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"really enjoyed - thank you!" Read More

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We were called the Lucky Country. All we do now is export mostly raw materials. Read More

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It has suddenly come to me. The term "critical mass" applies here. Social discorde btwn the Sex's is ripe. A decades long gender war will begin. Fought in the streets. Not lawful.not unlawful Unwritten understanding to save planet. This is the safer option Nuclear war will be avoided. Pulling the… Read More

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You will have to read this to find out what it is all about. Read More

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Back all those years ago when the most brilliantly engineered piece of machinery ever devised had to be "grounded for ever." It was a sign of things to come. I refer to the Anglo French Concord Aircraft. Read More

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"I enthuse at your optimism. What if the bio-engineered microbe also worked on fish scales or crustacean shells. We must be so carwful and mind..." Read More

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Long term relationships in my experience of both being in them and observation of others' in them are more worry and trouble than enjoyment. Read More

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"I hear ya VE. It's loud and clear, but soft in the ear." Read More

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"“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” :)." Read More

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December 01, 2019

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hate Read More

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Jeff Schrembs writes an original post about one of Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia member passing away by the name of Marty Lacker Read More

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My husband has awakened me to a fantasy he has of watching me screw another guy. I wasn't sure what to make of this initially but I'm getting more and more turned on by the idea. Read More

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Every writer has a dilemma, i endeavor to address some of them here. Read More

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I am appealing to the intellectuals of today who write and make art that is meaningless to the common man! Only intellectuals make hay out of that bullshit! Read More

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... the current vogue... about porn... Read More
nothing happens by accident, if man does not wish to walk trouhg his cuased darkness man will never bring upon himself the light he needs in order to see where he is going. let us human stop playing at accusing one another and let us rise above our body for… Read More