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As teenagers Raelyn and Nathan thought they'd found their other half until bad choices lead them to being pulled apart. Fourteen years later, at his dying father's request, Nate hunts Rae down to beg her to come back and uncover the secrets that changed their entire lives. Read More

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The modest woman, the respectable one...oh maybe even a role model for chastity. Or is it? The woman has 50 shades ...the side which no one except one man knows Read More

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A Sensation Novel of the most gripping type Read More

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A girl gets painted in a mysterious way Read More
A man arrives with his girlfriend at a hotel and during the night murder is committed. Some hotel workers who have a porn scam going see the whole thing on hidden cameras. They rush up to help the woman. But will they be too late? And what will they say… Read More

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What is yours and everybody else's inheritance going to be? Somebody offers a solution that will help everybody. Our genes could be strengthened. It could help in the future after so many decades of color televisions, girls on film, people separated from their families having poor nutrition and other things.… Read More
A geeky IT person meets an attractive female office worker who works for the same company. And she makes a startling suggestion.... Read More
An old man dies and leaves a will but who will be the beneficiaries? And are they all genuine or not or has his will been faked? This is a story about such a conundrum. And it has a twist in the tale as well. Read More

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The person who picks up everyone's Trash basket in the colony.The person checks everyone's trash basket and has a peculiar behaviour, supplies drugs secretly to the members in the colony and suspects every death occuring in the colony. Everyone is not interested in that person and believes he is mentally… Read More

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What if you were laid up in bed but then got your act together, put your porn mags away and started going to local bars to talk to girls? This is a story about somebody who did this and the girl he met that wasn't all she seemed. Really, this… Read More

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What if you saw a dream holiday advertised? You could meet people with a shared interest on an activity holiday. Yet it would be like no other one. The shared interest holidaymakers have is in watching pornography and one of the main attractions of the holiday is that you can… Read More

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An older man has a relationship with a young female artist. It is a torrid affair and one that could end badly. But who could have predicted robbery, betrayal and murder? Read this book about a torrid affair between an older man and a young female artist. Read More

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A man with a college education has a desire to farm the land and for him in the future to buy a few hard fields that he will work for the rest of his life. This is to earn his living and to live with his future wife he will… Read More

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This is a feminist revenge fantasy, occult pulp fiction and fan tribute to Jeanna Fine and Briana Banks. Left a few threads vague or hanging as I might do a follow up to tie things up. Read More

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This is a book about a man who moves home, finds a and reminisces about an old love. However, when he tells his new love about his old love then the unexpected happens. And it was nothing he could have predicted. It is a tale of murder, money and betrayal.… Read More

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A female Assasin infiltrates a high end Brothel to steal computer data. A twist in the story gets her shipped to a black site Read More
Pierre thinks back to Marseilles when, after a successful deal, he attempts to trick his companion only to later discover that he is the one who has been well and truly duped. Read More

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Nicholas Mann a 29 year old man living alone in his home just out of sight of the locals has a dinner date with a woman by the name of Darla Lee. We find that Darla may have stepped into a world that she would rather be without as the… Read More

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The secret get away plan of two office workers is discovered by one of the other office workers who try to extort the sweethearts. Three escaped convicts extract a very high price from the blackmailers. The sweethearts' peaceful happy Sunday escalates into a duel to the death with two of… Read More

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For crimes committed against his wife / former wife The condemned criminal is sentenced to the torture of A thousand Cuts. Read More

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The condemned convict is sentenced to the Punishment Wheel or Catherine's wheel . Read More

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A condemned criminal is released to be hunted and devoured by a pack of starved dogs . Read More

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I would like you to read and tell me what you think I am describing. Read More

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Hopefully the first short story in a small series. Tell me what you think! Read More
A story about revenge. But should she be guilty? In statistics male-female rape only 4% of offenders went to prison. Here's one of the stories. Read More

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When things are running wrong there's only one possible way right?! Or is there Read More

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I have always found serial killers fascinating (to study, not to admire) and one of the first ones that springs to mind is Ted Bundy. So for my third writing portfolio at University, which was based on transpositions, I chose to transpose Ted Bundy's final interview and create a short… Read More
Dreams are scary and dark... Twisted. How can you resist your temptation during sleep? Read More

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Sometimes we are all afraid of what the future may hold... Read More

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Hyuna Kim, is a nice girl..until you turn her upside down Read More
Male, alcoholic and drug addicted making an appearance in crime. Started to unravel his transition of living straight or going criminal. Read More
Looking for feed back and input. Read More

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A drug deal in gangland London. What could possibly go wrong? A fragment of a longer piece of writing still in progress. Read More

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hostel life ke baare main jab bhi sunte hain to lagta hai ki student life ke liye ek jarrori part hai jo life main ek anushashan la deta hai use self independent banane main maddad karta hai, uske ander confidence bhar deta hai par ke pahlu aur bhi hai jiski… Read More
The snatcher loves violet eyed beauties and he wants their hearts litterally. Detective Mavis can't figure oout how they're losing thier hearts so in comes Vampire Detective Winny Decroy of the Supernatural Company. They solve the cases that no normal detective can solve. Read More

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Based on a nightmare I once had. Read More

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The writing was a submission for a non-fiction/mystery short story contest. Please feel free to comment, I appreciate the feedback :) Read More