I Want Him So Bradly

I Want Him So Bradly

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Molly is having guy trouble when she turns to her work husband Brad for some therapy.


Molly is having guy trouble when she turns to her work husband Brad for some therapy.


Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



I just finished putting my heels on when my phone rang.


It was my boyfriend Julian. He said he was running late…once again.

Tonight was a retirement party for my boss. He was leaving the company. I needed Julian there by my side. I hated showing up alone. I slammed my phone down and called a taxi.

I arrived at the party with no foxy man on my arm. I walked over to the bar and ordered a martini.


I turned around. It was Brad, my work husband.


We hugged and I caught a whiff of him.

“You smell nice.” I said.

“Thanks. Where’s Julian?”

“He’s running late. He should be here soon though.”

“Too bad. We need him. He’s such a party animal.”

“See you later.” I said.

“If you haven’t sat at a table already, you can sit at mine.” He suggested.


I walked over with him to his table. Robert and Erica were sitting there.

“Hello, everyone.” I said.

My phone vibrated. It was Julian.

“Excuse me.”

I walked into the bathroom and picked up the phone.

“What do you mean you can’t make it?”

He sounded exhausted.

“You know, I can’t get into an argument right now. We’ll talk later.”

Fast forward to eleven o’clock at night and Brad is carrying me home. I am not drunk, but my feet were killing me.

“Thanks Brad.”

“Have a good one.”

I walked into my apartment. Julian was up watching television.

“Hey.” I said.


I kissed him and noticed lipstick on his collar.

“What’s that on your collar?”

“Huh?” He said.

“Don’t huh me. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Ummm.” His mind was racing.

“I can’t believe you. You were with another woman.”

“Baby, listen.”


I got so angry I threw the remote at the television. It cracked the screen. I flipped the coffee table over spilling milk all over the floor.

“Calm down.” Julian said.

I have a bit of an anger management issue.

“Stop this.”

I ran upstairs and started to pack my bags.

“Where are you going at this hour?” He asked while coming up the steps.


As I ran down the steps, Julian tried to grab me but I pushed him away.

“Don’t call me. It’s over.” I screamed.

I ran out of the apartment and hopped into my car. I sped out of the driveway and made my way to Brad’s house.

He invited me after I explained what happened. We walked to his room.

“I can sleep on the couch. Make yourself at home.” Brad told me.

“I can sleep on the couch. It’s fine.”

“No. You can sleep here.”


He walked out and I started to get changed. I was only in a bra and panties when Brad walked back in.

“I am so sorry, but here’s an extra pillow. I know how you need three pillows.”

He covered his eyes and handed me the pillow.

“Uncover your eyes.” I said.


“You’ve seen a woman half naked before.”

He opened his eyes. We stared at one another. His eyes glanced at my chest but then back to my face.

“Good night then.” He said.


I stood up from the bed.

“Brad.” I called.

“What is it?”

A second later we both ran at each other. He grabbed me and kissed me with such passion. We continued to kiss. He laid me down on the bed and he removed his shirt. He kissed me from my neck to my waistline. I picked my hips up so he could remove my panties. I took my bra off and tossed it. He started to kiss around my vagina. He was teasing me and I liked it. I let out a little giggle.

“Oooo. You’re a giggler? I like that.” He said in a low voice.

He opened my legs wider and knelt down between them. He gently slid his tongue over my clit. It sent shivers down my back. He started to move his tongue around, but stopped.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No. You just taste so good. I had to stop to take it all in.”

He went back to what he was doing. He started to gently suck on my lips. The way he did it was so graceful. No need to be rough. He knew exactly how to please a woman. He stuck his tongue in one more time and then stood back up. He undid his belt and took off his pants. I stood up off of the bed and kissed him. As I kissed him, I moved my hand over his hard penis. It was begging to come out. I slipped my hand into his underwear and grabbed his penis.

“So big.” I said.

“Uh huh.”

“Bigger than Julian.”

I took my hand out and turned him around. I threw him onto the bed. His body made a big sound.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” I was worried.

“I’m fine. This bed is just a little weak.”

“Sorry to kill the moment.”

I placed my mouth on his underwear and slowly took it off.

There it was. A beautiful piece of meat. I would be lying if I said I had not fantasized about us doing it.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” It was like he was reading my mind.

“Me too.” I said.

I was about to go down on him but he grabbed his penis.

“Wait. Tonight is about you.”

Oh my god. That shit got me wet. It is all about me tonight. Jesus. I always wanted a man to say that. He sat up on the edge of the bed. I sat in his lap face to face. We kissed and I sat up a little so he could place his penis into me. He stuck it in.

“Ooooooo.” I said.

The thickness was just right. It sent my head spinning.

He started with slow strokes.

“I don’t want to hurt you so if I go too deep tell me.” He whispered.

He was so sweet. Never had a man cared about me like that.

We continued to kiss as I sat in his lap. He sped up a little, but not too fast.

“Is this okay?”

“It’s great, Brad.”

He laid back on the bed and continued to thrust. I repositioned my legs so I wouldn’t go flying off the bed. He made soft sighs as he went a little faster. I started to laugh. He stopped his motion and opened his eyes back up.

“What happened?”

“No. I just laugh at my boobs. They look so funny when they bounce up and down.”

He laughed along with me.

“Well in that case.” He said.

He started to thrust and play with my breasts. I ran my fingers through his smooth hair.

Moments later, I got off of him and laid with my back facing him. He turned to his side and picked one of my legs up into the air. He entered from behind and went so deep.

“Oh, shit. Keep doing that.”

Yes, my vagina was stretching, but it felt nice. I felt like I belonged in his arms. It never quite felt right with Julian. I turned my head and kissed him.

“You’re beautiful.” He said to me.

“Don’t make me go weak right now.” I said smiling.

He moaned a little and started to nibble on my neck. He started to slow down and pulled out. He started to kiss me. Chemical reaction when our tongues touched. I kissed his neck and bit his ear.

“Oh, it’s going down now.” He said.

He picked me up off of the bed and sat me on his desk. He continued to kiss me. Each kiss got sweeter. He took his finger and rubbed my clit.

“I want to take you there.” He whispered.

Yep. I just got a little wetter.

“Take me now.” I begged.

He bit his lip and turned his head.

He stuck it in and started to thrust away. Short, short, long. Short, short, long. He continued that for several strokes, but then he grabbed my legs.

“Get ready, babe.” He warned.

It wasn’t that he sped up, his strokes were just super strong. My head was hitting his wall, but it felt so good. I could barely breathe.

“Jesus Christ!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Is my vagina going to rip into ten million pieces? Oh, who cares? Brad had his eyes closed and was concentrating very hard on what he was doing. I started to lose balance and tried to grab a lamp but I ended up pushing it off the table. It made a loud bang, but he did not lose focus.

“Brad, no one has ever fucked me like this.”

“I’m trying to leave you speechless.”

“I think you just might.” I barely managed to get the words out.

He kissed me and bit my lower lip.

“You’re so wet. I love it. I’m about to--“ He stopped talking.

“Me too!”

Ouch! I just bit my tongue. So worth it.

He started to slow up and finally just stuck it in all the way. He left it in deep.

“Shiiiitttttt” I said.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he exhaled. He pulled out.

He walked over to the bed and collapsed.

“Good night.” He said.

I could not utter one syllable.

“Yep, I left you speechless just like the rest of them.”

I got up from the desk and took a quick little shower.

Brad and I started dating a couple of months after this. We are still together. And the sex is just as good if not better.

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