For rent

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

He’s sexy, enticing, and delectable. Most importantly, he’s dangerous.

It’s her senior in college and while searching for a new place to stay, Livvy seeks help from an apartment hunter. One short drive and an empty apartment later, her whole world is turned upside down.

She knows she could never stay in a place like this, but one thing keeps her from running away: Kevin. Her heart thrums in her chest, her blood pumping hot through her veins, and the moment he touches her, she comes undone.

And so does he.

Chapter One


21 October 2001

Apartment Hunters, two blocks away from campus.

This was the night I died.

At five past eight, I grunted, banging my head on my steering wheel, willing myself to get out of the truck. I just started my senior year of college and I was getting kicked out of my place. I decided to celebrate by sitting in the parking lot of an apartment-finding company, hyperventilating over having to walk in there and talk with a stranger. Well, not a complete stranger.

Some guy named Kevin waited for me. After exchanging a few emails, he agreed to meet after my evening class to help me find an apartment. He seemed nice enough, but I loathed having to deal with change and any of the legal documents it entailed. Something about signing my life away on paper made me feel like I was agreeing to the slavery of responsibilities. I hated responsibilities. When I inevitably didn't get them done, someone was bound to annoy me about them.

I checked the address one more time on my phone to make sure I was in the right place. Steeling my nerves, I tucked my keys into my pocket and got out. I was five minutes late. Well, I was five minutes early, but it took me ten minutes to get out of the truck. I did not want to be there.

Just as I reached for the door, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. When I saw nothing in the shadows, I assumed my imagination got the best of me. Or, more likely, I was looking for any excuse to avoid this. But then, something tiny and black darted toward me. I ran inside and closed the glass door behind me. The small, black beast howled, pawing at the door. It looked up at me with piercing, lavender eyes, challenging me and sending a chill down my spine. It was a kitten. A small, black, grungy cat. It did have some white on it—a dip at the tip of its tail, a circle around its right eye, a left boot—but it was still a cat. I shuddered and back up before turning away, willing myself to forget about it.

Most of the place was void of life. There were a few rows of desks, all empty. Only one desk was occupied... all the way in the back. Such a long way back. A man sat there with a smirk. "Livvy?"

I walked toward him, trying my best not to trip. It was a challenge. "Yes. Olivia, actually."

"Hi, I'm Kevin... Are you okay? You seem a little shaken up."

"I'm just great." I tried to keep the sarcasm out of my voice, I really did.

When I reached him, it was all I could do to keep from gawking. God, he was handsome. He had short, messy blond hair and broad shoulders with biceps that strained against his shirt. His smile sent a heat through me I was desperate to ignore.

Keep it in your pants, girl, he's so out of your league, anyway.

"Have a seat and we'll get started." Even his voice was deep and panty-dropping, not at all what I'd expected when I read his emails. His eyes twinkled as he focused on me. "So, Olivia." My name was almost a challenge on his tongue. "What are you looking for?"

Ahem, a ride with you would be nice. My cheeks heated at the unbidden thought and looked away. Either my hormones were going crazy, or he was sending a lot of pheromones my way. I brushed my hair behind my ear.

"Short-term, long-term? Amenities?" His words stayed on-topic but his smirk told me he knew where my head was. That only made me blush harder.

I cleared my throat. "Close to campus would be nice, near the back where the art building is, and someplace cheap. Nothing else matters to me. A safe enough neighborhood, maybe."

He clicked away at his computer. Slapping the enter button, he moved the monitor in my direction and sat back. "What about these?"

I glanced at the screen, not paying close attention. "They look good."

"Cool. I can get into this one tonight. Let's take a look. That is if you want to."

"Of course."

He reached into a drawer and pulled out a loaded keyring that reminded me of a janitor's set. Then, after turning off his computer, he motioned me to follow him. "We'll take my car."

"Sure." My stomach twisted into knots at the thought of being so close to him. As we neared the door, I remembered the black beast that had tried to attack me earlier. I stayed a few steps back as he opened the door. When he held it up for me, I poked my head out, studying the shadows to see if there was any movement.

"Are you all right? You seem a little on edge."

He placed a hand on my back and suddenly, that was all I could focus on—that one contact point. I cleared my throat. "Uh, I just… It's dark. I wanted to make sure there were no wolves out or anything."

"Wolves? In the city?" He offered me a lopsided smile as he locked the door up behind us. "I'm sure we'll be fine.

He walked me over to his car. The moment he unlocked it, I scrambled in just in time to avoid another assault from the tiny black blob. "See? There!"

He got in and locked the door before the beast made it to his side, then looked out, studying it. "Oh, how cute. It's a kitty!"

I glared at him. "It is a beast."

"I'm guessing we won’t have to worry about a security deposit for pets."

"Hell, no. No dogs, no cats, no animals."

"Not a fan, huh?" He smirked as he started the car.

"I'm not a fan of cleaning up after them, but I don't like cats—especially not black ones."

I kept my eyes on those lavender pupils as we drove away. It chased after us for a few blocks but then gave up. When it’s framed blurred into the shadows, something dashed into the air. Maybe a hawk had flown by and picked up the nasty thing. Good.






Chapter Two


The secluded location.

Livvy sat in my passenger seat, looking beautiful but skittish. She had long, curly hair, thick lips, and manicured nails that could do some real damage to a man's back. She tapped those nails on the door handle, her eyes flicking to the side-view mirror. As the drive took us through some curves, she relaxed in her seat and focused on the road ahead of us.

Tonight was going to be simple and easy. Many of my jobs comprised a plethora of research and the people I came across were often impossible to deal with, but Livvy was proving to be easy going, aside from the cat incident. That could be a problem.

"This place isn't right behind the school," I said, "but it's close. You'll be able to walk to class."

"That's fine." She chewed on her lower lip.

Those lips should be around my—God, no, fuck. I'm on the job. I took a deep breath and thought about my boss. That sobered me up. The last thing I needed was a hard-on when we got to the empty apartment.

"To be honest," she said, glancing over at me, "I just need an affordable place and fast."

"Shit got bad, huh?"

She quirked an eyebrow up and smiled. Finally. "No, not really. The rent went up."

"High enough for you to move?"

"They've been doing renovations. New management."

I nodded. "That sucks. How much more school do you have?" I hated small talk, but things would go a lot easier if she wasn't tense.

"This is my last year. Then I'm moving away."

"Yeah? To where?"

She shrugged, lifting her breasts—the perfect size for my hands. I shifted in my seat, wishing my jeans weren’t so tight. Focus.

She sighed as though she hated to answer the question. "Up north, somewhere. New York? Chicago? I’m not sure."

"What about your parents?" There was an awkward pause. "I'm sorry if I stepped out of line with that."

"No, it's fine. My mom passed away last year and my dad's been gone since I was a baby.”

"Ah, sorry to hear that about your mom. It's never easy losing a parent." I glanced over at her. There was a longing in her eyes, but she blinked it away. "What happened to your dad?"

"Fire accident. Some kind of pipeline or explosion... honestly, I'm not sure." She shifted in her seat. "How much longer 'til we get there?"

"Half a second." I pulled into the small parking lot. Though surrounded by the city, the complex felt secluded and was a building of only four apartments. It hid in a small valley that gave the illusion it was far away from everywhere else. It was perfect. I opened the door for her and turned on the lights, letting her look around. I glanced outside before closing the door and securing the lock.

Thanks to my big mouth, I would have to give her the grand tour, get her mind off the sad shit.

She moved around the empty living room. "This place seems pretty..."

"Nice? Private?"

"Small." Her voice fell flat.

“Small can be good. It means cheaper rent, after all. Come here and check out the kitchen. The counter’s just been redone," I said, trying not to picture throwing her up on it and sinking into her.

"Can't fit much in this stove." She peered inside and sighed.

"You do a lot of cooking?" Great. Now I was picturing her wearing nothing more than an apron.

"Something like that." She peered in the fridge. I glanced down at her round ass in those tight jeans. I wondered if she would mind if I walked up behind her and turned her around. If I caught that ass in my hand and squeezed while I kissed her. I wondered how she tasted. What she felt like.

Applesauce. Pterodactyls. Mice running on tiny treadmills. I needed to keep my mind from wandering. The bulge in my pants was getting uncomfortable, and the closer she got to me, the harder it was not to touch her.

"Do you know what the electricity situation is like?"

I had no idea. "It comes with the rent. All-inclusive." That seemed like a good enough answer.

"Wow, nobody does that around here." Maybe too good. She walked out of the kitchen, following a short hallway, and opened the accordion door. "Oh, and it comes with a dryer and washer." Huh, how about that? "This place is a steal. Do you know what the neighbors are like?"

"Dead quiet," I said with absolute certainty. "You won't have to worry about them."

"Is this the bedroom?" She pointed to a door at the end of the hallway.

"It is. I think you'll like it here." I opened the door for her and inhaled her as she walked into the room. Damn, she smelled delicious.






Chapter Three


The bedroom.

The bedroom of the apartment had three small windows on the back wall at the top, like a basement. Off to the side was the bathroom. This meant any guests would need to go through my room to get to the bathroom—not that I had guests often over, but there was the occasional group project. No way was this dump going to work out for me. I knew the instant we pulled into the parking lot but continued the tour because I wasn't sure how to end it on a polite note. Besides, time with Kevin was a nice reprieve from the reality of subjected artwork, unduly criticism, and a blinding debt that I wasn't too keen on paying off.

He motioned toward a door in the far corner of the room. "Want to check out the bathroom?"

I really didn't. With a stiff smile, I walked up to him. I expected him to get out of my way, but he didn't, he just stood in the door frame looking innocent. With a racing heart, I realized I would have to squeeze past him to get in. How could I do that without touching him? Was he doing this intentionally?

I shook off the thought and walked in, angling myself so we barely touched. The smell of his cologne wafted over me and sent a warmth between my legs. I squirmed and then tried to hide that by looking around at the tiny bathroom where I could see everything I needed with just a glance. How was I supposed to pretend to be interested in a minuscule bathroom?

I glanced in the mirror and met his eyes. A salacious smile spread across his lips that sent my cheeks flaming. I turned away and studied the shower until he stepped back out into the bedroom.

How embarrassing. This stranger was igniting something inside me with just a glance, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say Kevin was relishing in the effect he had over me—like he knew it and may have been doing it on purpose. No, that's crazy. I'm reading too much into it. I took a deep breath and stepped out into the bedroom, prepared to put on a big, bright smile and act like this place was a lot more impressive than it was, but he wasn't there.

The three windows on the back wall reminded me of an old western film, where the person on the outside tied a rope to the bars on the windows and tried to yank it free. I faced off with it and all I could picture was waking up and that jail scene would be the first thing I thought of every morning. This place was the worst. Just as I was about to turn around, a light touch grazed my hip. Were my thoughts so loud, I hadn't even heard him walking up behind me?

"Got a pretty view, huh?" Kevin's breath tickled the back of my neck.

I stiffened, a tingling sensation running through my body. Also, it was an awful view. "I hope that was sarcasm."

He chuckled. His body was close enough that I could see his feet on either side of my own. The view no longer mattered. I gnawed on my inner cheek, trying to keep myself calm. After all, him being so close behind me, in a small space, in a bedroom, alone, meant nothing. Right?

And then his arms wrapped around my waist. This was the moment. I had two options. I could shrug him off me and walk away, or I could let things happen. The excitement rushed through me, weakening my legs at the thought of having him between them. But he was a stranger! Then again, maybe that's what made it so much better. I could let it happen and then walk away. No attachments. How perfect was that? Especially after the last jerk I dated, having something simple and, hopefully, satisfying sounded like a perfect excuse for a bad decision.

I felt lightheaded. I took a deep breath and leaned into him, wondering just how much encouragement he would need. He held me, trailing his lips over my cheek and down to my neck, where they rested on my racing pulse. After a moment, he took a step back and turned me around. The heat in his eyes took down whatever resistance I had left.

He leaned down for a kiss, pulling me into him. This wasn't something I did, but just the scent of him washed away all inhibition; it was intoxicating. Without any hesitation, I attacked him.






Chapter Four


The bedroom.

This wasn't in the contract, but damn, Livvy brought out something in me I couldn't—didn't want to—hold back. All I could think about was sinking into her over, and over, and over again. The moment her hands wrapped around my head, I let my body take over. Damn the consequences.

She rubbed her body against me, grabbing at my back. I reached down her sides, running my hands over her jeans and between her legs. The heat there sent more blood rushing to my dick. It was getting painful. I kissed her neck and her breathing hitched.

Soon, baby.

I licked and grazed my teeth over her skin, relishing in the satisfying gasp that escaped her lips. She tasted like forbidden fruit. She pulled me in closer, gyrating with my hand. Fuck, she was responsive. She pushed me back and caught me with a kiss, biting down on my lower lip. I growled, wishing our clothes weren't in the way. I was trying to go slow, but she was making that impossible.

We danced around the room, grabbing at each other, our lips locked. I pushed her against the wall, grabbing her thighs and pressing into her as she wrapped them around me. Her legs squeezed my waist and she pulled at my hair, yanking it to the side so she could have access to my neck. She didn't hold back. When she bit, she was going for blood.

This would be fun.

I had to pull back before she broke my skin and wrapped my hand around her neck so she'd be still long enough for me to take a breath. She reached for my arm, but I grabbed her wrist and tossed it over her head, going in for another kiss. I explored her mouth, tightening my grip on her neck when she started to bite down or scratch me with her other hand and then loosening my grip when she was being good. She whimpered, her eyes wide and her lower lip quivering. I eased back and released my hand around her throat to grab her other wrist.

"Take me," she whispered. "Take me now."

I shook my head. I was enjoying every minute of tonight and I refused to let her rush me. Playing with prey wouldn’t be considered playing at all if it wasn’t fun.

She pushed off the wall with her legs, sending me backward. I lost my balance as she pushed me down and straddled me. Her fingers traced the tops of my trousers and she inched her way inside.

"No," I said, grabbing her wrist and rolling on top of her. "Not yet." On second thought, I grabbed her other wrist and secured both of them in one of my hands. She was getting needy, desperate. Perfect. I rolled my hips against her, feeling the heat of her between both our jeans, and nipped at the skin beneath her shirt. I wanted to bite into her but kept my teeth protected by my lips. Not yet.

I slid my hand up her shirt, dragging my nails lightly on her stomach in a wave pattern until I reached her bra. I slipped my hand in and made circles around her nipple. It hardened in seconds, expectant. I kissed her, letting her dive her tongue into my mouth, to feel me, as I trailed my hand down, down her belly and into the waistband of her jeans. They were tight. I unzipped them and felt the softness of silk lace. The temptation to rip off her clothes and dive into her was unbearable. I moaned into her mouth, melting in the heat and wetness between her legs. She thrust her hips up, impatient for me to do something. I rubbed over the lace, massaging her lips and clitoris under my fingertips. Rotating slowly, I moved further down before slipping my fingers under the lace to her hot center. She was soaking wet.

I dipped into her, sliding out to feel her clitoris and then back down again. She wiggled, struggling against the hand still pinning her wrists down. I just wanted to taste her. I got off and lifted her back to her feet. I was just about to strip her down when something caught my eye. There was a flash just outside the window.






Chapter Five


Still, the bedroom.

Kevin looked up, distracted. I wanted him inside me. I grabbed his hair and pulled him close to nibble on his lip. Then I smashed into him, nearly drawing blood. He groaned and wrapped his arms around my waist again, our bodies as close as they could be with our clothes still on. He pulled away from the kiss and buried his head in my neck. His teeth had me gasping for air. I felt sensitive to him, like every cell in my body was going into overdrive and tuning into him. I wanted to feel his teeth on me and pressed his head to encourage him. A deep, throaty moan came out of him. That's what I wanted—more of that. He seemed to be holding himself back but I didn't know why.

And then I felt his hands at my waist, lifting my blouse. It dropped to the floor as I caressed inside his shirt with my fingertips and found the abs he had hidden under there. He stripped the shirt off so I could get a full view of what I was working with. Hello, my dream-come-true! A small tattoo twirled in intricate designs on his ribs. Sexy as hell. I ran my hand over it. He stiffened and I wondered if there was some significance to it. "What's wrong?"

He shook his head. "Nothing," he said, his hands wrapping around me to squeeze my ass.

I moaned and reached for his pants. A belt was in my way. I tried to whip it off with the coolness of a femme fatale, but belts always got the better of me. He chuckled, taking a moment to strip himself of his shoes and pants. The made a soft plop as they landed on the carpet. Only one more obstacle. He kissed my chest, nibbling on my boobs while he unclasped my bra and tossed it to the side. His teeth, covered with his lips, teased my nipple into peaks. It was just shy of painful. Then he trailed his tongue down, over my stomach, until he was on his knees before me.

I was just about to take off my pants and join him on the floor when his hands grabbed the back of my knees and I found myself falling backward, screaming. He caught me, cradling my head with one hand and supporting my back with the other while he lowered me to the ground, my legs wrapping around his waist. He untangled me from him and peeled the rest of my clothes off. My underwear went last and he followed with his tongue until he was licking me between my legs. I ran my fingernails through his hair, encouraging him further with a gentle push. Just like his fingers had before, he slipped his tongue inside me and then moved it back up to dance circles on my clit before sliding back in. He did this with slow and gentle intent. I closed my eyes, rolling my hips with his movements. A pressure built up inside me and he licked faster, making figure eights with his tongue and then dipping his tongue into me a few times before flicking it on my clit again. I could feel it. My leg tightened and my toes curled as I arched my back as a heat rush over me. I moaned, pressing him into me and riding his tongue until that explosive release came over me. I grabbed him, wanting to feel him, wanting to fuck him.

He squirmed out of his boxers. I licked my hands and stroked him, feeling the length and—oh, God— the girth of him. A moment of terror washed over me, but before I could act on it, he pushed my hand away and thrust into me. No warning. I gasped in surprise, feeling him stretch me. Then he took it out, inch by agonizing inch, just to do it over again. I let out a satisfying moan this time when the length of him filled me.

With his hands laced into my hair, he fucked me. Slowly at first. Here was a guy who knew how to take his time and enjoy what he was doing. He built up speed, propping up on his elbows and kissing me. His thrusts became harder and faster until I nearly passed out from breathing so hard. A pressure built up in my stomach again and my legs trembled. Oh. Oh, God.

I screamed out, my orgasm hitting me harder than I thought possible. He slowed down, his dick still hard. He reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, pumping slower into me.

"Oh, God," I moaned. I didn't think I could handle this. "Wait. Kevin."

But he wasn't listening. He rubbed faster while still fucking me.

"Kevin." It came out breathy. "Kevin!"

Instead of stopping, he pushed deeper into me. I exploded around him for the third time. My pussy squeezed his dick, and I moaned, throwing my hands on his chest. He got up, but not out. His hands dug into my hips, moving me with him. I wasn't sure I could last much longer, this was too intense, too much.

"Kevin, wait." He licked his lips and then swooped his hands under my back, lifting me to him so I was straddling him. But when I looked at his face, something seemed off... Something wasn't right. "Kevin?" He smiled and that's when I saw them—fangs. "What the hell?" His arms wrapped around me as he dug his fingers into my shoulders. Just as he was about to bite me, something flew into the room.

Something black.

Instead of sinking his teeth into me, he sunk them into a tiny, furry, black kitten, one with a white-tipped tail, a boot, and a white eye. It howled and attacked his face with its claws.

"Ugh!" He took the beast out of his mouth and threw it against the wall, stopping its cries. I scrambled away and ran for the door, but I never made it. There was a sharp pain on my shoulder before everything went black.






Chapter Six


24 October 2001

Half an hour before boarding the plane.

I flipped my phone open and pressed down on the number 4 until the dial tone came through.

A velvety, feminine voice answered on the first ring. "Is it done?"

"Yes, Madame. All taken care of."

"Good boy. When should I expect you back?"

"I'm waiting on my phone now. I've already taken care of the car and the boy."

"You mean the real Kevin. I like that name for you, keep it."

"Yes, Madame."

"I trust it went smoothly."

"It did. Also, you may be interested to know that she didn't seem aware of her heritage."

"Are you sure?"

"Not completely, but she saw my sigil and didn't react to it. She was oblivious."

There was a long pause. "Do you mean the sigil on your ribs?"

Oops. "Yes, Madame."

"I see."

As if her disapproving tone wasn't bad enough, there was something else I needed to share with her. I took a deep breath and braced myself, wondering if I should plan on disappearing for a while. "There was a slight issue tonight, however."

"And pray tell, what would that be?"

"Her familiar showed up." Silence. That wasn't good. "Hello? Madame?"

"She had a familiar?"

"Ah, well, has might be a more appropriate term. The damn thing curled up on the back of her neck and seemed to, uh, integrate into her."

"I thought you said you took care of it."

"I did. I have her obituary with me."

"Then how does she still have a familiar?"

I licked my lips. "I have no idea."








31 October 2001

Livvy lay on a cot, still as death, in Madame’s cellar—or, more accurately, her dungeon. Prison bars encircled the studio dipped in holy water and covered in crosses. Only mortal lackeys could open the door. A freezer of blood sat in the corner, waiting for Livvy to wake up.

There was still dirt under my nails from digging her out of her grave. I never hated a woman before now. If Madame hadn’t forbidden it, I would have ripped her head off instead of bringing her back here.

Madame floated down the stairs, her cold, restrained eyes studying me. She wore an outdated, sea-green dress with lace sleeves that reached past her elbows and a bustle on her rear. “Kevin,” she purred. “Do you see now?”

Livvy’s body didn’t move. “Yes, Madame.”

“What did you do wrong?”

I sighed, locking my hands behind my back and keeping my eyes on the cage. “I should have snapped her neck instead of biting it.”

“Yes.” She trailed a finger down my face, my neck. With each centimeter, she dug deeper until my skin broke just above my collar. Cool air hit my exposed blood, but I didn’t dare flinch. She walked over to my other side. “It took me decades to find her.”

“I’m sorry, Madame.”

“You should never bite a person when Mercury is in retrograde.”

“I didn’t think witches could change.” At this, she slapped me, fracturing my neck. I faltered, but found my balance and breathed through the pain. She grabbed my chin and snapped my bones back in place. It made an audible crunching sound.

“Witches can’t change.” Her voice remained silky and impassive. “Do you know who put that sigil on you?”

“Mr. Michalski.” The words came out in a wheeze. It would take a few days, maybe a week, before my neck was back to normal.

“Mr. Brown.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You changed Olivia Theresa Brown Williams. Mr. Brown was her father, the witch who put that sigil on you when you were in your transformation stage. As you know, those sigils are supposed to keep us from bloodlust, a price we willingly pay to live in this town to protect us from mortals. I imagine when he did that, he added an extra element to protect his bloodline. Thus, we now have his daughter, protected from death.”

“Are you saying I can’t kill her?”

“Yes. And I would wager good money that he didn’t expect the spell within that sigil to backfire and turn his daughter into the very beast he despised so much.”

“Are you going to have the protection sigil put on her?”

She glared at Livvy through the bars. “No.”

I shifted on my feet, dreading the answer to my next question. “What happens now?”

“When she wakes up, she will most likely be taken over by bloodlust and will die of overconsumption.”

“And for me, Madame?”

“I sentence you to a decade in The Ruins.”

Cold swept over me, but I didn’t dare complain. I deserved that hell for my incompetence and I was going to take my punishment with dignity.

When the lackeys came down to escort me away, I acquiesced, keeping my head held up as high as I could without the pain blinding me, and vowing that if bloodlust didn’t take care of Livvy, I would.

Submitted: April 26, 2020

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