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A young woman looks forward to some R & R only to discover an awakening to remember. Read More

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"An awesome story here Amy, featuring just the right amount of sex mixed with revenge and lust. Loved reading it!" Read More

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Alexander discovers an app that can take him back in time, alter details without consequences or persuade anyone at will. He fondly remembers his own fantasies of being embarrassed/humiliated when he was younger but they never happened. Alexander refers to his older self and Alex is used for his younger… Read More
As far as he knew, Joe Granger was the only Terran being within lightyears, and he liked it that way. But one day at the market on Roku V, he saw something unexpected: another human. Stranger still, she was naked. Read More
King Gaelin has been cursed since he was eleven years old. Inside of him is a beast with an insatiable appetite for cruelty and brutality. After decades of living a life of chaos and blood, he meets someone who gives him peace but good things never last long. Another curse… Read More
Harry the Shonk received too many complaints from his therapy couples. Read More

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The large sign at the entrance said it all Read More

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Sonny discovers he can freeze time. What type of mischief will he get upto? Ideas of messing with people come to mind. Sonny sometimes thinks it can be fun to embarrass himself in some situations. Read More

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Winner-Sex in the Shower Story Contest
The magic of healing Read More

Chapter 12

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Four worlds are about to collide and lives are going to change. Read More

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Amped Up! is an urban fantasy/sci-fi novel about a young woman who has the ability to unconsciously amplify the talents and abilities of those she cares about--especially if those abilities happen to be supernatural! This is the story of the woman's meeting with her three lovers, and how she amplifies… Read More

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harry gets his friends caught peeping and must pay a humiliating price Read More
Mary has tried in vain to keep her sexual exploits to herself. Mary has at last decided to join her soul sisters on the mean streets. We will stay in the year 2025. Read More
Mary has decided to leave 2025 behind.She goes upcountry.There are no cell phone towers,no internet either.Mary rents an old weatherboard house.Just the basics.Her only communication with the outside world is a couple of century old public phone boxes.Mary at last feels free of being "fucked over" by "smart" modern technology.… Read More

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Mary was a try before you buy gal. Her girlfriends "egged her on" in the busy retail store. The new Smart Vibrators looked user friendly. The 20 something sales consultant said "she would look the other way" She was sure Mary would buy it anyway. If she didn't then it… Read More

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"Don't knock smart vibrators. They beat the shit out of dumb jocks. (Not all jocks are dumb)....(Not all vibes are smart) I have a rechargea..." Read More

We will stay in the year 2025. Mary's friend Liza laughingly suggested Mary now buy a slow cooker. The hilarious episode with the new smart kettle now had the hot chicks in sexual mode. Read More
For a long time Viola wanted nothing more than to be an adventurer. After saving up for many years, she is finally ready to step toward her dream. Within the ruins near her hometown lies an item that holds the ability to ensure her success, as well as a dark… Read More

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Lizzie is one of those girls who doesn't believe in the supernatural. However, her friends talk to her about some weird video that supposedly turned her friend's cousin into a cow. Not falling for their tricks, she decides to find the video and watch it herself to prove to them… Read More

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Two wives of same man confront each other and get into fight read the story what happened in fight Read More

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This is the fictional of two gfs of same man. Who are willing to settle there difference between them in a fight. Read More

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No introduction really necessary. The 18 plus set is in for a torrid ride In the hot to trot simulator. No contraception necessary. Cold showers nearby. Read More

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"In all seriousness, my sweet vanilla bean, there’s a big difference between sex Ed and behavioral modification. You’re talking about behavio..." Read More

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Winner-Sex on the Beach Story Contest
Contest Entry (Beach Sex) When your past comes back to haunt you... Read More

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And so he stays… ball gag, posture collar, corset and arm binders, with his balls chained to the floor and a massive unmoving wooden bedpost up his ass. I stroke his cock, masturbating him nearly to the point of release, only to stop again like countless times before. Kissing the… Read More
Something went terribly wrong the peanut chocolate bar wasn't coming out as easily as the other candies. Read More
Boy tom, this mistake will cost you dearly. your offensive appendages will be amputated and cast into the fire. it is better I do this than your entire body perish in the fires of Hell. Kneel before me on the bed of broken raw rice. Tom, apologise to my sister… Read More

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To re-colonise Earth, the Life-cycle Spheres were designed to create humans that could survive the new, harsh climates. RU-469 is the latest version, but the first born without N3 parameters, or any Origin interference. Unfortunately, RU-469 has other ideas, as her own lisatious desires froth to the surface, much to… Read More

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2010-06-28 Read More

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"I love this. Every idea we have in writing is probably a near duplicate of one or more previously presented since all of literature began, but ..." Read More

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Dark Elves. Enchanting, mysterious, dominating mavericks blessed with haunting beauty, great magics and built by the Gods themselves to reign over the lives of others. Hated by their Elven brethren and feared by the world at large. These slave-mongering beings stand tall and confident in the knowledge that they as… Read More

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"Damn, Vanilla. I don't know if I'll even be alive in 2035! At least I have some time to consider an appropriate poem for your passing. Hopefu..." Read More

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Chapter 9

Book / Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica

March 11, 2021

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When Ava was 16, her dad made a deal with a wolfborne. When she comes of age, he must give her to the son of an alpha in payment of a debt. But when its time, he refuses. Now Ava is held prisoner. She wants nothing more than to go… Read More

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1476. Vlad Tepes, a vampire king rains terror on Eastern Europe. The Catholic Church worried by his murderous reign demand action from a group of Vampire Elders. Tepes, his family and his advisor Gregor are assassinated, but a sympathizer amongst the Elders saves Tepes’s and Gregor’s remains and also spirits… Read More

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Court-ordered stripping and humiliation as punishment for kids. (scenario for some sort of graphic story) Posted to y!gallery in 2007, with an invitation to provide illustrations Read More