Timmy’s Wild Fantasies

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Naked and Funny

A boy named Timmy has these wild fantasies of wanting to write stories of people in embarrassing and humiliating situations. But soon, eventually he’ll be in those situations as well, just as the ones he writes in his stories. But will he submit to his feelings and like it?

Table of Contents

Prologue: A new feeling

My name is Timmy. I’m a 13 year old boy, kinda shy, and don’t have many friends. I’m a 7th grader, on Spring Break. I’ve been enj... Read Chapter

An Embarrassing Dream

I looked around, wondering where I was. It looked like I was at the playground the other day. I had my diary with me. I wasn’t on the b... Read Chapter

Back at School, crazy start

Today was my first day of Middle School, in 7th Grade. I was on the bus on my way to school. I was sitting in the back seat so I can... Read Chapter

Secret not so secret anymore

I was walking around in what looks like the middle school hallway. I wondered why I was here, because it’s Saturday.  Timmy: W... Read Chapter

The First Baby Steps

Timmy looks at the time. It was 7:40 pm, almost 8 pm. Timmy goes downstairs and tells his mom and dad that he's gonna sleep early tonight... Read Chapter

Fun at the park

I start to wake up. It was Sunday morning. I got out of bed, a little groggy and tired.    Timmy: *yawn* W... Read Chapter

Teasing fun at School

I woke up, it was 6 am. I stood up out of my bed, still in just my tighty whities.    Timmy: *yawn* That was a nice nap... Read Chapter