Help Me Doctor!

Help Me Doctor! Help Me Doctor!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Trish's throat is so sore. Dr. Masterson might be able to help..


Trish's throat is so sore. Dr. Masterson might be able to help..


Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



Sam had just finished an appointment with Jeffrey. An old man who constantly thought he was having a stroke. Sam saw Jeffrey almost two times a week, every week.  So Sam was ready to finish his last appointment and go home. As he went up to the Head Nurse, she coughed. He jumped back and laughed.

"You must be allergic to me, Maurine!" He smiled. Maurine was in her forties, she had red hair and crusty blue eyes. But she had a great sense of humor!

"Dr.  Masterson, I apologize. You're last appointment has already been sent back. Room six." She politely informed him.

Sam collected the information folder. Trish Evans; Twenty two, no health problems, she made an appointment for a check up. Sam was happily thinking the appointment wouldn't take long at all! He said goodbye to the nurses, who were leaving. He would close up after seeing Miss Evans. He logged off all the computers quickly, as to not keep the patient waiting.

Sam walked into room six. He was flipping through his folder, trying to find the prescription pad.

"Hello Miss Evans, how are you today?" Sam greeted her as he kept searching for the pad.

"Trish. I like to be called Trish." She corrected him.

He found the pad.

"Aha! Okay, hello Trish. How are you?" Sam set the pad down.

"My throat is so sore, Doctor." She said.

"Well, let's take a loo-" Sam was shocked by the creature sitting on the examination table.

Trish had dark brown hair that hung seductively in curls down to her waist. She had smooth, tan skin and bright green eyes. She was posed with one leg stretched out and one leg bent high up on the table. She had on tight jeans. Sam could see the outline of - oh God.

"Uhm," Sam cleared his throat as he tried to keep his eyes off of her plunging neckline. "Let's take a look."

Trish opened her mouth a little bit, Sam reached for the othoscope.

"A little bit wider." He corrected.

"Well how big is it?" She teased.

Sam swallowed hard and loud.

"I think it's my job to do the swallowing around here." Trish said as she slid off the table, her legs on either side of Sam.

She started to unbutton his shirt, slowly to see if he would object. He didn't. She opened the shirt and started to undo his belt. Sam stood stock still. Trish had gotten his pants down before he even realized it. And she was sinking slowly to her knees. Sam stopped her and pulled her by her arms back up. He bent her backwards over the table and leaned over her.

Trish wrapped her legs around him as he kissed his way around her neck and chest and mouth. Then, she pushed him back and slid down quickly.

"My throat hurts, Doctor. Got anything that will help?" She roughly pulled down his boxers.

"Right here." Sam said and thrust his cock into her mouth.

She took his whole seven inches in her throat. He pulled it out and slapped her lips with his huge cock. She licked and kissed as he got harder and harder. Sam pushed into her mouth again and she took him deeper this time. She choked and gurgled, happily. Sam then proceeded to fuck her mouth hard and fast. He could feel his cum heating up. And then he came in her beautiful mouth.

She swallowed happily. Even licked the extra off her lips and his throbbing cock.

"Feel better?" He asked.

She nodded. Then she rose to her feet and slid his shirt off his shoulders. He was tan and had hulking, muscular shoulders. She licked his neck. His penis stirred and was ready again. He kicked his pants off from around his ankles and ripped off her jacket. She sat on the edge of the table and he peeled the jeans off of her long, thin legs.

Her bright red thong was teasing him. They were sheer enough to make out a shape. But opaque enough to hide. Sam unzipped the strapless leather top and cupped her large breasts in his hands. The black lace bra had no padding, so they moved effortlessly under his hands. He kissed the exposed cleavage as he reached around to unhook the bra.

Trish hung her head back and felt him stroke and suck her tits. She spread her legs and he leaned further into her on the table. He nuzzled her left breast, running his tongue over her hard nipple. His thumb rubbed the other one.

Trish reached down and began to massage her clit. She rubbed it quickly, through the thin material of her thong. Suddenly, Sam bit her nipple hard. She cried out and almost orgasmed. He threw her back against the table, so she laid flat. He ripped the thong to expose her perfect pink labial lips. Then he kneeled on the step to the table and flicked her clit rapidly with his tongue.

She came moments later, with a lovely high pitched whine. He licked his hand and lubed his hard cock with it. Then he stood straight again. Trish pulled herself to the end of the table and spread her legs wide, her tall black heeled feet dangling. He placed his cock in the perfect position and rubbed. He didn't enter. He teased and stroked her lips with his throbbing cock.

Trish could feel his thick penis throb against her. And she begged him to enter.

"How bad do you want it?" Sam asked.

"Fuck me!" She ordered.

Sam thrust into her once. All the way in, and all the way out. Then he waited again.

"How bad?" He teased.

"Oh my God!" She shouted.

He shoved into her again. Her body jerked and her pussy tightened.

"Couldn't hear you.." He mocked.

"SO BAD!" She screamed. "Fuck my pussy.. please." She whined.

Sam pushed into her pussy again and kept up his motion. Her pussy was so wet and tight, it gripped his cock harder with every thrust. She could feel his cock touch all the way back. And she convulsed every time it did. Sam could feel his cum heat up again. And Trish could hear his breath speed up.

"Harder!" She screamed.

He fucked her pussy until the last second. When he pulled out she came all over the table. The sight made him cum immediately. He came all over her torso and tits. He collapsed on top of her. They both laid there for the longest time, trying to cool down.

Sam couldn't wait until Trish had a cold again.

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