Domination In Space

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Fetishes are and secret “bedroom” fantasies come in many forms and can vary greatly depending on the individual. My girlfriend and I developed a fetish of our own together that involves being dominated by a much stronger person while we are wearing our bulky spacesuits. This book is our journal about all of our many spacesuit peril experiences together.

Table of Contents

Moon Rocks

A short prologue to help you understand how our spacesuit peril fetish came to be. Read Chapter

Astronaut vs Amazon

American Astronaut Dustin Caldwell becomes stranded after his Apollo spacecraft crashes in a remote jungle in South America. Shortly after the crash he is attacked and overpowered by a fierce Amazon Warrior who carries him off deep into the jungle where she dominates him. The defenseless astronaut is never seen again... Read Chapter

Adult Space Camp

Have you ever wondered if astronauts have sex in space? And if they do, is it possible to have sex while wearing a spacesuit? Read Chapter

Ursa On The Moon

An epic movie scene leads to some excitement in the bedroom. Read Chapter


Holly and I were oblivious to the danger we were in as we proudly stood on the moon in our spacesuits admiring the vast lunar landscape. Will we escape the villainess clad in black that stalks us from the shadows? Read Chapter

The Dungeon With Black Walls

Astronaut Holly and I are captured by Ursa, Queen of the Moon, and we are taken to her lunar dungeon against our will. Can we escape? Read Chapter

Ursa’s Wrath

Ursa uses her ruthless torture and submission tactics on Astronaut Holly as I am forced to watch. Read Chapter