iComment Super Commenting Tool

iComment is a new technology developed by BooksieSilk to provide it members with a different way to leave and receive feedback. Using iComment, readers can comment on specific passages or even words, allowing for much more precise discussion around what is being read. For writers, iComments allows you to interact with readers around specific ideas, phrases, and characters.

iComments do not have to be written. Writers can supplement their writing by attaching images and video to specific phrases. Or readers can add images or video that they think add to their feedback.

How to Use iComments

iComments can be left by almost any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Desktop/laptop: Highlight the section you want to comment on using your mouse. This will trigger a comment box to pop-up. Leave your comment in the box. After you leave a comment, you can edit or add an additional comment by clicking on the highlighted text. You can read and leave comments on in-line reviews left by others by clicking the text that they have highlighted.

Mobile device/Tablet: iComments work on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Kindles, and other Android and Windows devices. To leave an iComment using a touch screen, press down where you want to begin to highlight text. Then, use your finger to highlight what you want to comment on. Once you have done that, tap the screen near the highlighted section to prompt the comment box to appear. Leave your comment in the box and submit.

Different devices might have slightly different methods for highlighting text. But if you play around for a few minutes, you will find the optimal way to highlight text and bring up the comment box.

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