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Status: In Progress

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The first line is all it takes


The first line is all it takes

Chapter1 (v.1) - Blind

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Paradox of Paradise

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 31, 2016





There she was alone, her figure cloaked under the poisonous darkness that seemed to choke out the light behind her lowered eyes. A lonely gaze believing doom, as destruction was alway promised and tonight it would come true again and again, for the first kill would never be as fulfilling as the savage tried relentlessly to be satisfied, or saved.

The answers were inside their soft warm bodies and beautiful corpses full of so much life and a beating heart that would sustain his own. Unusually tortured by the female spirit since his splintered past they traveled through his subconscious at night in a place he liked to hide where everything was blotched black and white. As if it were all a dream…

What was she doing in his bed? In his Lafayette Park bachelor suit he only reserved for himself because of its dark confines. Sitting upright on top of his silk sheets with long dreamy curls falling over bare shoulders, more beautiful than he last remembered, though his desires blinded him every time she came close. Dangerously smokey eyes that made him stiff, pulled him forward drawing his heavy boots carefully one step forward, knowing she would disappear if he seemed threatening.

Come hither, beckoned her enchanting stare and he took another step toward her naked honey-glazed body, emitting an offer to please the sudden commotion that filled him franticly. She was as still as a porcelain painting, stroked with colored inks of a deceased memory. She was his forever, the one to cure all the demons leaping in his loins.

Coming darkly near her perfection, a hairy knuckle ran over her arm as the electric sensations began taking over. Through the sheets he felt her body warmer than before and a sudden strangling reaction took over his hand. The girl didn’t flinch, there was only a brief moment her eyes were overcome with fear, the wan he smelled in her sweet ambiance of gruesome sex and blood. Such an awful shame he was going to destroy something so young and perfect petrified with sickness underneath skin beautifully so disfigured. She could feel that evil was with him as he came closer to glide his massive fingers down her slender leg. Death silenced her blood-stained lips on a body that appeared to be ambiguously alive.

A soft stream of colored lights filtered in from the window as he hid in the shadows away from this creature of light, whose eyes crystallized in the glow. Further he was drawn from the solitude of the shadow to kiss her. The first kiss in fifteen years that had the power to save and destroy him with monstrous obsessions that consumed every waking moment of his life.

“Come into the light.” She begged.

It excited him and he yanked her thin arm by the wrist. In one motion she was thrown into his criminal arms where he clutched her on her knees. She refused to struggle even as she began to bleed.

“Stop." came a plea from her angelic voice.

How could she tell him to stop? After how long he waited to finally take away the pain, take away her life to live one more time?

“You can’t murder love.”

His mouth watered every time those sexy lips moved.

“I ain’t lookin’” He snarled and grabbed a fistful of her curls to lift her mouth. “This is the last thing you’ll remember alive.”

The veins in her neck popped from the strain as it made her struggle.

“But I want this forever.”

His tongue stabbed her hot flesh to greedily suck on her throat, as his hand constricted around the back of it, when the deepest moan of pleasure erupted from his lips.

“I’ll fuck that innocence until you split in half, then slice you left to right.”

“If I let you.”

“Keep talking I’ll rip your throat out.”

Damn, his brain was so fucked up around her, he couldn’t help but to suffocate, thrusting his pelvis into the warm slit between her thighs, pushing himself into the crevice of her neck to chew until he tasted her salty blood, digging deeper into pure ecstasy that bordered insanity. He’d fallen madly in love with her in the moments she appeared in his life.

He felt her vibrating heart that was to be stolen by his blade that night. His veins ached with a fiery anguish that was to be exterminated only through the entrance of a woman. Time seemed still as his tasting lips and heavy gasping drowned out the silence. Hearts beating against the malice inside boiling to his skin because he forgot to breathe every time he kissed her red lips and tasted the cherry saliva on her warm tongue. When he pried his thick fingers from her neck they reached for the cold steel lying on his nightstand and plunged its blade into the center of her body in one horribly satisfying moment. Instantly mass convulsions struck the girl as those eyes dimmed and hollowed. Hot sticky splashes of scarlet red stained his clothes and dripped from his fist. The feeling he died so many times for dispelled at last as she did. The death of the comeliest one ceased once and for all his perilous need to murder.

And then he woke up.

Another terrible night alone left him depraved and anxious, more benefits of insomnia. Last night he planned to go out, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her…

The sterling sun filtered in dapples of light over his sore body indicating the essence of the morning. Finally, he pulled himself from his bed to shower with the lights out. He enjoyed the pouring hot water, steam and ten minutes of jerking. Sex was always on the mind.

Eight A.M. read the time from his gold Rolex as he carefully filled the leather duffle bag with rubber bands of hundreds. Freshly processed bills were the best to snort a few lines of coke. He indulged in three thick ones before he would leave for work.

Khameron Issac Carter was an inheritor of the fortune five hundred Company Carter’s Club, an automobile club located all around America, running his main office in the heart of Detroit Michigan, passed down by a deceased family. The owner of a multi-million-dollar company was snorting the finest coke he produced, alone on his marble kitchen counter as routine after waking up.There was a certain degree of numbness he needed to obtain to even get himself out of his home.

Khameron felt his day was hurling in a downward spiral every morning, and he dreaded waking up, until recently when he was presented with the gracious sight of a mysterious creature of light, nearly two months ago, and since he’s been on her trail. Ladies and gentlemen, this was a man deeply disturbed and damaged whom concealed his monstrous desires under tailored clothes and behind flashy cars. Beneath his handsome gloomy demeanor of attraction was an erractomaniac fixated on one special target for a number of excruciating days. A relentless obsession that consumed his mind every waking moment.



There was a time in  the middle of February when a trip to the liquor store turned into an unforgettable experience. He saw Her—the light stolen from him years ago along with any chance of happiness, until her startling beauty completely shook his entire world with just one quick connection. She strolled past hasping him with an ice cold glance that sent every emotion he neglected to acknowledge into disarray. Never thinking the eyes of a woman could revive his meaning in life, he immediately determined she was special. This time she was the one.

Afraid the girl would get away and disappear forever he recklessly cancelled everything he was doing to wait for her to come out of the library, nearly crashing into oncoming traffic to swerve into the parking lot. There he stalked, making the phone calls that dug up any information on anybody, but he was still unsatisfied so he followed her in. As soon as he spotted her putting down some books, he chased after her out the door. As he approached her beauty on the cold sidewalk a common lure formulated in his head, although thinking clearly was nearly impossible with a flawless angel before him. Concealed in tempting apricot flesh, glossy sun-stroked hair that fell right over the luscious curve of her bosom perfectly exposed through a thin white blouse that matched her frumpy school uniform and jacket. The plaid skirt she wore suggested more than being catholic as it breezed a cut above the knee, it nervously swelled the man as his ugliness boiled to the surface.

“Excuse me,” he said when her curls tossed over one shoulder as she turned into his proximity. Infiltrated by her candy-like perfume, Khameron was for the first time consumed by lust, making him stumble over the simplest words.

“Yes?” Came one word from her cherry lips he imagined he would cherish and tare with his kisses. She was already submissive to him, her yes was a whispery moan.

Khameron mumbled something about it being too cold to be walking, when she confessed she was coming from school and the perfect trap presented itself along with overwhelming mounds of excitement. Collecting himself, he cooly suggested he should give her a ride wherever she wanted to go, because such a pretty girl shouldn’t be walking at all.

“I don’t ride with strangers.” 

Rejected. But of course he never thought it would be so easy, Khameron knew already this girl was not like any other. One last look he allowed at her cleavage before he introduced himself kindly in his dark seductive tone.

“Khameron Carter? Well I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, I would have remembered.” She cooed through a pursed smile.

She introduced herself as Rose, such a perfect name, and she was then and forever his Rose, all his…forever.

The brute was able to make her blush with his compliments, telling her she was the most gorgeous girl he’d ever seen and how lucky he was to have met her. The trick seemed to be working when she smiled at him and agreed that a nice guy deserved to drive a pretty girl home, so his dominance naturally asserted itself over her.

“Well I’m not walking away from you, so get in.” He instructed, showing his young victim to his custom Rolls Royce he knew impressed. She took to his demands without question.

Khameron made sure to cruise the actual speed limit because every moment in solitary ecstasy was precious. Marveling those porcelain legs not too close together where he might slip his hungry fingers between… His touch would make her melt, though if he even tried he would destroy his fantasy. He needed her weak, he needed her hopeless. 

The first time he laughed that month came when Rose mentioned he might be bored and lonely getting liquor on a Tuesday afternoon and accused him of being a filthy drunk in the most adorable fashion.

“If I tell you where I live, don’t stalk me.” When she smiled again, he noticed how much her dimples turned him on.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t my side of town. What street?”

“Parker, right off Main. Go all the way down, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

“Hmm, I’m not used to girls telling me what to do.”

She chuckled, touching herself, rubbing on her legs. “I bet. In this ride you can pick anyone up.”

“And I’m good enough to have you sitting in my passengers seat, I don’t let just anyone ride the Royce. I tell you, it never looked so good.” Khameron couldn’t help but to gawk. “Rose, who would let you walk home alone from school?” He asked liked he couldn’t believe it.

“If you must know, I like to walk.”

“Come on, its cold out.” 

“I’m too young to drive.” She hinted, though he knew more than her age already.

“I’d never let you out of my sight…where are your folks?”

Rose starred at him quizzically, letting him pry. A somber mouth revealed, “busy.”

As he glanced over his shoulder struggling to be a gentlemen, all he could think about was speeding off and taking her somewhere he could have his way with her. And she, so unaware of such profound beauty that tragically devastated him, so blind to her own power, manipulating him with her words. Busy parents of a pretty young girl was an open invitation.

“Too young to have a boyfriend too?” Khameron wanted to know.

She smirked, and nervously ran her vampy red fingers through her thick hair.

“Says who?” 

Khameron couldn’t dissect the truth behind her sly remark. 

“Should I be worried?” She looked him up and down as he was caught undressing her with his eyes.

Rose could surely feel the tense sexual energy coursing through them, by the way his glazed over eyes separated the time from the day. He was mesmerized, and she had never felt anything like it.

He caught on. “Worried about me taking you away from this…dark life? When I can show you a million things you’ve only dreamed of, if you were mine you would have anything you want. You deserve it, not to be stuck in unfortunate situations…”

Rose squinted those long lashes in suspicion. “Are you a pimp or something? Driving down the hood picking up all the pretty young ones to work for you? Thinking us, disenfranchised kids are so vulnerable.”

Khameron laughed for the second time in months and didn’t even notice his right hand sneak over to touch her arm, instantly exciting him to feel the frail white cloth of her school shirt. He felt her heat vibrating through his finger tips sensing her nervous quiver. He couldn’t retract his hand once it bonded to her arm and he thought in the haze of it all that simply touching her was better than gutting his other bitches.

“Disenfranchised, is a very complex word for such a young girl. I know you’re not like anyone else around here,” He murmured. “You’re smart, I bet you like to read Pulse, and Pulp Fiction…but you know I’m serious.”

When her eyes struck his an electrifying shock erupted through her veins. “How’d you know? Khameron…”

His heart raced as he stopped at a red light, the way she whispered his name in that innocent voice made him stroke her arm with his thumb. He turned and saw her wide crystal gaze forcing him to release the truth. How could he lie to his sweetheart?

“RoseMarie, I made it my business to know. I needed to know anything I could about you and how you like to visit the library after school.”

“I never told you my full name…”

Khameron pushed his foot to the gas when the light turned green and made a left down the wrong street, he needed more time. Her unease shivered through her shirt as he pressed two more fingers into her arm, gently sliding up and down.

“Perfect name for a perfect girl.” His lip curled up in a lustful smile. “You are one of the rarest Roses, my exotic flower. I knew it since the second I saw you.”

“Knew what?”

“That you had to be mine, that nothing else mattered but meeting you, I completely dropped everything I was doing. There’s just something that draws me to you, now I know why.”

Rose flinched at the grasp he had over her forearm rubbing in deep circles, scared by how much she enjoyed the thought of belonging to someone, someone like him.

“Why?” She whispered meekly, almost completely drawn in. the pressure he applied felt good…

“Because of where you come from, the same system that almost ruined me and will fail you. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through being so young in foster homes.”

She lowered her eyes, exposed. “I guess everyone knows I’m a throw away case…but you…? I never would have thought.”

At last, Khameron’s whole hand slithered around her small arm to hook his bait.

“Things aren’t always what they seem…I never thought I would be so smitten by a gem so young…you gotta be one in a million, baby. That long bouncy auburn hair and those eyes…damn. Never seen anything like you.”

Rose thought by the way Khameron stared at her, she might be different or special or maybe just lucky. All this unusual attention was clouding her judgment.

“Where are we…?” She brushed off his compliments.

“Just crusin’. I’ll get you home, soon.”

As he swished down the streets his car vibrated beneath her, warm milky sensations awaken through his eager touch, so much velocity and luxury in one weapon, it was nearly impossible not to resist. Rose knew what he wanted, her beauty was a curse. The way those golden hazel eyes sparkled anytime they connected to her body gave her chills, no man had ever looked at her that way…admiring such potential.  A flashy golden ruby ring Khameron wore on his pinky made every movement look like a spell. His Egyptian musk swirled around her like fairy dust, pulling a lust to be touched from her body. The closeness of man, to be desired were things she only read about. While Khameron’s tactics seemed aggressive, she felt it was perfect for a real man with really nice things to take charge. Her life was spiraling out of control, she needed someone to take it back. She figured there was no way a guy like that would be able to deal with such baggage her presence would bring. Deep inside she begged he would, no matter the consequences.

Khameron released his hold to reach inside his tailored grey blazer and retrieved one finely rolled joint, stuck it between his lips and sparked it. When he saw Rose watching, he winked and blew 0’s around her blushing face.

“You will get used to enjoying the finest things in life, finest clothes, cars, food, homes…I’ve built an empire for fine things and when I look at you, Rose” (Whistles softly) “Blows my mind every time.” 

No matter how hard she tried Rose could not break away from his glowing eyes, afraid he would see strait through all the bullshit like she wouldn’t be good for him. 

“Those lips are a work of art, girl you are perfect in every way…even your frumpy clothes flatter you.” Khameron took a long drag from his blunt.

“And I have never heard that before in my life, everyone thinks I look weird.” Rose folded her arms, placing her hand over the spot Khameron touched.

“Because you’re different.” He said, sternly. “Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are because you don’t look like them.” She watched his face tense up, creasing his eyebrows. “Girls your age will hate you because they want to look like you, and when you get older boys wouldn't know what to do with you.”

“And you do?”

“Yes, and I never knew I could want something so badly…”

“To be yours… I’ve had plenty of foster parents and they all said I was trouble. I never stay in one place too long.”

“You’ll be mine forever. I’ll take care of you, you know that.”

Confusion clouded those stormy eyes, making Khameron choke on the blunt. Her look had deeply saddened him for some reason beyond his own measures, he couldn’t stand to see her lost or unhappy, could never see her cry. His baby needed to be happy, but then she asked… “Why are you being so nice to me?” As if she was undeserving of his empathy. 

He simply replied, “because you’re letting me.”

The smell of his weed was so strong Rose thought she was catching a contact buzz, her whole body began to vibrate when he touched her again, this time on her exposed thigh. Khameron’s greed had backfired, he became so aroused by his own thoughts of ripping up her skirt to see that soft rump, tempting him to lock the doors and pull over to show her how much he loved her. He hoped she couldn’t hear his harsh breathing or detect the danger she might be in, but it wasn’t his fault. She was taunting him with her porcelain legs, tossing her big curls over her face so he couldn’t see how much she enjoyed him. And her naturally sweet perfume was starting to drive him mad. Furiously his hand massaged her supple flesh, so easily wounded if he were to rake his fingers down her body, vulnerable of being pulled apart like mold… Fuck, he was getting himself off. Khameron knew if he didn’t take his mistress home now, something terrible would happen.

“It’s 1524 Parker…” She whispered, letting his hand creep up another inch.

He felt her breathing so slowly and it made his jeans stiff. “Okay, sweetheart. Do you like living at 1524 Parker?” 

“I’m lucky to be here and not in a group home, it sucks but it could be worse.” Rose felt her heart drop when Khameron squeezed her leg.

“It could be a lot better. I’m gonna be honest RoseMarie, I really don’t want to take you home.” He felt himself losing control.

She reacted in a strangle and subtle way, turned to look at him and replied, “I know.” with a smile in her eyes.  

“Fuck,” he cursed under his breath as his cock jerked in his pants. “You have the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.”

Rose graced him with one of her luscious smiles that made her cheeks dimple, so he squeezed tighter, letting his blunt burn out in the tray.

“You’re too young to be so thick, it’s not fair, Rose. It gets you in a lot of trouble, doesn’t it?” Khameron worked his thick fingers to the inner of her thigh, a jolt of ecstasy shot through his veins as he felt her warm bronze flesh, just thinking of the moment he would worship and adore between those legs. 

Rose nervously straightened her skirt. “It’s not my fault.”

“It’s torture is what it is,” She saw his jaw stiffen when he turned to her at a red light, pinning her against the seat by his stare alone. “Tell me, are you a virgin?” 

Sinking into the dark leather, her leg was losing circulation from his grip prying for answers. His face mirrored stone, perfectly chiseled and still, the intensity of ten men lured in his eyes. His dark Indian hair tied behind with a silver band, the tattoos on his hand played so well with his ego, she knew she had to answer.

“Yes, nobody’s ever touched me like you do… Do you know how old I am?”

Khameron studied every reaction, the rise and fall of her chest, the smooth incurve of her waist, the thin bones near her neck, all untouched and too good to be true. The car took off, getting closer to the end.

“Yes, but it doesn’t change anything not about how I feel for you. Nothing can change that. It’s like you’ve been saving yourself for me…”

“This whole thing never seemed like coincidence.” She confessed.

And then all at once panic filled Khameron’s soul as he knew she would be walking out of his car shortly. Questions filled his subconscious as he turned down her narrow street filled with suburban bungalows, joggers and harmless civilians walking their dogs.

“Keep going, it’s the last block.” She said.

“Rose, you better call me tonight, you’re lucky I’m letting you go.” 

“I’ll have to sneak and use the phone,” Her button nose scrunched when she smirked.

Khameron thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen, and licked his lips.

What are you going to do after I drop you off?”

Rose felt he was being a bit invasive but nobody ever cared about what she was up to so she told him, “homework, chores, that’s it.”

He cruised to a stop in front of a three story red brick home, and pulled to the curb a few feet away. “So this is your house.”

“Right, not my home.” 

Khameron put his car in park then leaned closer, massaging her leg pleading her to stay. “If you ever need anything, you know I’ll come through.” Once he finally released his massive hand she saw the purple print he’d left. She liked it.

Khameron reached into his pocket and pulled out a fat wad of hundreds wrapped in a rubber band. Her lips parted with a gasp.

“I never seen so much cash in my life.”

Khameron stroked her leg with the wad, trailing up to her shaky hands and dropped it into her palms. Inches away from her stunned face, his other arm wrapped around her shoulders casually and caressed her like a baby.

“All for you.” He whispered into her ear.

He could feel the hairs on her neck rise, her fresh powdery scent infiltrated his mind making him press his lips on her neck for the first time. All of his hairs stood on end by the direct contact, blood rushing to his groin and shot him straight up again. His Rose was warmer than he could imagine, steamed from her a dream glow that choked his desire.

Fuck,” He growled under his breath, reeling by her delicious taste. He kissed her again while his hairy knuckles closed around her, tongue swirling and sucking on her skin as soft as rose petals. Rose inhaled sharply, her head spinning with a feeling she never knew existed, and when she started to shake violently he held her tighter. The only thing she could do was take it and try to breathe or else her heart would explode. A sound she didn’t recognize escaped through as a desperate moan, winding her eyes to the back of her head until they closed and she thought she was going to pass out. Khameron rubbed his face over her throat feeling her pulsing heart beat, retaining every second and every scent and taste to remember forever. His Kelvins in a soaking bunch Khameron knew he had to stop or it would go too far.

“I won’t stop if I kiss you again…” He panted. “Then you’ll be scared to Hell. Trust me.”

She opened her eyes slowly as he gently turned her head. “I trust you.”

He ran his thumb over her quivering lip, wanting so badly to suck them from her face. He swallowed. “If I let you go…” Khameron struggled to collect himself. “It won’t be for long.”

“…Okay…” Was all she could choke up.

After he pried his hand away to dig into his pocket and give her his Gold card, he told her, “My cell is on the back. I’ll be waiting for your call, Princess.”

That word, Princess made her flush. She had never been called anything other than her name if anyone could remember. She clutched his card with the cash close to her breast, biting her lip.

“Don’t do that,” He warned, she was being too sexy.

“I will call you tonight, I promise.” She blinked her long lashes, and he would believe anything she said. “I…really can’t believe all of this…I…”

“Don’t have to do anything but be yourself, thats enough.”

“This feels like a dream, when I walked into that library I was completely hopeless…it almost makes everything I went through worth it.” 

When she smiled Khameron truly believed every risk was worth it, and it was only the beginning. Rose gave her hair a nervous toss before thanking him and slipping away from his grasp.

Reality sunk in as cold and hard as it started to rain as he watched her leave. A massive wave of depression hit him as he believed he’d just given up his only opportunity to have Rose. Though the mission hardly failed, he now knew where she lived and where he would be investigating for some time. 

There was a stale ache that remained when she left, an inconsolable greed awaken by such unconscious sexuality he was ready to give the world to, or risk his parole violation, to be haunted once more by her presence. Upon discovering such corrupted passion, Mr. Carter already formulated every scheme in his mind to know everything he needed. Even if it meant digging up bones with his Private Investigator. 

Her scent lingered in his blood, a tinge of honey flame, a constant reminder of the one thing he wanted more than his own miserable existence.


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