Nothing Left but You

Nothing Left but You Nothing Left but You

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


This is not your usual story. Then again, Rayin is not your usual boy. Sure his mother died and his father was gone but that didn't make him different. Rayin being gay isn't even what made him different. It was his special powers. Those will be either the downfall of his life or the savior when another boy tries to make him his.


This is not your usual story. Then again, Rayin is not your usual boy. Sure his mother died and his father was gone but that didn't make him different. Rayin being gay isn't even what made him different. It was his special powers. Those will be either the downfall of his life or the savior when another boy tries to make him his.

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~~~I did not steal this story. This is my story that I had to rename because the last one did not allow me to post it in chapters. Comments and likes are loved~~~

Now your typical teenage boy would be about 5'9", be into sports, have had a few girlfriends, and might be failing a claw or two but that is the thing. No one would write a story about your typical teenage boy. No, this story is about a seventeen year old boy who has powers and is also gay. That boy is me.

My name is Rayin and I am going to tell you about my junior year of high school.  This year of high school was and always will be the best year. Yes I was beat up excessively and had multiple broken bones, but we will get to that later. I need to started from the beginning for this to all make sense.

"Get back here faggot!" A guy, I know to be named James, yelled behind me as I ran. "You are only making it worse for yourself!" He screamed some more. My legs ran as fast as they could but I had such a small body so the large guys easily caught up. Strong hands gripped my arms and dragged me into the bathroom. "Time for your daily swirly fag!" 

One guy had to walk into the stall and dunked my head in because  two would not fit in the small bathroom. They then threw me on the bathroom floor and took turns kicking me. My body was in so much pain and each kick made it ten times worse. 

A few minutes later they got bored and left me on the ground. As soon as I heard the bathroom door shut, I stood up and went to the mirror. My natural longish black hair was all messed up and my glasses were tilted on my face. Blue eyes looked over the rest of my body as I lifted my shirt. A purplish bruise already started to appear on my rib cage and I sighed. I turned the water on and got my hand wet. Then it froze. My hand had a thin layer of ice on it as I touched the bruise. A hiss escaped my mouth and then a grateful sigh. 

The door opened and I immediately unfroze my hand, pulled my shirt down, and started to wash my hands casually. It was just a random guy I did no know the name of so I relaxed and grabbed my backpack. 'That was close...' I thought as I left the bathroom.

The rest of the day was your usual school day. I went through boring class after boring class, I got pushed a few times in the hallway, and even got my lunch spilled on my favorite jacket but at the end of the school day I was still living.

That is, until the final bell rang. I headed to the library, where I usually went to do homework, but when I arrived there was a group of guys there. They smirked as they saw me.

"Where you runnin' kid?" One of them said before he called out, "Get him." I swore under my breath and booked it out of the library. Lucky me I tripped in the hallway and they caught up. Even with my protests and struggling, they took me to the locker room where they ripped off my clothes and threw me in the showers. I hit my head as i fell and I felt something warm run down my forehead. My briefs and hair clung to my skin as I shivered while my glasses were no where to be seen. The guys laughed around me.

"Look at the faggots underwear!" "Awww! How cute!" "He wears ones my little brother wears!" Their mocking continued as I tried to hide my boxers and crotch. Soon one of the bigger guys started to yell. "Hey! Bring in the new captain! We need to officially initiate him!" I then heard cheering and yelling as a man walked toward me. He was tall and some what buff but not too buff. It was hard to see him but a guy patted him on the shoulder.

"Come on Dustin! We will let you get the first few punches in on the faggot just so you can be part of the crew!" the same guy said. Soon a loud punch was heard and everyone got silent. I looked up as much as I could but all I could see was a guy on the ground and 'Dustin' standing above him.

"From this day forward, no one will be touching this boy ever again. If I hear that one of you even teased him, you will end up like James. Any questions?" The new captain yelled. It was dead quiet except for the showers running. After about ten seconds Dustin started to speak again. "Good. Now go." the sounds of foot steps were heard before it got quiet again. The only one that was left was the new captain. He turned off the showers and got a few towels. Dustin then came over to me and wrapped a towel around my shoulders. I flinched away and he sighed. 

"I am not going to hurt you... I promise." he said before gently dabbing my forehead with a towel. I hissed in pain and closed my eyes. "You are bleeding. You might need stitches too. I am going to take you back to my place so my dad can take a look at it. He is a doctor." The boy helped me to my feet but I started to walk away from him.

"Thanks for helping and all but I have it under control." just then I got really light headed and started to tip over. He grabbed me quickly and held me up. One of his arms wrapped around my waist while the other was holding my arm around his shoulder.

"Yeah. You have it under control all right." Dustin led me over to one of the benches and sat me down. "Here." he then handed me my clothes and glasses. I slipped my shirt on before I placed my glasses on my head. The pants then came next but it was hard because skinny jeans and wet legs don't mix. The last thing was holding the towel back on my forehead so I would not bleed out everywhere.

I could feel the man's eyes on me the whole time. I felt like a cheap whore. I rubbed the back of my head embarrassed. That was when I got a good look at my savior.

He was around six feet tall and had dark brown hair. He was well built and had a casual hair style. His smile is what caught me off guard. It seemed so natural to the boy that is was kind of weird.

"Thanks for helping but I really think I should get home." I mumbled. The boy then scooped me up in his arms and I started to struggle again. He had no problem holding me though. "Hey! Put me down!" I yelled. Dustin leaned down and looked me in the eyes. 

"You almost fell the last time. I am not taking any chances and besides. It wasn't a question." I immediately froze and he chuckled softly. "Relax... I am not going to hurt you." his words were not calming as he carried me out into the parking lot. We only got a few weird looks from teachers but they did not say a word. Most of the kids had already gone home so we did not have to worry about them either. We then got to his car. He opened the passenger door for me and set me down in the seat. He then got in on the other side and started the car. The car made an amazing purring noise that I could feel in my chest.

"it's a '67 Chevy Impala. Yes. It is like the one from supernatural." Dustin chuckled softly as he started to drive. "Oh. I am Dustin Sullivan by the way." Dustin explained. I sat sat there still confused. He never told me the reason why he was helping me and It scared me to know I was going home with a complete stranger.

"Rayin." I mumbled quietly. Dustin cracked a smile and nodded. 

"I Know." The drive did not take very long but we did drive into a rich neighborhood. The houses were more than twice the size of mine and a whole lot nicer. We pulled into a three car garage and Dustin helped me out, whether I liked it or not. I managed to walk inside without passing out and Dustin sat me down on the couch. 

"Dad! I need to to look at one of my friends! He is hurt!" Dustin called and soon a dark brown haired man came into the room with a small medical kit. The man had the friendliest smile on but it did not hide his age. It was obvious where Dustin had gotten his looks from. 

"Dustin brought a friend over... He hasn't invited a friends over in well... Ever. You can call me Tom." he knelt down by the couch and took the towel away from my head. Tom then started to dab at my forehead with a weird wet cloth that made my skin a bit numb before putting the stitches in. I could not hide the fact that every time the needle would go through my skin I whimpered softly. I hated needles. They were the worst.

It was soon over and dustin sat on the couch next to me. The dad stood up and smiled once more. "You are more than welcome to stay for dinner. We are having pot roast." His father said.

"Um.. Thank you for fixing my cut... But I really should go." I said feeling out of place. I had never been to someone's house before and things were getting more awkward by the second. Dustin shook his head.

"No no. I insist. You are staying for dinner." I did not argue any further, not wanting to piss my host off and knowing he could easily beat the shit out of me. Dustin then turned on the TV and started to watch cartoons. I easily got distracted and stared intently at the television. It had been awhile since I watched tv and cartoons seemed to be so care free. 

The aroma of a warm home cooked meal came from the kitchen and my stomach growled. I had never had a home cooked meal, unless you count a grilled cheese with microwaveable Mac-n-cheese a meal. 

I heard Dustin chuckled next to me as I tried to cover my stomach. "So you are hungry? My mom makes the best roast... It's to die for." the way Dustin asked the question made me think that Dustin thought I would be hungry. The boy might have thought that because I am so damn skinny. Either way, when Dustin took me to the kitchen to eat, I was the happiest boy alive. He got me a big plate of food and then got his own plate. "I will be eating in my room tonight!" he yelled and waved a hand towards me to follow. I hesitantly followed but the sooner I could eat the food, the happier I would be.

Dustin's room wasn't what I expected it to be. I thought there would be football posters and jerseys everywhere and pictures of his teams he had been on but it wasnt. There was posters of Chelsea Grin, Sleeping with Sirens, and Escape the Fate. There was a large tv with a huge DVD rack, a desk with a computer, a few bean bag chairs, kind sized bed, pool table, fish tank, coffee table and to top it all off was a couch that could easily fit four people. There was still plenty of empty space despite all of the things he had in his room. It was the entire basement after all. 

Dustin then led me over to the couch and I sat down. I quickly began to eat but tried to remember my manners. Dustin chuckled softly and I looked over at him confused. "So do you even eat? I don't mean to sound rude... But your body is so thin." Dustin said as he took a bite of his roast. I didn't think about saying anything at first but leaving it unanswered would be awkward. 

"A meal and a few snacks a day." I mumbled before looking down at the wonderful plate of food I had. I knew what I said was the best case scenario day but I didn't want to sound anorexic. A large hand smack me on my back and I flinched away. Dustin looked at me worried. 

"Oh, I didn't mean to hurt you. Was it that hard?" He asked and looked at his hand like it had a mutation on it. I sighed and set my plate down on the table.

"I just... Bruise easily... And today wasn't a fun day." I picked up the piece of bread from my plate and started to nibble on it. I can't believe I started to talk to a guy who was with the jock group. I then froze. 'this could be a plan... Just to get close and hurt me some more...' I thought as my hand gently touched my bruised ribs. Dustin seemed to notice and he put down his plate too. 

"What's wrong? Is it something I did? Is the food bad?" the boy had about a thousand questions but I just shook my head.

"I need to go home now." I mumbled and stood up. I then made my way to his bedroom door. "Thank you for the meal and stitches." 

"No wait! I'll drive you." Dustin said as he stood up quickly. He started to rush over to me but I just looked at him with an expressionless face.

"No. I'll be fine." 

Dustin stopped in his tracks and looked at me confused. I exited the room and soon the house. Dustin did not follow me and I was grateful for that. I needed some alone time away from school. That was the only reason I like my house. There was no one there.

I got to my house almost an hour later and the sun had already gone down. The house was an off gray color with brown gutters. There was a small screened in porch before the front door of the house. Then came the small kitchen on the inside and living room connecting to it. Upstairs was two bedrooms and downstairs was a basement where the laundry and furnace was. There was only one bathroom in the house. 

I threw my backpack on to the beat up couch and went to my bedroom. It had been a long day and I need some sleep. My queen sized bed was in the middle of the room with a dresser and a nightstand. The only personal items in the room were a poster of the stars, my ipod, and an old alarm clock with Micky mouse on it.

I took a few pain killers before stripping to my boxers and laying down. It was the time when I loved the most. Sleeping. Only I knew what my dreams were and they were controlled by me most of the time. Sleep took over laid there.

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