Helmet Screams: Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Astronauts Mel and Holly are selected to become the first women to set foot on the moon. They enjoy each other’s feminine company on the rocket ride up, but their pleasurable experiences are cut short when they are attacked and overpowered by a space dominatrix on the moon. Will the defenseless astronauts escape her wrath?

In 1971 during the Apollo program, NASA decided to send two women into space to land on the moon.  Astronaut Holly and Astronaut Mel were selected and trained for the historic exploratory mission and two iconic women quickly became heros to all women in America.

Despite the fact that Holly and Mel were both incredibly gorgeous and only in their mid-twenties, they were both brilliantly talented astronauts.  Of course there were trolls and naysayers as always, commenting on Holly being a busty blonde and Mel being a slender redhead with a “useless” geology degree.  But NASA was proud of the two iconic astronauts and they considered Mel’s background in geology to be an asset for collecting important lunar samples.  Mel and Holly would venture to the moon as Apollo 18 and they landed on the lunar surface in November of ‘71.

It was a proud moment for Mel and Holly as they stood on the surface of the moon in their bright white Apollo spacesuits, admiring the rocky lunar terrain.  The American flag was sewn neatly into the left sleeve of each of their bulky spacesuits and their names were embroidered into the chest of their suits, next to their historic Apollo 18 mission patches.  NASA had selected a particularly rugged area of the moon for the astronauts to research and they had to be careful not to tear their delicate suits on the jagged rock formations as they began their exploration.  The cumbersome PLSS (Personal Life Support System) packs on their backs made their moonwalking a bit clumsy and the space helmets also restricted their field of view, which made negotiating the lunar boulders even more precarious.

Even though their pristine white spacesuits were brand new and made just for Holly and Mel, NASA followed the original Apollo spacesuit design and the “potty” flap was still incorporated into the crotch of their suits.  This little fabric flap aligned with a corresponding slot in the inner liner of the suits, and was intended to allow male astronauts to unsnap the flap to go tinkle without having to remove their spacesuits while inside the spacecraft.  Unfortunately, female astronauts had still had to remove their suits to pee, despite the potty flap still being there.  But that didn’t stop the two cleverly kinky spacewomen from discovering another use for the flaps.

For Mel and Holly, there was something intensely arousing about being strapped into a powerful rocket containing thousands of pounds of explosive rocket fuel and being in their puffy white spacesuits added to the excitement.  As the countdown from ten began, their astronaut pussies became wet with anticipation from the sheer intensity of the moment.  During the ground-shaking launch from Earth, Mel and Holly removed their white space gloves and turned off the communications radio so mission control couldn’t hear what they were about to do. 

As their Saturn V rocket blasted them off the launch pad they unsnapped each other’s potty flaps and began fingering each other inside the tiny cockpit, after applying a little “astro” glide of course.  Their soft and perfectly manicured fingers felt good inside each other.  “Ohhhhh yes” they moaned lustily in their helmets, which began to fog up with their heavy breathing.  Their sexy space moans and screams were loud enough to be heard over the roaring thrust of the Saturn V.  The incredible vibrations from the powerful rocket engines added to the pleasurable sensations they were experiencing and the two spacesuited astronauts came quickly as they entered zero-gravity.  Their orgasms launched them beyond the stars!

Of course mission control back in Houston, Texas was quite frantic when they suddenly lost communication with the female astronauts during launch.  Most of the men working at the control center were former astronauts themselves, so they knew losing radio communications was never a good sign.  Exiting Earth’s atmosphere is one of the most dangerous events during a space mission and a million things could go wrong including rapid decompression of the spacecraft and rocket fuel explosions; the two sexy astronauts created quite the panic with their sexual stunt.

“Apollo 18 this is Houston...do you read me?....Astronaut Mel?  Astronaut Holly?  Come in, over.”   The men and women back at mission control felt completely helpless and some of them even began hypothesizing about what went wrong.  “Did we lose them?” one concerned woman asked.  “Apollo 18 come in over…” After a few incredibly tense minutes the female astronauts finally responded.  “Houston this is Apollo 18, we're okay- we had a radio malfunction but we’ve got it fixed now” Mel advised, still breathing heavily from her organsm in space.  “Ohhh, we’re better than okay!” Holly said in the background as she giggled.

“Would you two quit goofing off up there please?” the frustrated and grumpy mission commander at Houston said over the radio.  He didn’t exactly know what went on inside the spacecraft during launch but he suspected that Mel and Holly were fooling around.  “It’s a shame we didn’t get to use this” said Holly, holding up a strap-on that she snuck aboard the spacecraft in her gear kit.  “What!?!? Where….nevermind” Mel responded in total shock, “I’m not even going to ask.”  Little did Holly know that the strap-on would soon be used against her.

What happened during launch was fun and unforgettable, but now that the two astronauts were on the surface of the moon it was time to get their scientific work done.  Communication radios were built into each of their “snoopy caps” so Mel and Holly could speak to mission control back on Earth.  “I just wanted to say congratulations for being the first women on the moon” a male voice from Houston said over the radio.  “Thanks” Holly and Mel replied.  But the two gorgeous astronauts would soon find out that they were not the only women on the moon.  The astronauts set off on foot towards one of the rock formations, completely oblivious to the danger that they were now in.

Lurking in the lunar shadows, stalking the unsuspecting astronauts, was a super villain named Ursa.  Unlike the vulnerable astronauts who needed clumsy spacesuits to survive on the moon, Ursa was impervious to the oxygenless vacuum of space.  She was clad from head to foot in a form-fitting black leather outfit that fit snugly on her muscular body.  Her short black hair and long black fingernails contributed to her formidable and intimidating look.  Ursa’s black attire blended in perfectly with the moon shadows as she observed the astronauts who stood out vibrantly in their bright white spacesuits.

Ursa was not from our solar system and her superpowers were merely ordinary back on her home planet, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a savage beast of a woman.  Ursa served as a commanding general on her planet and her reputation for extreme violence and brutal tactics preceded her.  She derived sexual pleasure from torturing her enemies before she killed them and she was well known for her horrific atrocities.  Ursa was also feared because of her incredible strength and she particularly enjoyed bludgeoning her victims to death using only her fists.  Eventually, Ursa was sentenced for her war crimes and she was banished from her home planet.  Unfortunately for our dear astronaut friends, Ursa was exiled to Earth’s moon for her punishment.

Mel and Holly were breathing laboriously from moonwalking in their bulky suits and some of the perverted men back at mission control became aroused just listening to their sexy breathing over the radio.  Spacewalking on the moon was the apex of their astronaut careers, second only to their orgasms at launch, but the prissy astronauts were obliviously prancing straight towards Ursa.  With befuddled looks on their pretty faces, the two defenseless astronauts stopped dead in their tracks as the mysterious woman in black casually walked right up to them.  In total shock, Mel dropped her soil collection tool- Ursa’s black leather boots were now toe to toe with her white space boots.

“YOU!”  Ursa said in a commanding voice.  “Uhhhhh” Mel replied in complete disbelief of the muscular woman standing before her in the vacuum of space.  “What the fuck are you two bitches doing on my moon?” asked Ursa, cutting her eyes over at Holly who was shaking in her moon boots, completely terrified.  The astronauts were immediately intimidated by Ursa’s muscular physique and black leather ensemble.  “We are American Astronauts” Holly explained with a tremble in her voice.  “We come in peace” Mel added as she held up her hands in an act of submission.  “Peace?” Ursa replied as she smiled deviously. 

Ursa glanced down at Mel’s spacesuit and quickly took notice of her suit’s many vulnerabilities.  Holly skittishly took a step back, somehow sensing Ursa’s evil intentions.  Suddenly and without warning, Ursa grabbed onto the white air hoses on Mel’s spacesuit and violently ripped them completely off her suit in one swift motion.  Mel screamed in sheer terror as precious oxygen loudly hissed out of her spacesuit into the unforgiving vacuum of space.  The doomed astronaut collapsed to the ground, landing on her back at Ursa’s feet as she slowly began to suffocate.

Holly’s fight or flight reaction immediately kicked in and she of course chose flight.  Mel and Holly were not warrior women like Ursa, and they weren’t highly trained space-Marines either.  Much to the contrary, they were Apollo astronauts who were dedicated to the peaceful and scientific exploration of space.  Horrified by what just happen, Holly turned and ran away- back towards the lunar lander, completely abandoning Mel to her doom.

“Mayday Houston MAYDAY!” Holly screamed over the radio in total panic as she ran towards the spacecraft, “we’re being attacked!  Somebody help us!”  Holly’s blood curdling screams sent mission control into sheer chaos and nobody could get her to calm down enough to figure out what was going on.  “Is it the Russians?” the bewildered mission director asked.  “It’s a….a….WOMAN” Holly yelled in between hysterical breaths.  The spacecraft was only about a hundred yards away but it felt as if it were a mile away as Holly desperately ran towards it in her bulky spacesuit, floating off the ground in between strides.  She felt terrible for abandoning Mel but she knew that there was nothing she could have done to save her from the evil woman in black. 

“Run you fucking coward!” Ursa yelled, still standing over Mel, clutching the delicate oxygen hoses in her muscular hands that she tore from her suit.  Ursa knew there was no escape for Holly and she looked back down at Mel who was squirming on the lunar ground, breathing her last few breaths of oxygen.  “Please…” Mel begged, which was her last word.  Ursa smiled deviously at Mel, enjoying every last drop of the poor astronaut’s struggle; the very last thing that Mel ever heard was Ursa’s wicked cackle.  The sadistic woman became sexually aroused from watching her astronaut prey suffer and she would soon inflict her full wrath upon the blonde astronaut that cowardly ran away.  After Mel was dead, Ursa violently thrust her black boot into the crotch of Mel’s spacesuit, sending her lifeless body sailing off into deep space.  It was clear that Ursa had absolutely no respect for the peaceful NASA astronauts.

Holly finally made it back to the lunar lander but she still had one more obstacle to overcome in her cumbersome suit.  A twelve foot ladder, attached to the landing strut of the spacecraft, stood between her and the hatch to the cockpit.  The terrified astronaut began to climb the ladder; her clumsy space boots slipped and slid on the rungs in her panic.  Holly’s heart was pounding and she was afraid to look back but she soon made it to the top of the ladder.  Holly opened the hatch and made it inside, quickly closing the hatch behind her.  She was beginning to feel safer but she still had a few more steps to complete before she could initiate launch.

In order to lay down in the launch seat she would have to remove her cumbersome PLSS pack first; the cabin of the lunar lander was not pressurized which meant that she would have to attach the oxygen hoses in the cockpit to her spacesuit, after she removed her PLSS.  Under normal circumstances, an astronaut has about three minutes of oxygen remaining in their spacesuit after removing the PLSS.  However, Holly was still hyperventilating from her horrific encounter with Ursa, causing her to consume oxygen at a much faster rate.  When she removed the PLSS from her suit she had less than a minute of oxygen left at the rate she was breathing.  Holly frantically connected the cockpit air hoses to the front of her spacesuit, a task made even more difficult by her space gloves.  The struggling astronaut was quickly running out of air but she managed to connect the hoses just before she began to suffocate.  The subtle hiss of the oxygen flowing into her suit provided her with some comfort as she began to lay down in the seat.

The cockpit seats in the spacecraft were engineered to spread out the forces of the immense thrust, produced by the rocket engine, across the body.  If the seats were upright, the force of the rocket at launch could compress an astronaut's spine and potentially cause a back injury.  Thus, the cockpit seats were designed for the astronauts to lay down in, similar to a comfy recliner.  A special harness with gray straps, much like a five-point racing harness, was attached to the seat to secure the astronauts during launch.

As Astronaut Holly laid back in the seat she strapped herself in with the harness.  She was still in a panic and she desperately wanted to fire up the rocket engine to escape the ruthless woman in black.  In her haste, Holly accidentally pinched some of the white fabric of her Apollo spacesuit in the buckle of the harness and didn’t notice that it was now jammed as a result.

“Houston please come in….Houston!  Attempting manual liftoff” Holly advised over the radio as she rapidly flipped dozens of black switches on the control panel next to her seat.  Gauges and dials on the instrument panel began to illuminate, indicating that the engine was ready to fire.  The panicked astronaut immediately hit the red launch button and the spacecraft began to vibrate as the powerful rocket propelled the craft off the surface of the moon.  Holly was pressed into her seat from the force during liftoff.  The roar of the rocket was music to her ears; she made it!  She managed to escape the psychopathic woman who maliciously murdered her defenseless astronaut friend.

Holly started to cry a little as she thought about Mel’s tragic death.  She felt terrible about abandoning her but deep down she knew that there was absolutely nothing she could have done to save her.  Holly’s only option to survive was to run and that’s what she did.  She began to wonder about who the mysterious woman was and where she came from.  Even though her encounter with the sadistic woman in black was absolutely horrific, being completely vulnerable and helpless made the kinky astronaut extremely horny.  Holly wondered what Ursa would have done to her if she had been captured by her, moistening at the thoughts.

The spacecraft quickly gained altitude from the moon and Holly started to calm down.  Lights on the instrument panel reflected off of the visor glass of her space helmet.  Just as Holly began to relax, a long black fingernail tapped Holly on the shoulder of her puffy white spacesuit.  Holly immediately took her eyes off the control panel and looked up to see Ursa towering over her at the head of her seat.  “Noooooo!” Holly screamed, “somebody help me!”

Ursa stood there laughing boisterously at the terrified and defenseless astronaut, standing over her in the tiny cockpit at the head of her seat.  Her evil cackle echoed in the spacecraft and resonated inside of Holly’s helmet, intensifying her fear.  Even though she was trapped inside the spacecraft with Ursa, Holly attempted to unlatch the silver buckle on her harness in a desperate attempt to get away from the psychopath.  But the buckle was jammed.  Holly squirmed and struggled trying to free herself in the panic but it was no use.  She looked down at her chest and realized that her spacesuit was caught in the clasp, preventing it from opening.  There was no escape for her.

“Ahhhh built in bondage” Ursa said, amused by the situation.  She then sat on top of Holly and straddled her with her muscular thighs, squeezing her a little.  Despite Holly’s bulky suit, the size difference between the two women was immediately noticeable.  “Please don’t hurt me” Holly begged.  But deep down the astronaut found her current situation to be intensely erotic and the anticipation of what Ursa was going to do to her made her unbelievably wet.  “I still have to torture you for being a coward, before I of course kill you” explained Ursa.

In that moment Holly’s spacecraft exited the gravitational pull of the moon and they were now in the zero-gravity environment of space.  All of the unsecured items inside the spacecraft began to float off the floor, including Holly’s strap-on.  “Oh, what is this?” Ursa asked rhetorically as the strap-on floated towards her as if it were meant to be. “Were you and your little friend having some fun before I killed her?” she questioned as she grabbed the floating strap-on.  Holly was breathing heavily again and her heart was racing.

Ursa peeled off her black leather attire, revealing her bare muscular body.  Dozens of scars from all the battles she was in covered her chiseled body.  Holly couldn’t believe how ripped Ursa was and she forgot all about her dear friend Mel.  The sexy astronaut wanted to be fucked by the beastly lunar dominatrix and she lustfully watched Ursa don the strap-on.  Ursa conveniently discovered the potty flap on Holly’s white spacesuit, unsnapping it with her black fingernails.  She then penetrated Holly’s suit with the strap on, thrusting it into Holly’s pussy.

“Ooooohhhhh” Holly moaned as Ursa continued to thrust.  Ursa fucked Holly hard, pounding her pink astronaut pussy which caused Holly to moan and scream even louder.  She had never been fucked that hard before.  Holly’s helmet screams of pleasure were broadcast over the speakers back at mission control in Houston, causing some of the men to flee the room.  Other men were glued to their seats, enjoying her sexy sounds, while some of the other guys wanted to leave but were too embarrassed by their massive erections and didn’t want anyone to see them through their thin khaki pants!  Even the grumpy mission control director was sprung for launch.

Holly’s soft white spacesuit made Ursa feel like she was fucking a plush pillow.  Ursa slid her hands under Holly’s gray harness and played with her voluptuous breasts through her spacesuit as she fucked the astronaut.  “Ohhhhhhh yes!” Holly screamed as she neared climax.  Ursa then wrapped her muscular hands around Holly’s air hoses and clenched them shut, causing Holly to experience erotic asphyxiation which sent her into the most incredible orgasm she ever experienced in her life.  Holly’s toes curled inside of her moon boots from the intensity of the orgasm.

Ursa laughed at how quickly Holly came, for Ursa’s stamina was unmatched in the galaxy.  She released her vice-like grip on the air hoses, allowing precious oxygen to flow back into Holly’s suit.  The villainess didn’t want to kill her astronaut prey just yet.  Ursa literally had all the time in the universe to continue punishing Holly for her act of cowardice on the moon.

To be continued.


Submitted: May 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A7LAstronaut. All rights reserved.

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Let me first say, Sir Astro-Glide, that I've never seen anyone on Silk with such a profoundly specific kink as you have - nor such an unusual one. You, my dear, make me want to be a psychologist; dress you up in your astronaut suit, and lay you on my couch for an intense hypnotic session of mind discovery. I would just love to know where all this came from.

All that being said, your literary style is smooth and intelligent. As crazy as the story sounds, I'm totally on board with this dark comic strip mayhem you've created. Ordinarily, it would be hard to buy into Holly's sexual excitement under these dire circumstances, but you have a way of being convincing. Suspension of disbelief is superb.

I will admit that I wasn't at all surprised when Ursa showed up in the capsule. The scene reminds me of Aliens (the movie) - those creatures had a way of showing up on board practically every get-away ship. You are very descriptive, and I like the scientific explanations about the things astronauts do along with the details of the ship and the suits. That image of Holly squealing over the NASA intercom system in Houston during her orgasm was actually quite erotic. You'd think there might be a camera in the capsule as well. Not sure what they had in the 70's, but we do have moon footage. I also love how you arranged for zero gravity to drop that strap-on right into Ursa's hands. Very clever.

Your next chapter should be an interesting test of how erotically you can describe porn snuff in space. Mel's demise was rather anti-climatic save for the crotch punt into orbit. The strap-on sex with Holly is definitely a step up, but there's plenty of time to get even wilder. I'm curious if Ursa might have interaction with Houston during this process, perhaps describing what she's doing in vulgar detail. Intermixing dialogue with your narrative will keep the action hot.

Sat, June 5th, 2021 1:49am


Thank you very much for your feedback! I love your idea about Ursa telling Houston what she’s going to do to her defenseless astronaut victim. I’ll have to incorporate that. Believe it or not there is a small but growing astronaut/spacesuit peril community. At first, Holly and I thought we were the only ones with this strange fetish but upon researching it we found out that there are many others like us. Some enjoy being the astronaut prey (like us), some just enjoy watching, but most enjoy being the villain or the dominant one. It’s a strange fetish but it’s also a lot of fun! Well, not when your the prey... it can be quite terrifying in the moment LOL.

Sat, June 5th, 2021 5:48am

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