Unforgettable Night

Unforgettable Night Unforgettable Night

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Spending the night with the unknown. It's my first time writing this kind of genre, I hope you like it :)


Spending the night with the unknown.

It's my first time writing this kind of genre, I hope you like it :)


Submitted: January 08, 2017

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Submitted: January 08, 2017



 My vision became very dark. Maybe I was just resting on my comfortable room with no one to wake me up but the thing is I can move my body freely.

 I tried lifting my hand on eye level but I can't see my body nor the hands that I raise. I can only assume that I am in a very dark place and as I try walking around with my hand that guided me,

I touched a wall.

Where am I? I thought to myself.

Am I waiting for someone? Kidnapped? But I'm not tied in anything and I can still walk.

 "H-hello?" My voice cracked a little because I was scared of the dark and I'm alone. I don't mind being alone except on pretty dark places. I didn't like the feeling like I was blindfolded and not knowing what is happening.

Suddenly, I felt an air behind my ear.


 It was a man's voice so gentle and deep that made my shoulder tilt on surprise with curiosity and an arm grabbed my chin from behind.

 Trying to struggle from the touch was futile when another hand went its way around my waist to stop me from turning behind. I felt the muscular build of his arms as he held me.

"Calm down, I won't hurt you... Oh wait... not that kind of hurt you're thinking." I heard a little chuckle from him as he traces my chin to my collarbone with his finger.

"What do you want from me?"

Even being stopped from behind, I slowly can't breathe normally with his deep gentle voice that actually made a turn on.

The hands that stopped my waist loosen and made me turn to his way that made me nervous and realized that I can't even see his face because of the darkness.

"Nervous? It's okay, I will help you."

As he slowly said those words, I felt a little shy breathing in front of him. Even if I can't see anything that made me breathe heavier.

"W-what help?" I immediately replied with my curiosity as he pushed me and I fell lying in a soft surface, assuming that it is a bed.

How can he even see me? I felt the pressure of the bed then I felt his hands brushing from my legs to my thighs slowly, as if tracing the outlines of my body.

"Don't fret my dear, for I am the one that will make you feel good tonight."

Surprised by his touch, I focused more on what he said.

"Feel good? I don't even have a boyfriend and I haven't had any experience from anything like this. I can't even see you."

After I said that, the corner of my right eye suddenly took a glimpse of the moonlight shining on its own that made me pause a little. Seeing my own room that had the darkest portion without the moonlight made me think how did this guy found me.

I moved my sight back to the man who had been acting like we're very close.

"How about now?" With that, I was mesmerized by the glow of his red eyes and the silky black hair that flowed on his shoulder and his bangs that covered one of his eye.

 He had a muscular body and I saw something behind him. It looked like a wire but it wiggled very slow.

A tail? And he's naked so I went back to look at his face because it's embarrasing. He smiled at me, he went on top of me and gently climbed his way up of the bed that matched the view of my face with his.

He chuckled at my silence and kissed my lips for a short time.

Fuck. I know in my life I had never seen this hot guy and going for me.

I turn my head on the right.

"Why me?"

He gently cupped my cheek with his right hands, making me look into his eyes.

"You called me with your body. I can't leave without taking you here right now."

Before I can say anything, he grabbed my head and kissed me, suddenly pushed its way inside my mouth and circled it inside with his tongue.

I felt weird inside that I can't explain clearly what it was but it felt really good as his other hand went inside my shirt and grabbed my left breast, making my hip rose up a little and I felt light as he continued to ravage my mouth and pinched my nipple and I let myself moaned a little in his mouth.

He stopped kissing me and smiled again as he licked his lips.

Shit, that was hot.

"I wonder if you're ready..."

His hands gently traced my nipples to my stomach and reached my sex.

"Ah..." Hearing my moan, he licked his lips again.

"Already wet down here? I still haven't put my finger on it. Don't worry, I'll be gentle to you."

I saw his dirty smile again and he dived one of his fingers inside my sex gently and I unconsciously raised my hip again because of the pleasure as he puts it in and out my body. He kissed me again on my lips, one of his hands that held my head earlier goes to my thigh as he spread it wider.

I closed my eyes to not see what he was doing to me, and whispers to my ear,

"It looks like its your first time in here. Look at me, it's not scary at all, isn't it?"

When I opened my eyes, he released the finger that was inside of me and he licked my clit.

I moaned loudly that made his tongue ravish my sex and pushed two of his fingers roaming inside my sex. It feels all foreign to me as I see his head on my sex and what's more is he's naked and I'm naked too.

Earlier I knew I have my clothes, fuck what did happen?

As he kept the rhythm, I arched my back and the rhythm gets faster, making my head all fuzzy and breathing harder, I moaned and orgasmed with his fingers, unconsciously embraced his back. He released his finger inside me and licked it with his tongue, making me take a look on it made it a turn on again.

His face moved closer to my face and kissed me. "Good girl. I think you're ready now."

He lifted my thigh and something hard pressed my sex.

Fuck, he's hard.

"I want to take you more but I'm running out of time so I want you to enjoy this, my dear."

He finally pushed his hard cock inside my sex smoothly that it didn't hurt where I always saw on internet that it really hurt on first time.

Maybe he was a pro at this.

I gasped at his hard cock, travelling inside my body and it is the first time I have any man inside me. It really feel so good that I moan louder as he raised his rhythm and invaded my mouth again.

"Mn! nn! Mo..re! Ah!" I heard his groan and made more rough pushes inside me. He released his kiss and stared at me while I felt good.


"What is it my dear?" He grinned at me.

"Ah! Your.. name!"

He chuckled and I felt something was going to be released inside and he kept it faster as I tucked his bangs that covered his eyes on his ear, making me see the yellow eyes that made me more aroused to him. He kissed me as he sped up his rhythm, moaning and grunting. 

I hugged his waist with my legs and we climaxed at the same time and he made me receive his semen inside me. He removed his dick, and smiled gently at me.

I lie on the bed, my eyes getting heavier and closed it gently as he went closer to my ear.

He whispered,



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