Jack, his landlady and his Y Fronts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

In 1956 a shy young apprentice in Manchester who loves lifting weights finds that his landlady and her niece enforce a very strange rule; humiliation at the hands of females becomes a new way of life.

Table of Contents

Jack learns the rules

In 1956 Manchester an apprentice who loves body building is introduced to the frightening regime of his landlady and her niece. Read Chapter

His landlady gives him a bath and visitors seem his charms

Jack lives in his Y fronts, to the delight of the Partridge family, mother and daughters, who visit to see the new lodger. And his landlady gives him a bath. Read Chapter

More visitors

Jack’s humiliation mounts, and two more formidable ladies call on him and his landlady. Read Chapter

The girls visit

Mrs Ellroy makes a gift of older Y fronts, saggy and worn with infirm elastic. The shame of wearing them, when a group of Julia’s friends visit! Read Chapter

Jack caught nude!

Bad behaviour has him headed for a spanking Read Chapter

Young Mrs Lacey Calls

Jack gets excited with the prospect of getting to know their neighbours, husband and wife. Read Chapter