My Daddy Knows

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My fantasy way deep inside...

- Baby girl, come here.  I need to look at you.

- Yes, Daddy.

- Take off your clothes slowly so I can watch the way you move.  It's inspection day.

I love inspection day.  Daddy studies me. Takes notes, compares them from last time and conferences with me about it.  He measures me and takes his time with me to make sure I'm becoming the best girl for him I can be.  This gets me so excited.  I want to show him everything and feel his praises of my efforts.  Though I know if I don't measure up to his desires, I may be punished based on my logs and journals.  My daddy really knows me.  I think to myself it's amazing that at 40, this still makes me feel so loved and respected.

I slowly begin to remove my top.

- Freeze.

I freeze knowing that if I don't, I will face punishment afterwards.  I stand with my arms in the air, my shirt draped over them, bra exposed and cheeks flushed at the exciting experience.  I feel his breath on me as he looks closely, rubs the muscles in my arms, shoulders and upper back.  

- Baby, I love how your muscles are developing.  Take off your bra quickly.  I need to see you.

-Yes Daddy. - I say as I quickly throw my shirt on the floor and unhook my bra.  As I pull my straps down, he swats my ass hard and kisses my ear.  He whispers: I'm so proud of you.

I give him the biggest smile that I have inside me because I know he's dead serious.  I know I should by now feel that same pride about me, but I can't.  Not just yet. Then he asks that question: Are you proud of your efforts?  

I hesitate to answer and he understands this to be a no.  He knows me.  I'm not allowed to speak negatively but yet he is insistant on changing my thinking so that I praise myself for all the good I am.  He shakes his head and hums mmmm mmmmm..... and tsks.  He asks: you know what that means baby?

-Yes Daddy, I do.  - I answer slowly.  He caresses my breasts and pinches my nipples.  He slowly kisses each one and gives them a hard bite when he is finished.  He commands me to clasp my hands behind my head.  I know what is coming.  This is the hard part.  I just wish I could get past this kind of thinking.  I feel the tears forming because this has happened the past few times.  I am beating myself up inside and he sees it.  

- STOP. He commands.  Daddy knows that I struggle with making mistakes and forgiving myself.  He commands that I look in his eyes.  This melts me.  This wipes all self doubt away and plugs me into his strength.  He undoes my jeans while I stare at him and he pulls down my pants.  He tells me to step out and a tear escapes on him as I do so.  He reaches up and wipes the tears.  - Baby, I love you.  We need to fix this.  You are beautiful, you work hard, you obey everything I ask.  You are amazing in all you do.  I am so proud of you and you need to be proud of yourself as well.  I asked you if you were proud of your efforts.  Not if you were proud of yourself.  

Shit.  I didn't notice that he changed the question.  I am proud of my efforts.  I guess just not proud enough.  I should have been listening fully.  Daddy does change things to keep me fresh.  He is calculated like that and and he knows what I should be answering.  My eyes were darting as he was looking at me.  He said - This needs to be done now.  It can't wait.  - At that, the tears came and I didn't care.  He lead me over his lap and rubbbed my back as I cried.  He told me how proud he is of me.  He said I have done all he has asked and more and he would never be able to ask for more from me.  Then he told me that I will be getting this before we continue with the inspection because he needs me to be clear headed.  

He began spanking me with his hand.  When he stopped, He told me I am to say "I am proud of my efforts."  This went on for a few minutes and between tears I said what I was required.  However, he noticed I was not emotional enough for it to take hold.  So he switched to a hairbrush- a little harder but not extreme.  This got me crying harder, not from the pain, but knowing that I didn't cry enough for him.  After a few minutes of this, I was crying pretty hard, but have yet to break.  I am so thankful for daddy being strong enough to take me until I break and can really learn.  He takes out the paddle that really stings.  Used usually for bad infractions.  He said - Baby, This will stick in your head.  You will, from here on out, be proud of your efforts.  He paddled me hard and fast until I was kicking and squirming and being very vocal and weeping.  He paused and I said I was proud of my efforts.  He said nothing but went right back to it.  And it was a long while - and then I couldn't take anymore.  I shouted I'm proud of my efforts, daddy! I'm proud of me!  Please stop, daddy.  Please stop!  He kept going and held me tight as I was kicking and squirming and kept shouting.  And then, inside me was peace.  I didn't even feel what was happening outside.  I just lie there quietly crying, accepting, and realizing daddy was right.  I don't know when he stopped.  I just remember feeling him rubbing my back,  hearing pain in his words and saying baby I hate doing this to you, but I know what it does for you.  Always be proud of yourself and what you do.  Love yourself.  You are amazing.  

I sat there absorbing his words and quietly calming down saying, Yes, Daddy.  Thank you.  

For the next two hours he inspected me inside and out, taking measurements and notes.  Then came the fun part.  He wanted to see how I responded to orgasms.  I knew it wouldn't take much.  I was very aroused from the catharsis earlier and the constant probing of all areas of my body.  He grabbed a vibrator and pushed it hard on my clit.  He watched as I raised and lowered my hips with excitement.  He said nothing but made some notes.  As I came he watched my body's function.  Then he placed a plug in my ass and played with the vibrations up and down, making more notes.  I so wanted to come again but that wasn't enough to let me come.  Without saying a word, he started spanking my clit and I closed my legs and balled up.  He just grabbed my legs and knelt in a way where I could not do that again.  He still said nothing but made some notes.  

He put the vibrator on my clit and I came again within 20 seconds.  He made more notes.   Then came something he had never done before- he had me stand (which was quite difficult as I was very sore by now) and spread my legs as far as I could with hands locked on my head.  He grabbed a dildo and began to fuck me with it.  My knees became week and he said - be strong baby.  You will come standing and I want to watch.  So I concentrated on giving strength to my knees as the dildo went in and out, sometimes slowly, sometimes very quickly.  I knew I was close because I was having trouble keeping form.  He was watching my clit closely.  He said - Baby, you are right there.  He held the dildo in with one hand and slapped my sore ass with his other and instantly I came, and came hard.  He watched every moment.  He asked if I was proud of myself, and with a giant smile I confidently said - YES!

We conferenced about all the good he saw and all the areas he'd like me to focus on the next couple of weeks.  I earned no additional punishment.  I was glad since I didn't think I could really take anymore.  But for the first time since we started doing inspections, I truly DID feel proud of my efforts... and myself. That was a great feeling.


Submitted: November 01, 2014

© Copyright 2023 adrienne574. All rights reserved.

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Oh very nice :) here is much more about psychological state than having sexual composition. I like your writing and your approach to genre which is my favorite thing to read called "Dom/sub loving relationship"! ;)

Thu, January 29th, 2015 2:53pm


Thank you. For me, it's way more than sex.

Fri, April 17th, 2015 11:36am

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