Just One More Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After a car accident lands Lily in the hospital she is greeted by a handsome doctor that we all dream of having. His older and knows what he wants and his eyes are focused on wanting Lily.
Will a no strings attached relationship blossom into something more when she's forced right into the middle of his workspace.

Table of Contents

The Day I Met Him

The rain poured heavily on my windshield, my worn down wipers scrapped violently against the glass, in a weak attempt to wipe off the wat... Read Chapter

His Touch

I was leaning against the pole outside the hospital doors when I saw Doctor Hudson walk around the corner, his black coat in one hand and... Read Chapter

The Night I Would Never Forget

Lily.   We stopped in the doorway of his room. The door was already open and the large king size bed in front of me was... Read Chapter

How Do I Escape From Here?

Lily. "You did what?" My housemate Molly spat angrily. Spraying a bit of her coffee in my direction from her lipstick stained mout... Read Chapter

In His Arms Again

Lily.   "Oh uh, yes t-thank you" I said awkwardly feeling his warm hands wrapped around one of mine. I pulled away ... Read Chapter

His Struggles

Lily.   I groaned softly, waiting to feel the hard cold ground beneath me just like I had every time I have fainted ove... Read Chapter

Lunch Provided

Lily.   The warm mid-day sun heated my face as I stepped out from under cover. My shoes stepped onto the green grass and... Read Chapter

As Time Passes

Lily.   One week passed since my car accident, my stitches on my forehead were dissolving into a fresh scar. Reminding me ev... Read Chapter

Wiggles and Giggles

Lily.   "Hurry up Lily" Molly shouted pounding on my bedroom door. "Okay I'm coming" I yelled back and opened my door fo... Read Chapter

Dancing With The Doctor

Lily.   "Who is this?" she purred, raising an eyebrow at him as he sat down across from her and she picked up her vodka toni... Read Chapter

Lust is not Love

Lily.   "So your place or mine?" Nick asked softly almost sounding as if he was nervous. His eyes watching me inte... Read Chapter

Navy Blue Scrubs

Lily.   I walked into class on Monday morning. My shoes squeaked loudly on the tiled floor as my socks squished with th... Read Chapter

The Hematologist

Lily.   I entered the hospital for the third time in nine days. I tried to give myself a pep talk that I could resist h... Read Chapter

The Sandwich

Lily. "Fuck" I groaned as my fingers pushed into my stomach, trying to stop the ache inside. My head still felt like it was spin... Read Chapter

Blue Tie

Lily.   I didn't see Nick for the rest of the day and I was given to another doctor that already had a student. Until they c... Read Chapter


Lily.   The next day I arrived at work early, I sat down on one of the metal benches on the lawn and enjoyed the beginning o... Read Chapter


Lily.   I finished work late, my feet hurt from walking on hard floors all day and my hands felt raw from over washing ... Read Chapter

Mr, Mr & Mr Holloway

Lily.   "Hello, Lily" the older one smiled.  His medium sandy brown hair was finger brushed messy with his fringe swept... Read Chapter

Working with the Enemy

Lily.   I stormed into work furiously. My fingers dug into the palms of my hands as I clenched my fists and it didn't matter... Read Chapter

Blood is my kryptonite

Lily.   The light glistened through my eyelashes and I slowly opened them to be greeted by a large white light. The bright f... Read Chapter


When I opened my eyes again the room was darker, A small light touched one wall from a small lamp to my right and I could hear ... Read Chapter

First Fight

Lily.   "Lily" his voice from behind me made me jump and I turn on my heels to be pulled in by his beautiful cold blue eyes.... Read Chapter


Lily.   His breath came and went heavily against my overheated neck, prickling my sensitive skin. I held my breath, tryi... Read Chapter


Nick.   I did not want to hurt Lilith but after a punch to the mouth, I realized I was getting too involved.  She d... Read Chapter


Lily.   "Hey little Miss," a deep voice said in front of me and I hummed lightly in response, not opening my eyes to look at... Read Chapter

Defining the line

Lily.   Just like that, he crossed his own drawn line to be close to me. His lips were urgent. Like I had stolen somethi... Read Chapter

Moving On

Lily.   "That's not smart Lil" Molly disagreed strongly shaking her head momentarily. Watching our feet walk along the pavem... Read Chapter

Molly VS Nick

Lily. I awoke to the sound of clanging pots and pans. I sighed knowing it would be Molly on her after sex high, like every morning Ad... Read Chapter

Lily's Desire

Lily.   "I never took Nick to be interested in brunettes," Claire told me absentmindedly. "Why not?" I asked lightly and... Read Chapter

The Painful Truth

Nick.   I pushed my hands down flat on my desk shaking my head and sighed. What the fuck just happened, I questioned myself.... Read Chapter

Plan B

Lily.   I entwine my fingers with Nicks and he held my hand tighter. Rubbing his thumb in soothing circles on the back of my... Read Chapter

Other Things

Lily.   So there I was with my hand on his draw handle and his eyes watching me carefully. Was it too late to play this ... Read Chapter

Teasing Mr. Jones

Nick.   It's Friday night, the night we take our first trip to see her parents. I can tell Lily is excited by the extra spri... Read Chapter

Honesty Is Policy

Nick.   The hour drive to her parent's house felt longer when Lilith fell asleep.   ... Read Chapter

Old friends

I wake to the playful sounds of the local birds. The same birds that have sung outside my window since I was a young child. Rolling o... Read Chapter

Getting Comfortable

It was dark when Alan. Lilith's father and I got back from our walk and the house was brightly illuminated, glowing against the dark summ... Read Chapter

Nick's Demands

Lily. "Hey" Collins' voice assaulted the darkness around us. "Hey," Nick said in a low tone, I hated this already. "What are ... Read Chapter

Breaking Hudson

Lily. The morning sun rose and I was laying my head on his chest. My arm wrapped around his stomach and my knee propped up on his thi... Read Chapter

Lunch Time Movie

Nick.   Seth entered the lounge room. When he noticed Lily straddling my hips he stopped dead in his tracks... Read Chapter

Unexpected Call

Lily. "We don't have to go if you're not feeling up to it sweetheart," Nick tells me as he button's up his black dress shir... Read Chapter

Claire's Temptation

Lily. "Do you want to come to the hospital or do you want to sleep at my house while I do this surgery?" Nick asked me as we drove cl... Read Chapter

Still Needing You

Lily. I could not believe Nick kissed me in front of Claire and Lucas. Looking into Nick's eyes and I noticed he was watching me clos... Read Chapter

Ready For Anything

"Hello Lilith" an older woman's voice purred. "Are you sure you do not want to talk to Nick?" I questioned, unsure why she would want... Read Chapter

Making A Deal

"We need to talk,"I told Nick sternly. He frowned at me softly unsure why I was upset. I was sure my face looked puffy and my eye... Read Chapter

Keeping You

Nick. Claire and I closed the distance between us, My chest felt tight and uncomfortable just at the thought of going through with th... Read Chapter

Caring Is Hard

Nick. I awoke to the sound of clanging cupboards. My back felt stiff and my chest was comfortingly warm. Rubbing my hand acr... Read Chapter

Hating You

Molly.   I hated him. There was no other word for it but hate.   Anger was the only thing I felt when I saw the... Read Chapter

The Invite

Nick.   I had no idea what the hell was going on with today but I was already done with it. As if getting no sleep from ... Read Chapter


Lily.   I headed straight for the reception to get started with work. Feeling Claire breathing down my neck made me more ner... Read Chapter

Baby Blue

Nick.   "Good afternoon doctor Hudson" the younger woman welcomed me as I stepped up to the reception counter. ... Read Chapter

The Taste Of Blood

My shift finished and he was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere. Asked every doctor I had passed and he was no longer at work. ... Read Chapter

Trying My Hardest

The next day I arrived at work early. Not having Nick as an excuse to be late and laid down on the bench seat. Soaking in the small warmt... Read Chapter

Being There

Nick.   I felt the bed shift beside me as Lily stirred in her sleep. The warmth of her body pressed into my side.  ... Read Chapter

The Dance

Lily.   "I don't think I can do this" I sighed as Molly pulled her dress up her legs and slipped it on. "It's too late n... Read Chapter

Fixing My Mistakes

Lily.   I inhaled deeply as I stirred from my sleep. I stretched my limbs and groaned softly at my aching head. My toes ... Read Chapter


Rubbing my hair dry with the towel as I stepped out of the shower. I glanced in the mirror at why my shoulder is aching. A deep set o... Read Chapter

Feeling Exposed

I couldn't believe what he was telling me. There was no way I would do that. Confusion filled me when Alexia told me it was his birth... Read Chapter


Three weeks had passed and I was trying my best to be Lily's friend in fear that I would lose her altogether. Lucas and Molly had hit... Read Chapter

Waking Up With You

I felt his warm breath on my skin as he kissed my bare shoulder. I hummed softly as a smile filled my swollen lips.   His ha... Read Chapter


The sun beamed warmly down on my navy blue gown as I walked across the lawn of Crowswood private hospital.  Through a sea of col... Read Chapter

My Future

So this is the final chapter of this story. I really hope everyone that has taken the time to read has enjoyed it and felt the rollercoaster of emotions that it took to write it.
Another chapter will be posted after this if a draft of the next book goes as planned.
Enjoy! Read Chapter

Book two- Chapter One

For all of my lovely readers that have stuck with my story and read all the way to the end. I just want to say a really big thank you, It means so much to me that others enjoy reading something I like creating.
This story was completed on Booksie on the 4th of March, 2018 and uploaded daily on BooksieSilk on the 7th of March 2018, I add more details for this version and I hope you have all enjoyed them.

Now, I bring you the start of the next adventure as a new story begins.
Comments are very welcome and I will respond to them when I read them :) Read Chapter