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A young woman thrives on humiliating her victims, of which she has had many. In this book she details her humiliation escapades, proving to the reader that her appetite for humiliation is unparalleled. Read More

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A poem about a stepdaughters secret feelings towards her stepmother. Read More

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This nove otto poem is about what type of fantasy a woman allows herself to have while she does something with herself. Read More

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A man is using this 180 word etheree poem to express his opinion on what the role of Mrs. Santa Claus should be while her husband makes his annual run. Read More
This nonet poem is about what one person would happen to see in a virtual reality simulation. Read More
A man is using this monorhyme poem to show us a scene of what happens in a certain dream that he had. Read More

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This is told from the point of a woman. Read More
This monorhyme poem is about what a time traveler is supposed to remember instead of doing something else. Read More

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In this tanka poem, we find out what a man does while he's alone in his own bed. Read More
This nove otto poem is about what a man does with two women before finding out what one of the women really is. Read More