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She'd fuck who she wanted. And fuck off those she didn't. Simple. She had no morals... Read More

Featured Review by harriet-jacqui x

"Captivating story and easy to read, down-to-earth and really enjoyable!" Read More

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I realised immediately that I had collapsed... Read More

Featured Review by sweet lemon

"I suspect that HOT baths and showers are taboo for us older folk I think you are right in looking back on your medical episode and feeling a li..." Read More

Hire our SK electrical works professionals for your emergency electrical works. Read More
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February 23, 2021

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February 05, 2021

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April 03, 2019

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one's suicidal thoughts Read More

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January 03, 2019

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Myanmar Youth Network Read More

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August 25, 2018

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My opinions on the secret secluded world of female masturbation, the searing pleasure they bring themselves to but is never spoken about often, it's a beautiful enchanting world to be part of and to observe. Read More

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February 28, 2016

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Why Goodbye Booksiesilk Read More

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We live in a world where erotica is considered a taboo.Erotic writing is considered a taboo in many parts of the world.We need to choose a pen name to publish erotic writing to protect ourselves from public humiliation.I wonder what is indecent in writing about a natural subject which is… Read More

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A little about my body guard, and the towns in TEXAS affected by the flooding Read More
International Rock Band The Used Tours with Buffalo's Own Hardcore Band Every Time I Die Read More

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With recent events unfolding and several images going viral I wish to discuss the horrendous crimes being committed around the world today! Read More

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Fandoms, they are everywhere. In this day and age the fandom communities are vast as are the way fans act. Read More

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How living with Depression can effect everyone. Read More

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A short article on my point of view of the effects of media on children and the future of our youth. Read More

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December 10, 2014

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Undeniably the greatest Rock Icon until the end of time. A mind too beautiful for this world, so 20 years later we still celebrate the leagacy and life of Nirvana's front man Kurt Cobain. Punk Rock Icon of the 90's inducted into Rock n Roll's Hall of fame this year,… Read More
These are some things I figured I would talk about that hopefully people should know by now. Read More

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Reading, writing, likes and comments. This is not a rant, so there will be no need for bashing others. I am just voicing my thoughts and opinion. Read More
Here is a brief glimpse of what is to come in "The Kitsune Lovers" novel. Read More

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Casualties of war. That is what our children have become in this violent attack on homosexuality. Read More
This tells that we must move and never look back ! Read More

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Hi I am Emma. This is my account of how Jesus Christ was brought into my life. This is a true story however, I have changed the names of people to protect their identity. Please feel free to leave a comment. Read More
The issue is discrimination against singletons or as Bella calls it Singlism! Read More
Nowadays, it truly is a disturbing point that the total number of men and women whose typical weight comes over the regular spectrum is raising everyday. Read More

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this article show the adjustment problems in school change face by the adolescents ... Basically its focus on the factors of school change by the adolescents in peer groups,teachers,subjects,Social support Personality variables,Learning Environment........ Read More
The present study has conducted with the aim to know the knowledge, attitude and practice of contraception among new couples. Read More
Another mockery comes...Is an a simple artical focuses on the importance of removal of Pre-selection process, giving an equal chance to all candidates carrying bachelor's degree. Read and give your comments... Read More
Most of us have heard of the Karma Sutra, but how many of us actually know what it really is? Read More

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February 08, 2012

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The Shamans haved lived in this world for so many years since non-Shamans have walked the earth. But now the Non-Shamans have turn on the Shamans. Listen, everything I am about to tell you is true...very true. Please hear me out and don't yell at me. The Shamans now adays… Read More

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Always presents the most complete all about sparrow tattoo meaning. And it's true! Read More