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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When a young man finds out that the Emperor is keeping beautiful young girls hostege, he comes to the rescue ! read to find out how she thanks him ;)


When a young man finds out that the Emperor is keeping beautiful young girls hostege, he comes to the rescue ! read to find out how she thanks him ;)


Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



Once apoun a time....

.... the young girl waches her saviour fight off the crule emperor's ninjas, she couldent help but to feel grateful to him from saving her.

"... come on!" his voice broke her out of her thouts. "come on ! we have to leave now before theres more !"

she reluctenly lets him take hold of her hand and follow him throu the twisting halls of the palace, bursting throu one of the back doors and out into the stary night.

" slow down " she quitly calles but her voice is lost in the wind to his ears.

Finally they come to a stop, deep within the mountins.

" Well, that was... interesting." He chuckles under his breath, but she hardly heard him, she began to shake and fall to her knees .

"whoa, are u ok ?" the panick in his voice very evendent.

she couldent help but laugh at his expresshion, her heart filled with joy as she wraped her arms around his neck.

Shocked at fist he slowly wrapped his arms around her plump shakeing frame running his hands throu her long soft hair comferting her untill she fineally stoped shakeing.

"Sorry, im not useually so emotionle, just... thank u ."

" oh, yeah well it was no problem. my friends mom was telling us about what was happening in that place and i just had to do something ab..." he dident get to finish the rest of his sentace since the very sexy and very grateful girl slowly began un- robe hersself , showing her saviour her plump yet firm youthful body , makeing him speechless.

" there must be SOME way for me to show my apreciation..." she purred segeestivly

josh liked what he saw from her plump read lips to her curvy ass, all the way down her legs.

" Oh i can think of a few."

he cautiously leans down and kisses her. " are you shure?" he breathed on her trembeling lips hopeing she wouldent change her mind, but he still had to ask.

" yeah, im shure."

he kissed her agian, only this time more passionly then the last, his tonge begging for the entrace wich she refused to give him.

finealy she alowed him in her moth and with a growl he pushed her gently againced a tree causeing her to sqeel in surprise. she reach around his shoulders pressing him to her wile tearing off his unwanted clothes, reveleing his fit sexy body, she took controll and pushed him againce the tree opisit to them startle ing him a bit, she broke the kiss and started to nibble on his ear, trailing her kisses down his chest causeing him to harden under her expert hands. he couldent help but moan as he felt her lips around him ,takeiing him in deeper. Far deeper then any of his preavious lovers had. The girl ( being the tease that she is.) nibled on his throbing head wile her fingers played with his balls .Moaning , he reaches down and intwines his hands in her long blound hair and beagan to thrust.

" shit, youre good at this."he moaned, hearing the complement made her laugh.The vibration adding to his pleasure.

after a few minutes of sweet tourture josh fineally couldent take it anymore. he pulled her lips back up to his, He loved the taste of his cock on her mouth. he kissed her so pashionetly that her knees felt week.he tuned her around so he was in controll once more. Now SHE was the one with their back to a tree. The girl wraped her leg around his waist hinting that she was done with the forplay. useing his strong arms he lifted her other leg up.He rubbed his trobing prik within her wet warmth , loveing the feeling as well as teaseing her clit whith his head. "Please! No more teaseing, just fuck me already !" His a adorable little side smirk slowly he beagan penitrateing her .He wached as her face contorted first with pain, then to pashion as she beagan to adjust to his size. Every little "mhmm" and "ah!" sent a shiver down his spine.

"OH FUCK!, ive never been with someone so big." she moaned in his ear.

once she was fully impaled by his trobing member he waited for her to adjust to his size some more ,He pulled all the way out causeing her to wimper before he thrusted it in all the way, Agian and agiaan and AGAIN.

"Faster,please fuck me faster." she cried . and with that he began getting faster with each passing thrust.

" dam, ur so tight!" something about this girl made him want to cum right there and ten but he refused to be the first, wanting the girl to enjoy it as well.

him saying that turnd her on even more , causeing her to move againce him produceing a rethem that wich they both enjoyed.

they fucked for awile after that, her legs wraped around him wile he pounded her into her againced the tree. fineally she reached her peak with a staggerd cry, her mucels contracting around him was too much and he, with one fineall thrust relesed himself to her.

he slowly pull out makeing her feel empty inside, with a smile she began to gather her clothes. but his gentel hand stoped her. silently he motiond for her to lay down with him on the makeshift bed that there cloths created, and for once she felt safe in a mans arms.

she looked up at his peacful face and wisperd " thank you." they fel asleep in the warm night, holding eachother till morning.

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