Camping together

Camping together Camping together

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two lovers tryst during a camping trip.


Two lovers tryst during a camping trip.


Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



"Put the tent over there." I tell my wife Kelly.

We've backpacked over the last ridge and arrived at our secluded spot near the little mountain lake nestled in the range about an hour outside town. We're nearly finished unpacking when Anne, her husband Rich, and her children Sally and Tommy come into view.

"Hey, strangers!" Sally and Tommy come running over and hug my wife and I. We're not related but we've known each other's families for years. "Get over there and help your folks set up camp."

In an hour or so three tents are up, a small fire is heating dinner, and the kids run down the path to the lake while the grown ups sit around the fire. Anne is helping Kelly fix the evening meal, which requires a lot of bending over, and I find myself staring at Anne's shapely legs and ass.

"So how about the fishing? Anything worth catching in the lake?" Rich says to me. "Small trout, I've heard, but I've never caught anything..." is my lame reply hoping he didn't catch me ogling his wife's fantastic ass. Rich launches into anecdotes from his last fishing trip, which I half heartedly listen to. I don't fish, and couldn't care less, but Rich is a fanatic. Kelly and Anne are doing a lot of girl talk about some popular book they're reading. My wife is doing a lot of blushing and giggling, which she only does when she's getting aroused. The book must be something dirty, "mommy-porn" they call it. Anne produces a bottle of wine out of an insulated bag, and pours a glass for my wife. More giggles, and furtive glances like they're expecting to get caught doing something when the kids bound around the corner, wet from the lake. "Shhh, we can't talk about it in front of the kids..."

Anne turns and is hit full speed by her bounding children, still wet from the lake. She shrieks, her shirt suddenly soaked in mountain-ice-cold water from their swimming suits. Kelly is setting plates for dinner, Rich is shooing the kids into the tent to get dried off for dinner, and for a moment I'm staring at Anne, alone in a momentary bubble of privacy.

Anne isn't tall, but she's slender and athletic. Her toned legs and muscular ass had caught my attention earlier, but now it's her chest that transfixes me. Her tight white shirt is transparent, wet from the kids' suits, and I can see the dark outline of her nipples through the now sheer fabric. Her areolae are petite, almost tiny, contrasting with her huge stiff nipples. I've never seen anything like them. I consider myself a breast man, and have spent much of my life admiring beautiful tits, but Anne's nipples are the most enticing I've ever seen. "Can I help you with something?" Anne's voice snaps me out of my reverie. "Umm, I ah," I stammer. "You were staring at my tits. Yes I noticed." is her curt reply. "I'm sorry, I didn't meant to, it's just that...."

"It's ok, she says," then gives me a wink, flicks the front of the shirt so it's no longer glued to her wet chest, and like that the show's over. She quickly turns away and helps Kelly finish setting the table.

Ok? What the fuck does that mean? I'm a pig who can't control myself but she can't stop me? She tolerates it? The word is vague, but the tone she said it in made it sound almost...dare I hope...approving? Shit! Did she like knowing I was staring at her?

I manage to get through dinner without embarassing anyone further. Sally and Tommy want to go back to the lake, and I get selected to supervise, while the others clean up and get things ready for nightfall. It gets dark early in the mountains, and the temperature drops faster than on the plain below. The kids are suddenly freezing, the water itself being frigid to begin with, but with no hot summer sun bearing down through the thin mountain air, the kids feel chilled fast.

I help them each wrap in towels and herd them back to the campsite where I find Rich arranging lures and baits and what not while the girls are enjoying wine around the fire. The bottle is nearly gone now, and it looks like the girls are feeling pretty good.

The kids dry off, and before long are asleep in their tent. "Quiet so soon, I can't believe it" says Anne. "The fresh air, sunshine, mountain hike...two trips swimming....we're all exhausted." I reply. We talk more than an hour after sunset, until Rich says, "I need to get to bed. I want to be fishing by 4:30, so good night, all," and he disappears into their tent.

The girls talk about the beautiful sunset we saw, the mountain air, and extol the beauty around them. In the light of the fire I stare at the beauty in front of me. Anne's clothes are dry and covering her completely of course, and I keep staring at them as if they're going to suddenly vanish. I'm imagining what they must look like without the shirt, what those big stiff nipples perched on those tiny areolae must feel like in my hands, in my mouth.

Suddenly, Kelly is standing up. "I think that wine has gone to my head," she says, "I can't keep my eyes open." She sways on her feet as she heads into the tent. "I thought you were going to get lucky tonight, honey, but honestly I think I'm about to be unconscious..." she says to me. Before I can answer, Anne says "I want to go dip my feet in the lake, which way do I go?" Kelly tells me, "Oh dear, walk her down to the lake. Don't let anything happen to her in the dark. Don't let her fall in, or get eaten or anything..." She's being ridiculous, of course, but the wine has got her babbling a little. "I don't know that I want him going with me! I don't need a boy scout! Besides, maybe I want to get eaten!" Anne laughs outrageously, and my wife collapses in the tent in giggles. Gasping a quick breath, Kelly bursts out, "If he doesn't go, how will you get eaten?" More hysterical laughter.

Did my wife just say that? Seriously? I've never heard her say anything so risque. Where did that come from? The wine? It must be the wine combined with the "mommy-porn".

"All right, Kelly, he can come..." but my wife has no response. The exhaustion from the day combined with the alcohol has caught up with her and she's breathing slowly and deeply in the tent. She didn't even get into pajamas.

"Come on, boy scout. Lead me to the water..." and she starts softly singing the old "cool water song" as she heads down the path.

I catch up to her in a couple of bounds and she's suddenly quiet. "I didn't realize how cool it had gotten away from the fire." "Yeah, the kids got cold fast and the sun was still out then" I say. We walk in silence the rest of the way until we reach the tiny patch of sand that counts as a beach this high in the mountains. She slips off her sandles and steps into the mountain lake. I hear her sharp intake of breath as the sensation of barely melted ice runs up her from her toes. "Shit that's cold! And the kids were swimming in this?" she loudly whispers. We're quiet now, as the natural silence and the utter darkness seems to envelop us.

Before I can say anything she turns to me and whispers, "Do I look cold?" Her hands smooth the sides and back of her shirt, pulling it tightly across her breasts and I can see her nipples in the starlight. They look huge in the surreal light.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude..." "Rude? Don't be ridiculous. It would have been rude NOT to look. I thought it was flattering."

"I was afraid I had offended you or something. Glad I didn't." "Nope, not at all..." she says turning away and wading away from me in the shadows. She's out of sight in just a few feet, it's so dark, and the near silence is so tranquil that I don't feel like talking loud enough for her to hear that far away so I sit down on a stone and wait for her to return. As I listen quietly I can hear her feet softly splashing in the water as she wades around, then I hear her pause a few moments before the quiet splashes grow louder and I can tell she's drawing nearer.

As she's coming back, I first make her out as a darker shadow silhouetted against the shining water, but as she gets closer I can see she's carrying something white in her hand. The closer she gets I realize it's her shirt. As she closes the last few feet in the darkness I can make out her small shapely breasts crowned by her magnificent nipples, fully erect in the cold mountain air. I'm speechless as she slowly moves towards the boulder I am sitting on. Her hips sway, her lithe body almost as liquid as her topless reflection in the starry water.

The air is still, and the night completely silent. She stares into my eyes and runs her fingers through my hair as she pulls my head toward her chest. I open my mouth, but before I can say anything she guides it onto her right nipple. Her skin is cold in my hot mouth as I wrap my arms around her back and pull her against my suckling mouth. Her small breast is nearly completely engulfed in my mouth and I suck her in as deeply as I can. She gently tugs on my hair, and there is a quiet pop as my suction breaks and her tit pops from my mouth. I quickly switch sides and kiss her other areola, nipping gently at her erect nipple. She doesn't squirm or yelp, which I take to mean she likes it and so I apply more pressure with my teeth, more and more firmly until I'm really biting her. I hear her moan softly as she tugs me away again. For a moment I'm afraid I've bitten too hard, until she presses the first nipple against my teeth and I firmly bite her again, pinching and holding her in my teeth.

Eternity passes in an instant. Her arms relax and she seems content to let me hang there, firmly clamped on her to what I hope is that blissful point right on the edge of pleasure and pain. When I relax my grip, she steps back and slowly pulls her shirt back on with obvious reluctance. As we walk slowly back to the campsite, she pulls my arm around her and nestles under it. She guides my hand back to her breast and whispers "Biting me like made me come". All too soon we are back around the tents and without saying another word she joins her sleeping husband in their tent.

As I settle into my sleeping bag next to my wife, I hear a soft rustling in the silence. It's sounds like two fabrics rubbing gently, rythmically, followed by a tiny moan in the darkness. As all goes quiet I'm almost positive I hear a whisper that I'm sure is my name.

I awaken in the morning and find Kelly gone. I hear her voice out by the campfire; she sounds like she's in a great mood. I hear other voices too, the kids are talking about going for a nature hike, and I hear Anne's voice discussing the day's plans with Kelly.

"I think we should get to the high meadow by ten, before the sun gets too direct," she says, as I come out of the tent. Kelly turns to me, frying pan in hand, and kisses my cheek as she brushes past heading for the table with pancakes and eggs. "Good morning," she chirps as she sets the food out and the kids come rushing to the table. "I"m starved," says Sally. "Me too," says Tommy, "I could eat a horse." The girls lay out breakfast and plans are finalized for our hike. "Did Richard make it out early, or is he still sleeping?" I ask. "Oh, no, he's been gone since 4:30. He wanted to be in his favorite hole before sunup." I note the way she says "favorite hole" with some acrimony. As the kids are pulling pancakes onto their plates, Anne sits down on one side of me and Kelly on the other. I hear Anne barely whisper, "I'm certainly not his favorite hole anymore. I would have loved to have him in me before sunup." "What was that, Anne?" says my wife. "I said he loves to be fishing before sunup." As we eat, Anne presses her thigh against mine, and once or twice acts like she's smoothing out wrinkles in her shorts, when really she's stroking my leg with her pinky. Everyone in such a tight space eating so quickly so we can get on the trail provides a lot of cover for her seemingly innocent motions, but I am as still as a stone, afraid that someone will see something incriminating.

Kelly finishes first, and starts packing up the food, as the kids bound away to play a few more minutes before we leave. As Anne and I finish, she quickly leans across me to take my dirty plate and cup. She blatantly rubs her chest against my shoulder and whispers "Please...I hope you'll pay some extra attention to me later..." and is suddenly gone.

We hike down the trail, and pass Rich's fishing spot. He's caught a mess of trout and shows them off to us proudly. We give him the breakfast we've brought him and he hapilly announces that he'll fry the fish for dinner. As we hike away Anne is saying something to him, as he wades out into the stream. "Of course not, I've got my waders on. Besides, those trout aren't going to catch themselves," and he laughs like he's made a joke. Anne laughs too as she walks away. I'm waiting at the trail for her and as she brushes past me she whispers, "His loss...our gain..." I turn and look at Rich. He's waving hapilly at me. "Take care of my girl for me, ok?" he calls as we begin hiking away. Anne brushes her hand across the front of my shorts before she's out of arm's reach and calls back to him "Everything will be taken care of, hon. You just fish."

Kelly is helping the kids collect leaves and press them into a nature journal. The kids seem to think that there's always a better plant just ahead, and begin racing faster and faster to find the next new plant down the trail. Kelly is chasing them, identifying the plants in her field guide, while Anne is lingering behind, looking for wild blackberry plants.

The group begins to stretch out quite far, as the kids and Kelly press ahead, and Anne strays further and further from the trail looking for berries. I'm being pulled in two directions trying to keep tabs on both groups, acting as shepherd for both. As I leave the trail for the third time looking for Anne, I find her down on all fours gleaning berries from a particularly low bush. "We need to keep up. The kids and Kelly are quite a ways ahead now," I say. She's got a quart bag nearly full of plump ripe berries. "I'm just trying to get as much as I can. I want to be full before we head back." I turn and look away toward the trail. The others are long out of sight as I estimate they are a hundred yards ahead, screened by several turns in the winding trail and the dense folliage. "We really need to go," I say, turning back to her. "Are you sure, so soon?" she says coyly. She's still on her hands and knees, but in the second I looked away from her, she's pulled her shorts down to her knees and is pointing her ass and pussy at me. "Please, if we're both quick, we can be back on the trail before anyone notices we've gone. I need your cock inside me. Badly."

The thought of having sex with her is incredible. My lust is heightened by the huge risk we're both taking, and her brazen offering of herself to me. I quickly get behind her and unzip my fly. I pull my erection free and point it at her as she pushes herself on to my rod. Her wetness suprises me, the urgency obviously exciting her as much as it does me. I'm shocked by how tight her pussy is, even after two children. Her body pulls me deep within her as she moans, "Oh yes, it's been so long." I begin to thrust myself into her, as her hips counter each push I make into her. We're as deep within each other as we can be, and I feel my awareness contracting. I can see and hear nothing but her as I drive faster and more urgently into her pussy seeking release. I feel her contract on me twice in rapid succession, her first orgasm cascading into a second larger one, and her throbbing wetness pushes me over the edge. I stifle a cry, instead grunting primally as I empty myself into her. "Oooooooh," she hisses between clenched teeth. "I can feel your hot load inside me, oh its so big, I'm so full." Her whispers seem like screams as I am once more aware of my surroundings.

Before I can move, she slides off of me and whisks her shorts up. Still on her knees, she engulfs my softening cock with her mouth and enthusiasticly cleans me with her tongue. As she stands in front of me and zips my shorts she whispers to me, "I love how we taste mingled together." Before I can respond she skips out of the clearing and back down the trail. She's skipping. I expect bluebirds at any moment to land on her shoulders. She's visably glowing and it's insane. Everyone in a square mile is going to look at her and know she's freshly fucked and I am a dead man.

I chase down the trail after her. "Umm...discrete, right?" I ask. "Oh, absolutely! You think I want anyone to know about this?" she replies. She's beaming. Spotlights glow less.

We round a corner and nearly trip over the kids laying on the ground coloring a flower they're recreating in their journals. Kelly is helping them. "What kept you?" she asks. "Oh, I just wanted to make sure I had collected a full quart before we left the clearing. See? I'm nice and full," she says as she smiles brilliantly and holds up the bag of blackberries. "Oh they look delicious!" says Kelly. "They taste even better than they look! I can still taste them on my tongue right now. I ate so many up there I wasn't sure my container would ever be full. Oh, I'm completely satisfied with how that little side trip turned out."

Someone is going to die. It is assured. If I'm not murdered by my wife, I'm going to kill Anne. Unless I have a stroke first.

"I want some, I want some," both kids clamor. Anne looks at me, "I don't know...I'm sure I spoiled my lunch. Should I share my secret treasure with everyone?" she says as she clutches the bag of berries against her abdomen protectively.

Nope. I'm going to stroke right here. They'll need a helicopter to recover my body. Well, at least I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life not ten minutes earlier. Still, it's not exactly how I thought I'd die. I always figured it would be a heart attack or something. Which I guess is still not out of the question.

"No snacks now," says Kelly. "We're almost there, and then its time for sandwiches and making casts of animial tracks before we head back. The berries are for desert tonight." "Aww, but Mom got to eat them," whines Tommy. "Yes, your Mom got to stuff herself," she says looking at Anne with exaggerated disapproval, "But she also did all the work, so that's her business. Now come on, let's get going." The hike resumes and I begin to contemplate living after all.

As we head down the trail, Anne muses just loudly enough for me to hear, "Well, I didn't exactly do the work, but I helped. And I am so full, I am definately spoiled." "What's that, Anne?" says Kelly from the head of the line. "I said I definately spoiled my lunch. I'm so full."

We trekked back to the campsite to find Rich had dinner nearly ready. The evening meal was delicious and uneventful. Anne seemed more content than I had ever seen her, smiling and humming softly to herself all evening. Rich was really enthused about the success of his fishing, telling the same stories over and over about the one that got away. He was like a bad Field & Stream cliche. Kelly continued spending tons of time with Rich and Anne's children, helping them refine their nature journals until they had actually learned quite a bit about moutain habitats.

That evening, the adults quietly reflected on the success of the trip. In the morning we'd begin packing for the hike out. Kelly just loved teaching all the nature stuff to the kids. Rich of course loved the fishing. Anne? Anne was uncharacteristicly quiet. As I looked at her from time to time across the campfire I couldn't help but notice the change that had come over her. Before she had been so excited, so thrilled, so filled with the joy of existence. Now she was quiet, reserved, almost melancholy. My conscience filled me with recriminations. Was it guilt? Was it regret?

Rich, exhausted from his early morning fishing turned in first. Kelly next, assisted by a few glasses of wine. Finally, only Anne and I remained by the fire in the silence. The fire burned low and I can barely make Anne out in the darkness. Without knowing who could overhear us in the campsite, I can't say anything, and of course niether can she. As time passes I alternate between the incredible memory of our two hurried encounters, and fear that now she's feeling guilty. My self indulgent thoughts are interrupted as Anne stands up from the fire, and begins walking toward the path to the lake. At the edge of the light cast by the embers of the dying fire she turns and beckons to me from the darkness, and I rise to join her.

By the time I'm up she's far down the path. As I hurry to catch up to her I notice her shirt hanging from a branch over the path. Horrified, I realize what she's doing, and rip it down. Faster I run down the path following the trail of discarded clothes. It's erotic, and frightening at the same time. What if Rich gets up? What about Kelly?

Shirt in a tree. Bra in the brush. Shorts on a boulder. Panties on the path. Anne in nothing but hiking boots...where? I find her on the beach, on her back. The moonlight illuminates her nakedness, and I skid to a halt. Before I can say a word, her arm reaches out to me and pulls me on top of her. As I kneel between her thighs, she frantically pulls at my shorts, freeing my rapidly hardening member. "I can't leave tomorrow. Not without having you one more time. I need you inside me."

Without another word she pulls me on top of her. My cock presses against her labia and we grind against each other. She complements my motions grinding her clit on the head of my cock. My hands grasp her small tits and I begin to pinch and sqeeze her nipples. Lowering my mouth to them I begin sucking and biting them urgently. Alternating from left to right and back again I kiss her breasts over and over again. Our arousals heighten, each wanting the other more and more, driven by frantic lust and the urgency of not being caught.

Waiting no longer, I thrust my shaft deep within her. Her wetness and heat is overwhelming. She feels even tighter than this morning, if that could be possible. My hands shift down to below her ass, grabbing them, tipping her hips up into me as I press deeper and deeper with the full weight of my body. My hands knead her butt, spreading her ass cheeks while lifting her into me. As I pin her to the ground, I am working her with every part of me. My mouth is nuzzling her neck behind her ear. My chest is pressing her into the ground. My pelvis is thrusting my cock into her hard, grinding against her clit. My balls are slapping her vulva with each stroke. My hands are kneading her ass as my index finger is massaging her anus.

She writhes beneath me, moaning in my ear. "Yes, yes, YES," she hisses with growing urgency. "Oh, uhnn, oh," she begins to gasp as her breathing becomes more ragged. I feel her sex begin to convulse around me. Her orgasm contracts her pussy so hard around me, drawing me rhythmicly into her. I involuntarily alter my motions to work in concert with her body seeking my own release as deeply within her as I can reach.

Her hands grip my ass and pull my hips harder and more forcefully into her. I'm pounding into her now, every muscle of my body focused on spearing her, impaling her. I feel my orgasm building, growing, as if it will turn me inside out. I'm driven to greater and greater heights as I feel wave after wave of her pulsations spasaming around me. Her body milking mine hurls me over the edge and I explode in a climax so overwhelming that I lose all sense or reason. For an eternal moment we are one, existing for no reason other than to fulfil this single instance of lust.

I collapse, exhausted, on top of her. Her pussy continues to clench me, pulling at my semi firm member, slowly softening in her. Her arms clench me tightly. I hear her voice whisper, "I don't want to let you go. I've never been fucked like that. Never in my life. I can't imagine living without you. I'd live the rest of my life with you right there, just as you are now." "Not exactly like this, I hope." I say and she chuckles.

Reluctantly I roll off of her, and she whimpers. I sit and stare at her body in the moonlight. She's radiating the freshly fucked glow. She helps me clean up, wiping our mingled moisture off me with her panties, then tucking them into the cargo pocket of her shorts. "Commando," she whispers slyly to me as she buttons up.

We sneak back into camp and into our respective tents. I sleep deeply, an exhausted dreamless sleep.

In the morning, I'm awoken by the noise of packing. "Honey, what's gotten into you?" asks my wife. "You've never slept late like this while camping." "Must be all the fresh air," I mutter lamely, as I get up. Over the next hour or so we load all of our camping gear into our packs and prepare for the hike back to the trail head. The hike is beautiful, the scenery and vistas perfect. The hikers stretch out a bit as the morning wears on, everyone falling into a slightly slower pace, tired from the weekend's activities. Eventually Anne works her way back in the line far enough to be just in front of me, and I drink in the beautiful view of her ass as she hikes. As we reach our vehicles, she turns to me. Careful that no one but I can see, she passes her hand over her low abdomen and mouths the word "SORE" while rolling her eyes. As we all hug goodbye, Anne whispers in my ear "Thank you," and presses her breasts tight against my chest.

As Kelly and I finish stowing our gear and we begin the drive home, she chats happily about her weekend. She retells all the activities she led the children in and what a great time she had visiting with Anne. She even talks about how nice the fishing was for Rich. As we merge onto the freeway she says, "It's just too bad you didn't enjoy yourself as much as the rest of us..."

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