The The Humiliation Board Publishing House

This House is dedicated to humiliation of all sorts; Diaper Humiliation, ENF, CFNM, CMNF, Pantsing, Stripping, Pranking, Ripped Pants, Nudity, and more.

This House is NOT dedicated to fetishes/thrills such as exhibitionists, ABDL (people who get turned on by diapers), porn, or any other types of enjoyment. They should be humiliated.


All victims of full public nudity must be 18 years or older. If it's behind closed doors like at home or something than the victims still must 15 years or older.

All stories still must be appropriate; no excessive details, no rape or sexual assault, no killing or thoughts of depression or suicide, no illegal drugs especially if there's a focus on it, no incest or adult to minor relationships. Adults are considered 18+, teens are considered 13-17, and kids are considered everything below 13. 

Kids are NOT to be the main subjects or humiliation. The vitctims must all be at least 13 no matter what even if it is just their pants falling down.

I reserve the right to take down any stories for any reason.

The Humiliation Board

Members: 130

Language: English

Founder: DJMorgz

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