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I love the best sorts of guilty pleasures... Read More

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On the Road again Read More

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Two horny girls in an adult bookstore gloryhole...what could go wrong? Read More

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Flashing unexpecting drivers Read More

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Me, Amy and a Biker. Read More

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Just me Read More

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When you find out your friend is a Superhero. Read More

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Unexpected turns. Read More

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The people you meet in your travels Read More

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My journey across the country. Read More

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The story you are about to read, is true, The name has not been changed, due to the ironic nature of it. To date, it was my busiest day ever. Read More

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Featured Review by DampKitten

"How did I ever miss this post....well, I've been busy measuring. I think it's a universal fact that men are more obsessed with the size of th..." Read More

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This is a personal essay about the author's search for understanding of his sexuality. Read More

Essay / Non-Fiction

April 22, 2019

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complicated Read More
Art sometimes copies real life and verse visa. This really isn't a traditional essay but its not really a short story either but something I felt like sharing nonetheless. Read More

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Anxiety; It fills us up, befuddles the mind. Most of us deal with it the usual way, knowing it is our body’s way of saying that you are stressed and need to make some adjustments to maintain homeostasis. Others, particularly artists including Edvard Munch and Vincent van Gogh, instead channel… Read More

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A short essay exploring the differences between the two genres. (Note: there are no sexual references in this text). Read More
My objections to God's injustice. I demand answers. Read More

Essay / Non-Fiction

February 03, 2012

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oh please.the mind.the judgement.the non praise.who cares.not me.i shant punctuate or anything else for you.i dont care if you live because it seems you want to die,and that changes it all. Read More

Essay / Non-Fiction

February 17, 2011

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True story Read More

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unsatisfying sex Read More