Clever Home Breaker

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Henry's wife Cynthia, suspected her husband has been cheating on her with her housemaid though she also had hidden secrets.
She hired a prostitute to post as their new housemaid in order to catch her husband red-handed. Will she Succeed in catching her husband ...? Find out in HOME BREAKER.


I always knew I was Satyromaniac. That was the reason I never get close to ladies when I had a serious business to do which needed my full attention. Let a woman come on the scene and I will be distracted. It always happened. I always end up having sex with them.

When our House maid left to pursue other interests, Cynthia had no other option than to hire another one.

It took one week to get another one from Home Server's Agency. When She finally come and I set my eyes on her,I knew Tatania will bring trouble into the house. If I say she's beautiful,it is an understatement. She's more than beautiful. She was extra-extra gorgeous.

She had a round face,pointed nose ,well accentuated lips,dreamy eyes,light cheeks,Pendulous breast and voluminous ass. I knew at once She will definately fall into my web . It's just a matter of time.

She started working in the house. I did nothing to show her I was interested in swiving her.

I received the shock of my life one night.I finished bathing,entered my bedroom as guess what I saw. TATIANA.!!!She was standing in my room naked from head to toe except for the G-string that covered a part of her Vagina.

"I want you to rock me as if there is no tomorrow,"She said playfully, smiling.

WHAT!!! All the housemaids I ever bonked before had never initiated the move. Why is this one doing it then?

"Are you serious," I asked her. "STOP ASKING UNNECESSARY QUESTION!"C'mon babe,I need your hard rod in my creamy pussy."

Suddenly,my dick erected. I rushed towards him. My towel fell from my waist. I grabbed her pendulous breast like a hungry child and put the nipples in my mouth,sucking them like refugees who have not eaten for five years. "Your Nipples feels so good,"I said. "Thanks for the Compliment,"Mr..."

"Please just call me by my name"I said. "No,Sir,the fact that you find me sexy and want to fuck me doesn't mean I should call you by your first name. Besides,you are in this house before I come.

I was quite surprised by her words but I kept quiet.After Sucking her breast for a few more minutes, I switched to her vagina orifice . I clipped it open with my hands and licked the pink flesh within the fleshy core. It was candy. I licked it like Ice cream.

Then she put my phallus into her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop. The feeling was so sweet that I feel like shooting my cum into her mouth but decided her mouth was not the right place for my ejaculant.

I continued deep-licking the folded flesh in her core aggressively until it oozed with her pleasure juice. They dripped into my mouth . I spat them out.

At that point,I decided not only to lick her vagina interior,but also to fondle her curvy breast. She moaned with joy as I initialized the action,"ahhh,ehhhh,ummm,Oh?,My God,Oh, My God,your lick is so sweet."Aww,your tongue is so nice.,babe,babeeee.,she cooed like a dove on heat. Still,I focused on her genital. I tickled her G-spot. She Squirted and shouted with Joy. "Awww, ummmm!!!! Sir ,You are so Romantic." "You too, " I responded.

"Please turn off the light,"Tatiana commanded me.

I tickled her anal region,Perineum, And Posterior fourchet. I then moved to her mons pubis. Then I moved my tongue up and focused on her clitoris. It bubbled with electrifying pleasure. I then moved to the urethra opening and focused on the labia minora and labia majora. Having Ignited that area with my bare tongue ,I touched her vestibule with my tongue.

Her moans increased in volume and my sperm box was about to burst. I placed her in a missionary position and inserted my hard rocky penis deep into the inner folds of her drippy fleshy vagina. She involuntarily increased the volume of her moans.

I began to thrust my penis up and down into the folds of her vagina. Then watery walls inside her vagina made incessant notices "tsugloo,tsugloooo,tsriii,Tsruuu. " She shouted and squirted in torrent,bathing the bed with fluid,which was fast turning into a pool on the bed. Since the bed was soaked with her hot steamy squirty fluid. I was dilemantic as to which pool was better. I choose the pool in in her fleshy folds between her thighs.

I moaned loudly when the feeling of pleasure coming from the soft folded flesh inside her vagina engulfed me. Afterall, it had been made more pleasurable by the sweet warm fluid inside her cooch.

We changed from missionary to cowgirl to snow Angel position. She ended up on top of me. She impressed me by riding hard and bouncing on my hard rocky penis as if she was dancing AZONTO. she rode my penis like a man in a horse race, her ass bouncing furiously up and down in sync with her movement.

With our organs fully connected into each other and torrent of pleasure coursing through our bodies ,we were totally out of this world into the world of ecstasy and love until sweet drenched our skins. We passed round 1,2 and 3.Getting to round 4,........ My door swang open and someone shouted.


I was rudely brought back to reality by my madam's voice which had suddenly pierced through my ears. Madam was surprised to see me. My heart sank and cold shivers ran down my spine."What is my madam looking for in my room?"I asked myself. Did she send our housemaid to come and seduce me ? Ermm,I'm sorry, Kwame, I thought it's my ......." ..."Husband?" The Houseboy asked. Lucy ignored the question and turned to the housemaid who seemed unafraid of her. "Tatiana, You are an idiot!!!. I asked you to seduce my husband. Now you have seduced my Houseboy. Do you know what you have done? I could have secured a divorce and a heavy alimony of $ 50,000 plus half of my husbands assets. Now dress up and go.Your mission in this house is finished. Suddenly ,Tantiana became vociferous and disrespectful. She said , "Madam, my mission in this house has just began. "What kind of nonsense talk is that?" Cynthia retorted. Why should I seduce your husband when Kwame told me you said your husband is weak in bed ,that's why you have been coming to him. I laughed my heart out as Cynthia stood rooted to the spot. She was angry with me for revealing our secret to the housemaid.

She said, "Kwame, you sworn never to tell our little secret to anyone." Yes,I promised never to tell anyone but when Tatiana told me she's going to seduce your husband,I jokingly told her not to waste her time because your husband is weak in bed. She asked me how I knew about his weakness and I told her you told me. She put the pieces together and form the whole picture. Just then she saw your bralet beside my bed. She knew it was yours because she has been washing your clothes. Cynthia was quite for a few minutes and then said,I will sack the two of you from this ......." "SHUT UP,Cynthia," my husband interrupted. He had hidden silently behind the window. Now he's out. " I always knew you are a cheat. You have been fucking our Houseboy. The previous housemaids have been reporting you too me. No wonder you always show him undeserved care because you want his gigantic dick in your insatiable cooch. Well,your game is over Now, Cynthia. You will meet me in court for the FINAL divorce proceedings.

After saying that, he left. The next day,her husband brought a divorce paper for her to sign peacefully in the presence of a lawyer. She left the house without a coin.


Submitted: March 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Agemsex36. All rights reserved.

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Quite a story, you have a good imagination & I liked the ending pretty well!

Sat, March 21st, 2020 8:43am

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