,would you repeat this vow before the congregation?..."I do somenly declare that I know not, of any lawful or moral impediment, why I , Dorah Dompoh may not be joined in marriage to you, Kurt Rudolph.

After that we exchanged wedding rings and signed the marriage document after which a marriage certificate was issued to us. We took pictures with friends and families.

We then left for refreshment. The refreshment was as spectacular as the wedding itself. A lot of drinking and eating,followed by dancing of the newly-weds. We danced meekly amidst the cheers of the wedding guest,friends and family. After our dancing,the floor was opened for everyone. A lot of people dance their heart out.

Eventually, the wedding ceremony came to an end and we left the refreshment ground , as the newest faithful couples in Town. (At least that was what people perceived us to be. I knew what was waiting for us at the Hotel. Your guess may be wrong. It's not sex.

Our driver drove the new Toyota Camry towards the direction of the Airport View Hotel. When we reached the Airport View Hotel,we didn't have sex that night. Rather we lunged onto the bed crying.

Our consciences were disturbing us for indulging in pre-marital sex just thirty minutes to our wedding. We even stood before the Congregation and God and took a vow we knew was not based on truth,Sincerity and faithfulness. I had never cried that loud my entire life as I did on my Wedding night. Rudolph also cried My Dear Reader,it would interest you to know that the great sex we yearned for on our wedding day never happened. Afterall,we did it 30 minutes to the wedding so what more could we boast of as great fresh sex again.

~Three days later~

[Narration from Rudolph's Perspective ]

Dorah was looking very sad. She suggested we go see the Church Elders to confess our secret sin. I knew what she said was right. We must see the Elders and confess what we did to them. We were not unaware of the consequences of confessing our misdeeds to the church Elders. This types of Confessions come with public ridicule,embarrassment,shame and lost of privileges in the Congre gation.

The next day,we went and met the body of Elders. At first they were overwhelmed when they saw as. They even cheered us saying," look! Here come the newest couples in Town. What are you people doing outside. You should be indoor "playing"

They realised we were not laughing at their Jokes. They also noticed our swollen eyes. We have been crying.

They suddenly became formal and asked us to "have a sit." After what took like hours,we confessed what we did to them. They were shocked,stunned ,even disappointed but remained equiposed. They explained the consequences of what we did to us(This is a mere formality because we already knew it)Then they told us what they would be doing and how we can reconnect spiritually with the organization.

~The following Sunday~

The General Overseer of the church made a heart breaking announcement at the Church , " We are sorry to announce to you that Brother Rudolph Kurt and Sister Dompoh Dorah have been sanctioned. They are no longer members of this church. Well,Rudolph and I are getting along. We regretted our action; Lack of self control. We hope to reunite with the church one day.

--- Six months later ---

~Rudolph's Point of view ~

Though it was just 6 months since we had been Disfellowshipped from the church for having sex thirty minutes before our official wedding, I have not forgiven Dorah. I accused her of luring me into pre-marital sex.(Even though it was a consensual agreement) Whenever I blamed her,She would also defend herself by saying I should have stopped her if I really didn't want her to have sex with her. She even reminded me that I was the first person to initiate the sex move the day I came to her house uninvited to watch T.V and she resisted me. I knew she was right but still I blame her. In fact I thought I hated her secretly. All the things that got me attracted to her suddenly disap peared. Just six month into my marriage,I felt I made a great mistake. I wished I had not gotten married to her because she had made me an atimy in the church;A laughing stock.

I was fast rising to becoming a highly respected church icon but this incident had crippled my progress. I hated Dorah. After a bitterMoon (My own word to connote the idea that we didn't enjoy much sexual ecstasy during our honeymoon* because of the sanction given us for our sin) we returned to work.

It is against the policy of the media Company we worked for to have two lovers in the same working environment. The rational behind this policy was the lovers would be seeing each other and not concentrate on the official work they are assigned to do.

On the basis of that I decided to move from that establishment to another one. In addition,I progressed from being a News Editor to a news Presenter. With the new status,I was becoming quite famous since I always appear on planet Africa TV. A lot of people began to admire me for my superb presentation style- I presented news with laced humour. It wasn't long before I got a lot of admirers from both my new establishment and the outside world.

My phone could not stop beeping with admirable love messages ,the most consistent ones coming from Tatiana- My New boss. She was appointed by the Board of Directors of planet Network Limited as the Chief Executive Officer. Once your boss begin to admire you,you know you are in trouble. ***** I remembered how I felt when I met Dorah for the first time. As you already know, I used to see Dorah as a decent, elegant, kind, graceful, beautiful and intelligent woman. I chose her, and not the others because I thought she had fine qualities than would make a good home… At least that was how I saw her until we had the sexual inter course that led to our excommuni cation. Now things were worsening. I hated it when I had sex with her. It wasn't pleasurable anymore. Then,there was another negative development. My wife was becoming fat. I naturally love slim women, and my wife was slim and appropriate when we got married.

However, she had started putting on weight, little by little. She made countless efforts to loose a few pounds, because according to her, she had caught me a few times – while in my car, checking other ladies out. It was a joke we both initially shared and laughed to. As the months passed by, it became obvious that my wife was obessed. I didn't like obessed women and quite subtly, the small love I still have for her began to drift from me. It was no longer clandestine, but vivid. I insulted her. "Hey, you elephant of a wife. Loose some weight, if you don't want your future children to have a step- mother."

I realised the verbal assault wasn't achieving the desired effect so I decided to go physical.

Nothing she did at that point ever pleased me again. I beat her at the least provocation. The once - homey love we used to share prior to our wedding soon disappeared. Our house changed into a quarrelsome home ,more like a war zone. We quarrelled, we broke things and we fought, and I usually emerge the winner.

Everyday in my matrimonial home was a bitter experience. We were either quarelling or fighting.

Day in Day out, Strips of bruises could be found on her smooth brown body, evidence of an aggres sive encounter. Then she refused giving me her "natural feminine food ."That intensified the beatings and I forcefully got it from her whether she like it or not. I virtually prepared a cane which I used to spank her. I came home late from work one day, after being in the company of my boss.

~Rudolph ,!!!, who is that? I mean that slut that has just dropped you, My wife screamed. "Oh. She's my Boss. We were just ....." I knew she would soon throw an object at me.I was right. I ducked to the left in time before a wooden plank sped pass me,just three inches close to me.

"Idiot, which Godamn Boss you mean your mistress!!!," she stormed.

Quarrel broke out again and as usual we began to fight. Unlike the previous times where I usually won the fight effortlessly, she seemed to become immune to my aggres sion. Then she began beating me. I was so furious that I pushed her so violently.

She jerked back and hit her head on the ball. Her skull was breached and blood spilled on the wall. She collapsed.



My heart skipped greatly. I prayed she should not die.Quickly, I called 911. An ambulance was brought and she was sent to hospital by the paramedics.

I was asked what happened and I lied she skipped off the staircase.I was told she suffered from severe brain concussion and was hospita lised for three months.

During her three months of absence in the house, I had another visitor- My boss. She would come around to check on me during my wife's absence. It wasn't long before her harmless visits became another story. I didn't fail to realise she had the correct body size my wife was once having. Though Initially I tried to shed off her sensual advances,the absence of my wife in the house made it much more plausible for me to accept her companionship in the house. I started developing feelings for her.

I never imagined this would happen to me. I tried everything by the book to remain focused , but I felt in love with Tatiana. As expected she reciprocated my love in equal measures.She would Intentionally wear mini-skirt and Topless blouse that explicitly accentuted her Smooth Curves. She will wear stretchy trousers and transparent tops that leave virtually nothing to imagination. I know it would just be a matter of time before I would taste the " sweetness from her honeypot " Somehow, I was saved from my boss' tempting situation by my wife's quick recuperation .

Dorah made a miraculous recovery and came back home. She accidentally had access to my phone, while it was unlocked, and read a few of the love messages exchanged between Tantiana and I. One of the favourite messages Tatiana sent me read:


Anytime you come closer to me I always feel the whole world was within my grasp. I always feel the entire world belongs to me Because you are my world I don't think I can adequately describe how I feel in your presence.

Maybe I feel like the queen of love

And cupid arrows had hit the right spot in my heart Anytime you hold me tight

You always make me feel the whole world has stopped for me I don't think I will ever have any joyous and lovely moment apart from the way you use to hold me tight and closer to you I will forever nestle in your arms you take both my soul and heart in me far away from me and as I mount your wings of love to the land of ecstasy

I realised I don't need a heart or soul

Because you are my heart and soul

I pray we have live long on earth Not even eternity can break this bond of love For been in your arms is even more than eternity

As you hold me tight.


And my response to her ;?

When you come into my life , I thought I was dreaming Because to me, you are an angel An angel that I never knew I will encounter Your wish will forever be my command My love for you is endless I will hold you tight But with care Because you are like a precious glass That can break if I hold you too tight You are the air I breath Without you I am breathless And dead Babe, you brought sunshine into my darkness Joy into my sadness You gave me hope when I'm hopeless You are priceless And I promise to hold you tight But with care

**** -----

My wife was very furious when she read this love message. She confronted me and I confessed the truth to her.She was pissed initially, but with time, she came along. I know, for a fact, that unseemly habits, although they may seem innocuous, can easily become hard, or even impossible, to break and because of that I ended my amorous relationship with Tatiana amicably (or so I thought)

~Three months later~

My boss Tatiana became ill and words got to me about it. I went to check on her – as a friend and an employee. She was elated when she saw me. That one time check became habitual until she recuperated. Still , I checked on her, except that this time, for a different reason. As expected,One thing led to ano ther . We kissed passionately and I fondled her. Soon we were engaged in romantic play and was about to have sex when I remembered the vow I took at the Altar to remain faithful to my wife. A voice within me ridiculed me ,saying, "but you were not faithful 30 minutes to your wedding. What difference does it make now? Sex is sex." As I was contemplating on whether to partake in the " devil's table set before me" or go home, I caught a glimpse of something from the bedroom window of Tatiana's house. I thought I saw my wife’s car parked in the neighbor hood. I got really scared, because any slight provocation now days made her behave like an insane person. Probably such behaviour could be link to her brain concussion. I dressed up quickly to go out and check things for myself. The car was gone when I reached the main gate of the house.I called my wife’s Office line and she answered the phone: she was at work, and I thought that was strange – because it definitely was her car I saw parked outside from a distance. "Sorry Tatiana, I don't want to do this anymore. I'm going home."

Tatiana looked at me. She was very disappointed. Then she asked me, "are you sure you have never cheated on your wife?" "Never," I answered confidently. She looked at me quite surprised. Then she said, " I thought all men are the same. "No,we are not," I said proudly. I left her ,drove my car and went home


Dorah ,my wife was all chatty, friendly and normal with me throughout that evening. We even made love like never before,like the hot sizzling sex we had thirty minutes to our wedding. I felt the old love I used to have for Dorah began surfacing. She said," Darling,I love the way you give it to me,Goosh,you are such a sexy beast. No wonder "bees" are chasing you everywhere you go." I didn't know if what she said was a compliment or an accusation. "Come and eat for me,Darling,You need to regain your strength." I was a bit uncomfortable with my wife's behaviour. I couldn't remember the last time she behaved like a sweet wife to me. It was always fight,fight,fight! Now,what has changed?...


She served me with Jollof rice and chicken stew and I ate it happily. "Darling, I missed you so much, "she said , in a very romantic tone.I was quite perplexed and wondered why the sudden changed of attitude. That dawn, I thought I had diarrhoea but I started vomiting, and foaming in the mouth. The pain in my stomach was unbearable. I fell on the floor and started screaming for help. My wife was lying on the bed, pretending she could not hear me. I begged my wife to take me to the hospital. She pretended not to hear what I said. I repeated it count lessly but she still ignored me. That was when I figured she might have attempted to hurt me on purpose. The pain was becoming unbearable and excruciating. I knew it was just a matter of time- I was going to die. Then she dragged me into the car. She drove me on the streets of Accra, for over 40 minutes, while I was lying at the back of the car, in pain. She drove past three Clinics, two hospital, and five pharmaceu tical shops.

My only luck was when we approa ched a police check-point that I had to forcefully, pop my head up to scream for attention. My wife started crying when the police Officer signaled for her to stop. She informed the police Officer about my situation and made him aware she was taking me to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. I gathered enough strength to also beg the officer to escort us to the nearest hospital instead, which he commanded some of his boys to do.The doctor confirmed my food was poisoned and I could have died if I were one minutes late!!!. **** I turned to look at my wife.She was smiling and happy tears were even trickling down her check. Before going home, she gazed into my face and say, this time luck smiled on you."Next time , you will be battling with the sharp edge of a knife.Don't say , I didn't warn warned.If it happened again I will not be held responsible for my actions because clinically, I have been declared as mentally unfit."

Her words gave me the shivers but I was afraid she might change tactics and poison me again. My wife acted all innocent and sweet, but I knew better. Since then I have been eating outside before returning home. Every trust and respect I thought I had for my wife was gone, and in place of that sentiment, anger and hatred resided. From that point on,My wife's aggression became pretty obvious. She became paranoid and any slight suspicion of cheating on my part resulted in aggressive behaviors from her. If I were a minute late from work, she would try to hurt me. If she saw me talking to 'anything' female , she will hit me with a stone or anything handy.

It had been two months since my wife poisoned my food. Since then , I never ate her food , not even her "feminine food." We lived in the house like total strangers. To think that this was the very lady I used my hard- earned money to marry just a few months ago was amazing. I thought humans should be given the ability to see the future in order to avoid certain troubles. One day,I came home five minutes late. "Is this the time you are supposed to come back home ?" she asked. "No. I was trapped in traffic," I began to explain the situation to her but this time I wasn't successful. A bucket of cold water was hurled at me. It collided with my face , splashing tons of water in my eyes, nose and mouth.Damn you,!!! one of this days , you will see a knife at your back, she threatened. "Are you still seeing that Madam Boss of yours?" She asked me. "No," I responded. She looked at me suspiciously and said , "Ok. "We will see about that."


~Two months later ~

I woke up one morning at 9: 30 a.m. God ,I was late for work. I was supposed to be at work place at 7.00 a.m. Which excuse would I give to my boss Now?For the records, I loved my boss but we never really had sexual intercourse before though we romance each other a couple of times. Quickly, I took my Phone and called her number. My intention was to lie to her I was sick.

~On Phone ~

Me: Hello Tatiana: Hello,where are you? Me: Home.

Tatiana: Why are you not at work? Me: I'm sick. I have malaria.

Tatiana: hmm. Is that really why you didn't come to work today? Me: Yes. Tatiana: I'm sorry to hear you are sick. Can I come over to see you after work? Me: No. Tatiana: Why?

Me: My wife might get mad at you. Tatiana: But I miss you. I want to see you.

Me: Don't worry. You would see me tomorrow.

Tatiana: I have something to discuss with you.

Me: What is It?

Tatiana:(silent for a few minutes) I'm pregnant.

Me: For Who?

Tatiana: What kind of stupid Question is that. For you off course. When you are enjoying my cunt, riding me like a horse,you don't know there are consequen ces.?

Me: (confused) Erhhh.but Tatiana, we never have sex before. We only kiss and smooch a little. How come you are now pregnant for me. I'm confused here. Since when has kissing led to pregnancy ? Tatiana: hahaha. Never mind. It was just a joke. Me: Sigh. This joke is expensive. Tatiana: sorry. See you tomorrow. Wish you a speedy recovery. Me: Thank you.See you then. Tatiana: Bye Me: Bye.

~Phone call cut~

*That evening *

My wife came home feeling very excited. From my past experiences with her,I knew anytime she was happy ,it's either she had done something bad or was about to engage in a mischief. I decided to ignore her since I was not ready for any verbal exchange or physical confrontation. Tatiana sounded quite different on the phone ...shhh..(My wife is around.) Tatiana sounded quite romantic. Well,You may not understand why I said "she sounded quite romantic" Let me gist you on it. Ever since my wife poisoned my food , Tatiana had distance herself from me. She said she didn't want my wife to kill me because of her. She couldn't live with that.

**The next day **

I went to work the next day ,quite happy to be back to what Ioved doing. My boss Tatiana called me to her office. She was angry with me. She asked me,"why did you absent yourself from work yesterday?" I was surprised she asked me that question because I told her yesterday that I was sick. Nevertheless,I told her again,"I was sick." 'Sick?" She sounded surprised, " and you never inform me?" Now I was confused..." but I called you yesterday on phone and we chatted.? Tatiana looked at me seriously," is this a joke or something? You absented yourself yesterday and instead of apologizing,you are trying to joke with it?" I became more confused when Tatiana said I never call her yesterday. "Recheck your call log and the female number you called." Before I tried to cross-check the number ,Tatiana said " I thought you said you don't believe in extra-marital affairs,the reasons for which you kept denying me your d*-. Now you mistakenly called your mistress and thought you were talking to me.Before I tried to defend myself,Tatiana said, " You are fired!"


--- -

I soon unravelled the mystery behind my call to who I though was Tatiana.My wife had manipulated me.She deleted Tatiana's number and saved her name on my phone as Tatiana's. She then changed her voice to sound like hers. With that , she impersonated Tatiana and fooled me into believing I was talking to my boss since she saved her number as Tatiana. But why would she do that? I thought for a few minutes and then I knew why. She was trying to find out If I was having an affair with my Boss. I remembered she asked me two months ago if I was still going out with my Boss and I told her I was not. She said then that "we will see about that." Now I got the picture very clear. I rechecked the number. No doubt, it was my wife's number. She was the one who said she was pregnant for me in order to assess my reaction. When I answered I have never had sex with Tatiana before,she became happy.

That was why she was smiling yesterday.

Now, because of her actions, I lost my job. Anger welled in me. I would kill that devil tonight. That evening , I went home. My wife was surprised to see me home already. She asked," When did you close from work? I used to come home before you." "I came home around 8:30 a.m." I said. She asked ,"why that soon?" My adrenaline level was rising. I said,I was fired!" "Why ?" She asked. "Because you prevented me from going to work yesterday by drugging my drink and saving your number on my phone under my boss's name like it's my boss' number. She got angry and sacked me for absenting myself without permission."

"I'm very so_____"

"Sorry?" I cut in.

You are a devil. I rushed on her and gave her a big slap. She fell to the ground. ....

{Narration from Dorah's POV}

My husband became very aggressive. He said, "You are a devil." He rushed on me and gave me a big slap.I fell to the ground. .... He pounced on me, took my phone and smashed it against the wall.

My eyes turned red seeing my phone scattered on the ground. I didn't say a word. He began to shout at the top of his voice. You are a devil in the form of a woman.

First,you lured me into pre-marital sex and the church sanctioned us. I lost my honourable position in the church. Then you try to poison me and fell. Now my only source of livelihood,you have succeeded in making me lost it too. You deserve to die so that I would start life free as a single person again. Afterall,you don't even have a child for me. I will send your dead body back to your father's house today.!" He slapped me again and again. When I could no longer endure his slaps , I tried to moved away.

He gripped me violently and threw me on the floor again. I hit my chest on the floor. Painfully I stood up and began fighting furiously with him. In the process I broke the glass tables and louvres. I even smashed his LG TV hanging on the wall. Seeing that,the beast in him manifested. He smacked me to the ground again like a WWE Superstar. He dragged me by my left arm.

I tried to snatch my arm from his grip and in the process my hand hit him on his face. By the time I realised what happened, my husband had beaten me to a pulp.I laid down there and wept. Still he was not satisfied. He took a knife and moved towards me. I could see it in his eyes he was going to stab me to death. Surely,I can't go down without a fight. With all the energy in me, I stood up and tried to yank the knife from his hands but he held it firmly. Still I persisted. The knife cut through my palm. I screamed loudly in pain. Still I held onto the knife.

Rudolph realised I was determined to hold onto the knife and pushed me against the wall. My head collided with the wall. The last thing I saw were twinkle twinkle little stars appearing on my eyes followed by a big darkness.


Dorah was rushed to the hospital in Coma. It took divine intervention and series of prayers from pastors to bring her back to normalcy. Rudolph was arrested by the police's Domestic violence and Victim Support Unit and charged with assault and wife battering. He was later released because his wife had refused to press charges against him. The church counselling Committee called them and advised them to stop dragging the name of the church in the mud. They were given mandatory counselling for Three months. In the counselling session they were admonished to stop the "blame game." Rudolph apologise to Dorah for abusing her physically and verbally. Dorah also apologize to Rudolph for all the pain her actions had caused him. She even explained why Rudolph was absent from work that day to The CEO Tatiana and begged her to take her husband back. Out of compassion,Rudolph was taken back. He became more famous than previously. A Few years later,he won the best TV presenter of the year award.

[Rudolph Point of view]

I nearly have up on Dorah but a sermon from Pastor Andrews really helped me. He was talking about marriage life. He said; There is a thin line between love and hatred. To be within the boundaries of love and not cross to hatred is simply an issue of showing mutual respect,trust and understanding to each. "Never give up on your partner !!!! Love means believing in someone even when they struggle to believe in themselves. Do this noble thing for your wife. Bring out the best in her. Build her up through your words, your actions and your respect. Let her know that your commitment to her and your love for her is unconditio nal and unshakeable. That will give her the confidence to take on the world knowing you always have her back!

EPILOGUE The church reinstated Rudolph and Dora to their formal status in the Church. Rudolph and Dorah are now one of the best couples in Ghana. They serve as role models to young wedded couples. They have two children. Maria Nart and Phillip Nart. Maria is in Legon School of Medicine and Phillip Nart became an ICT consultant in M-vision. The love between Rudolph and Dora continued to grow day by day.

---THE END----


Submitted: March 24, 2020

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So sad, so heartbreaking that your love & commitment to each other could destroy so thoroughly the start of your future and your life together!

Tue, March 24th, 2020 10:14am

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