Sadistic S.O.B

Sadistic S.O.B

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica




This isn't a love story, nor is it a pity story. This is a story about how I fell in love with a Sadistic Son Of A Bit€h and how He killed me.



This isn't a love story, nor is it a pity story. This is a story about how I fell in love with a Sadistic Son Of A Bit€h and how He killed me.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sadistic S.O.B

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Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 14, 2016



Sadistic S.O.B

Chapter one

This isn't a love story, nor is it a pity story. This is a story about how I fell in love with a sadistic son of a bitch and how he killed me.

The first time I met Joshua I was twenty-two. I’d just moved from Mississippi to New York; I had a studio apartment, but no friends or family. Ever since I was little I wanted to move to this loud, rude city and I finally did.

I was working at a sex shop called ‘Deep Within’. I had recently finished training and was put on the schedule for Friday night when I met him.

I was bent over, picking up a pair of fallen furry handcuffs - to return them on the hook - when someone cleared their throat behind me.

Standing and turning, handcuffs in hand, I smiled at the customer as I was trained to do.

"Hi, welcome to ‘Deep Within’, how may I serve you tonight?"


He looked at my hands, pulling the handcuffs from my fingers. He ran his fingers over the fur, shook his head as his eyes raked over me. I stared back at his clear green eyes. I’d always been highly attracted to pretty eyes.

"Is there a problem sir?"

"Just wondering how I'll accomplish tying anyone down with these joke handcuffs - and sir? Do all the staff speak like you do?"

"Well the manager insists we speak respectfully to all customers. I like it here and like to follow the rules so..."

"Do you?"


"Do you like to follow the rules?"

I cleared my throat, my lips suddenly dry. His eyes flicked down and a gentle smile came to his lips.

"Do I make you nervous?"

" um can I help you?"

"Can you?"

I sighed, taking a step back.

"I'll be around if you do, please give me a holler if you decide you know what you want...sir."

I began walking around him when his hand shot out, grasping my wrist and pulling me back in front of him.

"Ow, what are you...."

His finger pressed across my lips, silencing me.

"I wasn't done annoying you. When I am I will leave you, not the other way around. The customer is always right, yes? Then I expect you should wait on me until I have decided."

His grip tightened as he spoke. It felt as if all circulation to my hand was being cut off.

"Okay I'll help you, but please let me go."

He released me at once, dangling the cuffs to me. I replaced them on the wall hook.

"Small anal beads, ball gag, leather crop, cat o’ nine tails, blindfold, adjustable nipple and pussy clamps, rabbit ten-speed vibrator, pussy and nipple pumps, and steel handcuffs."

My eyes widened; I thanked the heavens for my great memory and was about to get a basket when his eyes narrowed on me. Unsure of what to do, I stood there. Maybe two minutes passed with him gazing at me before he subtly nodded his head.

I took a basket and began grabbing everything he asked for.

I was frightened. I wanted this man out of the store. My wrist still was tender and I swear I could still feel the imprint of his fingers digging into it. As I’d gotten everything I didn't need to look back to see if he was watching me. I could feel his eyes on me. It was like a never-ending heat on my body. When I was finally complete, I rushed back to him. Those eyes watched me. He didn't even check the basket as he took it from my hands.

"Very good, now ring me up."



“Yes sir."

He laughed softly at me and nodded for me to walk. I did, knowing he was following. I rung up his items, bagged them and swiped his credit card. I stared at his hand; his big hand that had gripped my wrist so tightly. So painfully. So nicely. I shook my head, removing the finger I was using to caress where he had grabbed me.

"Thank you for serving me."

"You’re very welcome, enjoy."

"I intend to."

He slid the receipt to me and left without looking back. As I was stuffing the receipt in the draw I noticed a card behind it.

[8:30pm tomorrow evening - not a minute later. If I have to come to you then you'll be sorry (212) 657-886  - Joshua]

I ripped the cards in pieces stuffing them in my pocket. That guy was crazy if he thought I was calling him. I shook my head - knowing I wouldn't call - as I subconsciously rubbed my wrist.

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