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She'd fuck who she wanted. And fuck off those she didn't. Simple. She had no morals... Read More
When those you trust cannot be trusted, & those who lead cannot be followed! Read More

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this poem is from an image that came originally from a horror film. the poet tries to imagine what the girl is feeling and thinking in her head. she has just murdered a middle-aged male relative in the back garden of his suburban home. now, she is kneeling over his… Read More

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Life for too many of our children, Harsh and true Read More

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This poem is being told from the point of view of a guy who finds a bizarre video tape in the VCR. Read More

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I hate this fucking site Read More

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Every lady passed with the pregnancy stage of Her life & that is the best time period of Her lifetime as she is being cared a lot by Her lover in that particular period.But In this poem The Lady utilize these 3 months for Her passion & after that commits… Read More
As soon as she discovers a van parked in an alley,a meter maid is about to slap a ticket on the windshield,only to have the driver arrive to lay the smackdown on her. Read More

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stop your blood-clot crying, the kids, the dog, everybody is dying. no lying. Read More

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Down to earth poems set on the British Gangsters theme. Read More

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The poem “Beauty lies inside?” narrates the psychic world of a beautiful young man with young beautiful women once he met in the woods. This poem is to be dealt psychologically while reading. The delusion narrates the psychopathology of a man who loves her as a wife….. Read More